Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle

28 Quick Weave Bob Hairstyles That Are Trending Right Now!

In recent times, especially with the beginning of 2023, quick weave bobs have earned their fair share of popularity. There are many protective hairstyles to help the natural growth of your hair, and among all those, our recent favorite is the quick weave bob.

Let’s be honest here: it does require a lot of time to perfect a quick weave bob. But with the right products at hand, this process will become easier for you. You just need to be patient while you proceed, and the results will surprise you!

There are so many hair styling options when it comes to quick weave bobs. Now, you might be wondering that the length is limited to bobs, then how is it possible to make them look extra beautiful?

Well, we are here to tell you that the choices are infinite and you can easily pick a style that will suit your personality. But before jumping into the styling options, let’s know the procedure of doing a quick weave bob.

Weave It Quick And Keep It On Fleek!

Here we are going to talk about the process of achieving a gorgeous quick weave bob with leave out. This particular styling process is easier for beginners, so if you are going for it for the first time, we recommend sticking to this option!

Step 1: Brush and Divide

First of all, you need to brush out your natural hair properly to remove any tangles and make the surface smooth. Then you need to section off your hair just where you want your leave out to be. We will be talking about the specific style where your hair will be parted in the middle. Just your classic bob, isn’t it?

Step 2: Braid it Till You Make it!

After the leave out part has been sectioned off, it is now time to braid all of your hair including the leave out part. The braids should be as flat as possible so that the styling process becomes easier. You can divide your hair into small sections and braid them properly.

Step 3: Apply Light Oil to Your Natural Hair

Now as your natural hair will stay under the wig cap, it is required to keep them moisturized. So we recommend using lightweight hair oil all over your natural hair.

Step 4: Glue and Set

To set the wig cap on top of your natural hair, you need to apply a hold product first. Make sure to apply a great amount of the product and brush it and set it throughout your hair and scalp.

Now take a wig cap that matches your hair color and place it properly. Make sure to cut small holes for your ears to make yourself more comfortable.

Step 5: Use an Adhesive Spray

The next step is to apply adhesive spray over your wig cap. You can use a blow dryer to dry it off. Now cut down the excessive parts of your wig cap around the hair. When everything is set perfectly, it’s now time to move on to our next step.

Step 6: Attach the Hair

This step is fun and crucial at the same time. You need to make sure that the hair is attached properly. We will be talking about a straight bob hairstyle. So for that, choose good quality Brazilian Remy hair. Keep on placing the hair extensions in a U-shape until it reaches the top.

Step 7: Cut off Layers

When the hair reaches the top, cut off a layer of your wig cap where the leave out is. This is to make it easier to see your parting. Now after finishing the placement of extensions in a U-shape, it is now time to follow the invisible method on the side of your parting. We will be talking about this method in detail ahead.

Now cut off the last layer covering your leave out.

Step 8: Chop Chop Chop!

As we are talking about bobs here, if your Brazilian Remy hair is longer in size, it is now time to cut them off with scissors or clippers to achieve your desired length. You can straighten out the hair at this point.

Step 9: Straighten Your Natural Hair

It’s now time to unbraid the natural hair or the leave out. Part the hair in the middle and straighten it out properly. You can blow dry your hair before straightening it. Make sure to brush out the natural hair along with the extensions so that it looks more natural and sleek.

Step 10: Spray and Slay

Finish off the process by using hairspray to set the hair properly. And that’s it! You have now got beautiful quick weave bobs to flaunt!

How To Do An Invisible Part In Quick Weave?

Quick Weave Invisible Part

Doing an invisible part is all about precision and patience. The more you practice, the more you will be able to make it perfect. Here we will be talking about a side part invisible method.

Start by following the normal procedure of quick weave and attaching your hair. You can work with or without a leave out according to your preference. When the hair reaches the top area, it is now time to start the invisible method.

