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13 Karen Haircuts that You Need to Avoid at Any Cost!

It’s in the nature of human beings to be kind and supportive to each other. Social media influencers promote kindness and reciprocity through heartfelt messages, and we love to preach those. But even in between us, there are ‘Karens’ who make life difficult for regular people in quite abnormal ways!

If you are not familiar with the term Karen, it’s basically a name used to represent those groups of white women who use their white privilege to exert a demanding attitude over others without any reason. There’s a famous meme phrase that you might have heard before: ‘I want to speak to your manager!’

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s basically the slogan of Karens. From departmental stores to the neighborhood, Karens just love to disturb people with their annoying attitude. This is why their distinguished look has become a symbol of being a Karen, and regular people always prefer to avoid such Karens.

Karens are quite popular for how they style their hair and the way they dress up, which makes it easier to separate a Karen from a normal white woman. Want to know more about Karen haircuts so that you can avoid them properly? Well, keep reading ahead to learn more!

What is a Karen Haircut?

What Is A Karen Haircuts

Basically, the unique haircut that Karens usually wear is known as the Karen haircut. It is an inverted bob haircut, which means the hair is shorter in the back and comparatively longer in the front.

This haircut usually comes with a side-swept style at the front, and blonde hair is one of the main features of a Karen. Some Karens also wear their hair short as a pixie haircut, and the styling at the front may vary. However, highlights are definitely one of the most prominent features of a Karens’ hairstyle.

Which Celebrities have Karen Haircuts?

It might seem like a stretch to suggest that celebrities wear Karen haircuts. After all, we are asking you to avoid it for good reasons. But you will be surprised to know that many celebrities actually had their phases with Karen haircuts.

The most famous person to have the iconic Karen haircut is Kate Gosselin, and seriously, you will just understand what we are talking about once you look at this specific haircut.

Kate Gosselin

Kate’s haircut is the epitome of Karen vibes, and you will find tons of memes on the internet regarding this haircut. It just looks unique, and anyone wearing this haircut will surely look willing to speak to the manager asap!

Consisting of an asymmetrical appearance with side parting and spiky style on the crown area, this haircut is surely something you would like to avoid. However, the funny fact is that many other celebrities also wore a Karen haircut publicly at some point in their lives.

Jennifer Lawrence had a super short Karen haircut once. Although it was in 2013, this hairstyle surely qualifies as one of the choices for Karens!

Jennifer Lawrence

Scarlett Johansson is another famous celebrity who has worn Karen haircuts multiple times, and her short hair provides the proper vibe for that. She opted for a Karen hair look with both brown and blonde hair, and the pictures will pop up whenever you search for celebrity Karen haircuts.

Scarlett Johansson

Keira Knightley is also known for representing a Karen hair look, so the list just keeps on getting bigger. But if you don’t want people to end up disliking and being suspicious of you, we will suggest not going for a Karen haircut, and not being a Karen in real life as well!

Keira Knightley

Awkward Karen Haircuts You Should Never Try Out!

Karen haircuts definitely have a negative meaning, and there’s not a single positive thing about being a Karen. So if someone recently said that you look like a Karen, it’s time to leave whatever you are doing and pay a visit to the salon asap!

Struggling to figure out which haircuts perfectly resemble the Karens? Worry no more because we have made the perfect list for you so that you can eliminate Karen haircuts the moment you see them. Let’s check those out together!

Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob

Although most of the Karens are white women with blonde hair, that doesn’t mean women with other hair colors cannot be Karens. The common point is their haircut and not the color. So once you spot those specific patterns, you will be able to determine a Karen haircut quite easily.

A stacked bob that comes with a super precise cut and is properly angular in size surely can be counted as a Karen haircut. This picture is an example of how it looks, and with blonde highlights, this stacked bob is sure to make you look like a Karen without giving much effort.

Short with Dark Roots

Short With Dark Roots

With blonde hair, keeping the roots dark is the best option to opt for. But that doesn’t mean you can just go about with any haircut, especially the ones that represent the Karen groups. Because trust us, blonde hair with dark roots will be the perfect disaster if you accidentally choose a Karen haircut.

In this picture, the woman is wearing a short hairstyle with perfect dark roots. But look at this hairstyle, doesn’t it make you feel like something’s off? Well, that’s because the contrast between both colors is too sharp, and the hair totally looks like that of a Karen. So take it off your list if you planned to replicate this one before.

