Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50

25 Modish Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight

When it comes to hairstyles that are trendy and fashionable, age is just a number! Most of us women think that all the stylish hairstyles are meant to be for the young ladies out there. But you can be as cool as you were in your 20s just by trying out a new hairstyle that will make you age gracefully.

Matured women are more into the bob cuts right now, so who said your options are limited? We understand that with age and environment, your skin and hair go through changes. But if you are determined to take care of how you look despite the passing years, it’s time to invest some money in your hairstyle.

So for all the ladies out there aging beautifully and putting on that extra weight, there’s no need to stop adorning yourself. Rather now is the prime time to make your statement and be that cool lady. Long or short hair, we’ve got you covered!

But first, let’s know some facts about hair in your 50s and how to take care of them!

What Changes Happen to Your Hair in Your 50s?

When you reach your 50s, a lot of hormonal changes occur in your body. For those reasons, your hair ends up facing changes such as getting thin and falling out.

It’s easy to assume that your hair won’t be as full of color and volume in your 50s, but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve those results. Rather with some lifestyle changes and proper products, giving your hair that fuller and healthy look will be a matter of time.

Some women are particularly fond of their gray hair, whereas some just want to color and keep their gray hair away. No matter which side you’re on, there is nothing to worry about. You can flaunt your grays as well as your colors because ultimately, the choice is yours!

With age, you will find out that your hair growth has slowed down and maybe you will end up seeing spaces on your scalp without hair. So what you need to do is take the necessary steps to give your hair that life again.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Beautiful in Your 50s

Keeping your hair healthy and your strands nourished is a matter of determination. Your hair will always end up getting ruined despite your age if you do not take proper care of it. So in your 50s, the caring needs to be a little bit extra.

Start off by taking care of your protein intake. If you do not take enough protein in a day, your hair will not be able to tackle the effects of hormonal change. So, increase your protein intake and make sure it’s fulfilling your needs.

Next, you need to make sure that you are using a conditioner or a hair mask that suits your hair texture. If you are interested to go for a DIY hair mask session, we suggest you use coconut oil in your recipe because coconut oil helps to keep your hair moisturized and aids in hair growth.

If you have colored your hair and want the color to stay longer, you can opt for a sulfate-free shampoo because shampoos with sulfate can strip off your hair color. Also, sulfate-free shampoos are comparatively gentler in nature, so your hair won’t face that extra dryness rather the cleaning session will be gentle.

We would also like to mention that overwashing can make your hair drier. This is applicable for all ages, as overwashing hair with shampoo leads to dryness and your hair gets damaged. So limit your hair-washing sessions and don’t forget to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for aging hair.

Many women love to style their hair in different ways to make it look more exclusive, such as adding curls or simply blow-drying. If you are also a fan of hot styling tools, we recommend using a heat protectant to take care of your hair strands. Without the use of a heat protectant, your hair will simply get damaged and dry because of all the heat needed to style. So choose a good quality heat protectant beforehand.

Our next tip is as old as time. If you are really willing to give your hair all that goodness, then we suggest you use a silk pillowcase instead of your regular one. Cotton pillowcases are not beneficial for hair as they can make your hair dry, rough, and full of split ends. So you should opt for a silk pillowcase to save your hair from all these hassles.

Which Haircuts are Perfect for Over 50 and Overweight?

You can style your hair in different creative ways if you are over 50 and overweight. The options are infinite, so you don’t need to stick to the traditional bob hair only. Rather add some layers and volume to give your hair a healthier look.

Face framing haircut is most popular for a slimming look. You can add layers on the sides of your face to achieve a beautiful style, or go for a messy look as it will make your face appear slimmer. Shaggy layers are always our favorite to give your face that extra feel of trend and coolness, and you can try it out in your 50s as well!

However, if you are a woman who loves the traditional short hairstyle for mature women, then you can always try out the bob with bangs hairstyle. It’s as vintage as it can get and will complement your facial features quite well if you are overweight.

Trendiest Hairstyles for Overweight Women in Their 50s

Women in their 50s can style their hair in any way they like-no matter if the length is long, medium, or short. So if you are in your 50s and have gained a little bit of weight, here are some of the best hairstyles that will complement your age and physical features.