Take a track and cut it into half. Now apply glue to the track and place it just near the forehead where your wig cap ends. The placement should be done in a curved manner to adjust with the previous track. Cut off the excess part, and place the second track just a teeny tiny bit above the first track. Use a freeze spray if necessary.

Continue this process and make sure that all the tracks are being covered properly. Place them closely for the best result. When the center kind of reaches an oval shape, wrap the track around properly to cover the wig cap.

Now for the final small area, glue your track and fold it entirely; you will be left with a round-shape track. Straighten that round part and spread out the hair. Apply glue to the part and attach the piece over the final small area on your head.

Use some heat to set the style, and your invisible part is done! Give your hair a bob cut, and you will be left with a beautiful invisible part quick weave bob.

Quick Weave Touch Up

After wearing your quick weave for a while, it may end up getting dirty and out of style. So a quick touch-up is necessary to keep the beauty of your quick weave intact.

First of all, start by cleaning your leave out. This is necessary because the leave is the only part of your natural hair that is outside of the wig cap, and it needs to be cleaned properly or else the hair will be ruined.

So wash your leave out properly using a conditioner, and clean out the excess dirt or products from the hair. Then you need to blow dry your leave out and straighten it properly if you opted for a straight hair look previously.

For the rest of your quick weave, straighten out the entire hair for a sleek look, and comb everything out to set the hairstyle properly. And this is how you can do a quick and easy touch up right at home!

Trendiest Quick Weave Bobs To Try Right Now!

Now that you have known all the basics of a quick weave, it’s time to take a look at the best quick weave bob hairstyles that we have gathered for you. From the basics to the extras, here is a list of all the quick weave bob styles you can try out the next time.

Middle Part Quick Weave Bob

Middle Part Quick Weave Bob

Whenever it comes to a bob quick weave, the middle part style is the most common one among girls. This is the classic quick weave bob hairstyle that you can rock any day and any time! Styling your hair in this way is also quite easy.

This sleek and shiny style is all we are rooting for. The hair is beautifully parted in the middle and the bob looks stunning. This hairstyle is quite neat and perfectly done, and it can be a great option for you if you are just stepping into the world of quick weave.

Side Part Quick Weave Bob

Side Part Quick Weave Bob

The side part quick weave bob is another classic style and it is so trendy and stylish that you will want to style your hair like this again and again. We have seen ladies rocking the side part quick weave bob in different styles and colors.

For this particular style, your leave out should be placed on the side. Choose hair extensions that match your natural hair color and straighten out the leave out to set your style. Make sure to blend your natural hair with the leave out seamlessly, and you can create slayed edges for a neat and exquisite look

Middle Part Blunt Cut

Middle Part Blunt Bob

Regular bob cut is already stylish, what makes it more gorgeous is the blunt cut we all love! Just like the regular blunt bob, a quick weave blunt bob is also classy and elegant to rock any upcoming event.

This style doesn’t require much extra effort. You just need to cut the hair in a blunt bob style after attaching it properly following the method of a middle part quick weave. This blunt-cut style is easy to set and looks quite natural.

Side Part Blunt Cut

Side Part Blunt Cut

A quick weave side part bob with a blunt cut is just as elegant as a middle part blunt cut bob. This hairstyle is so sleek and perfectly suitable for regular wear and glam events.

This picture shows a precise side part quick weave with a blunt bob. One side of the hair has a clean and short straight cut, whereas the other side is longer in appearance and the style has a precise blunt bob shape.

Some hair at the front has been turned into slayed edges, and we are surely rooting for this gorgeous hairstyle! If you are a fan of asymmetrical haircuts, this style can be your new favorite!

Quick Weave Bob with Closure

Quick Weave Bob with Closure

We have talked about the leave out method for doing a quick weave, but you can also work with a closure. This method is a little bit more difficult than the leave out method, but the outcome is just as stunning.

