Microlocs VS Sisterlocks

Microlocs Vs Sisterlocks: Choose The Best Compatible Braid For Your Hair Type

Microlocs vs sisterlocks have been confusing people for a long time now. Today we will dissect both these locks and try to understand what distinguishes them from each other and how you will benefit from these hairstyles.

Both the microlocs and sisterlocks are a type of braid that people usually wear to carry their hair for a longer period of time. Both these braids have pros and cons, and each braid requires a different technique to style.

What Is The Difference Between Microlocs Vs Sisterlocks?

The main difference between microlocs vs sisterlocks is that they require different ways to get styled. Though both these hairstyles are equally attractive.

Sisterlocks were created by a loctician named JoAnne Cornwall around the 90s. This lock uses the technique of naturally styling the hair by taking tiny sections that are lined in a straight line. To achieve the sisterlocks, this is the only rule that you need to follow.

On the other hand, microlocs do not have a set of rules that you need to follow to achieve. You can do your microlocs in whatever way suits you best. This isn’t a hairstyle that was created by one person. The microlocs were perfected by many over the years to reach the final look.

If you plan on becoming a loctician, you will have to be certified to become a sisterlocks loctician. Whereas anyone can become a microlocs loctician without being certified as these braids do not have a set of rules that you need to maintain.

The biggest difference between these two braids is the weight. Sister braids are much lighter compared to microlocs. This is because of the absence of extensions used in the sisterlocks.

What Are Microlocs?


microlocs are a type of braid that you get to keep your hair in order. These braids are for people who want to get more creative with their hair. It is easier to experiment when you have microlocs braids. The microlocs are by far the most convenient braids you can get installed. These braids do not follow a set of rules which makes it easier.

You can use any technique to install your microlocs. You can either twist them, interlock them, or mix up the techniques, as you like to achieve the perfect micro loc that you prefer. microlocs do not have a set number of locs that you need to achieve in order to call your braids “microlocs”.

They can vary in range from a few locs to as many as you want. These locs can be as thick or as thin as you want. There is no size chart for these locs. You can be as creative as you want to with these. The microlocs are great for DIY and checking out what looks best on you.

There is not a lot you need to consider when you think of getting microlocs. All you have to do is just ask someone to help you get your microlocs done, or you can just do them on your own if you have enough time on hand.

Pros And Cons Of Microlocs

Pros And Cons Of Microlocs

It is only normal to measure out your pros and cons before you get a new hairstyle. You can’t just pick a hairstyle out of the blue and be spontaneous about it.

That would be too reckless and risky because there are other things that you need to consider. What if you have to go to an important photoshoot, but your hair looks like a lawnmower ran over it.

That wouldn’t be too cool, now would it? So what is the best solution to avoid it? You should always weigh out the pros and cons and see if it fits your lifestyle and if you can maintain it with ease. So, let’s check out the pros and cons of the microlocs hairstyle.


  • Requires less time in the morning.
  • You can try out different styles.
  • You can do your hair anywhere and anytime.
  • It helps to grow your hair longer.
  • Saves a lot of money because you do not need to use a lot of products.
  • Always looks great with minimum effort.


  • Takes too long to retighten your hair.
  • When you decide to get rid of this hairstyle, you have to chop off your hair.
  • Your microlocs will get things stuck to it, so you have to be careful with that.

What Are Sisterlocks?


Sisterlocks are a type of braid that is done on natural hair without the use of extensions. This hairstyle has a set of rules that you must follow to achieve the exact look. You also have to seek a professional loctician who will do your hair because it is important that the rules are followed.

The number of braids in a sister lock is somewhere between 400 to 499 braids and anything below or above that is no longer a sisterlock. The sisterlock braids are done in a pattern. Usually, these braids are lined up and are braided on tiny sections of hair.

The sisterlocks require a different set of instruments to be installed rather than the ones used for the general locs and braids. This is another reason why you must go to a certified person to get your sisterlocks done.

Pros And Cons Of Sisterlocks

Pros And Cons Of Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are great, but does that mean you will get these braids installed just because? The simple answer to that question is No! It is always advised to understand whether or not the hairstyle you want to opt for is good for you or not.