Wavy Short

Wavy Short

Let’s start our list with a simple but elegant hairstyle for mature women, which is the wavy short style. Most women in their 50s love to keep their hair short and compact because hair that is longer in length might require some work to maintain, so this wavy shirt style is a must-try for those women out there.

You can visit the salon to get a hairstyle as chic as this one. The black hair with brown and blonde highlights has the perfect curls to complement the length of the hair. Also, the bangs at the front have given a voluminous touch to the entire style.

This side-parted hair is suitable for everyday wear as well as formal events. So if you are attending a wedding very soon, this hairstyle can be your best pick!

Classy Bob

Classy Bob

Your bob doesn’t have to be boring just because you are in your 50s. Rather stepping up your bob-haircut game is the ultimate goal right now! Lately, if you have been feeling like there is something missing from your hair, then it’s the perfect bob cut for sure.

This bob haircut is so simple but it looks so beautiful and elegant at the same time. As she has a long face, the side-parted style has totally matched her facial features. The cut is precise and clean so the angular shape has done justice to her hair.

For simple gray coverage and adding that highlight feeling, this hairstyle can be a go-to option. If your hair is thin and you are not a fan of volume, we suggest you try out this hairstyle the next time you visit the salon.

Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

The classic blonde bob has been a famous hairstyle for women in their 50s for a long time now. It has a mature appeal and never goes out of style. What you can do is style your hair in creative ways so that your bob haircut stands out from the rest of the crowd.

For example, you can add layers to your bob. The thing with layers is it gives you a messy but elegant look and complements your bob haircut quite well. So the next time you visit the salon, don’t forget to go for a layered bob.

This blonde bob is so elegant and eye-catching from the very first glance. The layers have created a voluminous effect on the hair which looks fascinating. Plus, this style is short and comfortable so this will be a great pick for the summer.

Medium Gray

Medium Gray Hair

Many of us are particular fans of medium-length hair, and lately, if you have been thinking if medium hair will suit you as you are in your 50s, then the answer is yes! As we mentioned before, no matter what your hair length is, you can rock any style you wish with your hair.

While most women like to cover their gray hair with beautiful colors, some just love to keep it natural. The beauty of your original gray hair, when styled perfectly, is beyond any description. Especially if the length suits your features. So we suggest trying out a gray-hair look at least once in your life to see how elegant it feels.

You can take this picture as your guide. The beautiful lady here has hair that is healthy and voluminous in appearance. The combination of black and gray has created an eye-soothing effect that we just can’t get enough of. Plus, the slightly curly ends are total goals! So give this a try the next time you want to go for something gorgeous.

Swing Bob with Bangs

Swing Bob with Bangs

Swing bob is a great style for short and medium hair lovers. In this cut, the hair is shorter in the back and it gradually gets longer as the hair reaches the sides. This particular hairstyle has become famous among many women out there, and our favorite celebrities have also tried out this hairstyle.

If you have medium-length hair and want to rock this hairstyle, we suggest you take notes from this picture. The lady here has blonde hair that has been given a blunt cut, and the style looks perfectly complementary to her age and facial features.

The bangs at the fronts have given this style that extra vibe. Her bob is already beautiful but adding bangs has made her look complete. If you want, you can keep your bangs shorter in the middle and longer at the sides. This way it will make your face look thinner and will complement your weight and age as well.

Mermaid Bob

Mermaid Bob

Trying out fun hair colors is an exciting way to give yourself a baddie and cutie look when you are fifty-plus. Your fun side is always there, so why not portray it through your hair? And for that, we recommend trying out colors like pink or purple to give your hair that mermaid vibe which is subtle but cool at the same time.

This mermaid bob is our favorite when it comes to colored hair. The hair is thin but the cuts at the end have created a fuller appearance which complements her facial structure. This is a style that will make a statement in an instant, and remind people that being in your 50s is just as fun!

Feed-In Braids

Feed in Braids

Protective hairstyles are always a good option for black women, and they can try these out at any age. So if you have reached your 50s and are thinking about whether box braids or jumbo braids will be the right option for you, then we are here to tell you that yes, they can.

You can try out feed-in braids for instance. If your hair has turned gray and you want to look younger, then opt for the black braiding hair to give yourself a younger look in an instant. When it comes to braiding, the options are endless. You can try out different styles and rock your long or short braids according to your preference.