For this style, you need to work with two wig caps. The one that matches your hair color should be placed on top of the one that matches your scalp. Set the hair using the necessary products and when it almost reaches the top, cut off a layer of the wig cap that is sitting on top.

Now the second wig cap is needed to be cut and adjusted with the proper products around the forehead. Remember that for a natural look, you need to match the color of your wig cap with your skin color. So grab your contour palette and apply the contour on both the wig cap and the lace part of your closure.

After that, you are going to grab your lace closure, place and set it on your head with the necessary products, and finish setting the rest of the hair properly. Once you are done styling your hair, cut off the lace part of the closure and you will be left with a beautiful quick weave with closure.

Once you can master this process, it will surely become one of your preferred ways to do a quick weave. This middle part quick weave bob has been done using a closure, and we love how natural it looks!

Quick Weave Bob with Bangs

Quick Weave Bob with Bangs

What makes a quick weave bob extremely gorgeous? Well, for starters, beautiful bangs at the front for sure! A haircut with bangs is always flawless, but when it comes to bobs, the appeal is different!

You can make bangs with your leave out quite easily. For middle-parted hair, instead of blending the leave out with your bob, try making bangs out of them. It is easy and takes only a few minutes.

You can also go for the wrap-around method with the hair used for quick weave, and cut off the hair to your desired length for bangs. This blonde bob quick weave with perfectly cut bangs is one of our favorite looks. The hair is beautifully organized and she is rocking the bangs!

Quick Weave Bob with Leave Out

Quick Weave Bob with Leave Cut

We have already talked about how to do a quick weave bob with leave out. The process is lengthy and requires patience, but it is also one of the easiest ways to do a quick weave.

For a style that is sleek, neat, and smart, this hairstyle is our absolute favorite! What stands out the most is the amazing color of the hair. The leave out blends seamlessly with the hair and the entire look is splendid for both formal and informal occasions.

Quick Weave Bob with No Leave Out

Quick Weave Bob with No Leave Out

If you are not a fan of the leave out process, then this is another way to do a quick weave. Here we are going to talk about a method using a black wig cap.

After the hair is attached using a U-formation and it almost reaches the top, start attaching the tracks in a horizontal way. Now for the front part, do a dual-tracking keeping one shorter than the other, and before attaching make sure to scoop it slightly.

Next, you need to attach it over the horizontal track. Continue with this process in a curved manner to reach a small circle at the end. Now take a piece of hair and make a little circle. Spread the hair out from the middle of that circle and make it flat using a straightening machine.

Now take this piece and set it nicely on top of that circle and voila! Your quick weave with no leave out is done. Make sure to give your hair a nice little bob-cut, and style it the way you desire.

Curly Quick Weave Bob

Curly Quick Weave Bob

Curly hair is always elegant on its own. If you curl your bobs, it looks way too gorgeous and we love this showstopper hairstyle. The good news is, you can get a curly bob look even with your quick weave.

You can choose curly Brazilian Remy hair for this style, but turning straight hair into beautiful curls is also a great option. For straight hair, after attaching, cutting, and straightening the hair properly, use a styling tool to make beautiful curls.

Don’t hesitate to experiment by cutting off hair into different lengths to achieve the look of your dreams!

Short Quick Weave Bob

Short Quick Weave Bob

A bob haircut easily falls under the category of short hairstyles, but if you want to make it even shorter, then there are so many options available. For a short quick weave bob, we suggest the pixie quick weave hairstyle.

Pixie quick weaves can be done using 27 piece bump hair for quick weave. You can buy them in a single color or go for colorful options according to your preference. This hairstyle is bold and baddie, and it gives your confidence level a boost as you step outside!

Deep Side Part Quick Weave Bob

Deep Side Part Quick Weave Bob

For a deep side part quick weave hairstyle, you need to make a side part and take the highest point of your eyebrow at that side as your guide. Now follow the leave out process of quick weave and complete styling of the hair.

