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10 Awesome Mop Haircuts You MUST Check Out Today

The hot and trendy mop haircut aka “the TikTok haircut” is here to mop the floor with its awesome styling. From the legendary “The Beatles” to heartthrob Justin Bieber, everyone has tried out this haircut. This modified bowl cut gives out the retro vibe like no other.

Wet mop haircuts work like an instant attention grabber. With little to almost no additional maintenance, this haircut provides you with a lot of textures. The movement in your hair is sure to move everyone’s heart.

If you were looking for a new personality with a new hairstyle, then you are in the right place. Because in this article we are going to show you some fantastic mop haircut ideas that’ll immediately make you look in touch with the trend. There’s a bit of additional knowledge at the end as well.

So, gear up trendy kings and look through till the end!

Trendy Mop Haircut: Unique Ideas To Die For!

Mop haircuts can make you look free-spirited and cool. However, regardless of how cool the haircut might be, you should always check out some ideas to find out the haircut best suited for you.

Let’s jump into it!

Modified Mop Top Haircut

Modified Mop Top Haircut

Ryan Eggold, the renowned American actor’s mop-top haircut is a classic example of a slightly modified mop haircut. Because the usual mop-top haircut keeps the bangs longer at the front and the hair at the back is kept relatively shorter or mid-length. However, for this hairstyle, the wispy bangs are kept a bit longer. And this fits every trendy man out there.

This haircut gives out the perfect classy style full of texture and depth. A vintage hint to the modern trend is all you need to maintain a fashionable appearance.

Get this haircut and prepare yourself to feel like a celeb in every attire!

Get It Tidy On The Sides

Tidy On The Sides

This version of the mop haircut keeps the longer bangs similar to the original but with an undercut. As a result, providing a stunning juxtaposition of neat and messy.

Moreover, this hairstyle is for you if you want to stand out in a crowd. A little bad boy allure of a slight undercut will make everyone go crazy over your haircut. Make sure to consult your stylist if an undercut will suit your face shape.

It will be an amazing look, especially for curly hair. So make sure to use proper styling products specifically for your curly hair to get more moisturized and defined curls.

Go Vibrant

Go Vibrant

In a world where colored hair is acceptable almost in every setting, why would you ever settle for less? Get your mop colored and remember to be creative with it. Mix and match contrasted unique dyes creating a composition to die for!

You can dramatically change up your whole vibe with this hairstyle. Your untamed mane will look fly no matter how you style them. You can air dry your hair and look fabulously dashing. You can easily overtake the position of fashionista in your friend group with this hairstyle.

Get vibrant color and be the fashion king everyone wishes to be.

Side Parted

Side Parted Mop Cut

There are two types of side-part haircuts. One of them will make everyone hate your whole fashion sense and the other would make everyone wish they were you. Side parted mop haircut belongs to the latter group.

To get the maximum swoon appeal of this hairstyle you can back brush one part of your hair. And you will be ready to attend a red carpet event or meet the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

You will look like husband material if you pair up this hairstyle with your formals. Don’t wait up on it and get it today!

The Messier The Better

The Messier The Better

This haircut provides a large number of textures on your hair. It will make everyone want to run their fingers through your hair. The maximum fluffiness provided with this haircut is its best feature.

When it comes to styling this haircut is the easiest of them all. It’s a great haircut for thinning hair as well. The volumes and textures it provides are enough to make everyone go crazy. You will feel like the protagonist of a Netflix teen movie. The charm of this haircut is hard to resist.

So, make everyone go crazy with your fashion sense with this haircut today!

Perfectly Subtle

Perfectly Subtle

If your fashion sense is all about keeping it subtle then this haircut is for you. The slight waves of this hairstyle give it the right amount of retro vibe you need. Moreover, it will not steal attention from your facial features but rather accentuate your natural beauty. You will end up looking like an Instagram king with this hairstyle.

