Braids With Bangs: 18 Bedazzling Hairstyles Try Out This Year

From curtain bangs to side-swept bangs, the variety of braids with bangs haircut is countless. In the case of such hairstyles ranging between Dutch braids to French, there is always something new! When exclusive styling techniques like braids with bangs come together, they can create an indefinite amount of funky and creative hairstyles.

Braids with bangs are suitable for everyday use and are easily wearable with any kind of aesthetics. From cottage core to retro to goth you can rock any aesthetic attire with this combo, you can transform your everyday looks into something unique with this haircut.

Today, in this article, we are going to present some gorgeous braids with bangs hairstyles in the most versatile designs. Moreover, you are going to get some basic FAQs about braids with bangs.

Scroll through the hairstyles and try some out to bedazzle everyone including yourself.

Dazzling Braids With Bangs Hairstyles To Try Out

Braids with bangs can add a cute accent to your overall hairdo. Moreover, your natural feathers become accentuated depending on what kind of bangs you get. No matter which style you decide to do on your own, they are pretty simple yet elegant.

Hence, without further ado, check out some of the fantastic hairstyles.

All Tucked In

All Tucked In

Have you ever wanted a hairstyle that would give you extra glam and look put together? Then this is the one for you. All your hair would be tucked in with a braid near the end, so you can easily do your other chores without your hair ever getting in your way. And your bangs at the front will enhance your natural facial features.

You can wear this hairdo at any kind of event, even at your wedding. The whole hairstyle oozes elegance and glam. So if you want to tame your Rapunzel-Esque mane then you could definitely try this one out.

Create a simple, glam look with this hairstyle!

Braids With Bangs Featuring Pigtail

Braids With Bangs Featuring Pigtail

Pigtails are always super fun to have and they make you look young. You can make it more delightful by employing a bit of color with your pull-through pigtails. You can color your whole hair or apply only to your bangs to have a refreshing touch.

The best thing about having pull-through braids is their volume. You can always add hair extensions for that as well. This is a great hairstyle to wear at a beach party or casual hangout with friends. You can live your cottage core aesthetic to its fullest with this hairdo.

Have a super fun and charming appearance with your pigtail and braids.

Ponytails and Braids

Ponytails And Braids

The merger between ponytails and braids with bangs hairstyle is one of the coolest designs on our list because of the diversified nature. The way three different techniques have been hybridized into one just leaves people awed at how well it all works together!

For this hairstyle, you will have to section out all your hair except for your bangs. Then create tight braids with each section and tie them up in a ponytail. And voila! You now have a hairdo that’ll make everyone swoon.

This hairstyle passes the vibe check for a workplace environment. Moreover, it shows the right amount of scalp to make it look uniquely edgy.

Don’t wait up. Create this sophisticated edgy look with this hairdo right this instant.

Viking Braids

Viking Braids

Viking braids will make you feel all-powerful and desirable with a hint of oomph. You will have the elegance of a queen and everyone will fall in love with your hairstyle as you walk by.

For this hairdo, you have to create a side fishtail with an extra bit of volume and leave out your bangs as it is. The bangs will help shape your face and create a raw appearance. You will not be able to pass by a reflecting surface without checking out yourself in the mirror. That’s how divine this braid will look.

Look gracefully powerful and glow like royalty with this hairstyle.

Braided Crown

Braided Crown

Who doesn’t love a crown on their head? And if it’s a naturally braided crown then the self love increases even more. This hairdo will make you feel like the retro queen and people with a fashion sense will be your devoted followers.

You will look flawlessly picturesque as the allure of your crown will dazzle everyone. You can accessorize your crown with flowers to appear ethereal. You will look like a forest fairy with flowers on your crown. Moreover, this stunning hairdo alone can add more femininity to your appearance.

Be the divine goddess as you are with your braided crown.

Get Edgy

Get Edgy

This is a tomboyish biker girl look that reflects the notion “I am the boss”. You will look like an edgy and sassy unhinged queen with this hairstyle. Moreover, there are a lot of options to get creative with designs on this one. So, brace yourself for a unique ride with this hairdo.

