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19 Medium Shaggy Hairstyles for Over 60 And Ways to Style Them

Who said you can’t be old and be bold? Our veterans state otherwise. They are making bold statements with their iconic hairstyles. They cannot be tied down with the generic boring hairstyles anymore.

Our wise elder generation are rocking their hairstyles and it seems like the medium shaggy hairstyle is their all-time favorite, and why not? They are wearing these styles like no one’s business.

If you think that you are old, and you cannot pick up a new stylish hairstyle for yourself, then let me prove you wrong. 60 is the new 20, and you are in luck because this might just be the style you have been missing to enter your new twenties!

A haircut is always a good idea. There can never be a bad timing for it. If you don’t like your new hairstyle, then guess what? It grows back so, don’t worry.

If you are wondering what all this hype is about, then look no further, because you are in the right place. I will tell you everything about a medium shaggy hairstyle and guide you through this to help you find out your desired hairstyle.

What is a Medium Shaggy Hairstyle?

A medium shaggy hairstyle is where the hair is cut short enough to make it look elegant. The length ranges from anywhere between below the earlobe to just up to the shoulder.

It is then razored or styled in waves to create an almost messy look. This style is a combination of sleek, modern chic, and messy at the same time.

It creates a lot of volume and brings various textures to the hair which makes it look fuller and lusher.

The medium shaggy hairstyle plays with the length of your hair and allows your hair to flow from the crown of your head to the bottom of your chin, which helps to frame your face and makes it look slimmer.

It gives your style an edge, making you look younger and more adventurous. This style has been popular amongst the grown-ups, who are over 60 because it brings more life to the hairstyle, and is suitable for any hair type, be it thick, fine, straight or curly.

Can Anyone Over 60 Rock The Medium Shaggy Hairstyle?

You can rock any hairstyle as long as you feel confident in it. That being said, this hairstyle can be worn by both men and women of any age.

But in the last few years, this hairstyle has piqued the interest of our older generation a bit more than everyone else’s, because it makes them look even more flawless than they already are.

The plus point of this hairstyle is that it is low maintenance and can be fixed with just your fingers. I call it the cushion technique. You just ruffle and tousle your hair with your fingers and voila! You have a nicely put-together messy hairstyle.

Celebrities have been going back to this hairstyle time and again. The protagonist of killing Eve is killing this style and many others have found their comfort in this medium shaggy hairstyle. Here is a picture of Sandra Oh flaunting her beautiful hairstyle.

This style has a summery beachy vibe to it, which gives the next person looking at you think about your hairstyle because they want it too, and don’t we all want that! A little bit of social approval to boost our confidence.

You can have any type of hair to rock this style because the purpose of this 70’s inspired hairstyle is to make your hair look full and voluminous. But let me warn you; once you go shag, there’s no going back!

Types of Medium Shaggy Styles That Will Look Good on Over 60

There are so many different shaggy hairstyles for medium-length hair that you’ll never run out of a fun hairdo. This is your time to shine if you are a creative soul because you can experiment your hairstyle  in various ways.

You can do crazy colours, you can tie them up or you can just let them be and it will still look good enough.

If you have medium-length hair and you want to get a new hairstyle, but you don’t know what to choose from this vast ocean of hairstyles, then worry no more. You are exactly where you should be and you are reading the right article to help you sort out your delirious situation.

Let’s begin with a picture of my favourite shaggy hairstyle, shall we?

The Undone Shaggy Style

Undone Shaggy Style


This is the perfect example of a medium shaggy hairstyle. It has got crisp, uneven fringes around the ends. This can be achieved with a pair of salon scissors or a razor. You can also see a nice wavy look; this is because of the layers.

This style gives you an adequate amount of volume around the crown of the head, and the right amount of shagginess. You don’t want to go too shaggy with this hairstyle, otherwise, it will not look as good as you might want it to.

Just make sure that you adjust your hair with your hands, and you’ll be good to go.

The Grey Curl Shaggy Style

Grey Curl Shaggy Hair


This is an amazing shaggy hairstyle that allows you to show off your natural greys and your curls. It is also very cost-effective as you do not have to bear the expense of dying your hair or bleaching it. Which in turn sets you free from all the products that you would have needed to take care of your dyed hair.

