Short In Back Long In Front Hairstyles

13 Short In Back Long In Front Hairstyles To Add An Edge To Your Look

If you’ve ended up in this article, then you probably have been googling for ‘short in back long in front hairstyle’ ideas. Don’t worry, you’ll find the best ones here!

With the emergence of the globalized culture and hairstyles that cross borders effortlessly, the short back long front styles have consumed the fashion department like a bonfire.

Whether you’re looking to be charming, wearing something unique or just a new hairdo with ease of carrying around all day, these styles in my opinion would be the perfect fit for you.

The best part about such styles is that any type or texture of hair can pull it off without much fuss and have all the heads turned in an instant.

If you’re sold, then have a scroll through our deluxe collection of these hairstyles with information on what makes each of them so special than the rest.

Long In Front Short In Back Hairstyles: How It Works?

The ‘short in back long in front’ hairstyles are exactly what they sound like and doesn’t require much clarification beyond that point.

But what must be stated is that, there needs to be a recognizable discrepancy of lengths between the front and the back part to be classified into this genre of hairstyles.

Such styles have taken a large influence from futuristic movies, sci-fi comics and e-girl influencers of the social media platforms.

These styles are cute, edgy, radical and even soothing at times so there’s plenty of variations to suit anyone’s taste in general.

13 Shorter In Back Longer In Front Haircuts Ideas

In this section, I’ll be highlighting 13 of the most revered and highly acclaimed hairstyles that belong to the shorter in back longer in front haircut genre.

Swooping Long Up Front

Swooping Long Up Front

The first hairstyle in our list is nothing short of a futuristic sci-fi character’s hairdo transcended back to the present. From the initial impression to the complete breakdown of the design, it’s an amazement at every little step.

At the beginning, what strikes out for this hairstyle is the way the short part at the back is treated. It’s not seamlessly straight, rather a circular wave which makes a smooth yet stark gradient up toward the front.

Although it might not be completely accurate, the relatively longer portion pays a subtle homage to the classic Chelsea hairstyle that carried the same momentum, just more aggressively.

Inverse Broccoli

Inverse Broccoli

While Broccoli haircut has always been a male-dominant styling area with little room for feminine styles, the inverse broccoli aims at fighting back at this notion.

It’s nothing similar to the original broccoli style, but only bears the essence of the shape since that’s the only mutual factor between these two unique designs.

Other than that, the flow of hair is directed directly toward the back where the hair patches are reduced to their shortest length.

But up the front it’s a different picture. You’ll have slightly longer hair locks flowing down at either side of your face which wouldn’t give away the short hair story on your nape at first glance.

It is indeed a hairstyle full of surprises at every step!

The ‘A Line’ Style

The A Line Style

The ‘A Line’ style resembles the first style in our list but has its own unique traits that set apart these two designs by a significant margin.

At the front part, the hair locks aren’t aggressively long and they sit bearing a soothing texture on either side of your face, highlighting your facial features in a finer manner.

The shortening starts right at your ear region and the height climbs up to the length that barely touches your shoulders.

This length remains at the back with a slow gradient which makes the effect nothing like outrageously striking.

The lengths are ideal for summer and you should consider this style if you aren’t interested in getting a bob or pixie cut.

Swing Bob Design

Swing Bob Design

Even though I’m displaying a blonde model as the prime example for this swing bob design, it can easily be done with any color of hair with the same level of impact.

This rendition of short in back long in front hairstyle severely resembles a bob cut with almost all of the major criteria left untouched.

The only area that has been altered is the front part where the strands are left to be longer than the rest of the hair body.

This long portion is dropped down like curtains over the head using a hair brush and the growing length from back to front leaves behind a sharp edge over the shoulders.

Reverse Bob

Reverse Bob

This reverse bob hairstyle carries exactly the opposite values of the Short in Front Long in Back hairstyle. Throw in varying shades of the same color from the front to the back to add in a more dramatic effect to the style.

Back portion of the hair around the nape looks exactly like a bob cut in this case. But as you gradually move to the front, the hair will keep growing in length.

At the front, the locks at each side go so far in length that they would cross the shoulder height when dropped down straight from the top.

Brush them neatly to create the soothing and sharp effect that’s the mojo of this hairstyle!

Color Spray On Long Front

Color Spray On Long Front

As the K-Pop fever takes over the entirety of the pop culture industry along with the hairstyle market with their exquisite designs and captivating colors.

This variant of ‘short in back long in front’ hairstyle doesn’t trim down the nape area completely, rather it’s left to hand loose but shorter in contrast to the front part.

Up top there’s a spray of vibrant colors between the gradients of blue, cyan, purple, neon green placed on the shining silver canvas of bleached hair.

The hair is long and brushed down up front to almost cover the eyes completely. You can mess it up a little to make it look like a casual style that you could wear everyday at your campus.

