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What is a Root Perm? 8 Hairstyling Ideas for Root Permed Hair

Have you ever had a bad hair day when your roots just looked like they are lying flat with no hope of getting back on track? If you try to keep up with the latest hair styling trends, you might know that the hair care industry has recently introduced tons of volumizing products. Why? Because no one likes the flat look when it comes to their hair.

No matter if your hair is straight or curly, the presence of volume should be there. This is because the beauty of your hair gets hindered if the hair stays all laid down with little to no volume. But we understand that using all the hair volumizing products every day may seem like a hassle, so here is a long-lasting solution-Root Perm!

Perms are specially meant for the length of your hair beyond the roots, but when it comes to adding volume to your roots, this perming option is something you can consider undoubtedly. As Sally Beauty suggests, root perms are only done on your root area, and they provide your roots with the lifting effect that you always desired.

The definition and outcomes of perms have changed with time, and root perms are a great example of that! They can be worn for a longer amount of time so you can save the extra time needed for styling. Plus, your hair will look super cute so why not give it a try?

How to Do a Root Perm?

When you visit the salon, your hairdresser will do the job of giving you the perfect root perm. As for other perming sessions, generally, the length of your hair is used so it covers a lot of areas. But in the case of a root perm, only your root hair is going to be taken into account.

The process is started by washing your hair properly so that it’s clean for the procedure ahead. Then your hairdresser will divide your hair into sections, and then apply two different types of solutions to your roots. One of these solutions will do the perming part, whereas the other one will add volume.

After applying the solution to each section, the hair is placed on a small roller and it is secured by using clips and rubber bands. Once all the roots are done covering by the same process, you need to wait for some time for the solutions to do their work.

The next step is to rinse your hair again. After it’s done, your hairdresser will apply the neutralizing solution to your roots. You need to keep this on your hair for around 7 minutes, and then the rollers will be taken off your hair.

After that, your hair will go through another rinsing session and once everything is washed out, it’s time to apply heat protectant spray and start the blow-drying process. When your hair is dried and styled perfectly, you will notice that your roots have an eye-pleasing volumized situation going on.

Briana Dunning from STRIIIKE Salon says that if your hair is really fine, then the outcome of a root perm will not be as noticeable as you expect it to be. So before getting your root perm, this is something you should keep in mind. Other than that, you are all set to start your root perm journey!

How Many Types of Root Perms are There?

Types Of Root Perm

There are two types of root perms: the Korean root perm and the perm touch-up. The process of doing a root perm that we have mentioned above is a Korean root perm. In this case, your roots will get a volume that will help you get rid of the flat look. If you have unbleached natural hair, then you can do the digital perm on your lengths as well. The lift-up from a Korean root perm is quite beautiful to look at.

On the other hand, a perm touch-up is a process where the grown-out roots on your previously permed hair are permed to match the look of the rest of your hair. If you went for a perming session before and the results are not so sweet to look at right now because your hair has seen new growth, then this perm touch-up can be a savior!

Trendy Hairstyles with Root Perm for Every Occasion

After knowing all the basics about root perm, you might now want to try it out asap! Especially if you have flat hair that doesn’t look like it’s in its A-game, then now is the time to spice things up with a root perm. However, if you are wondering what types of hairstyles will look best with a root perm, then we are here to help. We have made a list of the best hairstyles that complement root perms perfectly, so let’s check them out now!

With Curtain Bangs

With Curtain Bangs

Starting the list with a banger, here is a super-classy hairstyle that you can definitely try out with your root perm. We often think that root perms are good on their own so there’s no need to add more style. But, why not? Especially if bangs are in the scene, we’re all up for it!

For all the stunners out there, here is a modern hairstyle that’s surely going to win hearts. The lady opted for a root perm on her natural hair, but the curtain bangs at the front have added that extra dose of smartness. The volume on her roots is amazing, so this style is a must-try!

Stylish Bob

Stylish Bob

Bob haircuts are one of those timeless beauties that make you look chic in an instant. When it comes to our natural hair, a compact and comfortable style is great when the weather is warm. So for those days, you can opt for a bob haircut in a short or medium length.

If your natural hair looks kinda flat and the volume is missing, then you can try out the root perms this time in order to add volume to your bob haircut. This is because bob hair looks extra beautiful when the bouncy volume is present. The lady in this picture has all that goodness, and we love how beautiful and natural her hair looks.

Over 50

Root Perm Over 50

For women who are over 50 and have gray hair, opting for a root perm is always suggested as it helps to give the roots a lift. This is especially important because thinning hair is a common occurrence at this age. So if you want to give your hair a subtle lift-up, then we suggest root perms.

