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12 Awesome Mom Haircuts And Ways To Wear Them

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle? Are you here to find a haircut that will redeem you from the boring hairstyle you have been wearing for the past couple of years? Seems like you are in luck!

In this article we will find out what a gem of a hairstyle the “Mom Haircuts” are. We have been missing out on these hairstyles for way too long, and I can not let this go on anymore.

Mom haircuts are the epitome of easy, manageable, and stylish. You might think these hairstyles are catered only to mothers, but guess what? This is the time to get out of that bubble because mom haircuts are for all.

The haircuts are fabulous for all facial structures, and it caters to your needs with the variety that you can leap into with this style.

There are various mom haircuts for you to choose from, and you can style and adorn your haircut in any way you want. This is your chance to reinvent the hairstyle that you were taught to avoid all this time.

Mom haircuts usually come across as typical and boring, but there is so much more to it than being labeled as boring.

Yes, you might have seen some tired moms wearing this hairstyle and running errands, but imagine if you met them when they were dressed for an occasion. Trust me, they would look like an entirely different person because they would have had their hair done.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the wonderful world of mom haircuts and explore the amazing hairstyles we have yet to encounter.

Exclusive Mom Hairstyles That Young People Are Missing Out On

The great thing about mom hairstyle is that it does not matter how old you are or how oval or round your face is.

You are in for absolute joy when you choose these quintessential hairstyles. Mom haircuts have a variety of looks that you can opt from, and they are all equally great to look at.

If you are confused and clueless about which hairstyle to get, I would suggest you go for the mom haircuts because these hairstyles are wondrous.

You could never go wrong with a mom haircut. They are also great for you if you are a busy person, because they do not require too much effort to look good.

You could just take a shower and let them air dry, and that could be a look for your day. You could just give your hair a jostle, and voila! You have your hair ready.

There’s a lot you could do with mom haircuts. The pool for being creative and getting all your brain cells working is humungous.

Mom haircuts may have been neglected all this time but there is no more room for ignorance. It is time to accept these stunning styles.

Who says moms are mundane and monotonous? They are exciting, fun, adventurous, and everything in between.

You just have to open your eyes and welcome the world that is outside of your box. So, get going and pick up the best mom haircut for yourself and wear it proudly like a crown because that is the only right way to go.

Below are the best mom hairstyles for you to explore. Choose your favorite mom haircut and get a taste of this fun-filled world that you are missing out on:

Short Layers

Short Layers

The short layered mom haircut is probably the coolest. You can opt for this stunning look as your postpartum hairstyle for two reasons.

One – you can easily do everything else and not care about your hair, and two – you will always have your hair looking amazing and out of your way.

The short layers are super sensual and crazy good to look at. People will not question your upkeep ever if you start rocking the streets in this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is soothing to the sight, and it has a lot of perks other than being super low maintenance.

This funky hairstyle adds a lot of drama to your look, and it allows people to think of you as an adventurous soul.

If attending social events is something you do regularly, then this mom haircut will come in handy for you.

With this haircut, you need not worry about looking any less elegant or classy because with this look you will definitely be the center of attraction.

You can pretty much attend every event wearing this gorgeous hair and you’ll be noticed for it. A bonus plus point with this hairstyle is that it can easily pair up with any outfit and look classy.

You can go for a dress, a gown or a formal suit. You will look absolutely gorgeous no matter what. If your event is held outdoors in a hot summer, you know the right hairstyle to go for is the short layers.

Your hair will not stick to your sweaty neck, and you do not have to look everywhere for a clip or headband to get your hair away from your face. All you have to do is just tuck it behind your ears, and you are clear.

The benefits of this hairstyle are endless. If you think this is something you can handle, you should absolutely give this hairstyle a try.

Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob

Long bobs or lobs are one of the greatest inventions of the hair industry. They are cool, sexy, and understandably functional.

This beautiful mom haircut gives you the benefit of both a short hairstyle and a long hairstyle. How you may ask? Well, let me break it down for you.

The lob is a hairstyle that is shorter around the neck. The length may vary depending on your preference, but usually, the length is up to the nape of the neck.

The front part, on the other hand, is kept longer. Again the length depends on how long you want it to be, but just above the shoulder looks great.

Due to the multiple layers, this hairstyle lets you enjoy the benefit of both the short and long hairstyles.

The wavy lob mom haircut is a phenomenal style because the waves make it look groovy and upbeat.

This hairstyle is perfect for a day out. You can mix and match this look with sleek outfits because the waves give it a somewhat messy look.

Pairing up your look with a soft and sleek outfit will balance out your style and make you look more classy.


Pixie Cut

The pixie mom haircut is a beautiful and sexy hairstyle. This hairstyle has the power to demand respect in a room full of people. You know with this look you will only exude confidence and power.

People think twice before they come up to you. This hairstyle is extremely manageable and low maintenance.

The only maintenance that this style requires, is that you have to wash your hair quite frequently. Because this haircut is very short, it gets dirty pretty quickly and catches dust.

If you do not wash your hair regularly, these dust particles will form sebum with your natural hair oil and cause dandruff.