You can separate hair from the edge of both sides beforehand, and when the styling is finished, opt for creating slayed edges. We recommend using hair that is curly down the length for this style as it looks fabulous. But if you are a fan of straight hair, you can use it too!

This amazing side part quick weave has won our hearts. Also, the hair length is medium, so it is a great choice for you if you love a shoulder-length deep side part quick weave bob.

Swoop Quick Weave Bob

Swoop Quick Weave Bob

This style is cute and baddie at the same time. The swoop looks neat and sleek when properly done, and you can try this style on your own.

First of all, do a side part quick weave with leave out. When the hair attaching process reaches near the top of your head, place several tracks at the front. Make sure to set the tracks following the side of the head as well.

When the leave out and the rest of the hair is straightened properly, create a swoop style with help of a rat tail comb, freeze spray, and a blow dryer. You can also use bobby pins to set the style properly. Remember to keep the style clean and precise for the best outlook.

This swoop quick weave bob is bold and dramatic at the same time. The ends are curled for that extravaganza, and this is a hairstyle we recommend you try out.

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down Quick Weave Bob

One of the sleekest and smart styles for quick weave bob is the half up half down. It consists of a high ponytail with the rest of the hair flowing like a regular bob. For this hairstyle, you need to section off a part of your hair from the front which will be your ponytail.

Just behind the ponytail part, you need to make two leave out braids on both sides. Then braid the rest of your hair and straighten out your ponytail part. Using an edge tamer, make the ponytail part sleek, comb it properly, and tie it up into a small bun. Now place the wig cap and secure the bun with a hair tie again.

Now attach your hair like a regular quick weave, and when it reaches near the leave outs, unbraid and straighten them properly. Give your hair a bob cut at this point. After that, keep on gluing and wrapping the ponytail around the small bun.

Take a piece of hair and wrap it around to give it a more natural look. Use a freeze spray and blow drier to set this style. Cut your hair again for the perfect bob shape. Straighten everything out, create slayed edges, and your half up half down quick weave bob is complete!

Quick Weave Long Bob

Quick Weave Long Bob

Not a fan of short bobs? No worries, this long bob look will be the perfect option for your next quick weave session! It is so smart and modish that we recommend this look for anyone willing to achieve a perfect long bob hairstyle.

You can do a side or a middle part long bob according to your desire. The process is similar to the leave out bob style, you just need to cut the hair in a long bob shape. When everything is set, make sure to curl the ends for that extra glam!

Side Part with Closure

Side Part Quick Weave Bob with Closure

A side part can be done using a closure, and it looks just as natural! You just need to set your hair properly using the right products and style your hair in a way that it stays neat and sleek for a long time.

This side part quick weave with a closure is everything! The hairline looks so natural and the hair also has a compact bob style which makes it look fun and elegant at the same time, the dramatic effect on the bangs has left us awestruck!

Blunt Cut With Chinese Bangs

Blunt Cut Quick Weave Chinese Bob

Chinese bangs are always in trend, and they are a glamorous option when it comes to fashionable hairstyles. In the case of quick weave bobs, Chinese bangs have always remained a top choice for many ladies out there.

What complements a Chinese bang is a perfectly-cut blunt bob. If you are a fan of shoulder-length hair, then you can opt for a blunt bob at the ends, whereas your front side will be dazzling with the perfect Chinese bangs. A perfect and precise cut is everything in this chic hairstyle.

Invisible Part Quick Weave Bob

We have already discussed how to do an invisible part. When done properly, the outcome is fascinating. You can do an invisible middle or a side part quick weave bob according to your liking.

Invisible Middle Part

Invisible Middle Part Quick Weave Bob

Middle parted bob is always the classic option. The leave out quick weave method that we have mentioned before uses this invisible parting style. You can go for a platinum bob if you want to rock a blonde shade. We love this style because of how natural and sleek it looks.

