27 Piece Hairstyles

23 Unique 27 Piece Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Hairstyles make up a person’s external look. It allows people to perceive you differently from others. Everyone has their own hairstyles that they like to wear. It is a unique way of identifying yourself by the look of how you dress.

Hairstyles are essential because your entire look can drastically change with your hairstyle. Each hairstyle you wear will portray you differently.

Some people stick to their go-to hairstyle because that is what they are most comfortable in. Others like to change it because they either want to experiment with various hairstyles or get bored of wearing the same hairstyle for too long.

If you belong to the latter category and you do not like the idea of a real haircut, then opting for the 27 piece hairstyle would be your best bet.

In this article, we will discuss 27 piece hairstyles. We will also learn how they have changed the game ever since.

What Is A 27 Piece Hairstyle?

A 27 piece hairstyle is an alternative way to style your hair without changing your actual locs. This is a weave type that is pre-cut in various styles. You can use these weaves to create any hairstyles you want.

There are different ways and techniques to attach these weaves that you will learn as you read this article. These are usually used for short hairstyles because they are easier to weave like that. You can either glue these pieces or sew them, depending on how you like them.

The 27 piece weave hairstyles can look very natural when done correctly. You must find the right hairstylist who can work their way through a 27 piece pre-cut weave.

How To Do A 27 Piece Hairstyle?

The 27 piece hairstyles are quick and easy, but they still require a little bit of expertise. These hairstyles are not something you should do on your own because there is a high chance they might not look perfect. As these are pre-cut weaves, you need to attach them to your head properly.

It is nothing like a wig that you wear instantly. The 27 piece hairstyles require patience, expertise, and a lot of concentration while attaching the pieces because you do not want to mess it up.

That being said, it is good to have some knowledge about these hairstyles and how they are done. If you know how it works and what works best for you, you can easily guide your hairstylist and tell them what you want precisely.

You can also learn how to do a 27 piece hairstyle and help others. You can become an expert yourself and give others the hairstyles they want.

With this in your basket, you will never run out of work because the 27 piece hairstyles are gaining popularity quickly. The demand is way more than the number of people who can actually do a mean 27 piece hairstyle.

Below are the simple steps to do a quick 27 piece hairstyle that will benefit you to learn the style easily. Practice the steps shown below, and you may not need a hairstylist every time something goes wrong with your 27 piece hairstyle.

The first thing you need to get started is the 27 piece weave. You can buy any brand you want. As long as the hair is not breaking, you’re good to go.

Step 1: Determine the hairstyle you want. If you have not, look at the next section for inspiration.

Step 2: Wear a weave cap to cover your natural hair.

Step 3: Cut the weave according to your size and attach them using hair glue, or you can directly sew them to your natural hair.

Step 4: Start attaching the hair from the nape of your neck to the top of your head.

Step 5: Make sure the hair length at the back is the smallest, and it should increase as you move up.

Step 6: After you have attached all the 27 pieces of weave, you can now trim it to give yourself a wonderful pixie cut.

Step 7: Style your hair and set it nicely, using s=holding spray. You can use a pencil curler to curl your hair to give it a wispy look.

You are now ready to try on your first hairstyle. Get a mannequin, or ask your friend to lend you their head to practice with.

You can watch the video given below to understand the process better.

Types Of 27 Piece Hairstyles

There are way too many hairstyles out there that you can achieve using the 27 piece weaves, but trust me you do not need to see all of them. Some hairstyles are great, and they will make you look like the queen that you are, but rest assured that the others are better unseen.

The thing about having too many styles out there is that not all hairstyles are good. Some are so horrible that it isn’t even worth your time. But you have nothing to worry about because I have curated the best hairstyles for you to get inspired by.

Below are the fabulous 27 piece hairstyles that I went above and beyond to present to you. You will come across an assortment of 27 piece weave hairstyles.

You will not miss out on a 27 piece bangs hairstyle, or a 27 piece hairstyle with color, nor will you miss out on a mohawk made out of the 27 piece hairstyle or ways to style the 27 piece curly hair.

Dive in and find the style that suits you and allows you to portray yourself in a changed hairstyle.


Faded 27 Piece Hairstyle

The faded short hairstyle is perfect to achieve by using the 27 piece weaves. The open sides allow more dimension to your face and let you enjoy the volume that elongates your face. It is a great way to show off your strong jawlines.

This hairstyle is superb in many ways. It is super stylish and funky. With the faded sides and the volume on top, the look just jumps up a few levels. It is a great hairstyle to wear at a party or for a short trip where you want the sunlight to hit your face.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will complement your facial structure, but will also make you the life of the party, then you’re looking right at it. It is an amazing 27 piece hairstyle to go for.


