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23 Super Cool eBoy Haircut to Try Out in 2023

It’s amazing how the curtain hairstyle, also known as the eBoy hairstyle, is still trending to this day. Known for its suave appearance, the eBoy haircut usually involves growing the hair out until it falls around the ear and is able to cover both sides of the face with a curtain bang-esque look.

The look made its debut in the 90s and quickly made a name for itself. It was worn and showcased by multiple renowned Hollywood celebrities of that era. A few notable people are Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, and Nick Carter.

The huge impact they made back then never left, as multiple renowned personalities have mimicked and showcased different renditions of that look over the years.

It further sealed its legacy when it took the world by storm once again in 2016 after the announcement of TikTok was made. TikTok helped with making the eBoy haircut a staple among Gen Z, when most TikTokers started pulling off the look. Its recognition became truly undeniable at one point when users on that app started releasing tutorials on their hair due to multiple requests made by fans.

Moreover, the eBoy haircut gained recognition in Asia when BTS was on the rise. BTS is a boy band based in South Korea. Apart from their critically acclaimed music, they are also famous for their 90s aesthetic wardrobe and style, in which the eBoy haircut is a necessity.

What does the term “Eboy” mean?

Even though the word “eBoy” stands for “electronic boy”, the word carries more weight than it seems. It’s not only for individuals who have a massive following on social media and use the internet rather frequently as opposed to most, but it’s also for individuals who follow a grunge-esque or look or even opt for a “softboy” aesthetic on the regular.  When talking about visuals, imagine hair that is grown out on top, leather jackets, denim jackets, or even sweatshirts, with fitting pants, and a knackered pair of converse with long socks. To take it one step further, people often wear black nail polish.

23 of the hottest eBoy haircut variations to try out in 2023

If you want to hop on the bandwagon and get the eBoy haircut, we’ve got some good news for you. This hairstyle is extremely easy to explain to a stylist and even easier to adapt to.

Firstly, to achieve the look, you need to have a lot of patience, as a majority of the portion involves growing out the hair. On an average, it takes about a year for hair to grow 6 inches in total. However, this hairstyle can be mimicked as long as your hair is lengthy enough for bangs, i.e, lengthy enough to cover the ends of your face.

The best part about it, however, is the fact that there is no perfect way to style it. Even though it used to involve parting your hair down the middle when it was first discovered, it is worn in a completely different manner these days. The newfound stress-free nature is what makes the eboy haircut fun and fascinating.

Moving on, here are various types of the eBoy haircut that you can take into account if you’re feeling indecisive.

Untidy eBoy Hair

Untidy eBoy Hair


Amassing quite the following in recent years, this eBoy hairstyle is extremely easy to pull off. Instead of doing a middle part near the hairline, take a hairbrush and frame the hair near your forehead and bring it forward. Use some hair putty or hair wax to style and make the appearance of the hair more messy. Remember, the messier it is, the better it will look.

Swept Back Curtain Hair

Swept Back Curtain Hair


This hairstyle often has a matte finish, which means it looks smooth instead of glossy. The hair has volume on both sides instead of the middle and the texture of it is usually sealed by applying some hairspray or hair mousse.

Surfer eBoy Hair

Surfer Eboy Hair


Nothing screams summer more than this option. It involves having a care-free and relaxed look. The hair can either be parted down the middle, or even on one side to achieve maximum volume. Using some sea salt spray and a diffuser will further enhance the flawless nature of this look and can even bring in some wavy ends, which is very appealing on the eyes. To really separate yourself from the rest, dye your hair. Choose a color that is vibrant and lively to look at, i.e, beach blonde.

The Bro Flow

The Bro Flow


Often involving a slicked back and wavy look, this haircut is very popular amongst people who want to go for a mature look. Wetting the hair, applying some hair mousse, and brushing it back with a round brush will really bring out the best version of this look. You may even use a diffuser or let the hair air dry if you want to go for a relaxed look. Make sure to apply some more product if you want to put your hair behind your ears.

In addition, if you have straight hair, try growing the hair out a bit more to get the upper hand. Straight hair looks neater and more polished than any other hair type due to the smooth texture of the strands. Use some hair styling clay for an even silkier finish.

Curly eBoy Hair

Curly eboy Hair


People with curly hair will definitely benefit from the eBoy hairstyle. They can take up various kinds of looks, i.e., an undercut if they want to bring out the best version of their locks at the top. They can even chop a portion of their hair off to keep their hair control if they want to wear a healthier, and more luscious look. Moreover, if they want to go for a laid back yet elegant approach, they can take into account a curly bro flow. For maintenance, using a dime sized portion of hair custard or a leave-in conditioner every now and then would work.

