Braids For Older Women

Braids for Older Women: 22 Trendy Hairstyles To Try in 2022

Braided Hairstyles are one of the go to hairstyles for women in this era due to its low maintenance and protectiveness. They are quite trendy and can give you an exquisite appearance. From Box Braids to Fishtail Braids; all of them can give you an unique look and add volumes to your persona.

When you are getting older you feel like there is not enough hairstyle that you can use for styling your hair and feel anxious because of it. That should not be the case! You should choose your hairstyle based on your preference and personality.

I have compiled a decent amount of Braided hairdos that will revitalize your youth and make you the center of attention in any gathering among friends or family.

22 Braided Hairstyles To Try For Older Women

The Braided hairstyles mentioned in this article are trendy and they will give you a majestic persona. These hairstyles can be worn with a variety of outfits and are suitable for different settings. They are beneficial for your hair and they are very low maintenance compared to many other hairstyles. Here are 22 braided hairstyles that you should try right now.

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box Braids is a great hairstyle for older women which protects your hair and is easy to maintain for a long period of time. If you have kinky hair and are looking for a protective hairstyle you can easily go for it and it will not be a bad option.

This braiding can take some time to finish but it is worth it. Your hair will be set for a really long time and you will not have to think about maintaining the style for both long or short hair. You can get this stylish look for any event and you will not regret it.

Side Braid with Bangs

Side Braid With Bangs

Side Braid with Bangs is a  braiding style that will help you to rock your braids while showing off your bangs. This hairdo is most suitable for straight or wavy hair. It will loosely braid the lower half of your hair while the upper half will be loose which will show your bangs.

This style is suitable for any casual, laidback setting. For this reason, it’s really popular among middle aged and older women. This braid is quite easy to do and takes very little time. You will be able to take it off easily as well. It might not be as protective as Box braids but it will protect your hair ends from fringing.

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails

Braiding your hair before making pigtails is better because it can easily protect your hair ends. It is better suited for straight and wavy hair. It is quite easy to achieve and takes a minimum amount of time to finish the hairstyle. You can use French braids as well as Dutch braids to stylize your hair.

Pigtails is a hairdo that women do from their childhood. Wearing your hair in Pigtails can bring back those memories in your old age. But wearing Braided Pigtails is way better than wearing regular pigtails and you should go for it. You should try out this hairstyle right away.

Dutch Braid On Top Into A Ponytail

Dutch Braid On Top Into A Ponytail

If you are a fan of keeping your hair long you often do ponytails on your hair for easy to do hairstyles. Instead of regular ponytails, you can also try braiding your hair on top before it. It will give you a different look from regular ponytail and keep your roots protected from breakage which is essential for older women.

It is better to braid your hair into a Dutch Braid instead of a French braid. It will be more visible on your hair if you use Dutch braid and highlight your hair. This is more suitable towards Straight and wavy hair. It does not take much time to apply this hairstyle, so you should try it right away.

Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid is a great and unique hairstyle that gives the wearer an elegant look. Women of every age can wear this hair design and it will add an intriguing aura to them. It is a very sophisticated hairstyle for fashionistas. If you want a trending braiding hairstyle it is for you. You might feel a bit hesitant due to your old age. Don’t be! It’s just a number.

Bubble Braid looks good with wavy hair. It can easily be done on straight hair as well. It is a great braiding hairstyle to do for going out in a family gathering or party. You should definitely try this hairstyle.

French Braid into Updo

French Braid Into Updo

This hairstyle gives you a really classy look which you can wear into a formal occasion. It is a great hairstyle for older women for attending parties or wedding ceremonies. Your hair from roots are French braided and the lower part of hair is knotted into an updo hairstyle.

This is a great hairdo for women with short straight hair. You can also try this style on wavy hair. This hairstyle is suitable for Long hair as well. You will just have to weave your hair ends carefully into an updo and use hair clips so that your hair is set properly.

Messy Loose Braid

Messy Loose Braid

There are some of you who like to wear your hair loose and messy, this hairdo is for you. You can loosely wear your hair and just braid the ends of your hair into a loose braid. This hairstyle is very popular among older women due to its laid back vibe. It’s suited for straight, wavy and curly hair. If you have short hair you might want to avoid this hairstyle as it will be hard to braid your hair loosely.

