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The G-Eazy Haircut: Everything You Need To Know About The Rapper’s Famous Look!

From kick-starting the trend and wearing dapper clothing to bringing back a hairstyle that was formed in the 80s and making it renowned, it’s safe to say that G-Eazy always stood out with his taste in fashion. Since the star’s rise to stardom in 2014, while many have recreated multiple outfits of his and even mimicked bits and pieces of his personality trait, there’s one possession of his that has yet to be overtaken; The G-Eazy Haircut.

If you’ve been a fan of Young Gerald all these years for his music, but mostly for his hairstyle, we’re completely with you on it. In fact, you’ve actually come across the perfect article!

In addition to revealing the one trick everyone must follow to recreate the rapper’s gentleman’s slick back, this write-up will comprise the various haircuts that the rapper has experimented with so far. Therefore, make sure to hold on to your seats and join us on this journey if you’re seeking immediate results!

G Eazy Haircut Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Back in 2010, when the rapper was yet to be recognized for his abilities on the mic, his impressive way to present himself helped him with garnering quite the following. Although his getups were just as experimental, the polished haircut that he had back then, which also blew up in terms of popularity over the subsequent years, was the distinct feature that fans adored tremendously.

As his craft blossomed gracefully, his wardrobe as well as his hairstyles changed in a manner that was just as favorable. From installing the boldest colors  to keeping up with the current hair trends, here are all the hairstyles that G-Eazy has worn over the course of his career as a rapper and style icon!

Gentleman’s Slick Back

Gentleman's Slick Back

Featuring a glossy slick back that was tucked in with the assistance of a wide tooth comb and water based hair wax, on top of the list of G-Eazy’s most impressive feats lies this haircut. Alongside pairing this look up with monochromatic outfits, this polished look was recognized because of its presentability. Regardless of where you are, or where you’re going to, this classic slick back has the visuals that are compelling and eligible enough to accompany you.

Furthermore, even though the look itself is exceptionally voluminous despite being runny, this look can be transformed into a concept that is even more coarse with the use of a blow dryer and a fade haircut to optimally highlight its tidy nature.

Side Part Undercut

Side Part Undercut

Even though it took a while for the American rapper to let go of the haircut that spoke to him the most, the first glimpse of change in G-Eazy’s haircut came back in 2014 during the release of his second album “Must Be Nice.”

In contrast to his previous haircut, this look was just as greasy and had tons of shine. However, unlike the previous entry, the gelled up side part, which was combined with an undercut for presentability, was a tad bit more messy in terms of length and texture.

On another note, if you’re seeking a look that can perfectly allow you to display your hair’s length without compromising the fullness of your strands, you can definitely take this option into consideration. A necessary requirement could be the length on top, which has to be of at least 5 inches. However, for achieving a look that is a bit more relaxing, dismissing the use of hair wax will be sufficient.

Platinum Blonde Comb Over

Platinum Blonde Comb Over

Fans were in awe and caught off guard in 2018, when G-Eazy served looks with his vibrant platinum blonde hairdo in an olive suit at the ESPYs. To further enhance his physical appearance as well as his features of his hairdo, the heartthrob, who usually stays clean shaven, combined the product-free comb over with a 5 ‘o’ clock shadow in his face.

Another reason behind the positive reception this look received was due to the versatility of this hair. Although the rapper wore a variant with a messy outlook, one can easily tame the strands with a comb and seal the look with some shine by adding hair putty from the roots to the ends.

Lucid Green Slicked Back

Lucid Green Slicked Back

Just like loads of people, G-Eazy too believes in the supremacy of hairstyles and the vital role it plays in shaping up one’s identity. He provided evidence for this statement when he went back to wearing the modern slick back that he wore in his early days once again in 2018 during halloween, but with a slight twist.

It was right before he released his EP “Scary Nights,” and unlike the visuals of the original hairstyle, this haircut was draped in pastel green to match the theme of Halloween and the attire of Joker that he was wearing.