Slicked eBoy Hair with Middle Part

Slicked eboy hair middle part


Damp hair usually restarts the texture of your hair, which will give you an ample amount of time to decide which look you want to go for.

To attain this hair, the use of pomade or wax is necessary. Take a small sized amount and work it through your hair. Use a comb and brush it down the middle for a neater look. Apply some hairspray afterwards if you want the hair to stay in place.

Eboy Hair with Fringes

Eboy Hair with Fringes


The eBoy fringe is the look to go for if you want to achieve a hairstyle that has a full appearance. It is especially beneficial for those with thick hair, especially if it’s paired up with an undercut or a blowout.

For those with fine hair, applying some styling products and using styling tools would be of great assistance. Cutting off the ends and getting a trim will enhance the texture of it even further.

Wavy bangs with a taper fade

Wavy Bangs with Taper Fade


If you want to go for a hairstyle that will make your hair look flawless and bring out the best facial features that you have, this option may be one of the top contenders. Having wavy hair alone is a great way of achieving styles that are effortless and timeless. Getting a taper fade will increase the definition of your face, making it look more chiseled in return. To achieve a desirable look, using some styling cream and parting it down the middle would do.

Short eBoy Hair

Short eBoy Hair

This haircut is suitable for those with fine hair. We all know that short hair is easier to style and looks thicker on fine hair. Doing a side part and getting a sharp fade will favor this hairstyle immensely. For a smooth and glossy finish, using a hairbrush and some hair gel would really come in handy. However, for a smoother, more natural look, using some hair styling clay which has a matte finish and bringing in some short bangs would be great.

M-shaped eBoy Hair

M Shaped Eboy Hair


Probably the hairstyle that kickstarted its success, the M-shaped curtain is for the ones with a more 90s approach. For some hair types, it’s rather difficult to perfect it because of its sizable texture. However, using a blow dryer to push the hair upwards and combing it afterwards will definitely be a game changer. Once your hair gets used to the new texture, it will become easier to achieve it. You may also use your fingertips to comb it if you’re planning to go for a subtle M-shaped hair.

eBoy Curtains with Colored Hair

Eboy Curtains with Colored Hair


Suitable for people who are eagerly waiting to give their hair a fresh start, this hairstyle will excel only if combined with vibrant colors like platinum blonde, cyan, hot pink, baby pink, and more. For a livelier appearance, hair products like hair clay and hair mousse will help. You can also use styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons, and diffusers to give it a pleasant appearance.

eBoy Curtains with Highlights

Eboy Curtains with Highlights


Getting highlights is a must if you want to be a trendsetter amongst your friends. Highlights usually bring out the best in hair, and will definitely complement the eBoy hair. Try picking lighter shades like platinum blonde or caramel when installing highlights for a presentable look.

Thick and Wavy Care-Free Flow

Thick and Wavy Care Free Flow

This hairstyle is favorable to those with thick hair. A thick and wavy care-free flow can be showcased really nicely if your hair is either very thick or curly.

For people with curly hair, using a paddle hair brush on damp hair would be enough. Refrain styling your hair once it dries up, as it might be stressful for your scalp. Apply some hair custard or use a leave-in conditioner so that it’s beneficial for your hair in the long run as well.

On the other hand, if your hair is wavy and lengthy enough, a wide toothed comb would be useful to style it. Using your fingertips won’t be a bad idea either, especially if you’re going for a natural look.

Short bleached eBoy hairstyle

Short Bleached Eboy Hairstyle


Don’t have enough patience to grow hair out? That’s alright. Here’s a hairstyle you can take into consideration.

A short fringe won’t really require you to use a series of hair products or styling tools. You can also wear this look on various occasions because of its tidy presence. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to put themselves out there and live a little.

Furthermore, bleaching it will not only make you second to none in a room full of people, but will also change the texture of the hair shafts for the better. Try choosing a dramatic color like bright pink or beach blonde balayage.

The downside of this haircut, however, is its maintenance. To keep this look in check, visiting a stylist every 2-3 weeks is mandatory. For keeping the texture consistent, try investing in a volumizing shampoo and a nourishing conditioner.

eBoy Haircut with an Undercut

eBoy Haircut with Undercut



This hairstyle is very admirable amongst fanatics and can be presented in multiple ways. If you want to maximize the volume of your hair with this style, trim the sides to a 0. Not only will it make your hair look thicker, but it will also complement your face by making your cheekbones and jawline pop out.

