Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Haircut: The Comeback Hairstyle Of 2022

Chic, Cool, Contemporary – if you want these three ‘C’s to describe your hairstyle, then Mushroom Haircut is the way to go.

Remember the iconic looks of Moe Howard from The Three Stooges, The Beatles members, or Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber? What these characters had in common was their childish goofy hairstyle.

This 80s and 90s style mushroom haircut has recently made a comeback and is now one of the most popular stylish cuts out there.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, and Timothée Chalamet have reinvented the childish look into bold, modern styles that have become the new trendsetters.

Our article will give you a comprehensive idea about this comeback hairstyle of 2022. You will get to know what the mushroom haircut is and how to do it by yourself at home.

You will also learn what are the top ten popular styles of mushroom haircut that you can choose from for both women and men in 2022, and how you can take care of this new look.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this article and master every aspect of this modern Mushroom Haircut!

What’s Up With The Mushroom Haircut?

Some call it Mushroom Haircut, others refer to it as the Bowl Cut. Whichever it is, it is a short style of haircut that is done by both men and women.

Imagine if you place a soup bowl upside down on your head and cut off all the visible hair on its lower part. The shape you get is that of the bowl, or more typically, a mushroom. And thus, the name.

The best part is that this cut suits almost all hair types – straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin. So whichever hair type you have got, do not worry. Mushroom Haircut can definitely be your new look to impress!

Interestingly, this haircut was a household preference in 1930s America. Due to the Great Depression, the mushroom haircut was the cheapest and easiest option to do at home for children as well as adults. If they could do it, so can you.

Let’s figure out how you can do the mushroom haircut – all by yourself!

Ten Popular Mushroom Haircuts For Women In 2022

Keeping the general idea the same, there can be multiple types of mushroom haircuts for women. This will depend on your hairstyle pattern, hair type, length, and even color.

From tons of variations that are out there, we have selected the top ten popular styles for women that can help you narrow down your choice of a mushroom haircut.

Classic Coconut Cut

Classic Coconut Cut


If you are looking to go for something simple yet fashionable, the tried and tested Classic Coconut mushroom haircut is the one for you!

Your top hair will sit like a half-spherical coconut uniformly across the head. You can trim or cut the back hair finely so that the hair sits in a cone shape at the nape of your neck.

This style usually incorporates blonde highlights to show off the mushroom haircut, with the base hair being a much darker black or brown.

You can also style it in layers so that the top mushroom blends into the back hair smoothly. In this layered style, the haircut will look the same all over from the top but different from the back and sides.

Layered or not, if you have got thin and sharp facial structures, then the Classic Coconut mushroom haircut can definitely be your style.

The Platinum Cap

The Platinum Cap Mushroom Hair


You might have very thick hair that you want to show off. In that case, this style is perfect for you!

The Platinum Cap cut is much fuller than the previous one. This bowl cut is fashioned in such a manner that it looks like a soft winter cap is hugging your head.

With the silver platinum tone giving you an edgy look, this mushroom haircut can be your ultimate look for a brunch at home as well as a meeting at the office.

If you have a round face with straight hair, this platinum cap style of mushroom haircut can be a great choice for you.

Though Platinum is the current trendy shade, this cut can go with any color of your liking. So get fancy with your platinum cap!

Feather Fades

Feathered Fades


For your thin and silky hair, you can choose to do the Feather Fades mushroom haircut. This style can be a very modern and elegant choice for you.

The edges of the top hairs do not sit evenly like in a Classic Coconut bowl cut, they sit much higher. You can cut your top hairs in layers so that it looks like bird feathers from the sides and front.

Your top part has to be cut into more disheveled layers. The base hair on the sides and back can be shaved off into different degrees of fades as you prefer.

Feather Fades can also be styled with hair gel such as the Schwarzkopf Got2b Styling Gel to give you a sharper look for night parties.

If you have a soft babyface, then this look can give you a more mature look.

Go for bright colors like Burgundy to really make this mushroom haircut really pop up!

