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6 Variations Of Monk Haircuts That You Should Try Today

The Monk haircuts these days are far from being the hideous tonsure that you are thinking of! They are actually growing popular because of the clean and sharp image they can create.

Although modern monk haircuts barely resemble the historical ones, people have still chosen to call it by this name because it gives off a certain devout and prayerful vibe. Whether you are a real, disciplined monk, or simply fancy the neatness of a practitioner, this article is going to help you change your image to a certain gracefulness.

So, if you are intrigued by the name of this haircut, you have come to the right place to know more about it, because we are going to tell you all about this strangely attractive hairstyle!

What Is A Monk Haircut?

What Is A Monk Haircut

The monk haircut generally refers to the tonsured hair of Catholic monks. They would shave a part of their hair just at the crown of their heads as a sign of true faith in god.

Without a doubt, such a haircut looks strange because that is exactly the point of this haircut. To look unattractive on a worldly standard.

Apart from a tonsure, there are so many types of monk haircuts considering the diversity of religions worldwide and their ways of practicing discipline.

For example, Buddhist monks shave their entire heads while Taoist monks keep their hair long and pin them up in a top knot. Qing dynasty monks used to shave only the front half of the head and keep long braided hair at the back.

However, nowadays monk haircut refers to a certain type of short bowl cut with shaved or trimmed undercut at the bottom. It is called the monk haircut because monks and priests of modern days rarely cut their hair in the traditional way in order to merge better with society. Rather they go for a more formal and clean haircut that is easy to maintain, but at the same time, would look neat and well-groomed.

5 Modern Monk Haircuts in 2022

In this time of going over the board with hairstyles, you can not only try the traditional monk haircuts but also spice things up a little and go for something new!

We have picked some hairstyles for you that radiate a monk’s energy even if they are not exactly the traditional monk haircut. Try out these cool hairstyles to bring a divine aura around you!

Caesar Style Monk Haircut

Ceasar Style Monk Haircut

This monk haircut is a neat choice for anyone who wants to have a short and iconic hairstyle!

It is a mix of Caesar haircut and a traditional monk shave. The tops are cut short like a bowl cut and the front is cut like a Caesar-style short bang.

The back and sides are almost shaved in such a way that it creates a sharp line around the head, resembling the good old monk haircut.

It is a great haircut for gaining a monk-like image in a modern context. So go for this avant-garde hairstyle and surprise your peers with your fashion sense!

If you want to go extra creative and fun with your hair, but would like to hold the monk aesthetics at the same time, then this could be the perfect hairstyle for you!

The top is done like a straight and sharp bowl cut while the bottom is cleanly trimmed short. The key part is keeping just a streak of long hair at the middle of the nape so that the overall look gives off a monk-ish vibe.

You can make this hairstyle even more fun by combining two hair colors red and black – red for the top and the monk tail, and black for the shaved parts. So go ingenious with your monk haircut with this super dope style!

Reverse Monk Haircut

Reverse Monk Haircut

This super short monk haircut will easily upgrade your appearance if you’re looking for a slightly mature look!

We call it the reverse monk haircut because it is exactly what the reverse tonsure would look like! Instead of shaving the part at the crown, keep that, and shave the rest. And that is how you get this easy yet modern-looking monk-style haircut.

This hairstyle will shine the best if you keep heavy beards to balance the weight of the look. So try this hairstyle now and make your appearance posh and enlightened!

Sharp-Sliced Monk Haircut

Sharp Sliced Monk Haircut

This choppy-looking haircut will add an ultra-modern spark to your appearance if you can pull it right!

A short bowl cut at the top and an even shorter trim at the bottom is all there is to this haircut. The bowl cut should be short enough to create a buzz-like effect on the hair. But it should be at least a centimeter longer than the trimmed bottom so that there is a clear sliced-up look in the cut. Try this easy and low-maintenance haircut and live your minimalist life!

Two-Block Monk Haircut

Two Block Monk Haircut

This two-block monk haircut will definitely steal everyone’s heart whether they are pious or not!

The top section is cut in an almost bowl cut with short layers and a slightly longer slant at the back. The bottom part is trimmed short and cleanly faded at the nape of the neck.

The bowl cut should be a little choppy at the end so that the two-block is more defined. You are free to style your hair a little to bring either a popular-guy look or a more preppy look. So make your own hot priest image for the town to forgive everyone’s sins.

Monk Haircut With A Tattoo

Monk Haircut With A Tattoo

This monk haircut might be a little controversial because it requires you to commit a biblical sin! With a high bowl cut at the crown and a clean shaved undercut, you would get a perfect canvas for a cool tattoo.