Mohawk Hairstyle

You might have thought about getting a mohawk, but you would have to chop off all that beautiful hair to get this style.

Well, guess who just came in to help you with your problem. I have the perfect solution for this. The 27 piece hairstyles.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out the 27 piece weaves. These weaves are amazing, and you can wear whatever hairstyle you want using them. These weaves are best for short hairstyles such as the mohawks.

This allows you to keep your natural hair, while you can also enjoy the mohawk hairstyle. So, this is your sign to go for the style you have been waiting to get all along.


27 Piece Bangs

Bangs are the greatest style addition and a blessing for all hairstyles. The best part about a bang is that they fit in like a missing piece of the puzzle with all hairstyles, and it is the same with the 27 piece hairstyles.

The 27 piece hairstyles are trending and have gained a lot of popularity recently. People of all ages are wearing these hairstyles and pairing them up with the bangs.

The bangs make these hairstyles pop. They look very stylish and classy allowing you to maintain the standard of your style. There is never going wrong with the bangs. They frame your face and highlight the good parts.

If you have been struggling to add a style to your 27 piece hairstyle, then you should go for the bangs without a doubt.


Curly 27 Piece Hairstyle

I’m sure you never thought of getting your 27 piece hairstyle in curls, or you weren’t aware that this could also be a possibility. The 27 piece weave opens up hundreds of doors to the world of hairstyling, and the curls are a part of that beautiful hairstyle world.

It might seem quite tardy to achieve, but if this is the look you have chosen to wear, you don’t have to hold yourself back. The easiest way to achieve this style is to call a hairstylist and show them this style.

The 27 piece hairstyles may not be easy to do by yourself, but with the help of your stylist it usually turns out to look amazing.

The curls are a statement, and they make up for the style that you have been missing out on. What’s great about the curls is that they look phenomenal on all face structures, and it makes your hair look extra volumized and healthy.


Pixie Cut

The pixie hairstyle is an all-time favorite for people who love to sport a short hairstyle look. The quintessential look has captured many hearts, and it lets people look the way they want.

It is easy to carry and look after. The 27 piece pixie hairstyle saves a lot of your time and keeps you away from the hassle of getting a haircut every few weeks to maintain it.

The perks of using the 27 piece weave to get a hairstyle are that you do not have to worry about a trim or your sides growing out. This hairstyle remains exactly the same for weeks. You can go about your day for the next seven to eight weeks with your hair looking top-notch.

Wispy Edge

Wispy Edge Hair

The wispy edge hairstyle is lovely. IT makes you look super cool and adventurous with all the uneven edges sticking out. The requirement for this hairstyle is to have straight and silky hair.

If you have thick coarse hair, then the 27 piece weave is a great alternative to your actual hair. You can sew the weave to your actual hair or use a cap to stick the hair and then style it like this.

The hair at the nape of your neck has to be comparatively smaller than the top. That top has to remain long because you want the hair to fall over your face and have a somewhat messy look.

You can blow dry your hair to achieve this style and let them fall freely, or you can iron this hair and use hair wax to create the wispy edge look. In both cases, it is mandatory to have soft straightened hair, or else your hair will find its way back to its original form.


Feathered Hair

Transforming the 27 piece hairstyle into a feathered style is probably the most loved look out there. This style has been on the top of everyone’s list, and rightfully so. This style has enough swag to get you free entry to any party happening in town.

This hairstyle fits beautifully with any outfit, you can pair it up with anything you like, and you will have a great look for the day.

It makes you look amazing and exudes confidence. The feathered hairstyle careens swiftly on its own yet looks flawless. You can use the skinny flat irons to set them a certain way if you want to be playful with your hairstyle.

If your goal is to look cool and wear a style that makes you feel beautiful and bold, then this is it for you.

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut may sound backdated but let me catch you up on the trend. People are bringing back this style, and it looks absolutely stunning. This is a rendition of the old bowl cut, but it is sleeker and has more dimension to it.

It is perfect for long and oval facial structures. It frames the top of your face and makes it look less elongated. If you have a round face or chubby cheeks, then it is best to not opt for this look.

The reincarnation of the bowl cut with the 27 piece weave is making some noise and pretty much everyone has heard it. If you count yourself as someone who can pull off this style with ease, then, by all means, go for it.


Wavy Hair

Who doesn’t like wavy hair? Everyone has a soft corner in their hearts for wavy hairstyles. It looks gorgeous on everyone, and literally, everyone can pull it off with ease.

