High Fade VS Low Fade

Low Fade vs High Fade: Which One is the Best-Suited for You?

Have you ever found yourself confused over Fade hairstyles? Not sure which one to try out or not even certain about which one is which? If so, then this article will answer all your questions and lead you in the right direction.

The Fade haircut can be confusing if you don’t have proper knowledge about them. Although there are a basic 8 types of Fade hairstyles, High and Low Fades are the most popular among them. Not only that, other Fades share some features of High and Low Fades as well.

This brings us to the obvious questions: Which one is better? Which one to choose between Low and High Fades?

Continue reading this article to clear out all the confusion about low and high fade. It will guide you to choose a Fade style that is the most suitable for you.

This article is carefully crafted so that you will get all the information there is for Fade hairstyles.

It also goes through the basic types of Fades, the most heated Low vs High Fade argument and in-depth Fades DIY section.

Then there is the care guide for Fade hairstyles and an FAQ section covering the most common queries regarding Fades. We have also included some of the popular Fade hairstyles for you so that you don’t have to brainstorm or look further on the internet for Fade hairstyles that people find attractive.

So, without further ado, let us continue with the article so that you can make up your mind about going for a High Fade or Low!

What Is A Fade?

Fade is the gradual decline of something, and in the world of hairstyle, it is gradual shortening of hair length till there is no visible hair left.

Barber cuts the hair in such a way that the hair gradually becomes shorter and shorter from the top to bottom till only the skin remains visible.

Note: While giving a Fade haircut you have to start cutting from the bottom side and gradually work your way up to the top.

Now that you see how simple the concept of Fade is you might think the possibility to customize it is very limited. Despite being simple, it allows itself to mix and match with other existing hairstyles, even with other Fades which makes it a very flexible and versatile haircut.

Origin Of Fade Haircut

Origin of Fade

Even though nowadays we see Faded hairstyles everywhere, their origin is not that modern. The Fade hairstyle originated from the US military in 1940.

Rappers around that time started to lean towards Fade-style haircuts. Around the mid-80s the Fade style was often credited to the lead singer of the band Cameo, Larry Blackmon. And from then on, it became a general and popular haircut among people.

Low Fade vs High Fade

Let’s be honest, we are born with different tastes and stylistically various defining features. These features and tastes dictate our personality and how other people perceive us.

So, we are always extra cautious about what we wear, color combinations of dresses and shoes, how we cut our hair, etc.

For this same reason, you need to know which haircut will complement your look the best. It leaves you hungry for the outcome of the burning debate: High Fade vs Low Fade and their difference, in order to figure out which one suits you the best.

In simple terms, if you have a long or oval face and prefer a bold look, then a High Fade is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalistic look and also have the freedom to customize your hair, then Low Fade is your best choice.

Difference Between High Fade and Low Fade

It is quite challenging to draw out differences between these two types of Fades, but we have managed to scratch out the basics and put them side by side for your better understanding:

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High or Low Fades: Do It Yourself

Disclaimer: This guide is particularly not for applying the Fade haircut to yourself but to others at your home. Trying this haircut to yourself is not recommended as it’s too difficult and may lead to a disaster.

It would be wise to find someone who can do this for you or learn the process so that you can give the haircut to your family members at home.

If you believe yourself to have capable hands, then you may experiment on yourself. But don’t press your trimmer too hard so that there’s still some hair left for salvage if things don’t go your way.

The cost of a Fade haircut depends on where you live, the saloon, and how expert your barber is. Based on these criteria it can differ from 10$ to 100$. Also, if you opt for specialized Fade hairstyles then it might cost you some extra.

If you should decide to do the Fade haircut on yourself then follow along the guide below as it covers the DIY process for both High Fade and Low Fades.

