Soft Locs vs Butterfly Locs

Soft Locs vs Butterfly Locs: Know the Differences

Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs are two of the most trending Locs hairstyles at this moment due to their unique alluring presence which captivates peoples eyes whenever they look at them. Many of you are facing a dilemma about which hair design to choose from between these two.

Stress no more! I have prepared this article just for you so that you can pick the right style that suits you.

There are many criteria that need to be met in order to finalize between Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs hairstyle. Once your hair is done you cannot change it on a whim. You would have to wait for some time before you can style it again.

There can also be other inquiries about cost and maintenance of the aforementioned hairdos. Don’t worry. I have got you covered.

What Are Soft Locs

What are soft Locs

Soft Locs hairstyle is one of the latest variations of Locs hairstyles which is becoming popular because of its natural look. The name Soft Locs derived due to its softer texture compared to other Locs hairstyles. This hairstyle can be created by crochet locs and wrapping hair.

Pre-formed locs are crocheted into your natural hair which are usually plaited. After installing the crocheted locs each loc is wrapped with a hair extension.

Advantages of Soft Locs

  • The least heavy hairstyle among Faux locs hairstyles.
  • Looks more natural than any other Faux Locs hairstyles.
  • Easier to style in various designs due to their soft and loose nature.
  • Easier to remove the Locs than many other Faux Locs.
  • Disadvantages of Soft Locs
  • Needs regular care to maintain properly.
  • Retwisting the hair can damage your scalp.

What Are Butterfly Locs

What Are Butterfly Locs

Among the Loc hairstyles Butterfly Locs is definitely the most alluring and adjustable. It is named as Butterfly Locs because the voluminous nature of the locs makes the hair look like a butterfly wing on each side.

The procedure of making this hairdo is quite similar to other Faux locs hairstyles. It can be done by using the Braid-in method as well as the Crocheted method. The Braid-in method takes more time than the Crocheted method but it’s more visually appealing and natural looking.

Advantages of Butterfly Locs

  • Blends in well with your natural hair.
  • Does not require regular care to maintain properly.
  • Can be worn in a professional setting with appropriate hairstyle.
  • Does not take too long to style your hair.
  • Disadvantages of Butterfly Locs
  • Butterfly Locs can be really heavy with long hip-length hairstyles.
  • Leaving Butterfly Locs for a long time can cause hair and scalp damage.

Soft Locs Vs Butterfly Locs: The Differences


Even though Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs are part of the faux Locs hairstyles, they are quite different from one another. The hair textures are quite different as well as the type of hair that is used and the additional products that are required to complete the hairstyle.

Hair Size And Texture

Hair Size & Texture

Even though both Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs hairstyles can be done in a variety of hair sizes, most Butterfly Locs Hairstyles are much suited for shoulder length or Bob-sized hair while maximum popular Soft Locs hairstyles are for long hip-length hairs.

Soft Locs use locs that are softer in texture compared to Butterfly Locs. Due to this reason, Butterfly Locs are harder and stiffer than Soft Locs.

You will need to use kinky wrapping hair or afro kinky hair or water wave passion twist hair alongside crochet faux locs for Soft Locs while Butterfly Locs will require any type of wavy hair, for example freetress water wave braiding hair will do the trick.

Required Products

Required Products

You can do your own hairstyle at home for both Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs. You will require 4 to 8 packs of Bobbi Boss Nu Locs, Crochet needle, Rat tail comb, Shine n jam, Spring Twist hair and Mousse to complete your desired Soft Locs Hairstyle.

On the other hand, you will need 7 to 8 packs of freetress water wave Locs, Edge Control, Crochet needle and Shine n jam in order to style your hair with Butterfly Locs.

Maintenance And Care

Maintenance & Care

One of the most important aspects of doing a hairstyle is how difficult it is to maintain and take care of that design. Soft Locs are usually harder to take care of than Butterfly Locs.

If the hair is not regularly hydrated and moisturized Soft Locs loses its softness and becomes rigid and stiff. It is also advised that you use a silk cap while sleeping in order to keep it soft and fluffy. You should not use shampoo on your Soft Locs rather use apple cider vinegar mixed with water to clean your scalp.

Butterfly locs do not require regular intensive care like Soft Locs and its ruggedness  gives your hair a Bohemian Look. Only keeping your hair clean is sufficient. You can use Shampoo to clean your Butterfly Locs if you want to keep your style for more than 3-4 weeks.

Which One Should You Choose?

Which One Should You Choose

Both Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs are visually captivating hair designs which can enhance your personality tenfold. Your look can drastically change your aura and how you are perceived by others.

But before making the decision of selecting one of these fabulous styles you need to consider some aspects like which style suits your natural hair and personality, which design is easier to maintain, which one costs more etc. After finding the answers of these questions you can decide which hairstyle you want for yourself.

If you’re one of those people who does not get enough time to maintain and take care of their hair, then you should go for the Butterfly Locs instead of Soft Locs. If you are a Long hair enthusiast, i would suggest you to get Soft Locs as you will be able to stylize your hair with a variety of long Soft Locs hairstyles.

Getting the hair done is quite similar for both of these hairstyles and it can take from 3 to 8 hours to completely stylize your Butterfly Locs depending on the prowess of your beautician and the length of your desired style. Soft Locs can take from 4 hours to 9 hours to completely makeover your hair.

In most cases, if you have naturally curly/kinky type 3 or type 4 hair, Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs will suit you and it would be easier to install the locs with your natural curls. But that does not mean you cannot use Butterfly Locs and Soft locs on your straight or wavy hair.

If you want my recommendation, I would suggest you try both of these mesmerizing hairdos one after another and try to understand which one suits more with your persona.


You may have various questions regarding Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs. I have tried to answer some of them in this article to put your mind at ease.

Q: Which one is more costly between Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs?

Answer:  Butterfly Locs and Soft Locs cost similarly. Butterfly Locs cost around $50- $100 if you do the styling yourself at home based on the products you are using. It will take around $180-$300 if you went to a stylist for your hair design and use various accessories.

On the other hand, Soft Locs can cost from $100-$300 based on your Beautician and the products that you are using.

Q: Do Butterfly Locs last longer than Soft Locs?

Answer: The answer is no. Both Butterfly Locs and Soft Locs last for 4 to six weeks. After this certain period of time your style starts to deteriorate due to your natural hair growth. Many people say that it can last longer than that but I would suggest not to do it as it will put pressure on your hair and damage it.

Q: Can I Style my Straight Hair with Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs?

Answer: Yes ,It is also possible to stylize your straight or wavy hair with Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs but it will take more time to curl your hair first and then apply the Locs. in short any type of hair can achieve Soft Locs or Butterfly Locs only the amount of time varies.

Q: Are Butterfly Locs heavier than Soft Locs?

Answer: Faux Locs tend to be heavier in general. Among all of the faux locs, Soft Locs are the least heavier. So the answer is yes, Butterfly Locs are heavier than Soft Locs.

Q: Can Butterfly Locs Damage my hairlines?

Answer: if your Butterfly Locs are too heavy it will cause stress on your natural hair and cause damage to your hairline. If you keep Butterfly Locs more than 4 weeks it will start to damage your scalp and roots.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to deny the charm of Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs which can entice people easily. I can easily understand your dilemma when you are faced with deciding about choosing one of these hair designs for yourself.

Your persona can seem different from the choice of your hairstyle. Soft Locs can give you a carefree, wild and bohemian look with a sophisticated hairstyle while Butterfly Locs can give you an elegant bohemian hairstyle.

Both of these hairstyles are gorgeous and whichever you may choose you will not disappoint you in any way.

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