Buzz Cut Lengths

Buzz Cut Lengths: Number 0 to Number 8 [With Sample Hairstyles]

Do you ever feel self-conscious about your hairstyle but have little to no time to maintain it? Then getting a buzz cut could be the answer to all your worries.

Buzzcut was mostly favored by military personnel back in the day. However, it began to be part of the trend for regular men as well in the 1980s.

Consequently, they can make you look classy and professional and even ready for your next hangup looking like a professional model. It can get you ready for any event or any place with any outfit helping you rock every aesthetic available.

Regardless of age, or gender if you want to keep your hair fashionably short then you can get this without even giving it a second thought. And the variations you can have with each number mixing it with your unique quirkiness will make sure to not keep your fashion statement boring.

In this article, we are going to discuss the buzz cut lengths and which buzz cuts might suit your face. Moreover, some frequently asked questions are answered near the end to help you decide on your own.

Why Choose Buzz Cut?

Convenience, Convenience, and Convenience! From getting a buzz cut to maintaining one, everything is convenient and low maintenance when it comes to a buzz cut.

To get a fashionable buzz cut all you need is some good lighting, a mirror, and a proper clipper at home and you would be good to get on.

The simple yet rebellious aesthetic of buzz cuts can be easily maintained as well. You do not even need any additional hair products for its maintenance.

If you have a busy schedule then you can just get up, grab a quick breakfast and get ready. You will not have to spend hours trying to fix your hair or to keep your hair fresh.

So without further ado get your buzz cut and your amazing sleekness today!

Hair Clipper Sizes To Keep In Mind

Hair Clipper Sizes

Haircut numbers actually refer to the size of the clipper. You can easily find the finders on each one of your clippers. The number on the hair clippers indicates the amount of hair you will have after your haircut. To keep a longer haircut, you will have to choose the one with the larger number. For instance, if you ask for a number 7 haircut then the #7 guards will be used and you will have seven-eighths of an inch of hair left on your scalp.

Here are the numbers and the clipper guard lengths to help you choose your buzz cut lengths:

Number 1 – one-eighth of an inch

Number 2 – one-quarter of an inch

Number 3 – three-eighths of an inch

Number 4 – one-half of an inch

Number 5 – five-eighths of an inch

Number 6 – three-quarters of an inch

Number 7 – seven-eighths of an inch

Number 8 – one inch

Buzz Cut Lengths To Outshine Everyone

Getting a haircut with indecisiveness can bring frustration whether you decide to do it on your own or get professional help. So, having a clear idea about what style might suit you or what you want can be of great help.

To help you visualize your buzzcut and get you in the right direction we are going to show you some of the buzzcut lengths in this part of the article.

So let’s jump right into it!

Number 0 Buzz Cut

Number 0 Buzz Cut

In case of buzz cuts, the shortest of the shortest you can go is triple 0. But that’s close to having your hair fully shaven off. Hence, if anyone wants a little bit of hair and not the fully shaven one they can choose number 0. The number 0 haircut requires no guard on the clippers. You can simply use the permanent one attached to the clipper and easily get this nearly bald haircut.

A number 0 is also known as a “bald fade”. This short buzz cut will leave your scalp exposed providing you with a skin fade and giving you a rock star vibe.

So, go get your leather jacket out and rock your outfit with this haircut.

Number 1 Buzz Cut

Number 1 Buzz Cut

The number 1 buzz cut is slightly longer than number 0, however, still exposes the scalp. With a slightly exposed scalp, you can bring out your inner badass.

From afro to straight all types of hair look amazing with the neat sleekness of this haircut. You can create a wave at the front hairline while keeping your sides faded to make it appear more well-kept.

All you have to do is trim once every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your original look. Sounds pretty easy, right?

So don’t wait up and flaunt your cool edginess with this haircut today!

Number 2 Buzz Cut

Number 2 Buzz Cut

Number 2 buzz cut is the number one safe choice for everyone. It is deemed as one of the most common buzz cuts because it appears not too long and not too short.

You can always create an “M” or “U” shape near the front hairline to accentuate your strong jawline. Like most other buzz cuts it looks exquisite on all hair types. but mostly, it is a superb choice for people with a thin hairline.

You can pump it up with some hair color if you want. But just the haircut is enough to make you look dashing.

Without further ado, get your suit up and get the number 2 buzz cut.

Number 3 Buzz Cut

Number 3 Buzz Cut

Haircuts can effortlessly boost your self-confidence and help you become less hesitant. So if you want to feel strong and powerful then this haircut is the one you can go for.

From number 3 the buzz cut starts to get a bit longer. It will cut your hair down to ⅜ of an inch and help cover up most of your scalp.

This uniform look will make you appear professional and suave in any outfit.

Is there anything else holding you from getting this sophisticated haircut? If not, then why not get it today?

Number 4 Buzz Cut

Number 4 Buzz Cutt

Number 4 buzz cut will leave half an inch of hair on your head and give you a refined charm to any of your aesthetics.

You can always add a bit of faux hawk or mini spikes at the front to jazz up your style. Moreover, you can get along with this haircut for your next meetup look with a sweatshirt as well as any professional event with a suit.