Invisible Side Part

Invisible Side Part Quick Weave Bob

You can opt for a quick weave with no leave out for this style. Just create a clean side part and braid your natural hair. After setting the wig cap, cut out the layer covering the side part and you will be good to go. Follow the invisible method and create a beautiful style. We recommend doing a blunt bob as it is always great and suitable for every occasion.

Frontal Bob

Frontal Quick Weave Bob

Creating a frontal quick weave bob is quite easy. You just need to use a lace frontal and set it properly to achieve your desired style.

You can part your lace frontal hair with a rat tail comb. Make sure to straighten all your hair out after the hair is set properly. Make sure to separate smaller hair at the front to create slayed edges for a clean and neat look.

Deep Wave

Deep Quick Weave Bob

Deep waves are so gorgeous that we surely recommend this style if you are willing to do a quick weave. Most of the quick weave bobs are straight and sleek in general, but we love the deep waves if you want a curly bob.

This deep wave quick weave bob has been done neatly with a side part and slayed edges at the front. You can cut the hair into an angled bob shape for a beautiful finish, and we assure you that this hairstyle will never disappoint you!

Half Bob Quick Weave

Half Bob Quick Weave

If you are a fan of shaved hairstyles and think that a quick weave is not the right style for you, then we are hair to tell you that a half bob quick weave will do the job flawlessly. Creating this style is comparatively easier as you don’t need to style your entire head.

For this style, the wig cap should only cover the top portion of your head. As this style is side-parted, start applying the hair from one side and cover the entire area from the front and the back.

With the last track, wrap it around, roll it continuously, and stick the end. Now that your hair is all set, give it a cut and style it just the way you like. You can use blonde or colorful hair to make the style more interesting.

Feathered Bob Quick Weave

Feathered Bob Quick Weave

A feathered bob always looks elegant. It is generally a side-parted hairstyle and looks quite exclusive on black hair.

For this style, you just need to follow the basics of doing a quick weave. Once your hair is completely set, give it a bob shape with a feather cut. The hair will get a stacked look once done, and you will be left with an extremely gorgeous hairstyle!

You can try different shades of hair to define the look and make it more elegant.

Wet And Wavy Bob

Wet and Dry Quick Weave Bob

If you are a fan of a wet and wavy look, then opting for a wet and wavy quick weave bob can be a great option. Just make sure to grab the right kind of hair for perfecting this look, and you will be flaunting the curls in no time!

It’s not necessary to stick to a single color if you are doing a wet and wavy look, rather an ombré effect will be great. You can do a side part style and set your edges properly for a perfectly finished look. Long bob or short, this baddie style is sure to rock!

Quick Weave Bob With Side Bang

Side Bang Quick Weave Bang

A side bang that flows flawlessly is just the thing you need to make a style statement. For the perfect outcome, your hair is needed to be cut in a great style so that the bang becomes the centerpiece of your entire hairstyle.

For a quick weave with a side bang that drops over your forehead, you need to lay the tracks across when it comes to the upper part of your head. Then straighten out the leave out if you have one, and blend with the rest of your hair.

Give your hair the desired cut and create the perfect flowy side bang using heat styling tools. When the entire styling is complete, don’t forget to thank us for recommending this gorgeous hairstyle!

Colorful Quick Weave Bob

Quick weave doesn’t mean you have to stick to black or blonde hair only. Be creative and try out different vibrant and colorful looks. Bob cut hair gets that extra funky vibe when color is added, so a colorful quick weave will surely take your hairstyling experience to another level! You can try out different colors for a colorful quick weave bob, but here we have made a list of our favorite ones.

Red Weave Bob

Red Quick Weave Bob

Red is a fierce color to try for your hair. It instantly gives you a dazzling statement, so using red hair for a quick weave is always a great option. You can keep the roots black, or go for an overall red hair look. This vibrant red bob with bangs at the front is a must-have for the baddies out there!