Throw in your favorite tattoo on the newly exposed area at your nape to fully convert this haircut into a sinful delight. With such a style, an auspicious tattoo would only do this justice, and upgrade your haircut to an unimaginable level!

So what are you waiting for? Make your punk rock debut with the coolest monk haircut!

How To Get A Monk Haircut

Your desired monk hairstyle can be a bit difficult to perfect. So we recommend you to go to your stylist if you can. Spending some bucks is definitely going to be worth it when it comes to haircuts that give you clean, groomed looks.

But if you are more inclined to some casual and creative hairstyles, or are brave enough to try them out for yourself, you can follow these steps when you want to save a trip to the salon!

Plan Your Monk Haircut

To execute your DIY operation, the most essential part of this process is to plan ahead. For doing that, you have to consider a number of aspects in your head before diving into the styling process.

The factors you must consider before your haircut are as follows:

  • The first step is to ask what kind of monk haircut you want.
  • Then ask yourself: what is your natural hair type? Curly, wavy, or straight?
  • Do you have a specific model photo of that style?
  • Do you want to customize a little?
  • How long will the hair be at the top or at the bottom?
  • How cleanly shaved would the sides and the back be?
  • Would the sides be faded, trimmed, or plain shaved?

Once you note down the answers to all these questions, it will make your life way easier and you will be able to achieve your desired look more precisely.

Prepare Your Tools

Prepare your electric trimmer and clippers of different sizes that are required for the lengths that you want. You would also need a pair of hair cutting scissors, a hair shaving razor, a comb, and water to dampen your hair if needed.

Line Out The Top Section

Most monk haircuts include a type of bowl cut at the top. So start with lining and shaving up the top part of the bowl cut from the front to all the way back to the ears with your trimmer. You don’t have to be perfect at this point. The goal is to create a guiding line but try to be as precise as you can!

Trim Out The Lengths

Continue with cutting off some volume from your grown-out hair at the top and then at the sides. Pick the right size of clippers and start trimming off the hair until it suits your satisfaction. Keep combing your hair in the process to make sure all parts of the head get a trim.

Trim Or Shave The Sides And Back

Now it’s time to trim extra hair at the sides and the back. Use the appropriate clipper for the length you desire. Keep working on small sections until your trimmer touches all the areas properly. Be careful not to trim too much hair off!

Clean The Neckline

Dampen your hair at the back and comb them toward the other side to move them out of the way. Now carefully clean up the hairline at your neck with a razor. Take time while doing this to get a more perfect line. Seek help from friends or family members if necessary!

Your desired Monk haircut is done! Now it is time to add some flairs to your regular monk haircut! Whether you want to dye your hair or style them in a suave way, it is up to you. Remember, if you are not happy about any part, you can always snip a bit more. Feel free to take your time and experiment with your Monk haircut!


Want more knowledge on Monk haircut? Check out our FAQ section for more spice on these fancy styles!

Q: Why do monks have a special haircut?

Ans: Practicing monks tend to cut their hair in a certain manner to show their devotion to god. Usually, the hair is cut in such a way that it looks plain, and in some cases, worse than normal. That is a way of removing vanity and worldly attachments from their appearances and hence, a sign of true dedication toward god.

Q: How often do I need to groom a monk haircut?

Ans: It depends on how clean you want to keep your shave. Usually monks shave their heads once every two months, or when the hair grows to the length of two finger-widths. Keep in mind that an average person’s hair grows approximately one centimeter per month. So if you want to keep the trim shorter than that, you might need to groom your hair more often.

Q: Is it offensive to copy a monk haircut for Halloween?

Ans: This might sound like a wild question but it is better to be sensible of other religions. The traditional monks are seen wearing tonsures, shaved heads, or top buns as their religious practice and a lot of people wear these hairstyles as costumes for Halloween every year. People rarely go for an outfit that they do not like, so there is little chance that anyone would wear a monk haircut with the intention to offend a religion. However, as long as one is being respectful, everything should be fine.

Final Verdict

A monk haircut can be worn for a weighty reason like a display of faith, or a casual reason like daily wear, or perhaps a fun reason like a Halloween costume! Whatever the reason is, monk hairstyles are growing more popular and more creative day by day.

Now we see people wearing cool priest hairstyles not only in fiction but also in real human beings. So join the trend and opt for a cool monk haircut now! You will definitely fall in love with the overall benefits it is going to bring!

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