19 Striking Skullet Haircuts You Must Check Out Today

Are you fretting over the length of your hair? Then we are here with a perfect solution called Skullet haircut. This is the dream haircut for those who like to be in the center of attention. This haircut’s heavy impact will put you under the spotlight in no time.

A good haircut will take you to good places. And if you want the benefits of convenience, low maintenance, and a chance to look strikingly fashionable all in one, then a Skullet haircut should be your answer. Its creative versatility is limitless. This daring and controversial haircut looks incredible on everyone. Its fashion value is timeless.

Today for our dear readers we have arranged a brief intro to this fantastic haircut, some magnificent ideas, and a couple of FAQs to get you hooked up on this haircut.

Get ready for the read of a lifetime and scroll through till the end.

Skullet Haircut:101

What Is A Skullet Haircut

A skullet is a phenomenal combination of two of the most worn modern haircuts: a mullet and a skull showing a short haircut (e.g: skinhead crew cut, buzzcut, fade, crop, etc).

Different forms of this haircut are famous all over the world. This business in the front and party in the back hairstyle was even worn by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th Century. It has a hint of Native American tribal roots as well.

Skullet has the power to give a punk look that is no match for mainstream haircuts like Mohawk or pompadour. You can become rebelliously creative with this kind of haircut. It’s an excellent haircut for people with a receding hairline.

This out-of-the-box hairstyle suits only the confidently adventurous ones. It will make you look intimidating and tough. If you are looking for something new, then this could be the one for you.

19 Awesome Skullet Haircut Ideas For This Year

In this part of the article, we will present you with some extraordinary skullet hairstyles. These haircuts make you look free-spirited and bold. This is definitely not a mainstream hairdo which is its charming point. From Hollywood celebrities like Matt Damon to the star footballer Dustin Martin, adventurous souls have already given this hairstyle a try. So why don’t you?

Without further ado, let’s just jump into it guys!

Skullet With Dreadlocks

Skullet With Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a gorgeous hairstyle on their own. However, if your skullet has dreadlocks in them it will only enhance its beauty. You are going to look gorgeous out of the world!

This hairstyle will portray the uniqueness of your personality. You can always turn them into a ponytail or bun to look refined or leave them as they are for a carefree look.

If you don’t have naturally long hair for your skullet with dreadlocks, you can always use extensions. So don’t worry about having long hair in this case.

It creates a strong fashion statement that is bound to leave a long-lasting impression on everyone you meet.

So get it today king!

Lineup Skullet

Lineup Skullet

The lineup haircut with your skullet will give you that extra bit of oomph you need for your fashion statement. With this, you are going to give off the main character vibe for sure.

If you want to break free from your boring everyday look but still maintain a professional look then this haircut will be perfect for you. More importantly, the lineups create a confident impression boosting your morale. It provides a manly and professional look. You might have to regularly maintain your lineups for the sleek aura.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your lineups. Get this hairstyle and feel the power of the skullet hairstyle today!

Boho Skullet

Boho Skullet

This hairstyle will make you stand out at any place effortlessly. It is simple and subtle yet the sensational vibe is going to bring the “wow” factor. With this hairstyle, everyone will fall in love with your boho aesthetics.

The key factor in this hairstyle is to create a round shape while making the braid. And voila! You are going to look ethereally dashing with your visually pleasing braid. You are going to look unconventionally stylish with this hairstyle. This is the most non-basic haircut you can get.

Everyone is bound to fall head over heels for this haircut.

Edgy Skullet

Edgy Skullet

This mind blowing hairstyle is for the daring ones. Because it’s a party in the front and back as well. You will look seamlessly exquisite if you get an edgy skullet.

For this hairstyle, you are going to add shaved lines on your crown part to make it look breathtaking. It will undoubtedly give you an entry to the biker gangs. If you favor hip-hop, this edgy skullet could also be the one for you.

Life is way too short to think about how people judge you based on your hairstyle. So get what you want without any hesitation.

Dead Straight

Dead Straight

If you want your dead straight hair to look fabulous, cut your hair like this. It will give you a chilled vibe. Anyone can straighten their hair and sport this haircut as well.

It requires the least product to maintain but provides the best look. This minimal yet funky look can be worn in no time with little to no effort. It will be a head-turner making everyone impressed with your simplicity. It provides your hair with a defined texture. It’s worth showing off to anyone and everyone.

