Short in Front Long in Back Hairstyles

Short in Front Long in Back Hairstyles: 14 Refined Styles to Sport Now

As a stylist who also has long hair, I often find myself searching for a style where the front would be short and the back would be long. The immense effort and time it takes me to grow my hair long make it tough to go for a brutal cut-it-all-short style. This is why short in front long in back hairstyles have become the go-to options for me. Today, I am going to discuss only the best 14 styles of this kind that I have tried.

There are some famous animated styles with the highest demands. And then, some underrated gems require a second look to comprehend their timeless appeal. I have seen how they make people’s faces light up with their cute and silky appearances.

The styles I have picked to show you have been selected based on how comfy and elegant they are. I am going to cover them in this article along with some exclusive and important information.

Let’s get into this.

Short in Front Long in Back Hairstyles: Top 14 Styles with Pictures

While it is important to pick the right style, having my own experiences with them only helps with suggesting the best ones that I love. A number of my clients have tried these styles as well and I have received good feedback from them.

All things considered, these 14 styles are the cream of short in front long in back hairstyles. Let’s explore these together and pick up something suitable for you.

Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs belong in the top list of short in front long in back hairstyles. It is adorable and lovely to the maximum. The longer hair in the back perfectly accommodates the bangs at the front while having the option to customize the back hair.

It is hugely popular among women of all ages. The option to personalize a hairstyle is a default attraction point of it. Side swept bangs say hello to you with that opportunity. The length of the bangs can be varied. The long hair can also be layered to create a new look.

This classy style turns my clients into drop-dead gorgeous every single time.

Foxy Mullet

Foxy Mullet

This foxy mullet is a vibrant style for the girls on a younger side coming for a hairstyle to me. It is intense and full of enthusiasm. To make the look extreme, sides can be shaved to add a mohawk-y vibe to it. However, most of my clients go for this modern look of the classic mullet shown in the picture.

The motto of the mullet hairstyle, “Business in the front, Party in the back”, is neatly maintained with short hair with bangs in the front. The longer, free-flowing back gets the party going. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to keep the back hair growing uninterruptedly.

The mullet keeps the party wave going for a long time.

Chromatic Shullet

Chromatic Shullet

This one is a fusion of the incredible shaggy hairstyle and a mullet. It is an excellent modern hairstyle that comes with many looks in one. The fluent shags demonstrate irresistibly delightful textures. Definitely a fine style for those with high energy in their store.

I usually see my clients wanting this style as it is. Nevertheless, there are ways it can be stylized in a personal way. As shown here, applying colors to your shullets make them more pronounced and energetic. For the front, I have seen loose textured bangs to be the favorite.

I have worn this style multiple times and let me say, it is an absolute favorite of mine!

Layered Curtain

Layered Curtain

A layered curtain bang is a fine choice for a short in front long in back style. The layers themselves provide a great opportunity for a top look. The curtain bang simply adds another dimension to it. It gradually opens the bumpy curvy layers downwards that may even be styled as textured layers if you wish.

If hair is not long, I give my clients simple long curtain bangs so that they can grow their hair longer for a layered curtain bang. It may take a few months to grow the hair long enough for this beautiful style. In the end, it shows to be worth the wait.

Tall and Messy

Tall And Messy

As an effortless look, I can say without a shred of doubt that this tall and messy style stands in its own league. The natural touch found in the look of messy hair makes it an attractive proposition. A few loose strands of front short hair enhance the overall messy look without any extra work.

As an alternative, I sometimes tried going for a look of messy long hair with curtain bangs. The bangs can be combed into a side-swept style or can simply be brushed aside. To make a long hairstyle multidimensional, it is a great tool one does not regret having in the arsenal.

Butterfly with Bangs

Butterfly With Bangs

The butterfly with bangs is a highly cherished style by a special few. The wavy ends create an effect not even achieved by a traditional layered option. Curly bangs are adequate and produce a seamless transition into the longer butterfly-styled hair.

For a variation, I have tried adding texture to the butterfly. It makes it fluffier and more noticeable. Most clients also go for this look rather than a plain butterfly with bangs. Thus, I can wholeheartedly suggest this approach.

Shoulder Waves

Shoulder Waves

Besides wearing it myself, when I encounter a client who has long hair, I cannot help recommending this shoulder-wavy hairstyle. It has cute minimalistic short front hair to keep it looking clean. Furthermore, having a classic-esque appearance makes it a highly desirable style among my clients of all ages.

There is a good catch to this. The front hair can be styled into clean fringes. Moreover, the long back has the potential to be a ponytail if it feels too much to have the hair flowing all over. These options can be explored for a good modification.