Long Balayage

Long Balayage Hair

Long hair can be styled in many ways, starting from the classic straight look to wavy ones. When you have long hair, you can give it layers or a shaggy style to make your hair look voluminous. Or else, there’s always room for a perfect balayage.

Balayage is one of the trendiest hairstyles at present times, and it especially looks gorgeous on short and long hair. We always love a perfect balayage done at the salon, so if you want to adopt this hairstyle, we suggest you do it asap!

You can take inspiration from this hairstyle. If your hair is long and thin, you can add volume by curling your hair down the length. The brown and blonde shades in this style are totally elegant, and you can carry them gracefully on formal and informal occasions, there’s no limit!

Short Spike

Short Spiky Hair

Who said girls cannot rock a spike hairstyle? Well, the last time we checked, the spike hairstyle is one of those baddie hairstyles that does not require any introduction when it comes to teenagers and all the bold ladies out there! But if you are thinking twice because you are in your 50s, worry no more because the spike is just as suitable for you.

For instance, this hairstyle is totally our favorite! The blonde hair is cut short and the spike in the middle is giving us major cool vibes. Also, her entire look and accessories have given her that cool lady attitude which has been elevated just by the short spike. So if you want to ignite that baddie persona, try this hairstyle right now!

Bob with Side Bang

Bob with Side Bang

Bangs are always in style. No matter if it is a curtain bang or a side bang, you can easily carry bangs with ease because this hairstyle has been going on for decades for a reason. And when it comes to women over 50s, bangs can be a perfect addition to your style as they cover the forehead and give thinner hair a rather fuller appearance.

You can carry your natural hair when it comes to bangs, and there is no need to do extra highlights if your gray hair is peeking. For example, this bob cut with a side bang is our recommended hairstyle for you. Here, the gray hairs are working as natural highlights on her brown-base hair, which is literally hair goals in your 50s.

This style is cute and compact for warm weather, and it doesn’t require much effort. You can even cut the bang yourself if you have enough confidence, and rock it like a diva anytime you step outside.

Pink Balayage

Pink Balayage

Pink is most probably our favorite color when it comes to hair, and we love the classic pink highlights as well as overall pink hair as it creates the ultimate statement. So if you are willing to upgrade your hairstyle right now, then why not go for a pink balayage!

It sounds a bit risky but trust us, you will love the outcomes. As we mentioned before, balayage looks great on short and long hair. So if you are not a fan of long strands and just want to keep your hair short but gorgeous, then balayage can be your go-to option.

This pink balayage is so stunning that we cannot help recommending this style to you. The base hair is brown and the pink hair over the brown hair looks elegant for a girl’s night out or just for casual wear. Don’t forget to make the ends curly so that your hair is perfectly set for weddings, dates, vacations-you name it! We’ve got you covered!

Long Black

Long Black Hair

Luscious long hair is always gorgeous, and who doesn’t love the long black strands! If your hair is long and black, you can try out different styles such as balayage, or just simply curling your hair will give it a glamorous look. Because trust us, the options with black hair are endless.

You can take this balayage hair as your guide the next time you visit the salon. Or if you are confident enough, doing highlights at home can also be a great option. If you are all about that subtle look and do not want to make things heavy and full, then this picture is perfect. The combination of brown and black in this hair is absolutely lovable.

Shaved Hair

Shaved Side Hair

Shaved hair is kind of a daring option as it is hard to jump for this hairstyle because it requires the confidence to pull off a shaved look. But if you are bold enough to try out a shaved look, we definitely recommend trying it out once. Trust us, you won’t want to come back from that baddie look again.

For example, this short hair is everything you need to step into that baddie world in your 50s. The hair is shaved in the sides, and the spike in the middle is so classy that you can rock this style on a night out with your girls without giving it a second thought.

The most interesting part of this entire hairstyle is the green and orange color in the middle. The orange is not too bright and not too subtle, so it is perfect for daily wear. The style is really bold and we suggest you try this out if you have the boldness within you.

Messy Updo

Messy Updo

Updos are mainly suitable for formal events such as weddings and red carpets, but if you want, you can do a simple updo at home or whenever you are running out to get your groceries. In that case, a messy updo is a better option compared to neat and tidy formal updos.