Big Highlights

Big Highlights

Highlights are one of the trendiest styles at present times. Modern women love to try out blonde highlights on dark hair, and it is definitely something we will pick without thinking twice. But when it comes to Karens, they love those big pieces of blonde highlights with a not-so-seamless look.

Take this picture for instance. The super dark base hair has big blonde highlights, but the contrast is so sharp that we don’t even have to say much. If you opt for a similar look with this angular bob haircut, it will look like you are going to demand to speak to the manager any time now! So be wise and don’t pick this style if you don’t want to be a Karen.

Pixie with Brown Highlights

Pixie With Brown Highlights

Another distinguishing hair look that many Karens wear on a regular basis is blonde hair with brown highlights. They generally go for a short bob or a pixie haircut to achieve this type of hairstyle. The brown highlights are either too light or their blending will be way off in this case.

This hairstyle is a classic example of a Karen’s look with the brown highlights and the blonde base hair. No one even has to identify themselves as a Karen if they are going out with this hairstyle, people will realize it on their own. Want to try it out? Do it at your own risk!

Kate’s Haircut

Kates Haircut

The most famous memes that you will find on the internet about Karens are the ones with Kate’s hairstyle in them. This haircut looks complicated, and it is obviously the signature Karen style that has been trolled many times over the years.

The side-part blonde hair consisting of a side-swept style and brown highlights doesn’t look quite appealing because you can notice the contrast between both colors quite well. That spiky style right on the crown area just doesn’t go with the vibe, and then that section of dark hair: we don’t even know what’s going on, so let’s leave it up to the Karens themselves.

Fuller Bob

Fuller Bob

There’s just a distinct appearance about fuller-looking bobs. While traditional bob hairstyles look quite beautiful with highlights, bobs that are fuller on the upper area may end up making you look like a Karen.

As it goes for Karens, they like to wear those short bob or pixie haircuts with a side parting. Additionally, they add a fuller look to the upper portion of their hair which makes it the perfect Karen style. Although this might seem like a stylish option at the first glance, it definitely is a Karens’ signature look so choose your option wisely.

With Bangs

With Bangs

Side-swept style is common with the Karens, and it has been evident in almost all the styles mentioned above. A side-swept style can be created by bangs as well. Just know how to style your bangs properly so that you don’t end up looking like a Karen.

The lady in this picture has blonde hair with dark roots, and that bangs style at the front surely makes her style resemble one of a Karens’. Although the rest of her hair is comparatively on the lengthy side, the overall appearance totally has that Karen vibe to it.

French Bob

French Bob

Although a French bob hairstyle has its own stylish appeal, you may very well end up looking like a Karen if you do not know how to style your French bob properly. Unlike typical Karen haircuts, french bobs are cut in a straight line at the ends. But as they are on the shorter side, looking like a Karen is quite easy with this haircut.

French bob consists of bangs at the front and a short length at the end. They are given a curled vibe on both sides at the end, and the bangs can also be curled to match that look. However, choose your makeup and attire wisely if you are opting for this haircut because the goal is to avoid looking like a Karen by any means.

Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

Karens are generally women with blonde hair on the shorter side, so a blonde bob can definitely be counted as a Karen haircut if someone behaves like one. So if you are willing to go blonde while choosing bob-length hair, ensure it doesn’t make you look like a Karen.

This side-part bob hairstyle with the perfect blonde hair has the style and length of a bob that a Karen would typically wear. Some women opt for the A-line bob with such hair, which makes their Karen appearance even more defined. So to avoid that, you can go for a straight cut and keep your roots dark with your blonde bob.

With Gray Highlights

With Gray Highlights

It’s natural to witness your hair turning gray as you age, and that should never stop you from treating your hair properly. However, Karens cannot be restricted by age limits. So if you ever see a woman with gray hair and a Karen haircut complaining about unnecessary things out of nowhere, just know that you have detected a Karen.

Women over 50 can use their gray hair as natural highlights, and it always looks amazing. However, don’t opt for the classic Karen haircuts such as the stacked bobs or the asymmetrical ones. Just keep things simple with a cool pixie, and you will be good to go.

With Purple Highlights

With Purple Highlights

Karens do not necessarily stick to the basic hair colors when it comes to their hair. Apart from the sharp and chunky highlights, they can also opt for the colorful ones such as the purple highlights. As it all comes down to the matter of the haircut, the color of their highlights just upgrades their look to the next level.