Stunning Shags

Stunning Shags

This shaggy style is another ageless option that delivers big time. Personally, it is one of my favorite hairstyles of all time. The smooth textures it provides have a superb expression of their own, and the front is kept almost at eye level.

This is a style that works great with fine hair. It looks absolute best on voluminous hair, but there are other ways to make it look gorgeous. The hair is cut very precisely and calculatedly to make the design work.

Long Curtain Bangs

Long Curtain Bangs

I have seen long curtain bangs to be a serious contender among top ones for short in front long in back hairstyles. From experience, I can say that this easy-going style has some weight to it. I have probably got the most requests from my clients for this style. They love it like nothing else, and it is a charismatic style as well.

Two of the factors behind the popularity of this style are its flexibility and low maintenance. If one is looking to wear this style for a good amount of time, it only needs to be refreshed after every few weeks, and it’s done!

Shaggy Lob

Shaggy Lob

A shaggy lob is a straightforward style for straightforward people. When I tried it on, I found myself to be surprised! A lob or a long bob is a serious style to wear. The shaggy touch makes it come out of its shell and present as something quite laid-back.

My hair was barely shoulder-high when I started wearing this style. I made it work but it did not have its full look. For this reason, I would suggest you grow your hair quite long and then try out this gorgeous style.

Lengthy Curls

Lengthy Curls

For a short front long back style, women with curly hair face an understandable struggle. I don’t have curly hair myself, but I gave some of my clients with curly hair a haircut that looked out of this world. Usually, curly hair can be seen with either short or long hairstyles. However, here I present you with a style that has been tried on and got some applause.

I had to cut the front hair as close to the eye length as possible. Too short curls look out of place. I had to be careful not to cut off too much. The long back hair was cut just below the shoulder and voila! You now have an excellent unified look.

Exotic Blunt Fringes

Exotic Blunt Fringes

Blunt fringes are some of the best short front styles I have come across. For women who find a standard fringe to be troublesome, blunt fringes are the ways to go! It is also a great option to have when you feel like making slight adjustments and bringing changes to your appearance.

From my experience of wearing this fierce style, I highly recommend it if it goes with your personality. Coloring the hair with bright hues makes it a head-turner.

Baby Bangs with Curls

Baby Bangs With Curls

Another rare short in front long in back style for curly hair. Baby bangs and blunt fringes may look similar. However, the difference is, baby bangs have a messy shorter front look while the blunt fringes have a sharp appearance creating the contrast.

I suggest baby bangs with curls to those clients whose frontal hair is on the thin side. It may be short and thin, but what I experienced is that the contribution it makes towards enhancing the curls is hard to match.

Fine Feather

Fine Feather

I love the feather cut so much! When I wore it myself, the feathers bothered me slightly at first. I thought that getting layered curtain bangs might have been a better choice. But as it happened, I grew in peace with the feathery look of my hair. The texture brings out your hair from hiding and makes others take a second look.

This beautiful feather is mostly suitable for long hair. Trying it on shoulder-length or shorter hair would not let enough texturization from happening. The overall look may look dull in this case. I highly suggest this style for women with below-shoulder level or even longer hair.


I have shared everything about respective styles in the details. Nevertheless, I have seen people having some questions asking frequently about these short in front long back hairstyles. I am going to give answers to those below so that you can find them here as well.

What is the best and simple way to style my front hair in a short style?

All the styles discussed here are great. As you are looking for something simple, you should try the Layered Curtain or Stunning Shags.

Do short in front long in back hairstyles look professional?

It depends on the style. Mullets, shullets, and colorful variations should be avoided if you are thinking of looking neat and professional.

Can I try a short in front long in back hairstyle if I have thin hair?

Of course, you can! Just avoid getting styles that require having voluminous hair like shag or layered hairstyles.

How to deal with short front hair getting on my face?

You should try out styles that have bangs in the front. They will keep you free from having to adjust your front hair and lose focus if you are at work.

Last Words

As I have mentioned, these styles have been tried by myself as well as hundreds of my clients. These 14 styles have something for everyone. They are A1 styles that look absolutely stunning. You can choose something depending on your personality and just relax, and have fun.

In case you are looking for a clean and classic-looking style, the Side Swept Bangs, Layered Curtain, and Shoulder Waves are my top three favorite picks. If you are looking for something sharp, Foxy Mullet, Chromatic Shullet, and the Exotic Blunt Fringes are the best choices to have. They always deliver to the fullest and make you look simply mind-blowing.

I guarantee that you will find yourself in a new way after you try one of these styles. Choose wisely and let your fabulous energy take over you!

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