Messy updos have their own kind of elegance as they do not require much effort but give you that laid-back aesthetic vibe. Especially for events such as outdoor weddings, a messy updo can be your companion to match the theme of the event.

Take this hairstyle for example. The hair has a nice play of brown all over, and the caramel shade is surely gorgeous. Some hair has been spared at the front to give it a homely look, but the updo looks intricate and relaxed. This is a must-try hairstyle for ladies in their 50s in any upcoming events.

Trio Pixie

Trio Pixie Cut

Are you a fan of layers? Well, if you don’t love a traditional layer cut, you can still get that layered vibe. Wondering how? What if we told you that you can layer the colors of your hair in a way that it will get that layered vibe without any extra effort, that too within your natural hair?

Well, it’s quite possible. And the good news is, you don’t really need to have long hair to rock a layered look. Just a pixie cut will be enough if you have short hair. Yes, you heard us right, and you are not living in a dream!

This trio pixie is exactly what we are talking about. This is an example of gray hair growing out and it looks stunning! The color at the bottom has seen a beautiful transition from black to gray to white, which has given it an elegant layered appearance. So if you want to style your natural hair in a modish way, this can be your pick!

Vibrant Purple

Vibrant Purple Hairstyle

Just like pink, there are many neon colors that women can try to elevate their hairstyle. We have seen the classic blue, green, and red colors on many hairstyles, but this time we suggest you try out the all-over purple hair. Trust us, the vibrancy will make you go aww whenever you look at yourself in the mirror.

The next time you visit the salon, try out this angled bob with vibrant color, or you can switch your hair color to purple. This hairstyle is perfect for overweight women who are in their 50s and are looking for something new to make their hair stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can go all purple, or keep shades of black to adjust with the vibrancy.

Long or short, this color is going to be the centerpiece of every event you attend in the future!

Compact Shag

Compact Shag Hairstyle

A shag haircut is one of those classics that’s making a comeback with celebrities like Billie Eilish rocking this hair in several events. Whenever we think of a shag haircut, we picture a messy look with layers all around. But it is very possible to keep your shagged hair set, and this particular style is perfect for women who are in their 50s.

For instance, this side-parted shag hair is one of our favorites for its neatness and compact appearance. The beautiful layers have given the entire hair a voluminous look, and the bangs-like appearance on one side is quite gorgeous.

This hairstyle is one of those styles that look great at any event. You can attend a family dinner party as well as any official meeting with this one hairstyle, and it will be the center of attention for its neatness.

Teased Back

Teased Back

Teased back hair is a handy choice for women in their 50s, as it helps to give your hair a voluminous look if it is thin in nature, and also complements particular facial structures. You can wear this hair regularly if you like, or save it for occasions to flaunt your beautiful long hair.

In your 50s, the density of your hair decreases so a teased back look can be your savior. In this picture, the lady has beautiful long hair that is styled in a way that makes the hair look full of volume. The side bangs and the curls at the sides are really pretty for any formal occasion, but the teased back style has given her the ultimate dreamy look.

Cornrow Updo

Cornrow Updo Hairstyle

What’s more elegant than a regular updo? Well, a braided updo for sure. This is an elegant hairstyle for black women, especially if you have box braids or cornrows. So for the gorgeous ladies in their 50s, don’t worry about your hair and weight because a cornrow updo will make your hair steal the show for sure!

Take this picture as an example of how gorgeous a cornrow updo is. The black braiding hair has been perfectly adjusted with her natural gray hair, so the difference is not that visible. Rather the intricate cornrows are giving us major hair goals!

You can try out colorful braiding hair as well to make your updo more fascinating. Also, there are no limits to styling your updos, so you can opt for different styles and make yourself a diva in no time!

Wavy Ponytail

Wavy Ponytail

If you are all about keeping things simple and classic, then why not go for a regular hair bun or a ponytail? These hairstyles do not require much effort and can be done within a minute if you have a scrunchie or hair tie at hand. But you can also make these simple hairstyles look elegant by making the hair curly or wavy.

We personally love a wavy ponytail because it looks visually appealing and is quite easy to do. You can make a simple and sophisticated ponytail or go for a messy look according to your choice. Just don’t forget to grab a cute scrunchie to keep your hair in place.

