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19 Exotic Distressed Locs Hairstyles And How To Achieve Them

We are a generation of trends and fast fashion. We look for what’s trending and topping the style charts. One of the most important parts of a style is the hair, and if your hairstyle is not supporting your look, then there is a high chance that adding other items to your style will not make it any better.

Black stylists have always been on top of their A-game to bring changes and variety to the Afro hairstyles and let me tell you, they are winning hearts with their passion for it. We see people acknowledging, accepting, and loving the locs hairstyles more and more every day.

We have come across various types of locs styles over the years and we have loved them all equally, but the latest locs style that is capturing people’s hearts is the distressed locs style. It has been the talk of the town for a while and everybody wants it.

What are Distressed Locs?

We might have heard people around us talking about distressed locs, and because we have no idea about what it is, we were probably tongue-tied during the conversation.

Allow me to provide you the essential information about what are distressed locs and why do people talk about it to this extent.

Distressed locs are faux hair that we can buy from the market. The faux hair is mainly used to wrap around the natural hair to increase its volume and length.

Afro hairstyles are mostly styled by using faux hair. The faux hair is either tied to the natural hair, wrapped around the natural hair, or crocheted to the natural hair.

The distressed locs in this case are one of the faux hair types bought from the market that is used to achieve the perfect look you desire. This hair has a lot of texture, dimension, volume and most importantly a very natural look to it. They are not very shiny and super straight. The distressed locs look a bit shaggy and very real like.

People can hardly tell the difference between your natural hair and the distressed locs because of the way it looks.

19 Stunning Distressed Locs for You and Your Friends

If you are lost in irrelevant information about distressed locs, then this is where you will find your sanctuary of useful information.

I have gone far and beyond to gather all the important information about distressed locs that you will ever need.

Distressed Faux Locs

Distressed faux locs

Distressed Faux Locs are used to make your braids look more natural and realistic. These braids help you elevate your style and flaunt your curly hair to the world without hiding who you truly are.

The faux locs help you to get a style of your choice irrespective of what length you want them to be.

Depending on how thick your real hair is, you need around 4-5 packs of hair for your full head to get the desired style, but it is all worth it because you will end up looking even prettier than you already are.

    Distressed Butterfly Locs

Distressed butterfly locs

The distressed butterfly locs are an amazing hairstyle. It is very funky and groovy and allows a lot of movement to your hair. This hairstyle is mostly loved amongst teenagers, but even you can get them if you want to.

The distressed butterfly locs are very pretty and anyone would want to get this hairstyle and flaunt it out to show off how pretty their new hairstyle is.

It is a perfect balance between bouncy and in place. Due to the volume created in the distressed butterfly locs, the hair doesn’t look too stiff and tight. They look perfect. The distressed butterfly locs are a great style if you want something fun and exciting.

    Distressed Faux Butterfly Locs

Distressed faux butterfly locs

The distressed faux butterfly locs are very pretty and you can easily do them on your hair. All you need is to just get your faux distressed hair from the market and start the work. You can go to your nearest hair salon to get it, or you can do it yourself.

These can be short or long distressed butterfly locs, however you prefer.

I’ll mention below how you can do it yourself.

Step 1: Part your hair and braid the roots using Shine n Jam Mousse.

Step 2: Moisturize your hair because you’re gonna leave this style on your hair for a while. You can use Bella Scalp Oil. Be generous with the application because you need to take care of your scalp.

Step 3: Next step is for you to get your faux locs. You can use the Freetress hair brand and if not that, then you can use the Lulutress water wave faux locs. There are a variety of lengths available, so you can choose whatever length you like.

Step 4: Attach the locs to your real hair from the roots and then wrap them around your braids.

Step 5: Use your thumb to make a loose wrap at least three to two times per locs to get that distressed and natural look, and then you can wrap around the rest.

The steps mentioned are an easy way to acquire the faux butterfly locs at home but if you are not comfortable doing it by yourself you can always get help.

Distressed Soft Locs

Distressed soft locs

Distressed soft locs are my personal favorite. As the name suggests, they are very soft to touch and look at. This style gives you a bubbly look and suits any facial structure.