The styling is so simple and elegant that you can’t resist the haircut’s charm. You can let your wavy bangs stay on top of your hair just the way it is, be it on the side parted or the middle parted.

Don’t hesitate and just go for it.

Rock star

Rock Star Mop Style

Have you ever thought that this is the time for you to make a fashion statement with your haircut? Then this is the perfect time for you. This haircut has the right amount of vintage vibe to go with the trend while making your style stand out.

For this hairstyle, all you have to do is spike out the hair at your back and that’s it. You can pair it up with edgy clothes to cater to the aesthetic. It will undoubtedly create a cool look oozing an attractive masculine aura.

Rock your haircut with your rock star vibe.

Curl Emperor

Curl Emperor

In this hairdo, you have to worship your curls to get the perfect textures. You will get a killer look no matter how you wear it. It gives you a myriad of options from the boy next door vibe to a professional writer, any kind of aesthetics is possible to pull off. However, mostly you will give off a soft aura rather than an intimidating one.

It’s an amazing look that’ll instantly make you look brighter. Moreover, it will provide proper face shaping enhancing your facial features.

Live your soft boy era and make everyone swoon for you by keeping your curls natural.

Dead Straight

Dead Straight

If you don’t have thick hair, then dead straight hair might not look good in most other haircuts. However, this haircut is perfect for you. The volume and the flowy vibe are all you need in life.

This haircut is enough to leave a good first impression. You will look like the dopest person in any setting. You will look stylish and comfortable making everyone in the room want to be like you. It offers the maximum chilled look making everyone focus only on you. The effortless casual style will make you bring a cute chicness as well.

Look absolutely dashing with this haircut!

Wet Mop Haircut

Wet Mop Haircut

If you have ever wanted to intimidate everyone with your suave fashion sense, then boy-oh-boy do we have the perfect hairstyle for you! This hairstyle is the perfect example of elegance and a swanky vibe. All you’ve got to do is back brush all of your hair while keeping a few locks on the sides and curl up their ends creating the perfect flow.

And voila! You are now looking like the rich protagonist of a rom-com movie. You will look bold and powerfully suave with this style. Make sure to use a lot of setting spray to keep the flowy vibe intact.

Don’t wait up on this haircut and steal everyone’s heart away with this haircut!


In this section, we have some basic faqs to get you started for your mop haircut. These simple answers can help you understand if you can get this haircut right this instant or not.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Question: Who are the mop tops?

Answer: Who else other than the top-tier legends of all time The Beatles? The fab four rocked their mop tops making their millions of fans swoon. Hence, they are the mop tops.

Question: What type of hair is the most suitable for a mop haircut?

Answer: The more variation you have in your life the more different it would look on you. So you don’t actually need to worry about your hair type. But the mainstream mop haircut is famous for curly and wavy hair types.

Question: Which hair length is maintained for a mop haircut?

Answer: Medium length is best suited for a mop haircut. But you can get its shorter or longer version as well for a more modern retro vibe.

Question: How do you style a mop haircut?

Answer: Usually the messier your hair is the better it looks. Because it will give you that much texture. So you can just keep it as it is and dry it naturally. Stephen Marinaro of TheSalonGuy suggested using a sea salt spray as a styler.

Concluding Thoughts

As you have seen from the ideas presented, the sensual laid-back energy of this haircut is to die for. The intentional messiness creates a lot of volume and a hint of mystery to your character. Moreover, the subtle bowl-like shape helps frame your face more distinctly.

Regardless of your age, this haircut will look terrific on you. The hair length is perfect for both casual and professional settings which is hard to find in trendy hairstyles.

People will definitely be able to notice your boyish charm with this haircut. This modern look will give a boost to your self-esteem. The boy next door charm of this haircut is bound to get you noticed everywhere. You can bring out your friendly approachable aura with this haircut. And as we have mentioned before, you can get all this with almost no additional maintenance.

So, why not try growing your hair out for this top-tier haircut guy?

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