Good Morning Mushrooms

Good Morning Mushrooms


Are you looking to achieve a rough casual look? If so, then the Good Morning mushroom haircut is your best choice!

Your front hair will flow on the left or the right, sitting in random waves. It appears almost haphazard as if you just got up from the bed.

But the subtle styling of this mushroom haircut can give you an effortless vibe.

Good Morning Mushrooms do not have any distinct top-bottom separation; your entire hair had to be cut similarly all over.

For those of you who have highlighted hairs, introduce some small pops of color that can sneak out from beneath the top layers of your hair.

This bowl cut can be a good option for the shorter girls as the hair volume can add quite a bit of height.

Mushroom With Long Sideburns

Mushroom With Long Sideburns


Some of you surely have those eye-catching sideburns! This mushroom haircut allows you to style your sideburns more confidently, along with playing with your top, side, and bottom hairs.

While most bowl cuts are paired with a short or faded ‘V’ sideburn, this one is more unique.

Here, your sideburns are mostly kept long and can be funky with irregular edges or formal with a straight edge. You can also make a long ‘y’-like sideburn that reaches down as far as your cheekbones or even goes below your chin.

This look does not usually go well with fades, so it is better for you to go for a shorter hairstyle overall.

Front Heavy Waves

Front Heavy Waves


For those of you who have specifically wavy hair, this mushroom haircut can be your go-to choice. Your waves can be used to their advantage to give you a cool, trendy appearance!

Usually, bowl cuts are styled dividing the top and bottom hair in different ways. But for this bowl cut, your focus has to be on the front part of your forehead.

Keeping the back hair short – in steps, layers, or undercuts, your forehead is covered in petite or longer waves with half or two-thirds of your front hair.

If you prefer to have your forehead free, the front-heavy waves can easily be put aside in a backward or upwards direction with hair gel.

Smoky makeup and hoop earrings are really good accessories for this mushroom haircut!

The Curl Bowl

Curl Bowl Mushrooms


Have you got some heavy curls and are wanting to get the mushroom haircut? No one said this cut is only for straight hair textures. Your heavy curls can achieve this hairstyle easily, no problem!

Here, you can shave your undercuts in varying degrees from a short trim to a full fade. This leaves you with the option to style your top curls however you like.

This Curl Bowl mushroom haircut has some advantages over straight hair:

  • While cutting, the precision of maintaining the hair length is not 100% mandatory as in straight hair. So you can DIY at home without having to style it at any expensive salons.
  • You have the option of keeping your hair both wet and dry.

For a more polished look, the key is to set your curls properly with appropriate products such as the SheaMoisture Frizz-Free Curl Mousse or the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. This helps to manage the greasiness and frizz of your curly hairs while sealing in the moisture.

Valentine Mushrooms

Valentine Mushrooms


Valentine Mushrooms is a great hairstyle for those of you with heart-shaped or broad faces.

This mushroom haircut makes your hair look voluminous and gives the view of valentine wings from the sides. Instead of cutting all your hair in a basic mushroom, you can style your locks in a side-swept manner.

Another technique of creating this bowl cut is to layer the anterior hair so that it looks like a heart from the front too.

Your valentine mushroom can be complemented best by keeping long sideburns!

Geometric Pixie Bowl Cut

Geometric Pixie Bowl Cut


Are you wishing to have a mushroom haircut and bangs simultaneously? Well, look no further. The Geometric Pixie Bowl cut is exactly that!

This short bob mushroom hairstyle can give you sharp straight bangs in the front and a mushroom with a slanted edge on the sides.

The tips of your mushroom begin on the sideburns and grow shorter in the back in blunt or sharp angles.

To underscore this geometric feature of your hair, electric black or blue hair dye is the way to go. The MANIC PANIC After Midnight Hair Dye comes highly recommended for you.

Customized Undercuts

Customized Undercuts


If you do not prefer any of the existing mushroom haircuts and want to create your own undercuts, go for it with full optimism! You can customize the sideburns and undercuts of your preference by playing with your hair trimmer.

