Short Mullet: Uplift Your Look with 30 Attractive Styles

Mullet haircuts have been a thing of interest for almost 50 years now. And mullets are the favorites of many because they can be tailor-made according to anyone’s wish. Short mullets follow the same prescription in being an attractive and brilliant haircut.

A full-fledged mullet usually focuses on looking edgy and energetic. Short mullet haircuts armor themselves with the same idea. Moreover, this short style opens the door to the mullet word for people with short hair. Thus, short mullets exhibit their inclusive nature by welcoming everyone.

With the motto of the mullets, “Business in the front, party in the back,” in our mind, let’s dig into the perfect world of short mullets. The styles we will show you are the best you could find to take your look to the next level. We will discuss every nook and cranny of short mullet in this article as well. Let’s go!

Short Mullet Haircuts: 30 Electrifying Styles

As a hairstyle that looks great and is easy to maintain, short mullet haircuts have been the first choice of many people. It is also interesting that when you get a short mullet haircut, it introduces you to many other variations of this style as well.

Now, for this article, we selected the best 30 variations of short mullets based on not only our own experiences with them but also what our clients said after getting these haircuts. And we tried to include the best of everything so that everyone can have something for themselves.

We promise you that you will find your new favorite short mullet haircut by the time you reach the end of this article. Let’s begin!

Classic Short

Classic Short

Whatever modification you introduce to a haircut, the basic variant always retains a certain appeal that is hard to avoid. It is the same here with the classic short mullet.

What significantly separates a short mullet from other mullets is its versatility. The front hair can be almost the same length as the back hair. How it is presented is what matters.

A classic short mullet is for any time and occasion!

Caesar Mullet

Caesar Mullet

This short mullet style here is a top-notch mixture of two powerful styles: a caesar haircut and a mullet. As a variation for people with short hair, this style has everything one can get.

For this, the caesar cut in the front kick-starts the awesomeness. It maintains the flow and concludes in a lovely-looking mullet.

This style offers nothing short of a royal look. Caesar mullet, man!

Basic Top

Basic Top

This Basic Top is what we usually suggest to someone for his first short mullet haircut. It is effortless and trouble-free as a new haircut to welcome someone to the magnificent world of short mullets.

The mullet look is easier to form when the hair is slightly longer than a medium for this style. The back is untouched, and the top is cut to a reasonable length.

This style may seem slightly plain. But it is an excellent choice for stepping into the short mullet domain.

Semi-Permed Top

Semi Permed Top

Permed mullets are extremely popular among mullet heads. However, a semi-permed style is also in demand. This particular style here is one of those popular variations.

As a short style, the whole hair can be permed. But, slightly perming only the top creates a significant contrast against the back of the head.

You can even shave the sides to create a more hammering look!

Full Curly Mess

Full Curly Mess

When you are blessed with naturally curly hair, a door to the wonderland opens up! Almost any style you try can make you look unique from the person next to you.

And this full curly mess style knows its mission. This is why short mullets in curls always look so out of this world.

Replicating the traditional curly mullet look is much easier in this vigorous variation of short mullet haircuts!

Split Madness

Split Madness

Making a hairstyle your own is something every style-crazy person should do. And there is hardly another way better than split-coloring your hair!

In a short mullet variation, this bi-coloring technique works like a charm. To keep it simple, we suggest you retain one-half part natural and go with the most contrasting color for the rest.

This style gives you one of the most energetic looks you can choose for yourself!

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

Here, we are cooking the short mullet and a burst fade style together. This burst fade mullet is edgy and vibrant on the next level. Youngsters are in love with its magnetic look and head-turning capability.

The burst fade should be the medium variation to keep it consistent with the short mullet. The top hair can have any style you like. A caesar cut is a good choice if you are up for it.

Let this style be the attention-seeker you have been searching out!

Crunchy Crown

Crunchy Crown

This particular short mullet variation right here is a cult classic. It is a style that has been proven to be not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Crunchy Crown emulates the purest energy of a traditional full-blown mullet. This style requires the top and side hair to be trimmed short while letting the back hair mind its business.

To some, it is an extreme haircut. And the rest considers it to be the ultimate short mullet!