You can wear this braiding style in your everyday life. It gives you a comfy laidback look which is optimal for any casual atmosphere. This hairstyle is not suitable for any formal setting so keep that in mind.

Side-parted Loose Braid

Side Parted Loose Braid

This braiding design is quite similar to the last one but there are some differences. For this hairstyle, you will need to wear your hair loosely but it needs to be side parted. The lower part of your hair will be braided. It can be braided in normal braids as well as french or dutch braids, it is totally up to your choice. Older women often choose this braiding style as their go-to hairstyle.

This hairstyle is suitable for wavy hair the most but can also be achieved by straight and curly hair. You can easily do this braid at home and it will protect your hair ends from fracturing. You can wear this hairdo in any casual setting so try it right away.

Halo Braid

Halo Braid

Halo Braid is also known as Wedding Braid as it is a go to choice for Brides for their weddings. But that does not mean that you will have to wear it just for that purpose. You can wear this amazing braiding hairstyle anytime you want and it is very easy to implement.

You will need to braid your hair from the top and the lower end of your hair will need to be pulled up front so that it creates a Halo like design. It can be a great braiding style for older women for attending any ceremonies or parties.

This hairstyle is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair types. You can not achieve this hairstyle if your natural hair is short. You will need to use hair extensions in order to get this braid if you have short hair. Don’t miss out on this amazing Hairstyle.

Cornrows into High Braided Bun

Cornrows Into High Braided Bun

Cornrow is a popular braiding style among the braiding community and many people try this hairstyle for its protective nature. Cornrows can last for a long period of time and it is very easy to maintain. Instead of going for Cornrows with loose ends, you can try this amazing Cornrows into a High Braided bun.

This hairstyle is suitable for Kinky hair and can be easily done with long hair. It can stay for a long period of time if you just use a silk cap while sleeping and give your hair minimum care. If you are a kinky haired braid fanatic, this amazing hairstyle is for you.

Short Cornrows

Short Cornrows

If you are a fan of short hair, you can always go for Short Cornrows as your go-to hairstyle. It’s a great hairstyle for older women for their protectiveness. There are very few hairstyles that protect your hair like Cornrows does. This low-maintenance protective hairdo is perfect for your regular events and will last for a long period of time.

You can get this hairstyle with most types of hair but it will affect your hair if you get it on wavy hair. It is mostly recommended for curly and kinky hair.

Cornrows Into a Ponytail

Cornrows Into A Ponytail

This is another Cornrows hairdo that you should try if you are a fan of Cornrows. You can get long cornrows and get them into a ponytail. It will give you a really unique hairstyle which is protective and low maintenance. You will just need to tie your Cornrows together to get this amazing look.

I really recommend this one for those who like long hairstyles with curly or kinky hair. The ponytail helps to keep your Cornrows to stay in a precise manner.

Two Feed in Braids

Two Feed in Braids

Two Feed in Braids is a really popular Braiding style among the fashionistas. You can also try this great hairdo for yourself. This hairstyle is quite unique and it will create a buzz wherever you go. This is a protective hairstyle that can last for a long period of time. It is a suitable hairstyle for older women with kinky hair.

You can do a variety of hairstyles with Two feed in Braids. You can create Buns with it or you can just keep them loose. You can also use different accessories with your braids and make them look more unique.

French Braid with Hair Clips

French Braid With Hair Clips

French braid is one of the most popular braiding styles that is loved by people of all ages. You can try French Braid with hair clips for your everyday hairstyle. It is quite easy to braid your hair in French braid and it is protective for your hair ends.

Wearing hair clips will help to keep your hair set and prevent your hair from unraveling from the braid. You can do this in your medium and long hair but it is not suitable for short hair. It is a great hairdo for straight, wavy and curly types of hair. You should try this simple but phenomenal hairstyle right away.

Middle Parted  Side-Twisted Braids

Twin Braids

Middle-parted Side Twisted Braid undoubtedly has a Chic vibe that can add flair to your persona. You can keep your hair loose by only braiding the sides. This hairstyle is specifically really good for short straight hair. You can also try this on curly or wavy hair. If you have kinky hair I would suggest not getting this hairdo.