If you are proud of your greys, you ought to show it off and be bold about it. You might even end up inspiring a few fellow enthusiasts.

The “Rachel Green” Style

Rachel Green Style


Rachel Green’s hairstyle inspired by the sitcom Friends is iconic, this character brought back this 70’s style and people all around the world went absolutely crazy for it.

That’s because it wasn’t your regular 70’s grunge metal look, it was a soft and elegant hairstyle.

This hairstyle is combined with lighter tones, which makes your eyes pop and compliments the contrast of your face against these tones. Brunettes who want a safe option can go for a few honey highlights to get a more exotic look.

The Shaggy Balayage Look

Shaggy Balayage Look


The Shaggy balayage looks phenomenal with the shaggy hairstyle. It is exciting, cool, and very vibrant. These two styles go hand in hand and will make necks swerve. The Balayage look is perfect if you want to do something fun and exciting with your hair.

The ombre effect of this style looks more gentle on your hair and gives an effect of volume on top. Balayage is not too over the top and is fit for any occasion at any time, it will help you cover up your grey hair and make you stand out in a crowd.

The Messy Shag With Fringes

Messy Shag with Fringes

This is a classic shaggy hairstyle. Most people like getting bangs with this hairstyle. It gives more room for framing your face. You can either leave your fringes the standard way or you can style it with a ponytail and let your fringes fall beautifully on your face. This gives your face an illusion of an oval shape.

If you have a square face then, having straight bangs will not be a good idea as it will make your edges prominent. For this shape we want the edges to look softer hence, we will add more layers to the hair.

Anyone with straight or curly hair can go for this style, as it will undoubtedly look good on anyone. This has to be the most effortless hairstyle out there which makes it easier for people over 60 to manage this style.

The Platinum Feathered Shaggy Style

Platinum Feathered Shaggy Style


This style is unique due to the colour that brightens up the look. The platinum colour looks beautiful on ivory skin tone.

You can blow dry your hair inwards, framing them around your face to get a toned shape. This hairstyle will go with any outfit and make you look extra spicy for the date you have been saving.

Getting this exact platinum blonde can be quite tricky, but a good salon never fails a woman. You might have to try a few times to get to it but once you reach your goal, you’ll love it.

The platinum blonde exudes confidence when merged with this shaggy hairstyle.

The Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet


The mullet is a talk of the town hairstyle. The Medium hair shaggy mullet hairstyle has to be the best-looking Mullet out of all other mullet styles. This mullet style compliments your face because it has a fading effect on your wrinkles.

This hairstyle cannot be pulled off by everyone, but if it looks good with your facial structure and you think you can pull it off, then by all means you should go for it.

People have mixed feelings about this style, but the secret to a good mullet is to keep your hair length to a medium.

You can also pump up your shaggy mullet hairstyle by incorporating a soft perm to it or by adding a hint of pastel colours which will help to brighten up your face.

If you have finally gathered up enough courage to get a mullet, then why not level it up by adding different tints to it? Go and have fun my wayward son.

Electric Pink Shaggy Hairstyle

Electric Pink Shaggy Hairstyle

The shaggy hairstyle is a fun sultry hairstyle. You can play with various colours and add various shades to it based on your skin tone. This hairstyle will never fail to make you look good.

The electric pink combination with orange tints is a fabulous way to show off your creative knack and out-of-the-box styling sense.

Who says you can’t do crazy colours when you are over 60? You need to go out there and do whatever it is that you want and prove them all wrong!

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles for Thick Hair Over 60

The medium shaggy hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle of our time. People are loving it because it makes you look modern and trendy. It fits well with all hair types irrespective of your hair type.

The shaggy hairstyle is interesting because it makes your hair full of volume and textures, but on the contrary, it can also reduce volume from your hair. If your hair is too thick and capacious, this is the hairstyle for you to eliminate the fullness from your hair that makes it look more like a birdhouse and less like a hairstyle.

It will take out the extra volume and make your hair look lighter, but by no means will your hair look dull. Rather it will leave your hair looking stunning.

People who are born with a full head of thick hair are blessed because no hairstyle ever looks anything but good.

This hair type can rock any hairstyle in this world. You never have to worry about the volume of your hair or think about your hair looking too flat. It always looks full and lustrous.