Never be unsure to embrace the beauty of your naturally gray hair because the beauty it adds to your aging self is indescribable. Many women love to keep their hair short when they are over 50, so you can go for that too. And for a root perm on your short, gray hair, this picture is going to be the best one to take inspiration from.

Medium Brown

Medium Brown

For all the medium-length hair lovers, here is a picture to get your journey with root perm started. We always think that a bob or wavy style is the best for medium-length hair. But sometimes the occasions are fancy and require something modish. For that, this hairstyle is going to be a great choice.

The middle-part hair with the root perm looks perfect for a glamorous occasion. We love the brown shade of her hair, and the shine is completely mesmerizing. Root perm has given her the volume that all of us dream of, and the curls at the ends look super stylish. For your prom night or a fancy date, we recommend giving this hairstyle a shot!

With Wave Perm

With Wave Perm

If you have never bleached your hair before and you want to try out something new and exciting, then going for the perm is our recommended option for you. And in this case, you can combine your volumizing root perm with your other form of perm to give your style the complete package of beauty.

The lady in this picture has the perfect balayage with wave perm on the length and root perm on her roots. Apart from her balayage, the balance of both perms has captured our attention. This simple side part style can be worn to fancy events without giving much effort, so keep this picture in your collection before you visit the salon again.

With S-Curl Perm

With S Curl Perm

Korean girls are quite famous for their lovely S-Curl perms. We believe that all the K-Drama lovers have wanted to try out the trendy permed hairstyles even for once in their lives. To push that urge a bit further, here is a chic hairstyle that combines a root perm and an S-Curl perm in the same style.

The beautiful black hair of the girl in the picture is neither too long nor too short. The volume on her roots is mesmerizing and we are glad she got that lift! As you can notice, there is a nice balance between the root hair and the curled ends, which we totally appreciate. If you ask us, there’s not a single thing we don’t love about this style!

Natural Side-Part

Natural Side Part


If you want a root perm just the way we mentioned in the beginning, then here is a picture to get you started. It’s for all the lovely ladies out there who are just tired of their hair looking dull and flat all the time. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on your volumizing products, try out root perm today to achieve a look like the one in this picture.

The lady here has naturally black hair with a medium-bob haircut. Her natural hair looks quite thin so the root perm has added a definite touch of volume. The outcome is not too dramatic, but you can surely notice the change around her roots. For something sweet and simple, this hairstyle is a must!

Long Purple

Long Purple

Some ladies just love to keep their hair super long, and we totally appreciate long hair when it’s taken care of properly. The thing with long hair is that you can try out different types of haircuts and styles to make it look more beautiful. And when it comes to coloring the hair, the options are literally infinite.

As vibrant hair color lovers, we recommend coloring your hair in bright shades such as red, pink, or purple. The lady in this picture has super-long hair with the perfect play of purple. The volume of her hair is splendid, especially around the roots because of the root perm. This is a hairstyle that looks healthy and full of life, so you must give it a try asap!


After knowing all the details about root perm and checking out all those lovely hairstyles, we are sure you cannot wait anymore to try out a root perm. Because let’s admit it, volume in the roots is desired by so many of us that we can’t actually keep count. But before you go to the salon, here are the answers to your common questions regarding root perm that we have rounded up for you!

How long does a root perm last?

According to by L’Oréal, most of the perms typically last for 6 months. But as it is your root hair, your hair will grow out within this time. So you can go for the perm touch-up in that case. Just take proper care of your hair and the results will be satisfying.

Can I do a root perm on short hair?

Yes, you can. In fact, we have mentioned a hairstyle above where a root perm has been done on short hair. This allows making your short hair look quite voluminous and beautiful in appearance.

How much does a root perm cost?

StyleSeat says that a root perm will cost you somewhere around $30 to $80, so keep this budget aside beforehand if you are willing to go for a root perm soon.

Final Words

The hairstyling industry is introducing newer products every day, while the options of styling your hair creatively keep expanding with time. There was a time when perm only meant the ultra curly look, but now you can get them in different styles according to your preference.

The root perm has surely achieved its long-due fame, and we have seen many women opting for this particular type of perm to make their hair look voluminous and full of life. It is super easy to do and gives you proper volumized look as an outcome, so rooting for the root perm is all the deal now!

We hope you are going to try out a root perm soon, and suggest you give the styles we have mentioned above a definite try. Make sure to use the best products to take care of your permed hair, and always remember to use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair. Last but not the least, carry your root-permed hair with proper grace anywhere you go in order to flaunt your long-desired volume!

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