This hair design is really unique where you can wear your hair short with twisted braids on the side. It is a great hairstyle for older women. If you are a short hair enthusiast you can try this amazing hair design.

Twin Braids

Twin Braids

Twin Braids is a great hairstyle for Long hair enthusiasts. Your older age should not be a hindrance at all for you to try this style. You will need to brush your hair and divide it into two separate parts. Then you will need to braid two identical braids in two parts of your hair.

It is different from pigtail braids. Pigtail braids are done on the side of your head while these braids are done on the back side of your head.

This is a great long hair braid style. You can easily do this hairdo at home with little effort and it is quite easy to pull off as well. It is quite suitable for straight and wavy hair. You can also do it on naturally curly hair.

Simple Braid with Accessories

Simple Braid With Accessories

Wearing your hair in a normal braid with accessories is an amazing look that you should try right away. This hairdo is pretty simple but can look really gorgeous based on the accessories you are using. You can wear this hairstyle in a variety of settings.

This hairdo is suitable for every type of hair. It will look better with long and medium-length hair but that does not mean you can not try this hairstyle on short hair. You should try out this hairdo and find out if it fits your personality.

Side Braid with Loose Hair

Side Braid With Loose Hair

Side Braid with loose hair is also known as Braid Waves is a distinctive hairstyle that is really great for wavy hair. This style looks better with medium-length hair. But you can also try this hair design with short and long-length hair. It gives a great laidback look which is suitable for any casual situation.

This hairstyle is really easy to do and unfolding the braid is quite easy as well. It takes little time to complete the hairdo and looks classy for a long time.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid is a distinguished braiding hairstyle that is loved by everyone for its looks. It is a complex braiding style but it is worth the hardship due to the amazing and elegant look this hairdo can provide you.

Fishtail Braid looks better with Long voluminous hair. In your declining years, you might not have amazing natural hair but you can use hair extensions to increase your hair length or hair mass. It looks great on wavy and straight hair. If you have never tried fishtail braids, now is the time to try it.

Braids with Hat

Braids With Hat

You can wear your braids with a hat and it can give you a unique appearance. Hat is an apparel that protects your hair from dust and can keep your eyes safe from violet sun rays. You can always go for a hat whenever you are going out for a picnic or family outing on a sunny day.

You can get this look with a variety of different braids. You can get pigtail braids, french braid or dutch braid; it is totally up to you. This look suits both long and short hair. Try out this style during summer time to keep your look fresh and your hair protected.

Braids with Winter Hat or Beanie

Braids with Winter Hat

When Winter comes your styling choice gets limited while going outside. Due to heavy snow and excessive cold weather, you need to wear a beanie or winter hat to keep yourself protected due to your old age. You can wear Braids in these situations to keep an impressive hairdo.

First, you will need to braid your hair in any braiding style you want and then wear your winter hat or beanie. You might think to yourself that it is not important to braid your hair before wearing the hat but in reality braiding your hair will keep your hair protected from hair loss during the winter.

Braids with Bandana

Braids With Bandana

Braids with bandana is a style that may not suit everyone but there is no harm to try right! In this Hairstyle, you can use any braiding technique of your choosing. There are two ways you can wear Braids with bandana. You can wear the bandana like you regularly use or you can braid your hair strands with the bandana as part of the braid.

Wearing a Bandana can protect your hair from strong winds which is quite important for older women. It works with wavy hair the best. You can try this style with short, medium or long lengthed hair. This look has a hit or miss aspect but that does not mean it is forbidden. Try it out and see if it suits you.

Final Thoughts

It is quite normal to feel concerned about your looks when you are getting older. Your skin starts to wrinkle and your hair starts getting thinned. That should not hold you to stop getting phenomenal hairstyles that will make you look stunning. Remember that age is just a number and young is a mentality.

These amazing Braiding Hairstyles will help to revitalize your youth and give you a fresh look. These are amazing styles that can be worn in different situations and many of them are suited for every type of hair. Try one of these looks and add more to your personality.

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