For this purpose, the Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Cord Cordless Magic Clip is a good product. Although, it is better to opt for an experienced hairstylist to produce this cut.

Create your own style of taper fades! You can trim a single line around your head, double lines above your sideburns, or triple ‘V’s on the back of your head.

Get creative and artistic with customized undercuts!

Your front hair can be randomly shorter on one side and slanted while longer and curled or wavy on another side.

This haircut can highlight any scalp or neck tattoos you may have.

Ten Popular Bowl and Mushroom Haircuts For Men In 2022

The androgynous quality of the mushroom haircut allows it to be flexibly used among men alongside women. However, there are some particular styles that have taken prominence in recent times.

Let us look at the top ten popular male mushroom haircuts in 2022 that are quite different from those described till now.

The Kippah Mushroom

Kippah Mushroom Hair


The first style you can opt for is the Kippah Mushroom haircut.

The name of this cut derives from the Jewish skullcap called ‘Kippah’. The way the Kippah sits on your head, this very short bowl cut looks slightly similar to that.

To achieve this cut, keep a small amount of hair to cover the middle portion of your head and trim the sides.

Shape your front hair unevenly and to a length that does not cover your forehead at all like typical mushroom haircuts. You have to shave your sides into high fades to get this look.

This mushroom haircut would compliment someone with a sharp jawline very well!

Middle Split Mushroom

Middle Split Mushroom

You can surely remember this 90s mushroom haircut popularized by Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys!

To get this bowl cut, split all your hair into two sides equally and then cut into a basic mushroom shape. It almost looks like the pages of an open book.

You can cut your hair edges into straight blunts, backward slopes, or layer it unevenly like those of Carter’s. Have a cleanly shaved or lightly trimmed undercut to match this Middle Split mushroom haircut superbly.

Blonde hair with brunette roots is ideal if you choose to get this hairstyle.

Those of you who have baby faces, you boys can pull off this look brilliantly!

The Off-Center Bowl

Off Center Bowl Cut

Are you seeking a sassy and bold hairstyle? The Off-Center Bowl mushroom haircut is a fantastic choice for that!

You have to distinctly angle the front edges of this bowl cut towards the left (or right) side of your face. The mushroom is therefore placed lopsidedly.

Your barber can give you a cleanly outlined off-center bowl or a disheveled comb-over mushroom, whichever you prefer.

If you are into music, this style will definitely provide you with that punk rock look. Accessorize your haircut with a t-shirt of your favorite band, a leather jacket, and some gold or silver chains!

Fire Or Ice

Fire Or Ice Mushroom Hair


For the K-Pop fans out there who like to experiment with different types of hair dyes, the ‘Fire or Ice’ mushroom haircut is a must-have style!

This short mushroom haircut can be described as an elongated Kippah.

Your fades usually have to be high or medium for this cut. It can also be complemented by taper fades if you choose to do that style.

On top of the dark undercut, you can color the thick bush of hair in either red or blue shades.

For a hotter look, go with the half-n-half using two colors side by side. The Blue and Red will give your hair an image of ‘burning fire’ and ‘cool ice’ simultaneously.

The Baby Pink hair color is a fan favorite for K-Pop lovers!

This mushroom haircut works best if you have straight or wavy hair textures.

To get an all-over uniform appearance, you can color the undercuts with the same color as the top hair.

Double Crop Mushroom

Double Crop Mushroom


Style your hair in the Double Crop mushroom haircut if you want to match it with your eccentric personality!

While most mushroom haircuts focus on the anterior hair above your face, this one styles your posterior hairs. The front half of your hair has to be slightly longer than the back.

The idea is to create a double back crop no matter the texture of your hair – straight, wavy, or curly. This is done by working on your undercut and clean shaving the rest of your scalp below.

You have to shape your undercut in such a way that it copies the shape of the cropped hair on its top.

For this to work, there can be no fades as that can undermine the purpose of your undercut. However, a reverse fade could work if your hair is shaved from the bottom up.

Spiky Bleached Bowl

Spiky Bleached Bowl


To boost up your hairstyle and achieve a spicy appearance, try out the Spiky Bleached Bowl mushroom haircut. A good hairstylist can create spiky edges to your hair that will match your facial features.