Magenta Highlighted Waves

Magenta Highlighted Waves

This particular hairstyle redefines the way we perceive shorter back hairstyles with long hair that aren’t lying flat, rather standing up and flowing in waves.

The sides are trimmed short along with the back, and ones wishing to push the boundaries even further can taper the surroundings to add a more contrastive nature to the look.

Top portion is highlighted with magenta color but not seamlessly. Rather the uneven color streaks make the wavy flow more dramatic.

Add some hair pomade or mousse to keep the hair standing upright effortlessly and the wave intact even on the windiest of days!

Sharp Blonde Locks

Sharp Blonde Locks

It’s one of those hairstyles that can easily be passed off as a blonde celebrity look due to its ecstatic nature and radiant outlook generated by every small feature added to the hairdo.

While the back is cut down short but not so close to the skin, the rest of the hair body is slightly longer with the front being the longest.

At first sight it might look like a complete mess, but if you inspect closely you’ll be able to identify the genius of this style.

The hair is based on a smoothly combed foundation underneath. The top layer of the hair body is where the design takes shape. From the side, the shape will look like a heart with its tail climbing all the way down to the neck.

Texture in general is wavy without conformity, and the sharply trimmed edge lines enhance the honed image that this look produces.

Short in Back Coiffure

Short In Back Coiffure

This short and elegant hairstyle might come off as a Karen look at first glance, but trust me, this one has its own identity of classiness that no other style can so easily match with.

Apart from the tapered sides as well as the back, the shortest chunk of hair are toward the nape area and beyond.

The crown area has the length of a regular bob cut with the front portion extending the length to cover one portion of the forehead.

It’s undoubtedly a party-killer that’ll allow you to show off your shoulder tattoo, or even the most gorgeous jewelry you might choose to accompany it with.

Bleached Upward Flick

Bleached Upward Flick

It’s a straightforward edition of the short back long front hairstyle trend as this basically bleaches the top half of the hair body and flicks everything upwards.

With varying color in two layers, the look becomes even more engaging since it renders a visually aesthetic design that soothes the eyes of every onlooker.

The longer portion should reach your nose in length, but as it’s going to be flicked to one side, the length won’t bother with your vision in any way.

Overall, it’s a look that’ll make you cool in an instant while presenting you as one of the most desirable ladies.

Pixie with Short Back

Pixie With Short Back

The Pixie hairstyle has been made popular by many celebrities across time. Whether it was Jennifer Lopez or Kylie Jenner – the reinterpretations were unique in nature.

This style only keeps the top chunk healthy with hair and trims down all the surrounding areas so low that the skin surface would be made apparent to the naked eye.

While the top part is brushed toward the crown region, some of the stray strands will carelessly cover some of the short areas at the back.

This long and short dichotomy with a blinding blonde has the ability to produce the most remarkable styles that are worthy of placing in the cover of magazines!

The Mauvelous Flow

The Mauvelous Flow

For this hairstyle, it’s not just the varying lengths that does the trick, rather it’s the colors as well. The beautiful mauvelous-colored flow over brunette hair underneath makes for a captivating play of colors and length that not a lot of styles can replicate.

The lengths are as usual – short in back, long in front, but the flow orientation is directed toward the back. It can be worn in alternative ways using similar methods for styling diversity.

Spiked Up Top

Spiked Up Top

Who said even the ladies can’t spike up their hair with trimmed down sides? The 21st century is one of the greatest eras where styling patterns are shared between every gender without the strong urge of anchoring and segregation.

Even the most elderly ladies can crank up their style with longer hair on top and shorter behind the back. You can even bleach your entire hair body to recreate this extravagant hairdo any time of the year!


In this section, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions to provide further information on ‘short in back long in front’ hairstyles.

Q: What’s the standard length for short in back long in front hairstyles?

A: There’s no benchmark of length for such hairstyles. But a rule of thumb can suggest the back hair to be around 3-4” in length or even shorter with front hair reaching past your chin area.

Q: Are short in back long in front hairstyles easy to maintain?

A: Yes! This is almost an effortless maintenance hairstyle which makes it even more alluring to get!

Q: How much does it cost to get a short in back long in front hairstyle?

A: It depends on the area and the type of parlor that you’re visiting as it can cost between $30 to a throbbing $100 depending on the mentioned variables.


This draws us close to the concluding mark of this article on ‘short in back long in front hairstyles’, the ones that have turned the internet upside down with large search volumes.

People are frequently searching for it and it’s proof enough that this is one of the most relevant hairstyles in current time.

Something I must state at the end of this article is that it’s a great way of reinventing yourself, you know. Whether you’re going through a break up or just want to upgrade your looks, you can opt for these edgy styles based on your taste.

You won’t believe how drastically it can make you look different and enhance your potential. With these positive notions in mind, I’ll let you decide which of these styles you’re going to be taking to your stylist in the next visit!

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