The soft locs are best when you want to go with a look that is not unprofessional but also not too stuck up. Do you know what I mean?

These locs are easy to maintain and the distressed soft locs stay for about six to twelve weeks. There are various ways in which you can style your soft locs.

You can do an updo, you can let them down, you can do half up half down or you can even go with a big bun style. It is all up to you how you would like your hair to go, as long as you like your hairstyle.

There is a lot of potential to play with what style you would like to carry your hair in.

This style is easy to achieve at home but if you think you might mess up the style you could buzz up a stylist and book your appointment.

You could also run to your nearest salon and show them this beautiful style and ask them to help you get the exact same style.

    Messy Distressed Faux Locs

Messy distressed faux locs

The messy distressed faux locs are similar to the butterfly locs. These locs are messier looking than the butterfly locs, and they have a lot more texture and volume to it.

The messy locs are easy to style and maintain due to their nature of being messy. You can part them in the side and let them be, and you have a perfect messy hairstyle.

This style can be easily achieved on your natural hair if they are long enough or you can use the freetress distressed faux locs for your lovely hairstyle.

You can braid these locs or do other styles as well if you like. It is a great style for a beachy look and it gives your hair the illusion of soft natural curls.

If you want to go for this style, you should not wait for another beat because this is a great style for an everyday look. So, go ahead and get the style you desire and let no one stop you from it.

    Bohemian Distressed Locs

Bohemian Distressed Locs

Bohemian distressed locs are the sassiest locs style out there. These are the talk of the town and EVERYBODY wants them.

They are so beautiful and glammed up that you can’t go wrong with the bohemian distressed locs. They elevate your look and it adds some spice to your sense of style. This kinky look will take you places you can’t even think of.

The messy distressed look will make you stand out of the crowd in a gathering, your hairstyle is what people will be discussing and of course, they will be resisting themselves from touching your hair.

These locs can stay for as long as three months if you take good care of your hair and scalp. You must look after your scalp if you want your locs to keep looking good for a long time. Use an anti-itch oil on your scalp to avoid the itchy scalp.

You can easily do this on your own. You’ll need to have the proper distressed locs like Freetress water wave locs or any other locs that will suffice. You will need about four to five locs to complete this look.

It will be quite expensive if you go to a salon, ranging between three hundred dollars to seven hundred dollars depending on your hair length. On the other hand, you could spend as little as seventy to a hundred bucks and do your bohemian distressed locs at home.

The plus point here is that you will learn something and you’ll get to do it on your own whenever you’d like.

    Long Distressed Locs

Long Distressed Locs

The long distressed locs have been on the go for a few years now. This style has been loved by a lot of people including celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks.

The long distressed locs are so popular amongst people because it serves a few purposes. For starters, it makes you look elegant and posh all the time. It also promotes hair growth because your hair remains in place and undisturbed.

The long distressed locs are an exquisite style to go for if you want a drastic change from your all-time short or mid-length hair. It is good to look at and you can try a million styles on them. You can color your locs, add beads, mix and match studs, literally whatever you like.

There is no limitation to what you can do with your hair, so go aboard and live a little!

Distressed Goddess Locs

Distressed Goddess Locs

Before you jump straight to the goddess locs, you have to first know what is the difference between normal locs and a goddess locs.

The main difference is that the normal locks are securely tied up at the end so they don’t open up, but the goddess locs are left in curls or waves towards the end.

This makes the locs look much more beautiful and this is how it got the name “ The Goddess Locs”. The wave towards the end updates the locs to a God-level because how much better can it get right?

These locs have a lot of texture and volume to it. They fit so well with any look you would want to go for. It is such low maintenance and easy-to-handle hairstyle. It requires the least effort and yet you get the most beautiful look from it.

Distressed Crochet Locs

Distressed Crochet Locs

If you think there isn’t a distressed locs hairstyle for you then you couldn’t be more wrong. Just like If you think there isn’t a distressed locs hairstyle for you then you couldn’t be more wrong. Just like Oprah Winfrey said in her daytime TV show “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!” except here it’s distressed locs.