The bold hairstyle will give you a confidence boost for sure. We assure you, that this hairdo will turn heads around your direction. These eclectic designs of braids will make you feel empowered.

Get in touch with your edgy vibe with this hairdo!

Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

If you want sleek and playful in one hairdo, then this one’s for you. The tightly braided Dutch braids will give you a sleek professional look and a mix of bangs and creating pigtails with Dutch braids will take years off of your face.

This minimalist neat and super fun hairdo is great for working in an office or for a delightful brunch with friends. These braids will make sure you will not be bothered by unwanted hair on your face. Hence, you will feel lightweight and ready to take on the world.

Look comfortably sleek with this hairstyle.

Dutch Braided Low Bun

Dutch Braided Low Bun

Dutch braided low buns are one of those sophisticated designs that aim at highlighting your enchanting personality! It has the perfect balance between messy and sleek making it appear all the more beautiful.

With this hairstyle, you will look elegantly whimsical with a divine aura. Everyone around you will experience love at first sight if you can perfect this hairdo. If you are an experienced Dutch braider, then it wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes which is not a lot for a hairstyle that has so many things to offer. With your bangs and buns, you will get a doll-like appearance in no time.

Make your inner beauty shine and create extra volume with this hairdo.

Long Bangs And Space Buns

Long Braids And Space Buns

Face shaping long bangs and space buns are your gateway to look bubbly and energetic. Although it feels like a specialized design, but trust me, you can wear it casually at every occasion possible!

For this hairstyle, you will have to create thin braids and make them go around your space buns to jazz up your buns. You will get an exquisite look making you appear lively and approachable. You can leave some braids hanging on your sides as well. You will look trendy and stylish with this hairdo. You are sure to gain a lot of attention for your unique space buns.

Be in touch with your fun and inner child with this cute hairdo and slay!

Long Bangs And Heart Braids

Long Bangs And Heart Braids

We all love a little bit of heart shape in our accessories and if it’s in our hair, the delight rises significantly further. To fulfill the teenage dream of having heart-shaped everything this hairstyle is here.

Designing your braid to the perfect shape might require additional energy and time, but it’s worth it. If you don’t find heart-shaped to be your aesthetic, then you can try some other designs as well. There’s a whole plethora of designed braid styles you can try out. To keep the shape intact you can use hair spray.

You will look just like a dream and angelic with this hairstyle!

Side Braid Headband

Side Braid Headband

If you have heavy bangs that keep getting in the way of your productivity, then you can create this hairdo. It leaves a small number of strands from bangs on the forehead to maintain the face shaping stylish feature. Moreover, the rest of the hair is kept free to have a juxtaposition of carefree and stylish.

This will give you a cheery vibe. You can give a unique touch by dyeing your hair in two colors to appear with a more vibrant personality.

Look smart and pretty with your side braid as a headband.

Braids As Bangs

Braids As Bangs

If you can sport braids as your bangs, then you will forever become the “hair stylist friend” in your group. People will die to have a hairstyle like yours and hold you as the guru who knows how to pull off the most creative hairdos.

For this hairstyle, you’ll have to turn all your hair into separate braids including your bangs. Hence, your bangs will have tine braids. You will look like an Egyptian queen. However, as you will need to create a lot of thinly braided hair, we suggest you create a Spotify playlist or take help from your friend or stylist.

Ooze elegance with your bangs as braids and make everyone swoon over your hairstyle.

Braided Bangs As Headband

Braided Bangs As Headband

Have you ever felt like you just want the life of a mermaid? Well, that life might be impossible but the hairstyle, not so much. Braided bangs as a headband will give you that ultimate mermaid look.

This hairstyle is minimalistic and easy to create. It gives off a mesmerizing aura and will boost your main-girl energy. You will be the center of attention in any kind of setting. For a casual look, you can keep it as it is. For a party look, you can add ribbons or pearls to spice your braid up.

Make everyone fall for your look with this hairstyle!