Because, if things go south, the worst-case scenario would be to chop off your hair. So, to avoid such traumatizing instances, I have come up with the pros and cons of the sisterlocks which will help you to decide if you would like to go for the sisterlocks or not.


  • Can be done on your relaxed hair.
  • Does not require extensions.
  • These braids are low maintenance and easy to manage.
  • The person who does your sisterlocks must be certified, so you know you are in safe hands.
  • Does not require retightening for as long as a month and a half or two.
  • Anyone can get these braids done as each hair type has a different pattern assigned.


  • You can’t just go to anyone to get your hair done, you have to find a professional every time.
  • The sister locs are very expensive because they require a certified loctician to do your hair.
  • Your hair can get damaged, and thinning will occur in circumstances where your hair is done incorrectly.

Tips To Maintain Your Microlocs and Sisterlocks

Maintaining Microlocs and Sisterlocks

Maintaining you microlocs and sisterlocks to make them last for a long time is an essential issue. You need your locs to last long but also need it to look as neat as possible.

It is important that you know how to take care of these microlocs and sisterlocks to keep them tidy and up to the mark.

Both these locs are great, but they require some maintenance. The maintenance and washing of these locs may feel like a tardy job sometimes, but with these tips, you can easily do it all. So, here we go.

Tip 1– If your hair is unraveling too soon, lookout for your hair when you wash it. Do not wash your microlocs too aggressively because your hair will unravel. You also have to avoid tying the tie too tight, because it may cause unraveling when you try to take off your hair tie.

Tip 2– Use a pointed tip cap on your shampoo container, fill that up with 20% shampoo and 80% water. Shake it well and use that to reach your scalp. It will also be a great idea if you wear a weave cap while washing your hair. It is essential that the shampoo reaches your scalp for both hairstyles, or else it will collect a lot of residues and sebum.

Tip 3– Be on top of your retightening game every four to six weeks for microlocks. Your hair will grow only about half an inch and it will be easier to get it done. If you go too long without retightening, new hair will grow and get into separate locks which will result in closing off scalp cubes.

For sisterlocks the retightening time will be given by the professionals and they will do it for you so do not need to worry about that.


This article is quite helpful for clearing out any misconceptions and doubts about sisterlocks vs. microlocs. It goes into detail about how they differ from each other. The above information is sufficient enough to get you by, but if you would like to know more, then read the frequently asked questions that have been answered below.

Q1.Who can wear Microlocs?

Ans. Anyone can wear microlocs. This hairstyle is so versatile and exciting, that literally, anyone with any hairstyle can install the microlocs braids. They do not require you to have some superhuman skills to achieve it or follow any fixed instructions.

You can do them on your own and mix up all braid styles to achieve it. It doesn’t really matter what braid type you use to achieve the microlocs. These braids are for imaginative and visionary people who like to create and get involved in making new things. If this description sounds like you, then you know which braid to go for.

Q2. Who can wear Sisterlocks?

Ans. Anyone who has relaxed or natural hair can get the sisterlocks. Sisterlocks are for everyone because every hair type uses a different pattern of braids to achieve these locks. You don’t have to miss out on this hairstyle as it has been taken care of.

If you think that your hair is too coarse or relaxed for you to get this style, then you are not right. Just call a hairstylist, who is obviously certified, or else you won’t get the right sisterlocks. The hairstylist will do a consultation and then come up with the right braid types and installation procedures for your hair.


Now that we know what a micro loc and a sisterlock is, it will be easier to decide which braid you would like to get installed. These braids are both quite helpful for your hair in the long run because they will prevent your hair from damage and extra exposure to the sunlight.

Both microlocs and sisterlocks are good for your hair, but each has its own way of coming together. The microlocs can be installed in any way you want, but sisterlocks, on the other hand, must follow the set of rules to look like one, or else people might mistake your sisterlocks for microlocs.

Choosing to install either of these braids depends on what you want to do with your hair and how you would like to maintain it. If you are a free-spirited person who likes to change up their style every few months, the microlocs are your thing. If you do not like messing up your hair and want a hairstyle that you can just maintain and fix every now and then, the sisterlocks are for you.

There is no limit to going all on board when it comes to styling your hair. You can do whatever you want as long as you think it portrays your energy and helps you express yourself better.

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