So, basically what I mean is that there’s a lot of hairstyles and surely there is one that you would like. If distressed locs are your go-to hairstyle then you must know by now that it is important to know how to crochet your hair to the locs.

Get a bunch of Freetress water waves from the market and start crocheting them onto your roots.

You can wrap them if you want. You can twist them. Keep them long or short. It all depends on you and how you would like to have your hair.

You can find all the crochet tools online, but you will also need Shine n Jam because it’s the best for your hair, a good pair of hairbrushes, and some clips. You are now ready to crochet distressed locs.

Short Distressed Locs

Short Distressed Locs

Short distressed locs are the most fun and vibrant. They are the easiest to handle due to obvious reasons. The length makes it a lot simpler for anyone to carry this hairstyle with utter ease.

You can do almost all distressed locs styles on short hair, but instead of long hair, it will be on short hair.

You do not have to worry about it looking dull and not so great because it will look the exact opposite of all that. You can try everything with this length like coloring your locs, adding ornaments, trying out different locs styles and so much more.

Short distressed locs are a great choice for children because they don’t get tangled easily and are quite trouble-free for them to handle.

The short faux distressed locs can be done on natural hair or you can crochet distressed hair on your real hair and you will look equally amazing in both.

Distressed Locs Bob

Distressed Locs Bob

The distressed Locs bob is a fun, casual, outgoing style you could go for if you are looking for something less stressful and easier to manage.

The distressed bobs have become very popular amongst school-going children because

  • It is very easy to handle and,
  • It takes just a side or middle part to style your hair and boom! you’re done.

The distressed bob locs are also a great idea for someone who is very elderly and requires something that is less tacky and much easier to handle. All you need is to check if the scalp is nicely moisturized and you’ll be good to go for weeks.

Blonde Distressed Locs

Blonde distressed locs

Blonde distressed locs are a nice touch to the general distressed locs. The color amps up your look a few notches and gives an illusion of a brighter skin tone against the bleached locs.

There are two ways to get this color:

  • The first one is by purchasing blonde locs and wrapping and crocheting them to your hair.
  • The second one is by bleaching your hair.

It is very easy to achieve this color at home if you want to bleach it by yourself. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to get your desired color:

Step 1: The products you will need are as follows:

  • A lightener (BW 2 by Clairol Professional)
  • A developer (40 volume pure white creme developer by Clairol Professional)
  • A plastic bowl to mix your bleaching powder and developer
  • A brush to apply these on your hair
  • You will also need a pair of gloves
  • you need an old t-shirt to avoid the stains from getting into a good t-shirt or you can use an old towel for that matter
  • And last but not the least, a few elastic rubber bands

Step 2: section your hair first and tie each section using your elastics.

Step 3: Mix the bleaching powder and the developer. The powder comes with a scoop inside, so, depending on your hair, use around three to four scoops or depending on how much you will need to cover your hair.

Make sure the mixture has a nice and creamy consistency and not a clumpy consistency. It shouldn’t be too thick.

Step 4: Start bleaching section by section. It is very important to bleach your way up. So, bleach the ends first and once you’re done with bleaching then ends, then you move towards the roots.

You should bleach the roots at the end because your scalp transmits heat, due to which the roots get bleached sooner than the ends.

Before you apply the bleach, apply a thick layer of vaseline around your forehead and earlobes to avoid the bleach from bleeding onto your skin.

Step 5: Once you are done applying the bleach properly on your hair, let it sit for about an hour or less. Cover up with a hair cap or you can use a plastic bag to do it.

Step 6: Wash your hair with Shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner.

Step 7: Enjoy your blonde distressed locs!

Burgundy Distressed Locs

Burgundy Distressed Locs

It is always a fun decision to change up your hair color. If your color of the month happens to be Burgandy then you should definitely go for it because it is an amazing color.

The burgundy color gives a romantic vibe to your locs. The locs seem brighter and much livelier due to the effect of this wonderful color.

This Burgundy is a tremendous shade of Mahogany and wine red. It is so pleasing to look at and look wonderful on any hair.

Burgundy is a hair color that anyone can do without the fear of looking bad on their skin tone. This color suits everyone. You can wear this hairstyle to a party, or a wedding if you want, and you’d still be the most stunning looking.