If you do not want to look like a Karen, here is a haircut that you need to keep on your ‘avoid list’. It’s just that side-swept look with those spikes giving us all the major Karen vibes, and that purple is surely adding a bolder aura to that vibe. There’s never a good day for being a Karen and picking this style, right?

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

American actress Lisa Rinna is surely known for her acting talents, but she is also quite popular for the shaggy bob haircut that she has been wearing for a while now. And although you may find it hard to believe, this haircut of Lisa actually resembles a Karen haircut.

This shaggy bob haircut consists of dark base hair and blonde highlights. The side-swept style and the fuller-looking upper part give her hair that Karen vibe. Although she might look gorgeous in this style, Karens with their regular attire and sunglass will definitely make it look like a proper Karen haircut.

Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Karens are annoying, and there’s no argument on that. But it doesn’t mean they do not go for style upgrades every now and then. Well, a little touch of a fresh look always inspires you to do your job more properly, so why would Karens be left behind in that case?

At present, the wave hairstyle is quite a trend. While we have seen modern women trying out the wavy look with long hair or lobs, Karens also decided to step things up and give their short haircut a touch of the waves as well.

For instance, here is a balayage stacked bob that looks like a proper choice for a Karen. Although the color and health of her hair are quite praiseworthy, it’s the haircut and styling that are giving us major Karen vibes. So if you don’t want to be called a Karen, keep this one out of your list.

How to Avoid Looking Like a Karen if You have Blonde Hair?

After watching all those Karen memes and videos, you might have already decided you are keeping a proper distance from Karens in the future. Seriously, no one wants to deal with unnecessary fussing, and that’s quite understandable.

However, make sure you yourself do not end up being a Karen accidentally while trying to avoid them in the first place. And for that, it is needed to ensure that you look nothing like a Karen as you step outside to enjoy a regular day.

The first step to doing that is avoiding a Karen haircut in the first place. Now that we have mentioned all the Karen haircuts in this article, you can easily keep them on your ‘not to do’ list. If you have blonde hair, try to search for trendy styles such as blunt bobs or shaved looks to avoid looking like a Karen.

You can always go for long hairstyles with your blonde hair for a change if you wear short hair regularly. Just don’t grab the scissors for giving yourself those Karen bobs, and remember to ask your hairstylist for a blended look if you are going for highlights.

Try to make things classy by keeping your roots dark and the rest of your hair blonde only. Avoid that fuller-looking style on the upper portion of your hair, and don’t go for an asymmetrical cut if you feel like you look like a Karen in that haircut.

It’s all about figuring out what type of haircut suits you the most and doesn’t make you call yourself a Karen, so choose your preferences wisely!


Before ending the article, you might still have some questions regarding Karen haircuts that are just needed to be answered. So in this section, we are going to let you know about them.

How did the Karen haircut get popular?

Kate Gosselin’s unconventional bob haircut is the origin of the Karen haircut, and it has been used in many of the Karen memes. She is known for making this haircut immortalized, and the list just grows from there when it comes to Karen haircuts.

What is the male version of a Karen called?

While we widely talk about Karen, there is a male version of Karen specifically known as Ken, Greg, or Terry.

Why is the Karen name so significant?

Apart from all the memes and stuff, the name Karen has a deeper underlying meaning. It represents the exploitative white privilege existing in society. The origin of the name is claimed to be numerous, but the definition of Urban Dictionary for the name Karen became available in 2018.

Final Thoughts

Karen is not a name only. At present, it’s a word associated with the sentiments of people. Whenever we are thinking about Karens, it reminds us of the unnecessary attitude of certain people disturbing the peace of society at times. This is why it is important to figure out how a Karen acts and behaves so that you can avoid those characteristics with utmost sincerity.

If you want to steer clear of looking like a Karen, take our suggestion and try to avoid the hairstyles we have mentioned in this article. And while you do that, make sure to be a kind and cooperative person from the inside so that your style and behavior speak for themselves.

That being said, we hope this article has given you a clear idea about Karen haircuts and the importance of choosing an appropriate hairstyle for yourself. Keep these suggestions in mind, and create your own style by picking haircuts and attires that match your vibe. Always remember to be kind and compassionate, and wear your style with confidence anywhere you go!

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