Be playful and customize a little to make this hairstyle a little bit more exciting.

Pigtailed Skullet

Pigtailed Skullet

Not to be overdramatic, but this super fun pigtailed skullet is to die for! This is perfect for the ones with thin hair at the back. The pigtails look much more defined and sleek. It gets easier to maintain it with thin hair.

Your braids would look dope with some highlights in them as well. You can keep some of your hair on top to spice it up. The fun part is you can never be wrong while styling your skullet. The way you decide to wear it is going to be the hottest fashion statement for you.

Look sizzling hot with this hairstyle today!

Wavy Skullet

Wavy Skullet

People are going backward with their hairstyles. So having vintage hair is the new big thing. And finger-waved hair is the epitome of vintage fashion. Moreover, mixing it up with skullet will give you the super cool aesthetically pleasing vibe you need.

It’s a highly adaptable hairstyle that will make you look funky enough for a get-together in no time. This haircut will make you look impactful in any kind of attire. It will give the right amount of aggressive look that will make you look more attractive.

Wear the haircut with confidence and flair up your usual style with this vintage-inspired skullet.

Ready-To-Party Skullet

Ready To Party Skullet

With this haircut, you will always be ready to party hard. It has a hint of bold sophistication as well. Because you don’t need to dye your whole hair for this look. You can just dye a small part of your skullet and create a fabulous look.

You can just leave your hair without spending too much time styling it. And boy oh boy! You are going to get a lot of attention and appreciation for it. You can express yourself through the colors of your hair.

Dye your hair in crazy colors and get ready to party with this hairstyle!

Go Blonde

Go Blonde

Like the skullet haircut, not everyone can rock a blonde look. So mixing up these two bold things for your hairstyle can be a bit risky. But if you don’t live through your hairstyles then are you even living?

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it will look incredible on any hair texture. It might be a little expensive to perfect it.

If you want to take it to the next level, then try mixing your blondes with a hint of brunette or any other color and you will create an additional oomph.

Be blonde, bold, and beautiful with this hairstyle!

Viking Skullet

Viking Skullet

Do you want to look and feel powerful? Then getting a Viking skullet is highly recommended.

The key aspect of this hairstyle is the Viking braid at the back. You can turn your braid into a bun as well and look positively masculine.

Creating an iconic style with this styling will be a piece of cake. You can grow a beard if you want to get the dramatic effect. It’s a low-cost and low-maintenance hairstyle that will work for you in summer as well. So you don’t have to fret about your long hair.

Get your bald sides tattooed and look like the alpha male everyone aspires to be with this hairstyle!

Accessorized Braid

Skullet Accessorized Braid

Accessories are a spectacular way to express yourself. Just because you don’t have hair at the top, don’t think you can’t accessorize your hair. You can always spice up the longer portion of your hair with beads, rings, etc.

Your jaw-dropping skullet is going to make you the center of attention. If you are confident enough to get a skullet then adding accessories will only put in drama. You are going to look like an absolute king for sure. And you can trust us on this one.

For this version of skullet, you will have to keep a bit of hair on the sides as well.

Get ready to look expensive with this hairstyle!

Angled Skullet

Angled Skullet Cut


To perfectly pull off this look, you might need maximum confidence. Because this look is like no other. It will set you aside from all the basic guys for sure.

For this hairstyle, all you have to do is keep some space at the end so you can create a distinct angle. That’s all there is to it. But if you want to make it flawless then you will definitely need the help of a professional. So we advise you to not attempt this hairstyle at home impulsively.

So angle up the bad boy and look bold today!

Spiked Up

Spiked Up

The skullet hairstyle already says “party in the back”. However, this particular hairstyle screams super fun like no other.

This hairstyle looks dope. But it is quite low maintenance and easy to create at home. Just take a lot of setting spray and hair gel. Then use them to spike up the longer part of your hair. And voila! You are left with a stunningly sensational skullet hairstyle.

You will glow like a fashion beacon for sure. Moreover, you will have confidence written all over you with this one. It might look a bit messy at the back. But it just makes the hairstyle much more attractive.