Blue and Black

Blue and Black Quick Weave Bob

Ever wondered how amazing your hair will look with a dash of blue color? This half up half down quick weave bob in blue and black has earned its well-deserved place in our list of colorful quick weave bobs. The color is funky and vibrant, plus the ponytail that has been turned into a topknot looks extra cool with the overall style.

Short Hair Purple

Short Hair Purple Quick Weave Bob

Purple looks extra elegant on short hair, especially on a pixie hairstyle. You can also try this color for wavy and curly looks, and the vibrancy will surely be the highlight of the day!


Ombre Quick Weave Bob

If you are a fan of ombré hair, we recommend you to try out an ombré quick weave bob if you are planning to change your hairstyle. Straight hair or curly, ombré style is always going to make your quick weave stand out. Go for blonde or brown shades if you want a natural look.

How to Remove Your Quick Weave?

Quick weaves are fun to put on, but you need to take them off when your scalp starts itching or any other issue takes place. It may be difficult to do a quick weave but trust us, taking the hair off is so easy, and you can do it in many ways.

Technique 1: Oil It Like You Mean It!

It is exactly what it sounds like. Oils work great to remove the quick weave, so you can choose a regular hair oil or an Oil-based conditioner for this process. Just apply the oil properly on your hair and use a comb to brush the glue out. It’s as easy as that.

Technique 2: Use A Hair Bond Remover

You need to pick a good-quality hair bond remover and apply it in a great amount on the parts that are glued down. Then taking each hair shaft into account, apply as much as you can, massage the remover properly and then slowly remove your quick weave. Make sure to keep the left out separate as it doesn’t contain any glue.

Technique 3: Simply Wash Your Hair

You may find it dubious, but this method is the easiest to remove the extensions. All you need to do is soak or rinse your hair using warm water, and gradually take off your quick weave. It is such an easy and time-saving method to opt for!

Technique 4: Just Use A Conditioner!

Your regular conditioner can also do the job for you. For this method, separate your leave out from the rest of your hair, and apply as much conditioner as you can on your quick weave. Make sure to apply the conditioner properly on the edges of the quick weave, and that’s it, your quick weave will come off easily along with the wig cap.


How long can I keep my quick weave in?

A quick weave can be kept in for 4 to 5 weeks. If you face issues such as itching in the scalp and shedding, then it is required to remove your quick weave.

What is the best hair for a quick weave?

For perfecting a quick weave, virgin human hair is the best option to opt for. We have recommended the Brazilian Remy hair as well as the Malaysian water wave bundles. Indian hair is also a great choice for a quick weave.

Is it possible to wash my hair with a quick weave?

Yes, it is. The thing is, you obviously cannot scrub the scalp because the wig cap will loosen. So you just need to shampoo through your hair and use cold water for the washing process. You can wash the leave out normally as it is your natural hair. Make sure not to soak your hair with water. Just shampoo through your hair and rinse out everything properly. You can also use a conditioner that will not hamper the style.

Can I dye my weaves?

If it is human hair, then you can go for dyeing. But it’s a big no for synthetic hair.

For simple hair dyeing sessions, the procedures are the same as coloring your own hair. But we recommend visiting the salon if you want to opt for extravagant coloring sessions.

How can I take care of my quick weave?

It is not that difficult to maintain your quick weave. Use heat protectants to avoid damage, and make sure to use a silk scarf to secure the hair before you go to sleep. Use as much low heat as you can because too much heat can damage the hair.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to protective styles, a quick weave is one of our favorites. For a sleek, bold, and stylish appearance, try one of these quick weave bobs the next time you go for a new hairstyle adventure.

Try to experiment with different colors and lengths. Find out which style suits you the best, and go for straight or curly looks according to your preference.

Don’t forget to take proper care of your quick weave, and be gentle on your hair. Use the right products and the right methods to keep your style on fleek for a long time. Lastly, be confident and glamorous with a quick weave bob any time of the year!

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