For a Fade haircut, you will need the following at your disposal:

  • An electric trimmer, with guards, and adjustable size
  • A comb
  • A pair of styling scissors
  • A towel
  • Hair gel (Optional)
  • Hair dye (optional)
  • Blade (Optional)


For making the process simple, we have divided the process section into different sections. Each section will focus on the different stages of the DIY process needed to do a Fade haircut.

So, follow along and get yourself a Fade haircut, may that be a Low Fade or a High Fade.


First, wrap a towel around your shoulders to prevent your loose hair from creating a mess.

Haircutting creates a lot of loose hair particles which is a pain to clean up properly, so a towel will help you greatly to clean up once the cutting session is over.

Brushing your hair:

Now take the comb and brush your hair towards the direction your hair naturally falls. This way your hair will be straight which will allow you to cut the hair symmetrically.

Trimming for High Fade:

Take the hair trimmer and start trimming from just above the C-cup and upward. Now attach a trimmer guard to increase the height or change the trimming setting to a higher one so that the trimmer will cut the hair taller than the lower part.

As you trim and go up, change the trimmer settings to medium so that the trimmed hair remains taller than its significantly lower part, and this will add the fading look.

Now at this part, you have to decide what kind of High Fade haircut you want to give. After the C-cup you have to trim around the back of the head, so you can apply the drop Fade if you like.

But whatever you do, don’t go up more than 1 – 1.5 inches above the starting point, because if you do so, you won’t have much hair left on your head.

Trimming for Low Fade:

Since you are trimming to achieve a Low Fade style, the starting point for trimming is different from a High Fade haircut. For Low Fade, start trimming from the end of the sideburns.

Now gradually go up and increase the trimmer settings. This way, the higher you go, the taller the hair remains.

The Fade length depends on your face type and on your preference. If you have a long face, you can get a longer Low Fade, which is up to 3 inches.

Scissors Time:

After a careful observation, if you find any unevenness use the comb and scissors to bring the symmetry back.

Also at the same time, if you need to reduce the hair size use the comb as a guide and trim the excess hair using the scissors.

Shaving Pattern with Blade:

After you are done with the fading part, you can draw different shapes or patterns to add more spice to your Fade hairstyle. Use a blade to draw different shapes or patterns on the faded area.

With High Fades you can get a longer Fade area, so you’ll be able to make more complex designs on that larger area.

Dyeing your Hair:

Additionally, you can dye your top hair to give your fades a more unique look that is compatible with any Fade style. This is one of the reasons why Low and High Fade is so popular among young hairstyling enthusiasts.

Remember, in order to dye your hair, you have to bleach it first which can have harmful effects on your hair. So make sure you consult a certified stylist before choosing to dye your fades.

How to Take Care of Fade Style Haircuts

Now that you have successfully gotten yourself a Fade haircut, comes the time to take care of your hair. High Fade vs Low Fade, whichever you may choose, these types of haircuts don’t need any specialized care. But even then you should follow the most basic care guides to keep your hair healthy and make them last longer.

Usually, if you do a High Fade, a large area of your head becomes exposed. So along with your face, you might need to use sunscreen to protect your exposed scalp because the hair that used to protect your scalp is no longer there. So, this portion becomes vulnerable to sunburns.

You can also use hair gel or wax to keep your hair in a specific shape. This is not a necessity but it should help you maintain the intended shape of your hair.

If you comb over your hair to its opposite side then you may need hair gel or wax to keep it in that position. Applying hair gel or wax makes the hair stiff and sticky so you need to regularly wash your hair, otherwise it may cause damage.

It is advised that you shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week. Also, oiling is recommended if you have a dry scalp. These will help your hair retain the required nutrition and moisture.

16 Stunning High and Low Fade Hairstyles

Whether you do it yourself or get it done by a barber, the first thing you need is inspiration. You might search for hours on the internet to find the perfect style for you, but may end up confused between numerous styles to choose from.

You may opt for an edgy and radical High Fade hairstyle to stand out in the crowd. Or if you are a minimalist and prefer to have a smooth & subtle hairstyle that enhances your austerity, you may select a captivating Low Fade hairstyle.

