Bald Mullet

The Bald Mullet: A Look That Is Truly For Everyone!

Having good hair is a sign of good health. Wearing the right hairstyle also has a positive impact on our self-esteem, our face shape, and also improves the state of our social life. While there’s definitely a hairstyle for everyone, many of them fail to reach their full potential due to catering to one gender only. However, that’s not the case for a bald mullet, as it’s for anyone and everyone.

Also known as a skullet, a bald mullet was probably discovered accidentally through the help of a botched mullet haircut, however, the look’s breakthrough was definitely intentional, and its rise to stardom was, without a doubt, inevitable.

After spending years in the shadow of a mullet, the bald mullet started gaining recognition. Although the primary reason behind its success was its rebellious aura and edgy appearance, the bald mullet was also admired all over the world because it doesn’t give into conformity; a habit that we often fail to pick up on.

Over the past few years, especially since quarantine, the bald mullet has become a go-to haircut, which isn’t too amusing. It matches edgy personalities, but also has the visuals to help those that fall victims to male pattern baldness.

Whether you’re seeking a fresh start or looking for a design that matches your one-of-a-kind personality, a bald mullet can easily be the perfect sidekick for you. Eager to learn more? Sit back and follow through as we unveil to you the basics, the positives, and all the variations that a bald mullet can be transformed into!

15 Gender-Fluid Bald Mullets To Experiment With This Fall

In contrast to the average mullet, a bald mullet, also known as a skullet, is somewhat subtle. It definitely fits into the genre of  “Business in the front, party at the back,” but isn’t as apparent or as vibrant as its predecessor, and could very well be the black sheep in the mullet family.

Even though it comes with its own unique features and characteristics, a bald mullet is just as versatile as every other mullet hairstyle and offers hair enthusiasts various looks that are open to being experimented with. From hairdos that are electric to variants that resolve self-esteem issues, here are 15 designs of bald mullets that you should definitely try out before the end of this year!

Bald Mullet with Razor Decal

Bald Mullet With Razor Decal

If you’re seeing premature signs of male pattern baldness, embrace the last few strands that you have left. Do so by rocking a bald mullet with razor decals!

The contrast between the hairline and the crown is no short of perfect for this option. It gradually grows in length and texture, which can make your hair look thicker than it is! The racing stripes around the sides that are also known as razor decals can be a great feature to create to introduce some excitement to the look, and a bonus point if you happen to be wearing a thick beard!

Bald Mullet for Dreadlocks

Bald Mullet for Dreadlocks

Those with afro-textured hair or thick and coarse kinky hair can try out a bald mullet with ease. Additionally, to bring in some texture and a unique pattern, they could definitely create cornrow stitched dreadlocks like Big Sean!

Although it could look a bit odd at the front, a bald mullet could be a convenient way to escape your complex hair care routine for a while, especially if you happen to have 4c type afro hair. It can also be a rational look to try out if shaving your hair off is a plan that you’d like to experiment with in the foreseeable future.

Electric Red Skullet

Electric Red Skullet

If you’re planning to fit into the visuals of a bald mullet, make sure you do it in style! Make it the highlight of your appearance as well as everyone’s day by pairing up your fresh cut with a vibrant colour scheme.

Tones like red can easily be a good way to make the newly buzzed hair more apparent, it can also be used as a means to drop hints about the high-spirited energy you carry at all times!

Uniform Bald Mullet

Uniform Bald Mullet

As stated earlier, a bald mullet is mainly prominent for its open-minded approach to fashion. It is a hairstyle for all, and this is the evidence!

Although many prefer rocking a triple zero buzz cut when creating this look, we believe that a uniform buzz cut, which is obtained using a 2 guard clipper, is more soothing on the eyes. It shows the contrast in an exceptionally reasonable and noticeable way, which could be a good incentive for you if you happen to be a straightforward person.

Since the look is a tad bit plain, you can surely add some hues onto the cuticles to make it look a bit more presentable. Vibrant shades are often the best options to look into for this scenario, but solid neutral shades can also be a good way to introduce some excitement, and add some volume.

Bald Mullet For Redheads

Bald Mullet For Redheads

Being a redhead comes with many perks. On top of never having to face the growth of grey hair, redheads also tend to stand out in a room full of people. However, all that won’t be of any use if you don’t stand out with the help of a bald mullet!

The appearance of a bald mullet looks excellent when displayed with a ginger-esque colour scheme. To add some elevation, take some notes from the photo for this variant and use a 4 guard clipper to shave your head. To make the haircut more memorable, you can very well add an easy-to-create pattern around the sides!

Textured Bald Mullet

Textured Bald Mullet

Bald mullets are extremely flexible. Users can easily create a neat look with a bald mullet, but can also create a variant which is full of texture like this one.

To create this look specifically, you should always start with the temple skin fade. This will give your skullet a more prominent colour scheme and also prevent the look from unfortunate scenarios such as a botched haircut.

Additionally, to add the Caesar-like texture, chop the ends off a bit. Use the razor cutting technique for the disconnected feel, and hair cutting shears to give the textured portion some lift. Finish the look up with a sharp line-up to make the outcome even more unforgettable!

Disconnected Bald Mullet

Disconnected Bald Mullet

A bald mullet is without a doubt a great look to implement when exploring your taste in fashion, but can often look a bit chalky or bulky when the wrong technique or variant is replicated. To get rid of the excessive weight and rock it like no other, however, a disconnected bald mullet could be a great candidate.