As edgy as it was, the artist didn’t keep this look around for long, probably since it was rendered incapable of pairing well with the silhouettes of any other outfit.

Bleached Haircut with Dark Base

Bleached Haircut With Dark Base

G-Eazy won over the hearts of fans once again when he supported the trend of platinum blonde hair with dark roots. In terms of texture, the hair was coarse, product-free, and messy; a trio that can cater to casual gatherings.

Additionally, it can also be a great look to incorporate if you regularly have to work around a tight schedule. The length might be a bit tough to manage at times, but that specific stress can effectively be addressed and subsided through the use of a hat.

Messy Quiff With Coppery Highlights

Messy Quiff With Coppery Highlights

Prior to rocking a platinum blonde hairdo, G-Eazy displayed his composed approach at life through the help of this entry; which features a relaxed quiff fused with warm, coppery, frosted tips. To create this look, the Favorite Hip-Hop Artist of 2017 grew his hair out for quite some time.

Additionally, to fight back against the awkward stages he faced while growing out the sides, he incorporated a taper, which is commonly known as a taper fade. Doing so not only helped him with achieving a clean look, but also increased the contrast between highlights of the messy quiff and the jet black roots of his hair.

Buzz Cut


The approach G-Eazy currently takes is rather open-minded and experimental when it comes to his taste in fashion. He is often seen in outfits that consist of soft colors, and pastels, which is the polar opposite of the monochromatic outfits he used to wear just over 3 years ago.

His hairstyle is also not as lengthy as it used to be, but the shortest it has ever been! For the past few months or so, the American rapper has been rocking a buzz cut, which not only suits him, but is probably a logical decision to make when one takes into account the unbearable nature of the weather.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a solution to beat the heat of the sun while simultaneously looking for a haircut that will allow you to extend the length of your personal style, then buzz it all off. A buzz cut not only pairs well with outfits, but also caters to every occasion.

Duotone Messy Pompadour

Duotone Messy Pompadour

G-Eazy has undoubtedly become a fashion guru amongst A-list celebrities, but that doesn’t mean he’s done with making his statement yet.

Even though the rapper often sided with haircuts that allowed him to embrace his natural hair color, he spiced things up a little for one event in recent times, when he incorporated a two-tone hairstyle featuring the cool pastel shade of platinum blonde and the dark tone of jet black.

The hairdo probably came into existence due to the rise of getting edgy hairdos. However, the rapper could also have worn it on purpose as he showcased his flamboyant platinum blonde haircut shortly after displaying this variant.

Create G Eazy’s Timeless Haircut At Home Today By Following This Basic Guide!

Contrary to popular belief, one can easily create every aspect of the G-Eazy haircut with the help of their stylist and can even through the means of self-assistance!

One of the things they have to ensure for creating this look perfectly is to invest in the right hair putty, or hair wax. During an interview with GQ in 2017, G-Eazy revealed that he usually buys jars and jars of Cool Grease Blue to style his hair before shows and maintains the coarse nature of the strands on a regular basis.

Additionally, you can also create the neat aspect of the haircut that the artist started the trend of. All you have to do is combine the existing length of your hair with a fade haircut. Whether it’s a high fade to a taper fade, any variant will be of assistance as long as the slick back is created effectively.

Lastly, make sure to condition your hair on the regular, if not, every day. G-Eazy’s haircut looks presentable and is sought after solely because of how healthy it looks. We believe he maintains the texture year in year out by moisturizing his hair with a nourishing conditioner before and after every wash.


We hope this article inspires you to achieve the signature haircut of G-Eazy without an issue. We also hope the tips and tricks in the former section gives you an upper hand and allows you to have a better understanding of the artist’s haircut.

Because everyone’s hair is of a different texture and can be of a different type than that of his, perhaps mirroring it perfectly should not be the main goal. Instead, the main incentive should be to incorporate a look that allows you to feel more like yourself, and goes well with your identity!

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