To help you ease the pressure of choosing between High Fade vs Low Fade, we present you some of the most popular Fade styles that might ignite some creative ideas for your next hairstyle.

1. Back Brush High Fade

Back Brush High Fade


You can apply a back-brushing style along with your High Fade. If you have Type 1 hair, apply High Fade on your taper as well as at the back of the head, and brush your hair towards the back of your hair.

With this minimal effort, you get to give your hair this amazing look.

2. High Fade with Surgical Line

High Fade with Surgical Line


This one is a really simple and personalized version of a High Fade. This kind of design doesn’t need much attention or creativity yet it is enough to announce itself as something unique among other High Fades.

So, if you think vintage High Fade is not enough for you, then you can try this subtle surgical line to make yours look special.

3. High Burst Fade with Wing

High Burst Fade with Wing

This variation of High Fade is very intriguing and suitable for you if you have Type 3 hair. Use the top portion of your hair to form a coil or spring-like spikes.

And for the lower fade, shave out a pattern of a wing to emanate your free-spirited nature through your hairstyle!

This will give you one distinctive and bold look that will make others compliment your haircut and you’ll be the new hairstyling inspiration for your friends.

4. Parallel Line High Fade

Parallel Line High Fade

This hairstyle is kind of similar to the surgical line but it’s much more than that. Instead of a single big line, draw two short parallel lines above the C-Cup.

If you have Type 4 hair then you can further modify the look on your top hair. Cut your top hair to 1-1.5 inches long and take a section of hair to roll them. This will create a sprout-like pattern that will stand out in the world of Fade hairstyles.

5. High Fade with a Pattern

High Fade With Pattern


By now we believe you have understood that drawing shaved lines on the sides is a common aspect of High Fades. Let’s go beyond that,  and draw shaving lines into patterns of your choice.

You can use this High Fade style, where the pattern is drawn in a wavy way with two additional small lines. This not only looks beautiful while being minimalist but also has a different way of personalization.

6. Flaming High Fade

Flaming High Fade

This one is extra special and most suitable for young people. This haircut will give you a fiery look that’ll make the people go WOW!

To get this haircut, set your trimmer to its second-lowest settings and trim all of the hair on your head. Then create a High Fade starting from the C-Cup line. Use a blade to carefully shave a flame pattern.

You can apply a flame sticker to your scalp to guide your cutting process. You can even dye your hair to a flaming scarlet to compliment the fiery look you were going for.

7. High Fade Colored Spikes

High Fade Colored Spikes


This is another High Fade haircut involving dyeing your hair to get a modish look.

To get this look, first get a High Fade haircut and cut your top hair to 2-3 inches long.

Now dye your hair to whichever color you like. Like, you can dye it to a bright sapphire to radiate your inner energy through the color. Finally, brush your hair towards the front side of your head and use hair gel to form spikes.

8. High Fade Double Braids

High Fade Double Braids


If you by any chance have longer hair, then you can try out this haircut. To form a braid you need longer hair and installing braids will make your hair look shorter.

First divide your head into four sections & two sides sections where the high Fades are and two middle sections where you will braid your long hair.

Use the long hair sections on the top of your head to form two braids. Now use the trimmer to trim the sides sections to form two high braids.

9. Barbed Wire High Fade

Berbed Wire High Fade

With this style, you would be adding more designs to your fades, and one of the designs could be of a barbed wire.

This might sound goth but it actually is not. Drawing the barbed wire requires a lot of patience as it is quite difficult to draw. In such a case, a drawing of barbed wire on paper will help out a lot.

10. Lightning Low Fade

Lightning Low Fade


Who doesn’t like lightning? The word itself emanates a zap of energy! To try this out, use the Fade area to draw a lightning pattern and give yourself a super cool look!

These types of patterns are more popular in pop culture so if you are someone who subscribes to these norms closely then you should definitely try these patterns out!

