33 Best Miley Cyrus Haircut Ideas for Long & Short Hair 2022

Miley Cyrus… A popular name for a 90’s kids. Being a 90’s kind I do have an emotional attachment for this versatile superstar Miley AKA Hanna Montana superstar. Starting from the Disney days with long blonde hair to a pop star performing on stage with a pixie, Miley justifies every haircut in a swag. The untamed and revolutionary character clearly shows off in her hairstyle.

So let’s take a short tour into the evolution of Miley Cyrus Haircuts.

For Short Hair

1. Deep Side Swept with Shaven Roots

Forget about the Disney days when Mile used to have long locks. Now she is rocking the fashion trends with her short and sexy haircuts. Deeply side parting the hair and sweeping it to one side and trimming the hair under is the best option to were for any special occasion.

2. Short Haircut with Darkened Roots

The elongated hairs at the top keep a perfect balance with short undercuts. The deadly combo of a blonde crown with darker roots gives an instant boost to the style icon Miley.  Well, if you are going with this phenomenal hairstyle then you can have your own color option for your hair.

3. Classy  Pompadour

Who said boys look best in a pompadour, here Miley breaks the notion by wearing this super sexy blonde hairstyle at MTV Video Music Awards in 2012. Tease the roots of elongated hair at the crown and sweep it back. Get some undercuts as shown in the image. Stylish hairstyle for your everyday wear.

4. Side Swept with Undercuts

Short haircuts are somehow a staple for Miley. And why not if she justifies the hairstyle so well. If you want to recreate this hairstyle then ask your hairstylist to sweep the hair to one side and give an edgy undercut just to its opposite side. You can get some highlights for an even sexier look.

5. A Perfect Pixie

Textured pixie with different dimensions gives rebellious look to Miley. Darkened roots with blonde elongated spikes are the best combination to give an instant boost to your personality. Get your favorite lip color and pair it up with this Miley Cyrus haircut.

6. Wavey Short Ombre

This short haircut oozes out the cuteness from the face. The evolution of Miley’s haircut and hairstyles is very interesting to behold. The hue suit Meily and defines the ombre hair in a perfect way. She somehow shows off her face-framing bangs grazing the cheeks.

7. Sleek Medium Length Haircut

Behold the elegance of the hairstyle which can take your personality to the next level.  The bang framing the face looks absolutely stunning and is perfect for any casual occasion. The amalgamation of burgundy hair with blonde tips looks stunning.

8. Sophisticated Layered Bob

This shouldered-length layered bob is the best to choose if you’re too bored with your monotonous haircut. The ombre brown hue makes the haircut way more beautiful to look at. Roots are teased to give the volume and then the hair is middle parted framing the face.

9. Blonde Topknot

Trust me I am in love with the smile of Miley. She is so cute and even looks more beautiful with this top knot. Ask your hair hairdresser to color your hair with deep roots and blonde ends. Afterward, you can manage with the hairstyle. Collect all the hairs at the top and get a knot there. Finally, pull out some tendrils from close to the ear and you are done with this magnificent hairstyle.

10. A short- sober haircut

What Say??? Yes, the simplest and low maintenance hairstyle among all the above lists. The short hairs are side parted and the wet look is maintained with the shades of blonde. Well, wearing a winged eyeliner with some funky earrings is never a bad option.

11. Teased Short Haircuts

Needs some guts to have this haircut. Miley is good at experimenting with different haircuts and hairstyles that gives the trend a new buzz. When it comes to recreating this badass hairstyle then simply get a short haircut and give it some multidimensional spikes with undercuts.

12. Short Hair with a Front Blow

Miley really stuns everyone with her array of hairstyles and especially short hair. This funky hairstyle is a hassle-free and easy to were hairstyle. The short hairs at the crown are sweep towards the front grazing the forehead. Baby pink colored lips compliments well with this hairstyle.

13. Wavey Front Cuts with Bun

This one is the best prom hairstyle to were from the list. The wavey uneven bangs framing the face gives the beauty an edgy look. You will look modest with these beachy waves at the front and a sexy updo at the back. So girl, be ready to get showered with compliments.

14. Medium Haircut with a Vintage Twist

You could get a romantic feel with this modified medium haircut. The textured layered waves with a touch of oldies could take your personality to the next level. Well, here Miley complimented her timeless stunning grey gown with those earrings looks damn gorgeous.

15. Double Blonded Knots with Deep Roots

Should I say something about this hairstyle?? Well, yes the cutest hairstyle of all. Her perfection for hairstyles is an inspiration to all hair enthusiasts for sure. She loves to dress her hair according to her choice without bothering about how it will look. Middle part your hair and tightly get double knots on both the sides and then wrap it up with some crochet braids to give it volume.

16. Cute Horns Out of Short Hairs

Do you want something kinky and funky out of your short hair?? Yeah, this one is for you. Pulling some elongated hair into cute horns and flaunt your sexy look confidently. Uh, don’t forget to put a contrast lipstick to look as a bombshell.

17. Choppy and Ombre Miley Cyrus Haircut

Miley proves that wavey tresses are still in trend to showcase your beauty within. Get this ombre with choppy cuts touching your shoulder. An off-shoulder gown will complement well with this cute hairstyle. Ditch your regular hairstyle and get this Miley Cyrus Haircut for a new look.