Medium Distressed Locs

Medium Distressed Locs

The Medium hair length distressed locs are an amazing style to go for if you are confused between long or short. This hairstyle is the solution to your dilemma.

You can get medium distressed locs and pair them with a nice sundress, a pair of shades, and a cute pair of Gucci slippers to complete your look for a brunch.

You could add a floppy hat to your look and you’ll be irresistible in that amazing outfit that just matched your lovely hairstyle.

Jumbo Distressed Locs

Jumbo Distressed Locs

Jumbo distressed locs are great for chubby people with round faces. It frames your face and adds more contours to it which allows the face to look sharper.

It is also helpful for people with very thick and a lot of hair. It helps to cover a large area and a lot of hair at once. It is very easy to do by yourself and it requires less time comparatively.

Small Distressed Locs

Small distressed locs

Small distressed locs are perfect for you if you have fine and flat hair.

This hairstyle is a great way to create more volume for your hair. Because you take small sections and braid or wrap them, you end up creating a lot of sections.

In each section, you add the hair and wrap your braids with that hair which adds more volume to it. Resulting in thicker and more volumized braids.

Brown Distressed Locs

Brown distressed locs

Brown distressed locs are the best and safest hair color choice for any skin tone, especially for people who have a darker shade.

If you have a bronze or chocolate skin tone then the brown distressed locs are the best for you because this color will complement your skin tone.

If you are contemplating on getting this color, then trust me and go for it because you’re gonna look like a beauty queen.

Honey Blonde Distressed Locs

Honey Blonde Distressed Locs

Honey blonde color is perfect for summertime, because when the Sun hits your hair at the right angle, this color just blooms instantly. It looks amazing in the Godly hours and literally whenever.

This color is so dreamy and wonderful that it will make your significant other’s heart skip a beat.

If you change your hair color to this, people will notice and compliment your hair color because this color makes you look more elevated.

Ombre Distressed Locs

Ombre Distressed locs

The ombre effect on this hairstyle looks phenomenal. The two tones merge into one another very smoothly.  It is such a subtle transition that you want to keep talking about how good it looks.

This hairstyle will look perfect when you plan to go on a trip with your friends because this color looks as amazing in photos as it does in real life.

So, if you’re planning to take a lot of selfies for the gram then this should be your go-to style for now.

Distressed Locs vs Butterfly Locs

Before getting confused about what is what, we must clarify a few things. The “distressed locs” is a type of hair used for braiding or wrapping your real hair.

This hair is not stressed or artificially smoothened out to make them look shiny and buffered. They look very natural and real. You can use faux hair to create various looks on your real hair.

The butterfly locs on the other hand is a “Hairstyle”. You create the butterfly locs using this hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do distressed locs last?

Answer: The distressed locs for about two to three months if you take good care of your hair and scalp.

Make sure you moisturize your scalp regularly and use a silk cloth to wrap up your hair before you go to bed.

How to maintain distressed locs?

Answer: The first and most important part about maintaining your distressed locs is that you have to keep your scalp moisturized.

If your scalp is not moisturized, it will get itchy and you will want to scratch your scalp. Scratching your scalp will make your hairstyle lose and it will start looking shaggy too soon. Below are a few steps to keep your roots and scalp healthy.

  • You have to use serums and keratin treatment sprays on your scalp for your hair to stay healthy.
  • Use a leaving cream. You can use the Cantu shea butter leaving and conditioning cream. Apply a generous amount on your scalp.
  • You must also clean your scalp regularly. Not every day, just twice or thrice a week.


The distressed locs style has been in for a while due to the heavy influence of African culture. People are being more accepting of their culture and respecting what they stand for.

It is important we acknowledge and accept them for who they are.

Their hairstyle is just one way of acceptance but it is just the beginning. We have a long long path to be more accepting and understanding of what our ancestors have done and how much there is for us on our plates to make right.

The afro hairstyle is one expression of freedom that they have deserved since day one but to this day are they free enough to be themselves?

We as a culture have accepted their hairstyles, attire, music but have we truly accepted them? It is time for us to raise awareness because Just like John Lewis once said  “if not now then when?”.

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