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10 Splendid Skating Hairstyles for Female Skaters

Have you ever had a day where an important match or performance was ruined just because your hair decided to take away its support from you? Sportswomen always find it difficult to find the perfect hairstyles for important events, but the good news is, there are many of them which work just fine!

When it comes to skating, the hairstyles are certainly different from those of basketball or volleyball players. But that doesn’t mean that your options for hairstyles are limited for being a skater. It’s just all about finding the perfect one that works based on what type of skating you are pro in.

While roller skating is more about the street style, ice skating is focused on a sophisticated presentation. On the other hand, long and loosely flowing hairstyles are mainly preferred in the ice dancing arena. So it requires no further explanation that your hairstyles for skating will depend largely on your area of expertise.

Feeling flabbergasted? Well, there’s no need to worry because we are always here to your rescue! Ahead is a list of the best skating hairstyles for your convenience. But before that, let’s know some basic facts about skating hairstyles!

What Types of Hairstyles are Suitable for Skating?

This is a question that you need to figure out first in order to make your journey with skating smooth. You don’t need to cut your hair short or put it up into a bun all the time if you are skating. Rather, choosing different types of hairstyles will actually serve your purpose.

If your hair is on the shorter side, you can opt for doing a simple half-up half-down style. Single and double dutch braids are also great for short hair lovers.

For those with long hair, it might get a little bit tricky to choose a hairstyle that will keep your hair in place while you are skating. There’s always the option of choosing to do a bun, or you can just go for a braided ponytail.

Apart from that, as we mentioned above, loosely flowing hair is also a great way to go if you are an expert in ice dancing. It just depends on your activity and preference, so choose your option wisely!

Practical Hairstyles for Skating to Rock Your Next Performance!

Skating is a form of art, and it requires the best kind of hairstyle to match your attire and performance. When you are dancing and skating like a pro on the ice, all eyes are on you! So you need to look your best while giving your utmost dedication to your performance.

Here, we have gathered a list of our favorite hairstyles for skating that will take your presentation to the next level. Let’s check them out together!

Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch Braid Bun

Here is a sophisticated hairstyle to get you started. We all have tried out dutch braids at some point in our lives, so this style is surely not an alien one. Plus, braids and buns are an overall package of neatness, so your worries are taken care of quite well.

To achieve the hairstyle in this picture, part your hair in the middle and then do two dutch braids going from the front to the back. Your braids will end up into a perfect bun on your nape area, and you will be looking like the perfect skating princess in no time!

Side Twists

Side Twists

One of the easiest figure skating hairstyles out there is the side twist bun, which has been worn by our favorite figure skater Alena Kostornaia several times. So you already know what your next hairstyle is going to be if you are a fan of Alena!

Making a side twist bun is actually quite easy. First of all, do the middle part. Separate two sections of hair from the front on each side. Make the twist style with these sections of hair, leading all the way back to form a proper bun. And that’s it, your side twists with a bun are all geared up for the upcoming performance!

Simple Half-Up

Simple Half Up

For those with medium-length hair, it’s not quite difficult to pick a convenient hairstyle. Instead of going for a tied-up look, you can just pick something in between and choose a half-up style. This is a great pick for women with short hair as well, and will complement perfectly if your attire is super gorgeous!

If you want to recreate the hairstyle in this picture, go for that side parting and make your hair appear fuller using the appropriate products and methods. Secure the half-up look with proper accessories, and you will be good to go for your next performance.

High Ponytail

High Ponytail

We have said a million times that ponytails are literally one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. Seriously, you can do a ponytail and chill in your pajamas, or simply attend a glam event without thinking twice. This is why ice skating hairstyles also include ponytails because they are just great!

This picture is an example of the fact that a simple high ponytail can be just as great as any other hairstyle for ice skating. Just gather all your hair together and use a good-quality hair tie to secure your ponytail. You can also go for backcombing to give your hair the perfect volume. All in all, it’s a win-win situation!

With Bangs

With Bangs

Wondering if your bangs are the best choice for skating? Well, Kristi Yamaguchi is here to help reach your decision. The former figure skater wore her curly hair with bangs on the ice rink, so you can keep your doubts aside and take notes on her lovely look!

In this particular performance, Kristi wore an outfit with ruffles and sequins, which made her look totally outstanding. She paired up her curly ponytail with the perfect curly bangs at the front and wore a ribbon that matches the color of her dress to secure the ponytail. You can also see a snap clip if you notice carefully, which has been used to keep the hair in place.

This hairstyle is perfect for those with similar hair, and we love how confidently she’s rocking her performance with the perfect look!

Rhinestone Ponytail

Rhinestone Ponytail

Who says rhinestones are for birthdays only? If your skating attire is embellished with rhinestones, you can place them on your hair as well to make a glamorous appearance in front of your audience.

Rhinestones look the best when paired with ponytails, so you can take inspiration from this picture to create a similar look. Just do a low ponytail and secure it using a similar accessory. Then place the rhinestones as you wish, and your hair will be good to go for the day!

Dorothy Hamill Style

Dorothy Hamill Style


Dorothy Hamill, the retired American figure skater, is known for her amazing performance and style on the ice rink. She used to grace the rink with her stunning wedge haircut, so if you are a fan of vintage hairstyles, Dorothy can surely be your inspiration.

For short hairstyle lovers, Dorothy’s wedge haircut will be a classic option to opt for. The style has a bouncy vibe to it which we totally love! This super popular hairstyle has been tried out by many out there, so there’s no doubt about its functionality. As shown in this picture, you will look just as graceful with this hairstyle at hand!

Trendy Hairstyles for Roller Skaters

After knowing about the amazing hairstyles for ice skating, you might be wondering if we have anything for roller skaters. To spare you the worry, here are some of our favorites that you should try out!

Fishtail Half-Up

Fishtail Half Up

Did you know you can create an aesthetic look with your roller skates by choosing a proper hairstyle? And for that, we recommend going for a half-up style without any doubt.

Just make a simple fishtail braid out of the half-up style as shown in this picture. Let the rest of your hair flow freely, and you will be good to go!

With Headband

With Headband

Hairstyles for roller skaters are so easy that you can wear your natural hair just as it is, no matter if it’s kinky or straight. So if you have long hair, just let them flow freely or use a headband to add a sporty vibe to your look. You can create waves if your hair is naturally straight, as it will definitely add to the beauty of your style.

Mohawk Style

Mohawk Style

Short hair is already cool and bold, but what can be even bolder? Well, if you ask us, we will definitely vote for the mohawk style.

This picture is enough to establish our point. The blonde hair with dark roots looks absolutely amazing because of the mohawk, and this will be a perfect pick for cool girls who love to try out fearless skating hairstyles.

Final Words

Skating is a sport that requires both skill and sophistication for the perfect outcome. If you always wanted to do ice skating and wondered how to get a glamorous look like our skating divas, then start by choosing the perfect hairstyle from the ones we have mentioned above.

Remember, confidence is the key to rocking any look. Don’t hesitate to wear glamorous accessories to match your attire, and always wear a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable.

That being said, we hope this article has helped you find a suitable hairstyle for your skating sessions. So go on to amaze the crowd with your performance and dazzle everyone with your looks at the same time!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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