You may also pick this haircut when going for a trim for maintenance. It will really even out the sides and the back, which will increase the appeal of your hair due to its clean presence. This haircut is suitable for all lengths and hair types.

eBoy haircut with a Clean Fade

eBoy Haircut with a Clean Fade

This haircut is very easy to maintain compared to the rest. It is a fan favorite because of how polished it looks and because of the variations it brings to the table. You can style your hair in any manner as long as you feel good in it. It is also a good option for those with the intention of growing their hair out.

Layered eBoy haircut

Layered eBoy Haircut

This hairstyle looks very well when the layers are uneven. To achieve this look, apply hair oils like argan oil or coconut oil after shampooing your hair and style the layers as you please. Use a can of hairspray or hair mousse to seal the look. You can even brush it down the middle for a middle part with a round hair comb to increase the fullness.

Even curtain bangs

Even Curtain Bangs


Similar to the mushroom or bowl cut, this hairstyle is very even on top. It can be paired up with shorter sides for a more satisfying appeal and is suitable for every age group. A texturizing cream may be used to enhance and control the shape of the hairstyle.

Two-Toned eBoy Hair

Two Toned eBoy Hair

Often called the split color eBoy hairstyle, this is an amazing choice for those that love being adventurous and embrace every phase that they go through in life. To achieve this hairstyle, all you need to do is pick two colors that you feel would suit you best. We would also like to recommend you to visit a stylist or a salon if you’ve never dyed your hair before, just to be on the safer side. Use one color for each side to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, in terms of length, it’s at its peak when hair is even and somewhat lengthy. Investing in a volumizing shampoo and a texturizing hair product would also be really favorable for this hairstyle.

Middle Part with Wavy Ends

Middle Part with Wavy Ends

Another hairstyle suitable for those with wavy and curly hair, this can be easily achieved when paired up with sea salt spray. Since it’s easier to comb wavy hair when wet, start styling it once you’re done with shampooing the hair. Use some sea salt spray throughout the hair and work it through your hair. You may use your fingertips or even a wide-tooth comb if needed. Brush your hair very gently to prevent hair damage. Use a hairspray afterwards if you want the hair to stay in place.

Long eBoy haircut with bangs

Long eBoy Haircut with Bangs


The long eBoy hairstyle is one of the very few variations that never declined in terms of popularity. It was always adored by musicians worldwide. What makes this haircut even more convenient is that taking care of it is as easy-going as it looks. Just make sure to invest in a good paddle brush and a good conditioner. To improve the texture of your hair, you may also purchase a container of argan oil.

Thick eBoy fringe

Thick eBoy Fringe


Even though thick hair looks good on the eyes, it’s very difficult to maintain and fix because of the texture. To attain this hairstyle, dampen your hair a bit, take some pomade and style it the way you want to. If the hair strands don’t stay in place and fall across your face a bit, leave them be. The appeal of this hairstyle is the laid back approach it brings to the table. You can even use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner if you want to change the flexibility of the hair strands.

Eboy Hairstyle with Multicolored front curtains

Eboy Hair with Multicolored Curtains


Achieving this haircut will be pretty time consuming, but will definitely give you a look that will garner quite the attention. Before obtaining this haircut, we would like to recommend you to go to a stylist, especially if you’re indecisive. They can provide you with assistance when you’re choosing colors for your hair. Also, getting the coloring done will be very difficult if you’re aiming to be a lone wolf in this scenario. It might take days, or even weeks if you’ve never done it before.  Once the coloring segment is dealt with, make sure to buy a shampoo that is sulfate free and a nourishing conditioner so that your scalp can recuperate from all the chemicals and grow healthier hair.

Techniques to achieve the Eboy hairstyle

Fortunately, the ways of styling the eBoy haircut are endless. Following the methods below will definitely take you one step closer to achieving a desirable look.

Technique 1: Hair mousse

If you have curly hair, a can of hair mousse is all you need. Simply spray a sufficient amount of it on damp hair and use your fingertips to style it. Once the mousse locks in, your hair will look voluminous and fabulous.

Technique 2: Hair gel

Hair gel works like a charm. Just take a dime sized amount and work it through your hair. Push the strands back manually for a neat and glossy appearance. Remember to use very little if your main aim is to go for a firm hold, not a wet look.