Short & Cranky

Short And Cranky

This style presents a curly look that goes beyond a simple curly appearance. Some designs on the sides prove to be one of the best ideas to make it more striking. See for yourself in the picture.

Trimming the sides short to number 2 length on a trimmer is the proper way to go with it. Then let the artistic side of your stylist flourish. You can show them the design you want.

See how it looks in the end? Easily one of the best styles you can choose for yourself!

Crop Fade Mullet

Crop Fade Mullet

In the mullet scene, the crop fade mullet always jumps between the top three places. We could not help incorporating this style into our short mullet discussion.

And guess what, the crop fade short mullet rocks the same! A slight touch of skin fade included in the crop fade would make anyone go wow for a few additional seconds.

This style has been proven to have anyone’s first vote!

Light Mess

Light Mess

Do you like a messy short mullet but want to keep it precise? Look no further. We have the perfect short mullet variation for you right here!

The short straight hair on top of the head stays as it is. Meanwhile, the front hair occupies the mess, and the mullet in the back looks spot on with the stuffed thick hair.

For a clean-looking option, this style will save your day every time!

Short Curly Highlights

Short Curly Highlights

Naturally grown curly hair is a thing of beauty to look at. It is like letting that hair have its freedom and look classy in its arena.

However, adding a bit of color to those curls makes them even more charming. Some light highlights on dark hair introduce fruitiness to it. And the short mullet is the cherry on top.

Get this super style and upgrade your current curls!

Classy Wavy Mullet

Classy Wavy Mullet

Waves rule! That’s the feeling we have about wavy hair. When some excellent wavy hair gives shelter to a short mullet look, it becomes the undisputed king.

As a short mullet, this one is right up there with the best of the best hairstyles. Wavy hair produces the illusion of motion while the mullet look gets to form itself.

Altogether, this style builds up a speedy look you can’t refuse!

Electric Delight

Electric Delight

In Split Madness, we saw the application of color on one side of the head. This electric delight goes gung-ho and tells you to pour it all over the head!

Bright colors are preferable for a short mullet haircut. This particular style in blonde looks so uptight. You can even go ahead and add some lowlights to make it edgier.

Don’t underestimate this banger of style!

Textured Quicksilver

Textured Quicksilver

As a short mullet tweak, silver highlights bring justice all the time. In the case of this Textured Quicksilver, it goes a step ahead because there is another element in it.

Of course, we are talking about adding textures to your hair. It makes your short mullet stand out in its light. If you have dark-toned hair, this is the perfect choice for you.

Let it be the light in your world!

Spiky Mullet Short

Spiky Mullet Short

This short mullet style hits the bullseye with its unpredictable nature. Usually, a mullet variation depends on how the front looks. The tail in the back is natural in such cases.

However, in this variation, the spike occupies not the front or top but the hair in the back. It goes above and beyond to produce something unique.

And boy, doesn’t it do so!

Slicked-Back Quiff

Slicked Back Quiff

A short mullet haircut inspired by the legendary quiff hairstyle always turns out to be a masterpiece. Over the years, many celebrities have made quiff famous. From Elvis Presley rocking its classic variation to Justin Timberlake’s modern take on it, it has come a long way.

In this style, the quiff kicks things up a notch. With its help, the front hair maintains the smooth flow toward the back and gradually manifests the desired short mullet.

This style never fails to make one stand out in a crowd of thousands!

Supreme Punk

Supreme Punk

There are moments when you feel like stopping messing around and start experimenting with some sharp hairstyles. In such a case, if your preference is a short mullet, make sure to give this Supreme Punk a try.

Look how clean and bold this one is! The box-shaped shaved sides help form the short mullet appearance. If shaving seems too demanding, a good skin fade will produce the same result.

Not too shabby, eh?

Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

This amazing variation of short mullets has a quiff-looking front hair in a messy fashion. At the same time, the back hair is combed down which produces the short mullet look.

This style is excellent for people with fine hair. The frontal quiff looks so relaxed and on point with the rest of the haircut.

The front and the back rock two opposing looks that complete this short mullet experience.

Short Permed Mullet

Short Permed Mullet

This one’s a doozy. As we said in the Semi-Permed Top variation, permed mullets are extremely popular. And this Short Permed Mullet reproduces the same effect as a traditional permed mullet.