Accessorized Pigtails

Accessorized Pigtails

Accessories are a great way to customize your hair. Moreover, it helps represent your individuality through hair. Furthermore, they can be worn by people of any age, gender, etc. Hence we are die-hard fans of accessorized braids.

This hairdo can give you a drastic makeover depending on the kind of accessories you use. You can use either, flashy ones or cute charming ones, or the ones that’ll accentuate your badass vibe based on how you’d like everyone to perceive you. Most of them are easily removable, so you can go crazy with them.

So, just have fun and shine bright like a diamond with this hairdo!

Criss-Cross Braids

Criss Cross Braids

This hairstyle looks absolutely amazing. It is enough to blow everyone’s mind. Very few people can pull this style out with ease. But if you have enough confidence then you can rock this like a pop idol.

For this hairstyle, you must have long bangs so that when you braid them they stay put. The hairstyle doesn’t have much to it but will grab attention. You will look iconic as it’s a superior choice. You might need to use a lot of hair spray to keep your braids intact.

Be the creative queen and make everyone amazed with this hairstyle.

Lace Braids

Lace Braids

Lace braids in bangs create a fairy-like appearance and if you wear it with a fishtail braid as a crown you will look otherworldly. You will look like someone straight out of a Lana Del Rey music video.

This classy and vintage vibe hairdo will make you feel like a fashion queen. If you can sport this hairdo perfectly then there’s no saving the fan boys or the fan girls. Everyone will look at you with admiration with this hairstyle. These stunning braids feature flashy elegance at the highest level.

Look classy and captivate everyone’s heart with this hairdo.

Fishtailed Fringe

Fishtailed Fringe

This hairstyle has the perfect combo of polished sleek and volume. While the crown part of your hair will be tightly braided, however, as you go down the fishtails will have a loose braid. It will help create the illusion of volume.

This is a killer look that’s a mix of both professional and casual. It is extremely easy to style and maintain. However, make sure to keep your scalp extra clean, or else the residues might be visible.

Be the cause of everyone’s admiration with this hairstyle.

Braid In A Ponytail

Braid In A Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you will have to create a braid with your bangs and a part of your hair. Then you will need to secure it and create a ponytail with the rest of the hair.

You can cover up your ears to make your hairstyle look vintage. This awe-inspiring hairstyle will make you appear soft and give a next-door-girl vibe. Moreover, it will help your vintage outfits live up to their potential. You can try this one out for your next evening date or family event.

Mesmerize everyone with your hairdo.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been braiding and getting bangs for a long time. Hence, most of us have a basic idea about how to perfect these hairstyles. But for beginners, we are here with some basic information.

Let’s look through these answers together.

Question: How do you keep braids with bangs in place?

Answer: You can use any kind of hairspray or a kind of anti-humidity hairspray to keep your beads sleek and bangs in place. It will save your hair from frizziness and the effect of humidity. However, we suggest you use a spray to a certain amount to avoid any clump in your hair.

Question: Do bangs grow faster than the braids?

Answer: YES! Your bangs do grow faster than your braids. As they are tough in front of your eyes and shorter than the rest, it grows faster than the sophisticated braids that require at least six months to mature.

Question: Are braids with bangs hard to maintain?

Answer: If you want to maintain a particular style then braids with bangs might be a bit high maintenance. However, these authentic styles can instantly enhance your features’ beauty. So, it’s worth it.

Final Thoughts

Braids with bangs hairstyles are the foundation to some of the most exquisite looks. They can create the right amount of volume and spice up your entire face. They can make you look like a delicate fairy or a powerful queen.

If you want to add an extra dimension to your whole look, a braid with bangs hairstyle should be your go-to. You can quickly spruce up your hairstyle with fashionably cute braids and bangs.

Depending on the intricacies of your hairstyle, your hairdo might require a bit of time and energy. But trust us, every bit of additional effort is worth it. The most important thing is to never be afraid to show your uniqueness through your style.

We hope these ideas are enough to spark your interest in trying out different kinds of braids with bangs hairstyles.

Then, why hesitate? Let your hair taste the freedom of creativity with a bangs and braids combo.

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