18. Miley Messy Pixie Cut

Miley Cyrus Haircut is an inspiration to a lot of people reading out the article here. Well, the pixie gets a new look with the messy touch. The blond hair with front bangs grazing the forehead pulls off the classy look. Uh!! Get an off-shoulder gown or jumpsuit to match up with this hairstyle.

19. Viscous Vintage Haircut

Miley Cyrus is very proficient in pulling off all the hairstyles so well that we cannot even find out any option to blame it at any point. No matter either it is short hair, long hair or any other hairstyle. The wavey hair framing the face with blonde and burgundy highlights is fair enough to justify the vintage look.

20. Upswept Symmetric Undercuts

This is cute, cool and charming! Miley always inspires us with her dramatic hairstyle in one or the other way. So, elongated hair at the top is upswept with some symmetric side cuts gives an instant boost to your look. You can enhance the contrast of the hair color according to your choice.

21. Glitter Hair with Side-swept Medium Hair

Miley knows well how to pull off a fabulous hairstyle out of a simple haircut. The ironical tint of pink glitters on the tresses look stunning with sexy glittered gown and earrings. She is a rock star, she is versatile, she is phenomenal… What say?? Obviously yes.

22. A Top Knot Story

She rocks with this top knot hairstyle too. Pulling off a normal top knot without much effort in the summer sun goes so well with Miley. The baby hairs peep out of the tightly tied knot give a tough look to the charming beauty. Well, girls, I think you don’t need any demonstration to recreate this hairstyle. LOL!!

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For Long Hair

23. Long Messy Braid with Loose Bangs

Behold the beauty! She looks stunning… Though it is needless to mention that braids are never a bad option. A loose messy braid is secured with a hairband at the end. The front cuts are sexy and left loose to graze the cheeks. The choice is yours for the hair hue.

Long Messy Braid with Loose Bangs


24. Sexy Half Up with

The cute smile of Miley makes the haircut even more beautiful. Love for a girly style? This Miley Cyrus haircut is for your rescue. She wore this hairstyle at 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards Feb 13, 2011, and she totally slew. The half up is done by securing some of the front hairs at the back and leaving the rest hair that adds a cheesy flavor.  

25. Sleek and Long Haircut

This time Miley breaks the monotony by wearing this simple and elegant hairstyle with no more extra add-ons. So girl if you need something simple without much hype. Get some blonde and burgundy highlights to give the elegance some spice. Well, the choice is yours.

26. Miley Cyrus Long Haircut

Carmel hue, the signature hair color of Miley. She looks adorable with this gorgeous colors along with the tresses open falling freely down the shoulder till waist. Aww, the simplicity oozes out of the face of this cute girl. Bejeweled Miley justifies her rock star look.

27. Sleek Side Swept Haircut

It’s time for another long haircut which Miley well justify with the recent trends. So, being a hair enthusiast Miley tried all forms of hairstyles on her. So girls now it’s your turn to recreate this hairstyle for any special occasion. Get your hair colored burgundy by side parting the tresses to one side which shows off the feminity within you.

28. Decent Razor Bob Cut

Her bouncy tresses when she steps forward and flew back with the blow of wind feels so romantic to look at. This is a clean and perfectly coiffed salon look which gives a huge hair inspiration to her fans. Get it done for your next special occasion.

29. Layered Haircut with Beachy Waves

Flaunting your new haircut is never a bad choice!! Ask your hairdresser to get a layered haircut and afterward it’s your choice to give it curls or waves. Get tied your hair with a hair bow and it looks absolutely stupendous. So girls get ready to were this hairstyle for the next party or night out.

30. Side Swept Low Ponytail

Searching for some prom hairstyles?? Then don’t miss this one from the list. This haircut is the best way to represent you for your special occasion. Well, Miley justifies this hairstyle in a perfect way by side parting the hair in a neat way with some sexy front bangs. A low ponytail and long ruby red crystal earring is a deadly combination indeed.

31. Long Crimped Tresses

This is one of the inspirational hairstyles of Miley that slew in any way after wearing it. Sleek at the roots and crimped when moves down. One could look sassy and sober by wearing this hairstyle for sure. Well, girls ask you to take an appointment at the salon to have this Miley Cyrus haircut for your next special occasion.

32. Miley Cyrus Bangs Haircut

Well, it is truly said that beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. However, Miley pulls off all the hairstyles into a glamorous look. The sleek front bangs with long blonde hair are absolutely stunning for any occasion. Pair it with a short dress and kinky necklace.

33. Wet Look Wavey Long Haircut

I would say she looks gorgeous with any length and style. Miley wears this classy hair with black jumpsuit at Grammy Red Carpet 2021. Her latest hair choice is phenomenal like her. Aww… she looks damn sexy with the white rose and posing in front of the media.

Well, girls now it’s your turn to groom yourself with the best hairstyle out of all from the list. I am in love with Miley Cyrus after writing this article, I think you too are also inspired by the Miley Cyrus Hairstyles. So let’s rock with the hairstyles on the next special occasion… Cheers!!!

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