Upon attaining the perfect mushroom spikes, you can bleach your hair with the Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener. You can also DIY at home easily!

The bleached mushroom haircut will provide you with a sharp, dapper look when contrasted with a full black ensemble.

Black or Diamond ear studs, some bold rings, and black painted nails can really bring out the bleached spikes!

The Straight Mushroom

Straight Mushroom


Do you have a strong jawline and are looking to show it off? This hairstyle goes flawlessly for those men with sharp jawlines!

The Straight Mushroom haircut sits somewhere between the Classic Coconut and the Platinum Cap.

Suitable for straight-haired men, the hair locks reach up to and over your eyelids. Unlike the anterior curve of the Cap style, this one shadows your forehead like extended bangs.

You can trim the backside of your hair in steps or cut it into a proper mushroom layer.

A light beard will accentuate this mushroom haircut wonderfully!

Mullet Mushrooms

Mullet Mushrooms


Without question, your favorite 80s Mullet look has made a strong comeback with this mushroom haircut!

A Mullet hairstyle consists of longer hair on the back and shorter hair on the sides and in front like the mane of a horse.

With the Mullet Mushrooms style, your front hair can be cut into any type of mushroom haircut as you please. On the other hand, the back half of your hair will look like that of Jesse Katsopolis from the popular 90s American Sitcom Full House.

Depending on the rough or silky texture of your hair, the type of Mullet Mushroom can vary from one person to another.

An example of the Modern Mullet Mushrooms bowl cut can be the Tail Mullet. In this, the hair above your neck is grown into a long mullet while the area between the Mushroom and Mullet is shaved clean or into a fade.

You can also match your sideburns to your tail mullet. Add some color and subtle shine to your mullets to make them stand out!

Multi-Tier Bowl Cut

Multi Tier Bowl Cut


Did you already get the basic mushroom haircut before and are wanting to pump up the style? The Multi-tier Bowl Cut can certainly break the monotony and change your hairstyle, giving it a more interesting edge.

This mushroom haircut is popular for its particular uniqueness. It will give you the idea of multiple forks stacked on top of each other!

For this bowl cut, you have to cut your hair in such a way that each lock is shaped like the tines of a fork, in a triangular pattern, and laid in layers.

The front of your mushroom has to have more layers as opposed to the back.

A Yellow Blonde shade can match this mushroom haircut fantastically and give you some oomph!

The Rainbow Chops

Rainbow Chops


The Rainbow Chops is the most colorful of all mushroom haircuts!

To get this hairstyle, cut your top mushroom hairs in short choppy motions, leaving a slightly messy final look. You can then style it with a combination of multiple colored hair tips, ranging from peacock green to pink to yellow.

Some men (and women) prefer to keep a subtle undertone of two, three colors (e.g. the Peacock or Mermaid Shade) while others go for four or more bright and loud shades (e.g. like those of the Rainbow).

This mushroom haircut can really help to display your personality through your choice of hair color.

For a long-lasting effect, use the MANIC PANIC Color Safe Shampoo to ensure that your newly color-treated hair does not fade away. It can be used with all types of hair textures, be it dry, normal, or oily.

How To DIY At Home?

The mushroom haircut has many types and lengths and colors. However, the most basic cutting style is very simple.

Before delving into more complex or advanced styles, let me take you through the easy process to make a mushroom haircut at home, step-by-step.

Step 1: Moisturizing

Make sure your hair is washed and clean. After all, it is very important to ensure that all the hair is thoroughly dampened before initiating the cut.

To get a uniform look, all hair must be cut evenly. Not wetting the hair precut can leave out uneven strands and disturb the overall look.

Step 2: Portioning

For a typical mushroom haircut, separate your hair into two portions.

  • You take a large portion of hair that you wish to cut in a mushroom shape. This portion usually goes around the crown of your head in a clean circular motion.

For a top-heavy cut, you can take a thicker quantity of hair and leave out the remaining strands.