If your hair is naturally blonde or brown, you can try out this hairstyle and keep some of your hair at the front outside of the ponytail for a casual look. And if your hair is naturally black, you can create slayed edges at the front to give it a perfect finish.

Celebrities Over 50 with Stunning Hairstyles

If you are still unsure whether you will be able to pull off these styles we have mentioned above because of your age and weight, then we are here with some celebrity hairstyle inspirations that will change your mind. Our favorite female actresses and celebrities have carried their hair gracefully in several events, making us realize again and again that age is just a number. Let’s take a look at some of those styles.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Hairstyle

When it comes to versatile hairstyles, Queen Latifah is an icon. We have seen her pulling off different hair looks on different occasions throughout her career. Her age is 52 but her styling sense is still young and bold. If you have idolized this famous personality and always wanted to try out one of her iconic hairstyles, then you can take inspiration from this picture. This simple ponytail has a teased back front which has given her hair a volumized look, whereas the rest of the ponytail has a beautiful curly appearance which makes it elegant in every possible way!

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bulock Hair

Our stunning queen Sandra has always been an icon for many ladies out there. Her graceful aging keeps her on her A-game all the time, especially when it comes to her style sense. Sandra’s gorgeous hair has always been the talk of the town, and her recent hairstyle on the set of ‘The Lost City’ has totally captivated our hearts. So, if she can carry this hair at the age of 57, what’s stopping you?

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa’s hairstyles have always been simple and neat without many decorations. We can call her the diva of middle-length hair as she has worn her hair like that for as long as we can remember. So if simplicity is your call, we suggest you take a note or two from the 51-year-old actresses’ hairstyles. This middle-parted simple hairstyle is one of our favorites, as the entire picture resembles her positive spirit within simple things.


Mo Nique's Bubble Braids with High Ponytail

Mo’Nique has proven time and again that you can style your hair the way you want, no matter if it’s a red carpet glam or a homely bun-the choice is yours and your age doesn’t matter. The 54 years old diva is an idol for those who want to try out extra-glamorous hairstyles, such as this one. The bubble ponytail in this picture is oh-so-beautiful that we cannot take our eyes off of it. Also, the combination of black and gray hair reminds us that you can dazzle everyone with your gray hair without any effort, even in your 50s!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole is an evergreen presence in Hollywood for her beautiful smile and sharp facial features. She has taken care of her fitness and style as the perfect diva, so even at the age of 54, Nicole is a fashion icon for many women. Whenever we think of Nicole, her classic updos come to our minds instantly. But she has also rocked curly hair recently, and we just can’t get enough of this gorgeous look.


What kind of bangs are perfect for women with round-shaped faces in their 50s?

If you have a round-shaped face, we recommend you try out a side-swept bangs hairstyle. You can also try out fringe-style bangs if your face is chubby in appearance, as this style will complement your facial features.

Can I keep long hair if I am in my 50s?

Of course, you can. There are no limits to styling your hair and it is up to your convenience when it comes to the length and style of your hair. But we suggest you try out different types of cuts and volumizing styles if your hair has become thinner than before.

Do I need to get rid of my gray hair to be trendy?

Your natural gray hair is precious, and being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of your gray hair. Rather you can style them in different ways like the ones we have mentioned above. Be creative and your hair will do the rest of the work for you.

What kind of hair color will be perfect for me in my 50s?

You can try out any color you want. From the bold ones to the subtle ones-the options are infinite. If you want to look younger, we suggest trying out different shades of blonde. On the other hand, vibrant colors are always a good option to express your inner youth.

Final Thoughts

Your hair is precious and it needs to be taken care of, and you should always be proud of this precious possession no matter what your age and hair color is. Women in their 50s often lose their confidence and stop adorning themselves by taking their age as a constraint. But we believe that you should be comfortable within your own skin.

So lately if you’ve been feeling like it’s time to stop visiting your hairdresser and giving up on taking care of yourself, we suggest you take tips from the abovementioned styles. We believe they will be enough to change your mind. Also, if your weight is your concern, remember that your favorite celebrities are rocking the world, so what’s stopping you?

Be your own boss with a dashing hairstyle and rock your 50s like a diva. Take every step with confidence, and let your hair make the statement for you!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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