Embrace the messiness and create an effortless fashionista appearance.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

For this hairstyle, you will have two colors on your hair. One at the front and one at the back. It’s a great choice for men who want to try something trendy. Trust us, this dyed hairstyle idea is to die for!

You can consult a stylist or look through this video to know which color would suit your skin tone. Based on this type of information you can change your whole vibe.

Moreover, you can bring up neon colors and light up the room with your new hairstyle as well. Change everyone’s opinion about the skullet and be the fashion king!

Extra Short

Extra Short

As far as skullets go, in this case not that far, but this is the safest option for you. Because if you don’t like it, then you can just shave it off. It keeps the hair at the back extra short. Basically, it’s a rattail-inspired skullet haircut. However, if you do decide to keep it, you will look like a show stopper.

It is a brilliant haircut for men who want something simple and clean-cut. Opting for this haircut guarantees proper attention. And as you can see, you will need little to no time styling it.

Slay a short skullet today and be elegantly powerful with this hairstyle!

Sleek Skullet

Sleek Skullet

A sleek ponytail can make everything better. And if you make your skullet into one, then you will be the most suave-looking guy out there.

The transition between the top of the head and the back is sudden. So it works as a surprising element. It’s a fantastic ensemble for your next party. If you are confident enough to pull off this look then you might not even have to be the one to start the conversation at a party.  Because this haircut works as a great conversation starter and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Get ready with your sleekest outfit and get your hair done today!

Hard-Parted Skullet

Hard Parted Skullet

Hard-parted skullets are not that extreme, however, look utterly spontaneous. The uniformed look at the front makes you appear professional. So you can wear this one out to an official event as well. It’s an all-rounder hairstyle that will make everyone go crazy.

This haircut will help accentuate your beautiful facial features. You will look like a runway model. It creates a visually appealing stylish look that will make you look extraordinary. You can stand out in the crowd in a snap. The chic artistry of the hard part will give off a sophisticated aura.

Ooze out elegance with this look today!

Designed Skullet

Designed Skullet

Just because you only have hair at the back, do not think that you can’t have designed hair. You will have enough hair to let out your creativity. The best thing is it is less permanent than getting tattoos on your head.

This might require a bit more time and a little more maintenance but it is so worth it. You can create legendary intricate haircuts and blow everyone’s mind. This hairdo is guaranteed to grab the attention of your friends and peers.

Make everyone look your way with this awesome haircut!

Dustin Martin-Inspired Skullet

Dustin Martin Inspired Skullet

Dustin Martin, the renowned Australian footballer is loved by his fans for his unique skullet hairdo. He rocks this hairstyle like no other person. He is one of the people who made this haircut famous. He looks like an absolute king with his signature haircut and makes everyone want to try this one out.

This is the classic skullet haircut that looks more sophisticated and sporty. This version of the skullet looks the closest to the mullet. The length of your skullet will be just enough so that you can sport it on both a formal and informal occasion.

Look like a celebrity with this haircut today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a skullet haircut will bring a huge change in your look. This adventurous haircut will make people look at you differently and with respect for your brave choice of fashion. Hence, getting to know about it is a must!

Let’s look at the answers to these questions and be clear about your decision before getting committed to it.

Question: What is the difference between a mullet and a skullet?

Answer: The main difference between these two haircuts is in their lengths. A traditional mullet will have at least 3 to 4 inches on the top and gradually get longer at the back. On the other hand, a skullet will have almost little to no hair on top while keeping the hair extra-long at the back.

Question: What is Dustin Martin’s haircut called?

Answer: Dustin Martin is the renowned Australian footballer who revolutionized wearing a skullet. He is typically known for wearing the traditional version of the skullet.

Concluding Remarks

Skullet haircuts look exquisite regardless of your hair type, gender, etc. This is an exciting hairstyle to possess. You can style it however you want and look crazy fabulous. There’s almost no viable reason for you to pass on this spectacular hairstyle.

Most importantly, a skullet is definitely a brave but low-risk choice for a haircut. If you do not like your haircut, simply cut the longer side of your hair. So that you can match the top part of your head. However, we suggest you give yourself a bit of time before getting used to the fresh new look. You are going to fall in love with your look for sure.

We do hope that you get inspired by one of our suggested ideas and try it for once. This is the time to get experimental and fashionable with your new haircut.

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