Thot Boy Haircut

10 Trendy Thot Boy Haircuts That Will Upgrade Your Charm

The idea of a thot boy is so tempting these days that many girls can’t say no to someone who’s wearing a fancy thot boy haircut. Thot boys generally have superior taste in fashion which sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Other than the infamous charm of this haircut, it is recommended as one of the top haircuts that make men look alluring.

A thot boy haircut will boost your confidence, raise your chic meter and give you more options to be creative with your own hair. There are definitely ample reasons for this haircut to be popular among men these days! Furthermore, this hairstyle is popularized by all the coolest celebs, such as Odell Beckham Jr.

Since it’s now clear as daylight why you should get a thot boy hairstyle, let’s jump to the article that contains every detail to make you look like the most dashing thot boy that girls would simply die for in an instant!

What Is A Thot Boy Haircut?

What Is A Thot Boy Haircut


A thot boy refers to the sort of men who are womanizers and love to attract people with their looks! People fall head over heels for them and strangely, love to feel acknowledged by them. If you want to be like one of them, there is a key rule that you must follow: Get yourself a thot boy haircut!

This haircut is an exclusive technique for men with curly hair to look extra charming! It usually features curly hair at the top and faded sides. It contrasts and celebrates the volume of the curls while enhancing one’s facial features sharply, making them look attractive and groomed. It is one of the haircuts that not only the ladies love to see on men, but also the men find cool for themselves.

How To Get A Thot Boy Haircut

Thot boy haircut can be a bit difficult to perfect and maintain. So if you can, it is better to visit a stylist. Trust the process of spending some bucks for a professional and clean outcome.

But if you are more inclined to some customized and creative hairstyles, or are brave enough to try them out for yourself, you can follow these steps when you want to save a trip to the salon!

Prepare The Tools

Prepare your electric trimmer and clippers of different sizes that are required for the lengths that you want. You would also need a pair of hair cutting scissors, a hair shaving razor, a comb, and water to dampen your hair if needed.

Line Out The Top Section

Start with lining and shaving up the top part of the bowl cut from the front to all the way back to the ears with your trimmer. You don’t have to be perfect at this point. The goal is to create a guiding line but try to be as precise as you can!

Start Trimming At The Top

Continue with cutting off some volume from your grown-out hair at the top and then at the sides. Pick the right size of clippers and start trimming off the hair until it suits your satisfaction. Keep combing your hair in the process to make sure all parts of the head get a trim. However, avoid brushing too much as they might loosen the curls and mess up the natural length.

Trim Or Shave The Sides And Back

Now it’s time to trim extra hair at the sides and the back. Use the appropriate clipper for the length you desire. Keep working on small sections until your trimmer touches all the areas properly. Be careful not to trim too much hair off!

If you want to go for fades, try to be patient and take enough time to smoothen any harsh lines. Seek help from friends or family members if necessary!

Clean Up The Hairlines

Carefully clean up the hairline at the forehead and temple with a razor or trimmer. Take time while doing this to get a more perfect line. You might add some guiding lines like a paper or a scale to make the line as straight as you can.

Your desired thot boy haircut is done! Remember, if you are not happy about any part, you can always snip a bit more. Feel free to take your time and experiment with your thot boy haircut!

10 Thot Boy Haircuts For You To Consider in 2022

If you have decided to get a thot boy haircut, you will need some guidance and ideas to ponder over. It is always better to have a clear goal in mind before you start with your fresh haircut. That is why we have picked some hairstyles for you that radiate a thot boy energy. Try out these cool hairstyles to turn heads on the streets!

Irregular Curls With High Fade

Irregular Curls With High Fade

Very tight curls tend to be difficult to groom properly because they often loosen up and increase in length when you try to brush them. This can make the hair look unruly even when you have just got a fresh cut. A clean high fade with medium-length curls at the top can be the solution to this problem! So even if your curls look unruly, they will look stylish and balanced. So get yourself this cheat code of a hairstyle right now and make your life easier!

Mossfield With Hairlines And Fade

Mossfield With hairless And Fade

If you want to skip the hassle of maintaining long hair, you can always just snip off to a buzz! This neat and clean buzz cut with a faded bottom is a must-have haircut for those who love trims.

Getting a buzzcut on dense and curly hair will automatically give a sort of moss field-like effect, and it will complement perfectly with a sharp hairline at the front and the sides. The only maintenance this haircut would need is seasonal trims. Otherwise, it is ready to rock 24/7. So opt for this cool, voguish haircut and stay fashionable even when you sleep!

Twisted Locks With Lightened End

Twisted Locks With Lightened End

Twisted braids are popular on their own, especially for curly hair. Add them with fades and voila! You now have a swag thot boy hairstyle to ride and die with!

Short twisted braids at the top and clean temple fade at the sides to the back will give you a sporty look. Don’t forget to add hairlines at the front to bring a neat detail to your haircut. You can also lighten the ends of each braid to highlight the quirkiness of this style even more. With this hairstyle, everyone might start taking you for the hottest rapper!