The disconnection not only creates the separation between the mane and the temple, but also sharpens certain facial features. A sharp jawline, bright eyes and defined cheekbones typically benefit immensely from this variant.

Bald Mullet With Highlights

Bald Mullet With Highlights

Though the former entries are more than useful enough to replicate if you’re a rebel who just wants to accessorise as much as possible, they could be a bit redundant if you’re seeking a way to increase density and volume of your hair through the assistance of an additional component. Worry not, however, as that concern can effectively be tackled with a bald mullet that consists of highlights.

When it comes to the colour, light tones should be the go-to choice. However, if the colour of your hair is already high-spirited, consider incorporating solid tones like purple or hot pink to obtain a desirable outcome!

Duotone Bald Mullet

Duotone Bald Mullet

If the previous entry fascinated you, a duotone bald mullet is an option that is mandatory for you to look into!

Although the colour scheme is eerily similar to the shades that were recommended in the former entry, the design of this mullet contains less length at the back, making it a tad bit more weightless than any of the entries on this list.

The sizable buzz cut could seem a bit confusing at first, but comes in extremely handy at highlighting the compact sized mullet.

Jarhead Bald Mullet

Jarhead Bald Mullet

To really look good with a bald mullet, creating a buzz cut with tight ends and loads of definition is necessary. A look that comprises both is the jarhead buzz cut.

When combined with a bald mullet, it looks exceptionally at home. The length of the cut isn’t too flat or voluminous, but not too dense to take the spotlight away from the primary component of this hair, the mullet.

Metro Bald Mullet

Metro Bald Mullet

Taking care of the mullet is probably the most difficult task about a bald mullet. However, if you replicate a look as low-maintenance as the metro bald mullet, perhaps that issue will only exist in theory.

This metro mullet surely lacks the volume and the flair that Ronaldo’s metro mullet had at one point, but has tons of density to hide your receding hairline and thinning hair. The hair on top is usually paired with a temple fade, which introduces more definition to the face, and makes the look even more convenient to take care of!

Chicago-style Skullet

Chicago Style Skullet

Chicago is a city that is known for its food, but another reason that they’re usually recognized for is the Chicago-style fade; a component that can flawlessly be incorporated into a bald mullet.

Both the buzz cut and fade look extremely compatible on this variant, but the star of the show is the mop-like mullet at the back. Although it isn’t the longest in terms of dimensions, the mullet is cut in a choppy-like way, making it look healthy and full as a result.

Bald Mullet For Permed Hair

Bald Mullet for Permed Hair

The bouncy nature of permed hair is often a perk that comes with taking care of it, but even that positive isn’t good enough to make up for how complex it is to look after permed hair.

Even though trimming down the ends of your wavy hair can be a great option to make the hair routine a bit less stressful, switching to a bald mullet is undoubtedly an easier way to deal with the complexity of the maintenance routine. This notion can also be a useful way to beat the heat of summer!

Long Length Curly Skullet

Long Length Curly Skullet


A bald mullet looks extremely simple to create on paper and in theory, but unfortunate scenarios can very well occur in real life when creating the look. Many hairdressers often underestimate the density of one’s hair and use the wrong clipper as a result.

While shaving your curls or eventually growing a curly mullet could be logical ways to deal with that scenario, a fun way to deal with a botched haircut with curls is definitely a bald mullet with a zero guard!

Bald Mullet with Layers

Bald Mullet with Layers

“Long hair, don’t care” is a movement we actively support and love in the hair industry. However, while it is lovely to show off the growth of your locs at one point, looking after it could be challenging, especially under humid weather.

Therefore, if you do decide to chop it off, don’t give into your urges of getting an undercut and a comb over. Trim the hair down at the front with the help of your hairdresser and keep the layers at the back to experiment with a trendy variation of the bald mullet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve taken a glimpse at all the designs of the bald mullet that are very much catching fire and up for grabs at the moment, here are some basic questions that we’ve solved regarding bald mullets that are frequently looked up on the web. We hope you enjoy skimming through the queries and find tons of enjoyment while doing so.

Q: What is a bald mullet?

A: As stated earlier, a bald mullet comprises a typical mullet with a twist! Instead of having a grown out look in the front and a long mane at the back, a bald mullet consists of a shaved head in the front, with a sizable look at the back. It is ideal for those that are hipsters, but can also be an affordable way for those with a receding hairline to embrace their genes and hair type!

Q: Which head shape suits a bald mullet?

A: While we believe that a bald mullet is for anyone and everyone, a head shape that typically fits like a glove with this edgy look is the diamond head shape. However, as long as you’re content with the visuals of a skullet and satisfied with how it pairs with your characteristics, anything else should be nothing but irrelevant.

Q: How do I get the bald mullet look?

A: If you’re good at shaving and know how to effectively use a hair clipper, you can definitely create the look at home! This is because, despite being related to mullets, a bald mullet is extremely easy to create. All you need is a hair trimmer to create the contrast between the temple and the backside, and clipper guards to create the buzz cut with some elevation.

Final Verdict

Though the bald mullet is a look that can be frowned upon by the society and make things awkward in professional settings, the fact that it caters to all genders and races is the best part about this look. It could be rendered somewhat edgy and loud for many people, however, just like the mullet itself, a bald mullet is an open canvas that anyone can give a go at!

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