Technique 3: Round brush

This technique is crucial if the eboy haircut you’re going for is eerily similar to the side swept kind. Dampen your hair and use the hairbrush to shape it up. For a more textured look, use a blow dryer and flip the ends of your hair with the brush.

Technique 4: Hair Pomade

If you want to create your own messy or bedhead look, incorporate hair pomade to your styling routine. Take a quarter sized amount on your palm and rub your hands together till the product disappears. Apply the product to your hair afterwards and style it exactly how you want to. Scrunch your hair if you want fringes to appear.

Technique 5: Flat Iron

The eBoy haircut is most famous for its neat, slicked back appearance. Achieving this look is rather easy. All you need is a flat iron, and some heat protectant so that you could spray some before straightening your hair out.

Tips for maintaining the Eboy look

Maintaining the eboy haircut might be a bit uneasy, as it often comes with a requirement of leaving your hair be, which might get difficult on bad hair days.

However, to make things a bit less hectic we have prepared a set of instructions that you can follow if you’re planning to get the eBoy haircut sometime soon.

Get rid of split ends

Making sure your hair looks healthy is very necessary if you are a big fan of the eBoy haircut. In order to ensure the healthiest form of your hair, visiting your stylist every 2-3 weeks for a trim would be of great assistance.

However, if you’re planning on growing your hair out for a long time and want to look cleaner, trimming the sides and the back every 3 months with a suitable sized guard will do the trick.

Get an undercut or a fade

Visiting the barber multiple times a year will not be easy, especially if your schedule is packed. To ease the process down, get an undercut or a fade every time you choose to go to a salon.

This will allow you to avoid entering the awkward phase effortlessly, while making your hair look voluminous and nicely tamed.

Getting an undercut or a fade will be very beneficial for those who prefer a natural look, as trimmed sides and back increase the fluffiness at the top. It will also be convenient for those who are open to experimenting with their hair.

Minimize the usage of styling tools

If you’re a big fan of the curly and wavy renditions of the eboy haircut, this one’s for you. Try to cut down on using styling tools like flat irons and hair dryers if you want your hair to look wavy at the ends.

Let it air dry instead. Not only will this allow your hair to naturally look more voluminous and curly, but it will also result in a healthier scalp, which will inevitably improve the quality of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the queries seem to be limitless, here are a few questions on eBoy hairstyles on the web that we’d like to answer!

What is the eBoy haircut called?

The eBoy hairstyle was originally known as the curtain hairstyle. It is usually achieved by parting your hair down the middle through a comb. For a more natural texture, a wide tooth comb will be of great help.

How do I achieve the eBoy hairstyle?

  • Dampen or wash your hair
  • Take a dime sized amount to your palms and rub them together
  • Work the product through wet hair
  • Wobble your head a bit to achieve that natural look
  • Use your fingers to part it in the middle. Style it till you are content with the look.
  • Use a hair product for ensuring a firm hold. You may use some hair wax, hair gel, or hair mousse.
  • Use a blow dryer to increase the fullness. You may also air dry it to bring out the best in your curls.

How long does it take to achieve the eBoy hairstyle?

The average eBoy hairstyle is 6 inches long. On an average, it takes about 12 months for hair to grow 6 inches or more. It might get difficult at times and you might feel impatient, but make sure you remember what your main goal is: to rock the eBoy hairstyle.

How is the eboy haircut different from a mop top?

A mop top, also called a mop haircut, is different from a curtain haircut in various ways. The only thing that both of them have in common is the fact that they’re very popular amongst gen z, and that they’ve gained quite the following from TikTok.

As opposed to a curtain haircut, a mop top has a neater and glossier look with a firmer hold, which requires a different set of styling products. For instance, for a mop top, a container of hair gel is almost always mandatory to achieve their ideal greasy texture. It also involves the use of heating tools, such as a flattening iron, mainly since the hairstyle is at its peak when it’s perfectly aligned.

On the other hand, the eboy haircut is usually at its best when it’s product free, as one of its main appeals is its healthy appearance, and we all know that hair genuinely improves and looks healthy when it’s free of chemicals.


All things considered, we hope this article helps you figure out the look you want to obtain and provides you with useful information on the eBoy haircut, its procedure, and its maintenance.

Remember that everyone’s hair type is different, so make sure to pick a look that suits you and allows you to have a positive experience.

Find a stylist who will help you out and give you the haircut you have in mind. To make it easier for the stylist, carry a set of instructions or photos so that they can understand better.

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