For a lighter mushroom haircut, you should take less hair for the top and keep more hair for styling the back of your head.

  • Fix this portion with clips or elastic rubber bands so that it does not mix while cutting the bottom part.

Step 3: Cutting

Now that the two parts are separated, the next step for you to follow is cutting the hair in the mushroom shape. Use appropriate hair-cutting scissors such as the Equinox Professional Hair Scissors.

  • With the top hair intact, you can play with the extra length of the remaining strands as you please. You can either shorten, trim, shave, or even leave it long, as you want to style the undercut.

The mushroom portion of the head usually has thicker and longer strands as opposed to the bottom portion underneath.

  • What is important for you while doing this mushroom haircut is to maintain precision throughout the sides and the back.
  • The top hair can either be cut in a sharp singular movement or by doing sections.

No matter the technique, the ultimate goal is to get the look of a bowl or a mushroom as the name of the haircut suggests.

Step 4: Setting

Your hair should still be quite moistened at this point. You cannot possibly leave the house with this unkempt look. Here comes the final step of the mushroom haircut for you to do.

To set the hair,

  • You have to blow-dry it. Use a hairbrush to lay the mushroom hairs perfectly over your head and run the hair dryer along the length of your brush.
[Note: Make sure to use the nozzle to prevent hair damage.]

For a more long-term solution,

  • You may use hair setting sprays, curling iron, or straightener – depending upon your mood! The R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray can be a great option for versatile styling.

For a rough look,

  • You can also use your fingers to intentionally set your hair in any way you want.

Even after following all these steps, you might find it difficult to do the back part of the mushroom look all by yourself.

In that case, this detailed video might come in handy:

You can follow this for further reference and do it yourself or take help from a friend.

If neither works, there are always experts at your nearest hair salon to give you the mushroom haircut of your desire.

Step 5: Maintenance

If you choose to do this hairstyle, it is important to make sure that you maintain your hair properly and daily to accentuate your Mushroom Haircut. A crucial part of this cut is the hair volume and texture.

In order to maintain these qualities, begin by-

  • Applying the Honeydew Volumizing Shampoo. It contains Biotin, Keratin, and other essential oils to keep your hair protected and voluminous.

This can be followed by

  • The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner, which is designed for both men and women. It also serves as an all-rounder product for color-treated hairs.

So if you have recently dyed your hair, do not fret! Use this conditioner to keep your hair color nice and intact.

  • The Beauty by Earth Sea Salt & Texturizing Spray can be an all-time accessory to nourish the hair quality of people with particularly curly or wavy textures.

Follow these 5 steps precisely and you can have the ultimate mushroom haircut this season.

For those who might be looking to achieve some complex and contemporary looks that are more in trend with celebrities, look no further. We have just the styles for you that are in 2022!

Care Tips For Your Mushroom Haircut

Here are some easy-to-do care tips to keep your mushroom haircut fresh and fancy!

  1. Use bristle brush daily to prevent frizz, hair breakage or split ends. It keeps your hair soft and shiny and balances the oil production of your scalp.
  2. Trim the edges of your hair regularly. It should usually be done every 4-6 weeks for short hairs, but it mostly depends on your hair growth.
  3. If you do not have time in your busy schedule for hair maintenance, use dry shampoo and leave-in conditioners. This is an easy alternative if hair cleaning is difficult or feels like a lengthy, hectic process.

Concluding Remarks

A charming haircut can always uplift you when you are in a bad mood. The Mushroom Haircut is a great one for that and it allows you to get very creative and playful with your appearance.

The mushroom haircut is low maintenance, easy to do, and goes with all types of hair textures. It has many diverse types that are in fashion and it is inclusive for both men and women.

For short hair lovers, the trendy and chic mushroom haircut is the best choice. Use the right products and hair dyes to achieve the ultimate comeback hairstyle of 2022! Accessorize your look with some fancy clothes and jewelry.

Go out with your cool new mushroom haircut and look dashing in the upcoming Spring Break.

Stay Gorgeous, Stay Contempora

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