If you have thick hair, you can own the shaggy hairstyle like it was made just for you. There are multiple ways you can carry this style in. You can make them shorter, keep them longer or keep a medium length to enjoy the best of both worlds just like our very own Hannah Montana.

Below are a few Medium shaggy hairstyles for over 60 that you can try if you have thick hair, irrespective of what age you are, these hairstyles look good on everyone. Especially on people over 60 because it takes down a few years off of your face right off the bat.

The Luscious Shaggy Curls

Luscious Shaggy Curls


This hairstyle has a huge fan base because it looks extra good on thick hair. The curls fall perfectly over your shoulder, flaunting the shaggy golden locks. The longer bangs that go just below your eyebrows add more dimension to your face.

If you have beautiful blonde hair, then you can go for this look without the fear of not looking good. This medium shaggy hairstyle will fit perfectly with any look or outfit.

Shaggy Beach Waves

Shaggy Beach Waves


The beach waves are amongst the most popular shaggy hairstyles. Thick hair and beach waves are like the combination of milk and Oreo; it can never go South. This style has the perfect balance of waves and shag to boost your confidence.

Spiral Shaggy Hairstyle

Spiral Shaggy Hairstyle


The spiral shaggy hairstyle has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the experienced generation. If you have thick hair you can go for this style. It allows your naturally thick hair to look fuller and a lot more textured.

You can go out on a Sunday brunch styling your bouncy new hair in a spiral shaggy hairstyle wearing a nice sundress and you could pair it with a nice pair of shades to give your look the extra oomph.

Cruella de Ville Shaggy Hairstyle

Cruella de Ville Shaggy Hairstyle


The best thing about having a medium shaggy hairstyle is that you can style it any way you want. This look is inspired by the famous villanelle Cruella de Ville of 101 Dalmatians.

She might not have been everyone’s favourite but people loved hairstyle. It is a beautiful half and half of a golden blonde and jet black contrast.

This is one the most striking look amongst all the shaggy hairstyles and it gives you the grungy vibe as well.

Box Braided Shaggy Hairstyle

Box Braided Shaggy Hairstyle


If you have very thick and coarse hair, you can go for this look. This is a medium Shaggy hairstyle for over 60 who have very thick and hard to manage hair.

With this hairstyle, you get two in one. You get the shaggy hairstyle and your hair gets more manageable. It is just like the incantation from Harry Potter “Mischief Managed”!

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles for Fine Hair Over 60

If you have fine hair, you must have always been looking for the perfect hairstyle that will add more volume to your hair. Perhaps a hairstyle that will give it the illusion of more volume and allow you to look more youthful?

Fine hair has always been a problem amongst women especially for people over 60. But worry no more my dearest, because I have come up with the best-looking hairstyle that can save you from the trauma of a bad hair day.

Look at all these people wearing their hair like the crown they should!

The Side Fringe Shaggy Hairstyle

Side Fringe Shaggy Hairstyle


This hairstyle has a soft finish at the edges which dulls out the wrinkles on your face, allowing you to look much younger. The side fringe brings more texture to your hair and makes it look more animated.

This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that allows you to go about your day without worrying about your hair. You can wear it anywhere. It is not too casual or too formal. It checks out all the boxes.

Do you want to go to work? You don’t have to worry about hair because it is already done. You are late for a party? Just wear the lovely dress and get going because hair has been taken care of. Ready for a vacation? You should just pack your bags and be on your way because with this hairstyle, it will not be a problem

With all these stylings you might as well pass on as a teenager. Wink wink!

The Medium Shaggy Bob

Medium Shaggy Bob


This hairstyle takes away years from your face. The bangs layer over your forehead away which helps to cover up the wrinkles and the outward curls prioritises the hairstyle by taking away the sight from the face.

This is a very fun hairstyle and is suitable for anyone over 60. It gives you the semi-casual funk core vibe. You can easily blend in with the young kids and they will be intrigued to get to know you.

You can style this look with a nice pair of jeans and a v-shaped t-shirt. You can wear a leather jacket to get a biker chic look or a denim jacket for a subtler look. Either way, you will end up looking good.

This is an ageless hairstyle and everyone digs it. With a medium-length and shaggy hairstyle, this becomes a combo of fun and intrepid.