11. High Fade Purple Back Wave

High Fade Purple Black Wave

With a Fade haircut you can also shift the focus of the hairstyle from taper to your top hair. Like other haircuts, you can also dye your hair according to your needs.

Using this image as an example you can see that if you decide to go for a High Fade haircut it doesn’t mean you have to personalize only the Fade area.

You can dye your hair with any color you prefer to enhance your Fade style.

12. High Fade Double Braid with Surgical Line

High Fade Braid Surgical Line

Fades are flexible haircuts as you have so many options to personalize it your way. You can also mix and match with other hairstyles to generate something new and authentic for yourself.

Take this hairstyle for an example. This style not only incorporates a Fade, but also uses dye to crank it up a notch, and adding a surgical line only adds to the radical nature of this style.

This just shows the space for creativity that Fade hairstyles allow for you despite being a low-maintenance kind of hairstyle.

13. Low Fade with Combover

Low Fade with Combover


The vintage Fade style can be fused with the basic combover technique to produce a soothing and modern outcome. For this style, you don’t need anything special, you only require enough top hair so that you can comb them over.

14. Wavy low Fade

Wavy Low Fade

If you have wavy hair, you might end up in the pickle of High Fade vs Low Fade. To find your answer, you can check out this hairstyle and decide for yourself.  Just make sure you don’t keep your top hair too long, otherwise you might find it difficult to control them.

15. Low-Profile Low Fade

Low Profile Low Fade


Low Fade is already known for its low-key nature, and if you want to go even lower, you can try out this style.

In this style, not only your taper and back are faded out, but also your top resembles the length of a Fade. Set your trimmer setting as mentioned in the DIY guide for the fading process and use the 2cm setting for doing your topside.

Additionally, you can use blades to add an edge to your style if you prefer. It would induce a juxtaposed Fade style no one has ever seen before.

16. Spiderweb High Fades

Spiderweb High Fade

Whether a spider is your favorite Arthropod or not, we can all agree that spiderweb is an art created by a spider. In this Fade haircut, you can use the pattern of a spiderweb on your taper to create a beautiful-looking High Fade.

Create a High Fade centering your ear and use a blade to shave a spider web pattern on the upper side. This kind of style requires a large area which is why we need a High Fade hairstyle to draw this large pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is High Fade better than Low Fade?
There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on your personal preference. Most High Fades are somewhat edgy and Low Fades are minimalist, so make your pick based on your taste because both of the Fades have a wide variety of dashing hairstyles.
Q. Which Fade should I get?
As mentioned, choosing a style is highly subjective. As far as basic Fade style goes you have a total of eight styles to choose from. You can also mix and match between these Fade haircuts to give yourself a unique look.
Q. Why are Fades so popular?
Fade styles have gained popularity since the past decade due to the low-maintenance high-performance nature. You can enhance your masculine look by putting a Fade on yourself and let your faded hair be one less concern for you for a long time.
Q. How high is a High Fade?
A High Fade is usually 1-1.5 inches tall from its starting point. It starts from just above the C-CUP line and continues upwards, around 1-1.5 inches depending on your face shape.

Concluding Remarks

You have reached the end of this article. This article has discussed the argument of Low Fade vs High Fade along with all other basic Fades, and explored 16 different popular Fade styles that you can try.

At this point, we can guarantee you that a Fade haircuts can open new doors to the hair styling world for you. whether it is High Fade or Low Fade.

It is a cheap, simple, and easy way to get into hairstyling without investing a lot of your time. So if you’re looking for a fast and low-maintenance hairstyle while looking dashing, Fades can be your most convenient partners in this regard.

Another flexible point of this kind of haircut is that you don’t need any specific type of hair to get this haircut. Literally any type of hair can get Fade haircuts without much hassle.

So our verdict is, if you travel a lot or don’t find enough time to maintain a proper hair care routine, then going Fade is the simplest way of participating in the popular and trendy hairstyle culture.

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