This high-key low maintenance haircut will make you look and feel cool and refreshed. Don’t hesitate to get it.

Number 5 Buzz Cut

Number 5 Buzz Cut

Number 5 buzz cut is certainly on the longer side and will leave ⅝ of an inch. You can use the #5 guard or grow out your number 1 to number 4 freshly trimmed buzz cut to get the look.

You will have perfectly spread out hair all over your head making you appear polished. Moreover, it will help you make your fashion statement look suave and appear as the protagonist of a rom-com movie.

This haircut screams out elegance and classy and exudes a mature vibe.

Number 6 Buzz Cut

Number 6 Buzz Cut

You can use the number 6 to have a quarter-inch of hair and mix it with a taper cut on the sides to get a tight hairline and casual look.

As the hair is on the longer side it gives a slightly messy “just got out of the bed” kind of vibe yet still looks sharp by brushing it up a little.

You can create a bit of texture with this haircut to have a contemporary look. You will look effortlessly cool and funky with number 6 and easily pull off any style you desire.

Number 7 Buzz Cut

Number 7 Buzz Cut

With number 7 your hair will be almost an inch. You can now mix up your hairstyle with numbers 1, 2, or 3 on the sides and flair it up.

You can always get your sides a bit shorter to have a more defined appearance. This haircut’s length is the most perfect and safest bet for people of any age.

It will give the airy chilled-out casual look. But you can always create unique designs on the side or use a pop of color if you get bored with the “good student” vibe of this buzz cut.

Number 8 Buzz Cut

Number 8 Buzz Cut

As it leaves you with one-inch hair and is the longest size for buzz cuts, usually, it is paired up with an undercut or taper fade on the sides with guards #1, #2, or #3.

With proper styling, it can definitely be a head-turner. Number 8 can be worn down or up depending on your outfit. The casual and trendy look will help you make a fashion statement with any kind of outfit.

So get your low-maintenance cool buzz cut today.

How To Be Absolutely Sure About Getting A Buzz Cut

Is your face shape suite buzz cut

Basically, anyone regardless of their age, gender, or face shape can rock a good buzz cut. But if you really want to be an extra bit careful about choosing your haircut then this part of the article might come in handy.

People with diamond, square, or oval shapes can easily get along with this haircut. As a buzz cut gives off a bold and strong look, you can get it to accentuate your jaw or cheekbones.

If you already have strong features, then getting a buzz cut will make them even stronger. However, there’s always a solution.

You can be a little mindful of your hairline and get a little creative with grooming your beard and your accessories. Getting a stubble or full-grown beard or a fashionable scarf or glasses can always help in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

While getting a new haircut you are sure to have some questions. So, in this part of the article, we are going to answer some of them for you.

Question: What is the longest length for a buzz cut?

Answer: In general, the longest guard on the clipper is the #10 one. However, in the case of buzz cuts, the longest length is number 7 or number 8. It leaves almost 1-inch hair and is long enough to slightly part your hair.

Question: Do buzz cuts help with hair growth?

Answer: If you are trying to grow more hair by cutting your hair then you are going to be disappointed. Because healthy hair does not get affected by haircuts. And so getting a buzz cut WILL NOT automatically solve your hair growth problems.

Question: Do buzz cuts cause hair loss?

Answer: As buzz cuts do not affect your hair growth they will NOT cause hair loss as well. So you can get one without any worry.

Question: How often should I get a buzz cut?

Answer: Buzz cuts do not require much maintenance. However, cutting your hair every week and a half to two weeks can help maintain polished sleekness. You can do this on your own with a clipper at home. So don’t be afraid as the maintenance won’t require any additional money.

Question: How long does it take to grow out a buzz cut?

Answer: Depending on your genetics the duration can certainly vary. However, it is said that a person’s hair grows about half an inch every month. Moreover, it depends on how long your hair was pre-buzz cut. So it can take about 3 to 4 months to grow back to its original length.

Question: How much does a buzz cut cost?

Answer: The price range can differ based on how much hair you are cutting off and how precise you are willing it to be. But in general, the price range starts from $15 and can vary depending on your unique touch.

Question: Will a buzz cut get rid of dandruff?

Answer: By getting a buzz cut you can definitely reduce some dandruff as it loses the space to cling on to. However, it will not fully cure your dandruff. For that, you might need to take proper care of your scalp by applying a specific cleansing shampoo or talking to a dermatologist.

Question: Can you do a buzz cut with a beard trimmer?

Answer: YES, you definitely can. But you MUST remember that beard trimmers have narrowly-spaced teeth which can be problematic to cut large chunks of hair. So you might not get the same quality as you would with the hair clippers.

Final Verdict

In the time we are living, where one has barely enough time to take a proper rest, buzz cuts will work as a blessing in disguise. You can always get that extra five minutes of sleep in the morning and look absolutely stunning with this haircut.

Today’s world is all about expressing your individuality and you can go crazy with buzz cuts even though it is quite low maintenance.

Buzz cut has been popular among celebrities of all countries and regions as well. It brings out the inner badass with sophistication.

Moreover, it has been popular since the 1980s for a reason. So why not trust in your ancestors’ instincts and just get it today?

Just go for it, king and queen!

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