If you are worried about how to style your pixie, then let me tell you that this gorgeous hairstyle makes up for everything you may miss out in a look.

You can literally wear any outfit with it, but my personal favorite is the formal look with a pair of prescription glasses.

You can add a funky casual look by wearing sneakers with your formal outfit and that will add a touch of retro to your style.

So what’s stopping you from getting this blissful hairstyle? If you are a fashion geek, this hairstyle is basically all you need.

Long Layers

Long Layers

Long layers are for people who are not very keen on getting their hair too short. This hairstyle is very feminine and charismatic.

The long hair perfectly frames your face and enhances your features. It makes your face look elongated. The best part about having long hair is that you can use them to your benefit. You can style your hair in any way you want.

The layers add more dimension and texture to your hair. Your hair looks fuller and more volumized because of the layers. They also help in framing the face. This hairstyle suits all face shapes. For people who wish to portray their round faces as elongated, the long layered mom haircut is a great option to go for.

It is very easy to style your long layers. You can either tie it up in a ponytail or set it up in a bun. There are many more hassle-free hairstyles that you can do with your long hair.

This haircut is a blessing in disguise because you can do literally any hairstyle you want with it. You can either just be elegant by letting it flow down naturally or look fancy in a high bun. The options are numerous.


Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour is a daring hairstyle. This mom haircut is not for everyone. It calls for a lot of attention, and if you are trying to avoid just that, then you may have to look somewhere else but in this section.

If you want to try out something cool and different, the pompadour is a great one. It is extremely cool and dashing. This sultry hairstyle serves look and makes you look like you are ready to go on with your day no matter what happens.

If you want to seem like a boss lady, then this absolutely striking hairstyle is exactly the hairstyle you should go for.


Two Toned Hair

The two-toned hairstyles are one of the most beautiful hairstyles. The purpose of this hairstyle is to brighten up your look. With the two-toned mom haircut, you will look confident and graceful.

You can incorporate any two tones into your mom haircut to enhance your skin tone. Depending on your skin tone is like you could choose your preferred color.

Usually, the golden or copper colors suit all skin tones. If you are confused about which one to go for, you can choose this palette.

If you want to change your hairstyle to get a glow, then this is your look. Go ahead and get it done ASAP!

Long And Sleek

Long And Sleek

The long and sleek hairstyle is as pretty as a picture. This mom haircut is simple and sleek. It is a great option for long hair.

The long and sleek hairstyle is perfect for events and going out with your friends. There is no going wrong with this simple yet extremely elegant hairstyle.

You might want to add more styles and accessories to this hairstyle, but it is perfect without all the extra additions.

The purpose of this hairstyle is to look beguiling without adding anything to it. This hairstyle is the epitome of simplicity and is the best policy.

Celebrity Mom Haircuts

Coleen Garcia Bob Haircut

Coleen Garcia Bob Haircut

Irina Shayk Sleek Back Bun

Irina Shayk Sleek Back Bun

laura dern Side Part Blonde Hair

laura dern Side Part Blonde Hair

Rihanna Sleek Long Hair

Rihanna Sleek Long Hair

Scarlett Johanson Messy Pixie Cut

Scarlett Johanson Messy Pixie Cut


You will find everything there is about mom haircuts in this article. This article is all about positivity and supporting the wonderful world of mom haircuts. Below are a few frequently asked questions from readers that I have answered for you too. You may find them useful, so before you scroll past it, give it a read.

Q1. What is a mom haircut?

Ans. A mom haircut refers to haircuts that are usually worn by moms, especially right after they give birth. They are also known as postpartum hairstyles. These hairstyles come in handy for moms to look and feel good.

Mums usually do not feel up to the mark after giving birth, and getting a haircut helps them feel better and more confident in their own skin.

Q2. Can young girls wear mom haircuts?

Ans. Anyone can wear a mom hairstyle. Mom haircuts are referred to as such because moms wear them frequently, but these hairstyles are so hip and elegant at the same time that they are suitable for teenagers too.

These amazing hairstyles come in many shapes and forms, and you could choose your preferred style from the list above.

Q3. Are mom haircuts cool?

Ans. Moms haircuts are super cool and trendy. These haircuts are gaining immense popularity by the minute and are trending everywhere.


Mom haircuts are amazing, and we have to admit how comfortable and easy to manage they are. These hairstyles are great for all hair lengths, but the short hairstyles take the trophy home when it comes to mom haircuts.

Whether it is a soccer mom haircut, 80s mom haircut, or the plain bob mom haircut, this hairstyle has bagged it all.

You can not tell me that you have not once thought of getting this hairstyle but were held back because of some twisted notion that indicated this hairstyle is not up to the mark.

You have seen the amazing hairstyles shown above, and I hope you are more accepting of the mom hairstyles that may change the way you perceive them.

Mom haircuts are great, and we love them. They are perfect for all events, they are sober, they are fancy, and they make the cut.

These hairstyles are back in style, and missing out on these incredible hairstyles is a total waste. So, get to work and choose your favorite mom haircut from the list above.

Dial-up your hairstylists number because you need that appointment to get back on the streets with your wonderful new hair.

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