Dread Mullet

9 Striking Dread Mullet Styles for Men to Consider in 2022

Dread mullet might sound like a weird or even scary hairstyle to many men. We would also have to agree that the combination between a mullet and dreadlocks is pretty unusual, to say the least.

It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Also, avoid this style if you prefer subtle hairstyles and want anonymity in a crowd. Because this style will make you stand apart and everyone will surely turn and take a second look at your hair.

That is the whole point of this style. It is for men who want to make a clear and bold statement. This style is a strong example of expressing your individuality and not caring about what others might think.

If that is your jam and that’s what you want from your haircut, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss in detail what dread mullet is and what are some of its unique and exciting variants.

What is a Dread Mullet?

What Is a Dread Mullet

Let’s break down what this style exactly is. A dread mullet, which is also sometimes called a “drullet”, is a hairstyle where you have long and voluminous dreadlocks at the back of your head and shorter hair at the front.

If we get really technical with the names, you need to have dreadlocks from the mid-crown to the nape area. Some men also just go for dreads in the nape area.

You do not need dreads in the front and top area and just your natural hair would be fine. But, it’s also okay if you do have dreads there. You just have to keep it shorter.

There is no set rule about how long your dreads can be or how short your front hair needs to be. So, you can get creative with the length. In fact, we have some amazing suggestions for you in the next section.

This hairstyle never really had any mainstream success. There were always only a few people who went for it. However, it recently blew up on TikTok and a lot of men were seen rocking a dread mullet.

9 Fascinating Dread Mullet Hairstyles for Men to Rock in 2022

Dread mullet might feel like a limited hairstyle at first. But, there are actually tons of ways you can style a drullet. After going through all those styles, we have chosen the 9 most captivating styles for you. Read through the list to learn about them in detail.

Front Cropped Dread Mullet

Front Cropped Dread Mullet

‘Contrast’ is the keyword for the first style on our list. The hair at the front and the back will look totally different, but they will also complement each other in a striking way.

At the front, you will have nicely cropped short hair. Keep the hairline straight and tidy. The goal is to keep things neat at the front. That way, the wildness at the back will appear even wilder.

Go for long dreadlocks at the back that goes way beyond your shoulder. If you want to further elevate this look, you can add a taper or a fade to this style.

Side Shaved Dread Mullet

Side Shaved Dread Mullet

If you have decided to try out a dread mullet, subtlety is definitely not your goal. So, just adding a fade to this style might not be enough for you.

Do you want to try something bolder? Completely shave off the sides. If you do not have dreads at the front, just comb down your natural hair. Also, it would be better for this style if your dreadlocks at the back are really long.

You do not have to worry about anything else. You are literally just letting the sides do all the work for you. The combination between shaved sides and the long dreads creates a fairly modern look.

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down

This is hands down the most unique style on this list. You can go through the entire list and you won’t find anything else that resembles this style. At first look, it doesn’t even look like a dread mullet style.

To get this look, you need to have dreads at the front as well. Also, your dreads at the back do not need to be too long. Just shoulder-length dreads would be fine.

Then, you have to take all the dreadlocks from the front, top, and crown area and put them in a top knot. Finally, tie up the dreads in the nape area like a ponytail to complete the look.

Party in the Back

Party In The Back

Did you know that a mullet is also called “business up front, party in the back”? Because in a mullet your hair is short and simple at the front and all the actions are happening at the back.

We are taking that philosophy and using it in a dread mullet style. You need to have dreadlocks only at the back for this style. The dreads again need to be really long.

Your front hair will be short to medium length. You can style it a bit if you want or just leave it alone. The main goal is to draw all the attention to your dreads at the back.

Dyed Dread Mullet

Dyed Dread Mullet

One of the easiest ways to give your dread mullet a different vibe is to dye it. This is already a pretty eccentric style and so you are not limited in any way as far as choosing a color is concerned.

You can choose literally any color you want. It can be subtle and something close to your natural hair color. Or, it can be vibrant and completely different.

You can dye all of your hair with a single color. However, our suggestion would be to go for a two-toned style because that’s a much cooler look. It means you have to dye your dreads halfway through or just the tips.

Radical Dread Mullet

Radical Dread Mullet

We have named this style ‘radical’ because it is quite the look. A dread mullet is already a bold and edgy style. This style is just taking it to the next level.

You have to shave off your entire head, except for the dreadlocks at the back. Your head should be smooth and shiny and all the eyes should be just on your dreads.

It doesn’t matter for this style whether you have long or short dreads. You can have any length you want. Also, a thick beard can give you a more intense look.

Drullet Hawk

Drullet Hawk

Now, we are jumping in the completely opposite direction. For this style, you would be really using your front hair.

You need to spike up your hair from the front to the upper crown area like a Mohawk. You would have the usual long dreads at the back. Also, you can dye your sharp spikes and the tips of the dreads with different colors.

This style is definitely not for everyone and might feel a bit much to a lot of men. However, if making a statement is your wish, then you won’t get a better style than this one.

Dread Mullet Bun

Dread Mullet Bun

Let’s move on from a really wild style to a much tidier style. You just need to take your long dreads at the back and go for a man bun.

It would be a bit more difficult than a usual man bun. Because you can’t easily handle long dreadlocks like your natural hair.

So, you need to be more patient and take your time. Do not worry because the end result would be so cool that you won’t mind the hassle.

Accessorized Dread Mullet

Accessorized Dread Mullet

The last style on this list is basically us suggesting you to accessorize your dread mullet. There are no limits and you can be as creative as you want with the accessories.

However, our recommendation would be to try out beads. Beads just work amazingly well with dreadlocks.

Adding a couple of beads will make your dread mullet look absolutely attractive. There are other types of accessories but beads are definitely our favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though a dread mullet might feel like a niche hairstyle, there seems to be some interest in it. Because there are some questions that are frequently asked about it online. We’ll answer a few in this section.

How to maintain a dread mullet?

The basics are the same as most other hairstyles. You need to regularly wash, clean, and moisturize your hair. While it is really fun to have dreadlocks, it also brings more responsibilities. So, be aware of that before you decide to go for dreads.

How often should you wash your dread mullet?

You should wash your dreads twice every week. That means you have to wash after every 3-4 days. However, if you do physical activities that make your head sweat, then you need to wash sooner


You might have just gone through an article about one of the craziest hairstyles that you have ever come across. We also acknowledge that the dread mullet is a really unique style.

That is the charm of it. If we had to persuade you, we would ask why go for a bland style or a haircut that you go back to frequently. Once in a while, you need to try out something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Because the real fun might begin then.

Also, dreads are really popular and mullets are making a huge comeback. Would it really be a big surprise if someone wanted to combine these two to create something new?

In the end, the choice is all yours. If you have decided to go for it, we say all the more power to you. All the very best and rock that dread mullet confidently!

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