The Medium Shaggy Strawberry Blonde

Medium Shaggy Strawberry Blonde


The medium shaggy strawberry blonde might be a long name for a hairstyle but hear me out. This hairstyle has been trending amongst the older group because it gives you that sassy sensuous look. There is no going wrong with this style.

This flirty look not only pumps up your hair and brings texture to it but also looks very natural. If you have a round face with a double chin, then this is your style. Even if you have thin hair, you can go for this hairstyle as it will take care of that and sit around your face in a way that will soften the fine line, and brighten up your features.

With this hairstyle, you do not have to worry about your hair type. The medium shaggy strawberry blonde screams fine hair, don’t care!

The Rumpled Shaggy Hairstyle

Rumpled Shaggy Hairstyle

Do you have fine hair? You are over 60 and looking for a mind-blowing hairstyle?

Guess what? You got it. The rumpled shaggy hairstyle is the solution to all your problems. This is perfect for medium-length curly hair.

This style is an all-in-one service provider because you can go to the grocery store or the Bahamas, and you will still look as fine as an aged wine. It lets your hair move and flows naturally, all while maintaining the volume and texture.

Romantic Shaggy Bun

Romantic Shaggy Bun


Here is a style you can try if you have a shaggy hairstyle. It is a romantic hair-up that you can do if you have medium hair. This hairstyle has a very soft romantic vibe to it. It contours your face with loosely tied hair and gives it more curves.

You can style your hair like this for any formal program. This springtime style is perfect for a wedding or a date night.

You don’t have to think twice about your age to get the romantic shaggy bun done, because believe it or not, you might just end up adoring it.

How to Achieve the Medium Shaggy Hairstyle at Home?

You might wonder how you can achieve the trendy popping Medium shaggy hairstyle at home, or if it is even possible.

To help you out of your misery I will just say it. Yes! It is possible and I will generously take you on a tour with this step-by-step guide to “how to achieve the Medium shaggy hairstyle” at home and get a salon-like result. However, you must prepare yourself for mishaps.

With the help of a few tools and proper guidelines, it is not too difficult to get your desired haircut. Just stick around and find out for yourself.

To get the best out of this guide you should follow these systematically organised steps without skipping them. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and get going with the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Hair wash: You must always wash your hair before going for a style. Try using a good shampoo that will clean all the residue and sebum off of your hair and your scalp. Then use a conditioner to get softer and shinier-looking hair.

Always apply a small amount of conditioner on your wet hair and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off, do not use too much conditioner or leave it for too long as it causes damage to the hair.

You must rinse your hair with water properly to avoid any residue left behind.

This way the new products you use will sit for longer and your hairstyle will look perfectly done.

Step 2: Hair dry: For this step, it is best to first wrap your hair in a microfibre towel once you are done washing your hair. Microfibre towels are the best for your hair because they are exceptionally absorbent and gentle.

The next step for drying your hair is to detangle it first with your fingers. This way it gets easier for you to handle your hair. Now just lightly dry out your hair but leave it damp instead of getting it fully dried for the haircut.

Step 3: Applying essentials: Always apply the essential serums on your hair to protect it from heat. You could use a little dry oil as well. Just spray a little amount on your hands, rub them together and apply it.

The essentials are important because they will protect your hair from the chemicals that you use on your hair. The heat protect serum is a must and you should not avoid applying this otherwise your hair will suffer from breakage and end up looking extremely rough.

However, if you do not own any essential oil or hair serums, it is alright to not use them. Although it is best to get your hands on a heat protectant as soon as possible.

Step 4: Haircut: First of all, you need the proper equipment to cut your hair. Kitchen scissors won’t do the job.

  • A regular pair of hair cutting scissors
  • You will need a pair of thinning scissors
  • Some clips
  • A comb
  • An elastic rubber band

Before moving any further, you must keep your hair damp to get an even cut. Then detangle and brush your hair. Make sure your hair is nicely combed and detangled.

  • Now take all your hair and tie it upright in the middle of your head. Leave no hair out and make sure it is evenly brushed from all sides.
  • Next, you pull up the ponytail and cut it off about 3 to 4 inches off of the ends. Hold the end part of the ponytail between your fingers and chop it right across with your pair of scissors.
  • You should now take off your ponytail, shake out your hair and then comb it down again.
  • Do a middle part and section your hair properly
  • Now you have to section your middle part. Section the front part of your hair, taking all the hair from the back of your ear from one side.
  • Direct all the hair to the other side and then cut off the longer parts in and angle.
  • Repeat the same step for the other side as well
  • Now take a little hair from the front and cut that part in angle to form a curtain bang. This part doesn’t have to be perfect, just keep the length below the tip of your nose.