If you are confused and you have reached an impasse on which 27 piece hairstyle to go for, then you can go for the wavy hairstyle.

It looks amazing on all facial structures, and it sets a calm temperament to your look. The wavy look has it all, and you can opt for this look right away.

Shaved Side

Shaved Side 27 Piece HairStyle

Shaved sides are the snazziest-looking hairstyles. This hairstyle can easily be achieved with the 27 piece weave. If you are aiming for a badass hairstyle that will fit perfectly with your dapper look, then this is it. Nothing fits more appropriately with the dapper look than the shaved side hairstyle.

You can pair this style with a 3-piece suit and a pair of black suede Chelsea boots. Now you have the outfit to match your retro-chic look.

This hairstyle is an epitome of style, class, and confidence all in one. It is quite the head-turner, and let me assure you that people will come and talk to you about your hairstyle.


Detailed Hair

This hairstyle is a break from your everyday mundane hairstyle. The details add an artistic touch to your 27 piece short hairstyle and save you from the boredom of looking at the same hair in the mirror every day.

It adds layers and an aspect of different perspectives to your look. You can add the detailed design to any of your 27 piece hairstyles, and it won’t look bad at all.

It is best advised to go to a professional if you want to get details. You can pick this style and ask your stylist to either freestyle it or show them a specific design you want.

Pixie Curls

Pixie Curls

We have seen the pixie and the curls, but here I present to you a bomb combination of the pixie curls that elevate both the individual style to a superior level. The 27 piece pixie hairstyle with the curls is out of the world, and they look fantastic.

The pixie curl has a summery vibe to it that makes you look bubbly just by the way the curls sit on your forehead.

If you have always had a pixie that was not styled too, then this could be your back-to-school look. Your friends will be pleasantly surprised to see your change and will definitely appreciate your choice of hairstyle.


Tapered Hairstyle

The 27 piece hairstyle portrays its best work in the tapered looks. This layered look with short hair at the back to longer layers in the front is a “catered only to 27 piece hairstyles” look.

To achieve this beautiful hairstyle, you must make sure your stylist knows what you want, and how you want your hair to look.

The best solution would be to show her this image. This beautiful short hair tapered look is perfect for a formal setting or a wedding. You can pair this hairstyle with any outfit of your choice and rock the look like it’s one’s business.

Silky Mini Bowl Cut

Silky Mini Bowl Cut

We have seen how amazing the bowl cut was. We know how much people love that look and how it is emerging back in this era. However, the silky mini bowl cut is another rendition of the same old bowl cut, but this time it is shorter and silkier.

This interpretation of the look gives off a french vibe. It is very posh and exclusive. This hairstyle best goes with the skinny facial structure which is more on the longer side. The mini bowl cut is a great style that you can achieve with the 27 piece weave easily.

Colorful 27 Piece Hairstyles

Adding a touch of color to your hairstyle is a great way to make your look pop. It adds radiance and vibrance to your hairstyle and shows off your fun side. Colorful 27 piece hairstyles make up a great look.

If you want to make your 27 piece hairstyle look animated and full of life, choose a color that suits your look.

Below are some of the most coruscating colorful 27 piece hairstyles that will pique your interest:

Lavender Undercut

Lavender Undercut

The lavender undercut is a gorgeous hairstyle. The light shade of the lavender looks beautiful against dark skin.

The volume on top makes the color look more live and darker than the undercut. In the undercut area, the lavender looks lighter, which adds dimension to your hairstyle.

This is a great look to wear if you want to work your hair with purple hues and tones.


Blonde 27 Piece Hairstyle

Having blonde hair means you are always going to get a certain amount of attention, even if you don’t want it. There is just something very attractive about having blonde hair that makes people attracted to you.

The blonde hair color is preferred with many hairstyles as it makes your hair more vibrant and radiant. But it best goes with the 27 piece hairstyles because they are all short hairstyles. Short styles make most hair colors look great, but the blonde just adds an extra oomph to the look.

Blondes are naturally said to be the life of the party, and they always get what they want. If you match these traits, then having dark hair makes no sense at all.

Electric Blue

Electric Blue Hair

If you are tired of everyone suggesting generic hair colors, then electric blue 27 piece hair color is exactly what you want.

This hair color is perfect for gamer girls and adds a cyberpunk look to your style. The electric blue with an amazing 27 piece hairstyle is a great amalgamation. You should not miss out on getting this technicolor color.


Red Hair

If red is your favorite color and you are looking for a way to add this color to your everyday style, then let me show you a playful way to do so.

Incorporating red into your daily life by getting a red 27 piece hairstyle is a choice that you will not regret. It is a great look, and it allows you to show off your amazing red hair every day.