Medium Dreadlocks With Fade

Medium Dreadlocks With Fade

Just like twisted braids, dreadlocks are also rising in popularity as one of the protective hairstyles! If you love or already have dreadlocks, then this hairstyle can be a good match for you.

Simply trim out the hair at the bottom half of the head in a fade and keep the dreadlocks at the top just as they are and that is it! You can add a clean hairline at the front to give your cut a fresh look.

So spice up your locks right now and add yourself to the thot boy trend!

Upturned Afro With Fade And Hairlines

Upturned Afro With Fade And Hairlines

If you are someone with very tight curls that often betray their lengths and always end up as irregular no matter how many times you groom them, this upturned afro can be the perfect hairstyle for you!

Unlike the full afro, this one only stays at the top part of the head and is cut until the point the hair’s natural texture keeps them upturned on its own. Fades at the sides and a sharp hairline at the front will add neatness to this simple hairstyle. If you want to skip going for a flashy haircut, go for this one without hesitation!

Subtle Thot Boy Haircut With Thin Sideburns

Subtle Thot Boy Haircut With Thin Sideburn

Thot boy haircut does not always have to be bold and flamboyant! It can also be casual and subtle to suit your taste!

This haircut with thin ultra-thin sideburns can give you a friendly and easy-going vibe that is perfect for being stylish in workplaces. Trimmed fades at the sides and a slightly long buzz at the top will give you a gray zone of going for both a thot boy and a privy fashion. So go for this prime haircut that can give you a fashionable retro look!

Mohawk With Curved Lines

Mohawk With Curved Lines

Fades and mohawks go hand in hand with each other and there is no denying that both the haircuts are also extremely popular on their own!

That is precisely why your thot boy haircut can be a mix of these two! A mohawk of a short trim with a number zero fades at the sides is a great option to give yourself a snazzy look. If you add a curved line as a key point of your hairstyle, it will look even spicier and more interesting! So go bold with your choice of haircut and amaze everyone with your sense of style!

Short Curls With Lightened Ends

Short Curls With Lightened Ends

If you already have a basic thot boy haircut, then it is time for you to jazz it up! A medium trim at the top and a temple fade at the bottom can be a bit boring after a while.

Snap it up with some lightened ends while keeping the roots natural. The contrast of the two colors will be enough to give your hairstyle some dimension.

You can also add a short shaved line at the temple to include as a fashion statement.

So bookmark this haircut as your next one right now!

Slits At The Hairline

Slits At The Hairline

This suave hairstyle will surely make you look like a famous sportsperson! With an afro trim at the top and fades at the sides, tight, upturned curls look dapper as it is. Now if you make some shaved slits at the hairline, your haircut will instantly look upgraded and dashing. Make sure to keep the slits slanted so that they look softer and more blended to the rest of the hair.

So do not hesitate anymore and go impress everyone with your ingeniously detailed and exclusively gorgeous thot boy haircut!

Cornrows At The Top

Cornrows At The Top

Cornrows are one of the most swag braiding styles to ever exist! If you already have cornrow braids, simply shave the bottom half like an undercut to get this hairstyle.

Neat cornrows at the top with a shave or fade at the bottom will give you the ultimate hip hop vibe. Don’t forget to groom the hairlines at the front and the sides to improvise the hairstyle more towards the thot boy cut.

So impress everyone with this cool street-style look!


This FAQ section sheds further light on thot boy haircut and equip you with better knowledge to be a better thot boy.

Q: Is thot boy haircut and f boy haircut the same?

Ans: The answer is no. Although they are almost the same and require the same methods to achieve the looks, they are different on the basis of the texture of the hair. Both the haircuts have tight fades on the sides and long hair at the top, however, thot boy hairstyles are exclusively for people who have curly hair because they require heavy curls at the top. Meanwhile, f boy haircuts are for those who have straighter hair.

Q: How much will it cost to get a thot boy haircut?

Ans: A basic thot boy haircut will cost around $40-$60 depending on the place you live in, and the skill level of your stylist. It might cost more if you want to add customizations to your haircut.

Q: How often should I groom my thot boy hairstyle?

Ans: It depends on which thot boy haircut you choose to have. Generally, fades should be trimmed every two to three weeks unless you wish to grow them out. If you have a short haircut and do not wish to grow them out, then you might need to trim them more frequently. On the other hand, long thot boy haircuts can be left alone for as long as you wish! If you want to maintain the style and length, then go for a trim every four to six weeks.

Final Thoughts

Thot boy haircut is, without a doubt, the epitome of handsomeness and attractiveness. It will enhance your features, and your confidence, and boost your presence within the girls! This is going to spice up your natural afro and add flares to your regular fades.

If you were someone girls wouldn’t notice frequently, then mark my word, with one of our thot boy haircuts, they are going to drool over you. Whether you’re looking forward to impressing that one special girl or have girls follow you in packs, this cut has the tendency to do either.

So get a thot boy haircut right now and impress your favorite girl so hard with your styling sense and ability that she never finds anyone else attractive enough ever!

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