Step 5: Blow-dry: Now that your haircut is complete, you have to blow-dry your hair to get the shaggy look. You need to use a diffuser in your hair to give it the lift, the volume, and the scrunch. Use a generous amount of it all over your hair and your roots.

Then comb your hair so that the diffuser reaches all parts of your hair evenly. Once you are satisfied with your diffuser, you want to use sea salt spray on your hair. This gives you that grainy, sensuous look.

After applying these products, you need to scrunch your hair, at this point your hair might look like a disaster but you must have faith in the process. Lift your hair and scrunch up your hair around the ends, as much you like.

Now you have to blow dry your hair and keep styling it up as you go. Once your hair is fully dried, you are good to go.

Now you have the desired hairstyle you wanted in just a few simple steps.

Products Required for Medium Shaggy Hairstyle for over 60

This hairstyle is a rather easy style to achieve. You do not have to go wandering around for products to get the medium shaggy hairstyle.

All you need for this hairstyle is a good diffuser to add volume and waves, hair sprays if you want to keep your hair in place and sea salt spray to give your hair the beachy look.

All these products are easily available in the market.

Hair Care Tips for Medium Shaggy Hairstyle Over 60

The medium shaggy hairstyle requires the least effort to keep it looking lively. This low-maintenance hairstyle looks even better on healthy hair, and to get healthy hair you have to make sure that your scalp is healthy too.

Boar bristle brushes are good for your scalp as they direct the blood circulation towards your scalp and roots which helps your hair look naturally shiny.

But apart from that, you have to do upkeep of your hair every 3 weeks. You should visit the salon or do it at home as long as you keep the top part of your Medium shaggy hairstyle short.

The right length for it is right around your cheekbone or if you want it a bit longer maybe around the centre of your cheek. But if it goes past that, your shaggy hairstyle is changing to something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men over 60 get the Medium shaggy hairstyle?

Ans. The medium shaggy hairstyle is not limited only to women; men can also get this iconic hairstyle without the fear of looking feminine. Men have been looking gorgeous in this hairstyle and it is about time we acknowledge that.

What face structure does the Medium shaggy hairstyle go with?

Ans. The medium shaggy hairstyle is for everyone. This hairstyle suits all face types, be it heart-shaped, oval, square, or round. The shaggy hairstyle has made its place and people are loving it because everyone is rocking this hairstyle in their unique ways.

How long does the medium shaggy hairstyle stay?

Ans. The medium shaggy hairstyle needs to be touched up every 3 weeks or it grows longer. Because this is a somewhat shorter hairstyle, you have to see to it that it does not surpass a certain length to maintain the standard look.

You can touch up your hair at home by yourself with just a pair of salon scissors. It is quite easy to do that. Just keep the top part short and keep your fringes wispy.

Can the medium shaggy hairstyle be styled at home for over 60?

Ans.  Absolutely. You can style this hair at home by yourself. You will just need 4 things to get it done. A diffuser, sea salt spray, a hairdryer, and your hands.

Need to apply the diffuser and the sea salt spray evenly onto your hair and just scrunch it up nicely around the ends. Then use the hairdryer to blow dry your hair and boom! You have your Medium shaggy hairstyle.

Is it possible to achieve the Medium shaggy hairstyle for over 60 at home?

Ans. You can get this haircut by yourself. All you need is a pair of salon scissors and an elastic rubber band. Tie up your hair and cut it around the edges to achieve your desired hairstyle. This is not a very difficult task and can be acquired easily.


People have been trying out the shaggy hairstyle for ages now. Every year this hairstyle comes back with a different twist and people love it even more. This style is a statement for people of any age.

This hairstyle gives you the power to embrace how you look and represent yourself the way you want.

You just have to find out the right style that you love and get it done from your nearest salon, and if that is not a possibility; you need not worry because it is simple enough for you to do it yourself.

Now that you have all the curated information about medium shaggy hairstyles for over 60, what are you waiting for? Go and be spontaneous with your hair and give it all the love it deserves.

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