Red hair is also a great choice for dark skin tones because it complements your shade and adds more character to your look.


Ginger Colored Hair

Ginger, also known as red-head, is a rare hair color. There is less than two percent of redheads in the world.

People have weird assumptions about redheads, yet people all over the world are getting ginger hair. That’s because no matter what others have to say, you can’t deny something that looks wonderful.

Ginger hair is an aesthetic hair color and gives you a cottage core vibe. If you are into it and you want to show off your cottage core personality, then the ginger 27 hairstyle will help you achieve what you want.


Burgundy Hair

Burgundy is everyone’s favorite color when it comes to dying hair. The 27 piece hairstyle can rock any color, but it looks best in burgundy.

Burgundy is a very subtle version of red and purple. It has mahogany tones to it. Burgundy hair looks out of the world when the sunlight hits your head.

The shades look brighter and bring out the natural tones in bright daylight. This tone goes pretty well with all skin tones and makes your face look brighter against this color. Choosing burgundy is a wise decision if you want soft and calm colors that are not too loud.


Copper 27 Piece Hairstyle

Copper is an incredible hair color. It is perfect for people who want a brighter color, but also want the color to reflect against their skin.

This color has orange and blonde undertones that make your face glow and bring out a different version of you.

It is great for dark complexions and is suitable if you want to make elusive changes to your hair before transitioning completely.


Green Hair

If you have always wanted a different hair color to stand out in the crowd, then green is a remarkable option for you. Not a lot of people can pull off this color.

This color requires extra care because it wears off very easily and turns into an ugly version of blotchy green that you would want to avoid. Even on the 27 piece hairstyles, this green may wash off easily, leaving your hair looking dull.

If you are sure about this color and you think you can maintain it properly, then you can go for it. But if you think that taking care of your green hair will be a hassle for you, you should choose a color that requires less effort.

Platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a glorious hair color. It has a majestic and elegant look. 27 piece hairstyles paired with platinum blonde hair color is a mind-blowing pair.

This hair color has many perks, but the only drawback is that achieving the perfect platinum blonde color can be a journey. You have to set your mind that you may need multiple sessions to achieve this color, and it may feel a bit tedious, but it will all be worth the trouble once you reach your goal.

The platinum blonde will go hand in hand with your 27 piece hairstyle, and you can then flaunt your beautiful hair to your friends and family.


This article covers pretty much everything you need to know about the 27 piece hairstyle. The article dives into the various hairstyles you can do. It also includes a tutorial for you to learn how to start doing the 27 piece hairstyles and help others with it.

Below are a few frequently asked questions that a lot of people ask me, so I answered them and have left them here for you to read. You may have the same questions too.

Q1. Is a 27 piece quick weave hairstyle better than sew in?

Ans. It depends on the type of hair you have. If you have short hair, then sew-in is a good option. Though you do not necessarily have to go for it. You can still choose to glue-in the weaves. On the other hand, if you have no hair, then gluing it is your only option. It is also quick and easily applicable.

Q2. How do you cut a 27 piece quick weave?

Ans. You cut the weave by the measurement of the area that you will be pasting it to. For example, if you are weaving it on the nape of your neck, then you measure the hair according to that area and then cut. This is how you have to measure and cut your hair progressively.

Q3. Can we use 27 piece hairstyles for dreadlocks?

Ans. Dreadlocks are completely different hairstyles. You can either use crochet for that or your natural hair. The 27 piece weaves are best for short hairstyles only.

Q4. How long do the 27 piece hairstyles last?

Ans. These hairstyles last from anywhere between 4 weeks to 5 weeks. They may last longer if you sew them and are careful with your hairstyles.


The 27 piece weave is an excellent way for people to enjoy different hairstyles. People who have alopecia or other problems like hair thinning or baldness can use these weaves without hesitation. These are a superb way of giving your style a natural look.

In this generation, having to look perfect has become a consequential issue. Every media, whether it be social or print, has a set of standards for people to look a certain way. That is not how things should be, and you are not bound to adhere to these rules.

You are allowed to look the way you are and you for sure have every right to rock your style however you like. If you want to have no hair, that is absolutely alright. No one should make you feel like you must look exactly like them.

If you are a person who has a passion for hairstyles and fashion, then you must carry on with your thing. No one has the right to tell someone else how to look or dress.

The 27 piece hairstyles will allow you to break these stereotypes and barriers. They will give you the freedom to style your hair in different ways, irrespective of the fact, whether you have actual hair or not. It is the hairstyle that should matter after all, not what is beneath it.

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