The Evolution of Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet: Everything You Need To Know

Billy Ray Cyrus, a name that people know for different reasons. Some of you might know him as the father of Pop Icon Miley Cyrus. If you are one of them, this article is not for you. But if you know this guy for his phenomenal hair during the 1990s, you have come to the right place.

This Country musician is one of the advocates of mullet hairstyles in recent years. He has worn mullet hairstyles for most of his life. He even has a song named “I Want My Mullet Back” which he published in 2006 when mullet hairdos got out of trend.

Billy Ray Cyrus got his wish! Mullets are back and they are one of the trendiest hairstyles out there at this moment. Want to try a mullet? Then I would suggest you get the hairdo of Billy Ray Cyrus.

In this article, I will discuss about the evolution Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet has gone through over the years. You can try these mullet hairdos if you want a classic mullet hairstyle.

The Evolution of Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus has worn a mullet hairstyle for a long time since his musical debut in 1992. The hairstyle evolved from the original one which is apparent from his various appearances with a slightly different look. In this article, I am about to discuss the original Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet and its gradual change throughout the years.

The Original Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

The Original Billy Cyrus Mullet

First of all, we are going to talk about the mullet style that Billy Ray Cyrus debuted with. When people talk about Billy Ray Cyrus mullet, people think about this one. In the 1990s, mullet hairstyles were the go to hairstyles for musicians and Billy Ray Cyrus was no exception. He had this hairstyle for around 5 years where the length varied but the main design remained the same.

Billy Ray Cyrus got immediate success upon his debut and his mullet played a huge role behind it. People were really impressed with his mullet. If you talk with a fan, they will keep talking for hours about how amazing his mullet was and how it influenced them to get a mullet as well.

The original name of this mullet hairstyle is Kentucky Waterfall Mullet. The front hair is short like a regular haircut. The back hair is grown out and laid out loosely. When someone looks at the haircut from the back, it appears similar to a waterfall.

You can try this hairstyle easily. You will need at least shoulder-length back hair for this style. The front hair is comparably really short, around 4 inches. The side hair is around two inches which complete the hairdo. The contrast between the front and sides with the back hair makes this hairdo so special. The front hair is cut short compared with the back hair.

Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Mullet With Curtain Bangs

During the late ’90s, Billy Ray Cyrus grew out his front hair a bit. That caused a change from his original mullet style. The front hair has curtain bangs while the back hair is long. This mullet style is also known as the Doug Flutie mullet.

He has worn this style for quite some time. He attended many award ceremonies like the Academy of Country Music Awards in 1999 with this haircut. The mullet with a tuxedo gave him a unique look. Looking back, he sported the style well and there is a reason he is synonymous with mullet.

Now that mullets have made a comeback, you can try this hairstyle. It is not as daring as Kentucky Waterfall Mullet but it gives a rebel, out-of-the-norm look.

Textured Mullet with Frosted Tips

Textured Mullet with Frosted Tips

At the beginning of the 2000s, Billy Ray Cyrus changed his overall look and dyed his hair blond at the front while the back hair was his natural dark brown color. He also started to brush his front blond hair backward but very loosely. That resulted in some strands of hair being unraveled.

He has sported this look for quite some time and attended many public events with it. Everyone was quite excited with this look when he attended the Love Ride Charity Motorcycle event in 2001 in Los Angeles.

This mullet gave him a really different look from his previous appearances. He looked like a badass biker alongside the beard he was sporting. He sported this style for most of the 2000s. It is the second-best mullet style of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Sideway Spikes with Short Mullet

Sideways Spikes with Short Mullet

This is a very modern adaptation of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Mullet haircut. His front hair is comparably long from his previous mullet hairdos, while the back hair is short. This was the latest mullet hairstyle that Billy Ray Cyrus wore during the 2010s, nowadays he has really long hair which he wears loosely.

This mullet style is quite different. The front hair is 4-5 inches long. The side hair is long as well. The main difference comes with the different-sized back hair. In other Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet styles, his back hair reaches his lower back. But in this style, his back hair barely reaches his shoulders.

If you are looking for a modern version of a mullet hairdo, this hairstyle can be the one for you. Many of you might feel that mullet looks weird for short hair and long back hair. That is not the case for this one so try right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quite natural to have questions about Billy Ray Cyrus’ Mullet as it is synonymous with him. He even started a mullet championship. I have tried to answer some of the questions. I hope it is helpful to you.

Question: What is the name of Billy Ray Cyrus mullet?
Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus has worn different variations of mullet since his debut in 1992. The original mullet that he used to sport in the early 1990s is called Kentucky Fountain Mullet.

Question: What is Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair type?
Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus has naturally wavy hair or type 2 hair. On many occasions, he straightens his hair to get a certain look. But his natural hair is wavy which can be seen in images from the 1990s.

Question: What hair type is most suited for a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet?
Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus has naturally wavy hair. So it is no surprise that this mullet will look best on wavy hair. But in my opinion, it will look quite decent with naturally straight hair as well.

Question: What is Billy Ray Cyrus’ natural hair color?
Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus has dark brown colored hair. But he often dyes his hair blonde. That is the reason many of you confuse him to be a blonde.

Concluding Statement

If you ask a mullet enthusiast to name some celebrities who have inspired them, there is a good chance that they will say it was Billy Ray Cyrus. He has worn mullet most of his career since his debut in 1992. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest advocates of this hairstyle.

His mullet has changed over the years. At first, he used to have a Kentucky Waterfall mullet. It gradually changed as his front hair got bigger. He dyed his hair as well which changed his overall look drastically.

I have discussed about the evolution of his mullet in detail. He also adopted a modern version in recent years. Mullets have made a comeback and many people are trying this out. If you want to give this hairstyle a go, choosing a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet is the best option.

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