For this style, perming all the hair is necessary. Hair needs to be medium-long in length to achieve the perfect look.

The final result is profoundly astonishing!

Aesthetically Fuzzy

Aesthetically Fuzzy

One thing that separates this style from the permed mullet is its natural curly hair. The curls look so slippery and seamless that it gets the right to be an automatic choice!

We all know that natural curls dunk on the head of a perm. But if you like a more curly look, you can even perm your already natural curls!

Sometimes, the proposition of rocking excessive curls becomes irresistible!

Spiked Top

Spiked Top

Discussing a bold type of hairstyle without mentioning a spiked hair look? This is an impossible task. And rightly so, we present you with the Spiked Top short mullet variation.

It is edgy yet has a clean feel to it. Apart from having the top hair spiked up, it is also a good option to alternatively spike it up with the longer back hair. In that case, keep the top hair flat.

Either way, this is a hit haircut you don’t want to miss!

Drop Fade Mullet

Drop Fade Mullet

Let the game begin! In the great bubbly world of short mullet haircuts, another giant makes an entry. Together, they create a colossal variation called the Drop Fade Mullet.

Drop fade styles are famous around here. They constructed some of the best haircuts you will ever see. Adding to that list is this drop fade mullet.

You can wear this style even if you have shorter hair!

Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe

This extraordinary style plays with the idea of a slightly reversed mullet. A curly party takes over the “Business in the front.” Nonetheless, the story does not end there.

The less curly back side of the head makes this whole haircut look like a high-top mohawk. The slightly tapered sides keep it constant with the final appearance.

This style is unique in keeping the party going all over the head!

Crispy Razor Texture

Crispy Razor Texture

Using a sharp straight-edge razor to create high-quality textures on hair is a great skill. And it produces the most amazing textures one can see anywhere.

Now, fine cuts play a significant role in the client’s hair texture. This is why the razor-cut texture in this short mullet style looks so precise and attractive.

Scissor cuts or razor cuts? Well, you know the answer to this one now!

Taper Short Mullet Fade

Taper Short Mullet Fade

For something between shaving your sides and keeping them long, this style offers the right balance. A low taper fade-styled sides keep the game going.

This style comes with a bonus. Due to the tapered sides, the hair on the top can have a moderate length. The overall organization of the top and back makes it a short mullet variation.

It also does not need much work!

Cheeky Side-Swept

Cheeky Side Swept

A side-swept style is one of the all-time classics out there. Like any good look, it makes its way to the short mullet and enhances it with its grace.

The side-swept look in the front puts up the cool appearance of a business haircut. However, the hair in the back is long and creates a slick transition toward the end.

This style may not be a head-turner, but it is one hell of a chameleon for sure!

Simply Sleek

Simply Sleek

Even in short mullets, many clients search for a simple, effortless look. This variation here offers this option. It is a neat and clean slick look that never fails to deliver.

For a contrasting appearance, the top hair may be swept forward. It will not create a full-proof sleek transition. It is instead a new look that usually goes under the radar.

This style does come with a tempting classy appearance!

Buzz Cut Mullet

Buzz Cut Mullet

Buzz cut mullet gives you many reasons to be excited. It is exceptional in both how it looks and how it functions. This style ticks all the boxes for a perfect short mullet haircut.

The long hair in the back understandably retains its length. The top of the head and the sides develop the buzz cut. And as it is with any buzz cut, the top hair is trimmed down and the sides are preferably skin faded.

If coolness has a new definition, buzz cut short mullet is definitely it!

Wavy Line

Wavy Line

To spice up a clean wavy short mullet, designs and lines are good options. This Wavy Line variation has those qualities.

This style works in two steps. Firstly, a short mullet haircut on wavy hair is shaped up. And then the lines on the sides are created. The lines do not seem too distinct.

Nevertheless, it works as an excellent low-key edgy short mullet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this article, we covered everything you need to get your first short mullet haircut. Even if it is not your first, you can still pick styles from here. All the variations we discussed here are top-of-the-line. And now, we are going to discuss a few questions that needed answering. These questions are highly relevant and important for short mullets. In this section, we are providing answers to those questions to complete this article.

Q: How do I prepare myself for a short mullet haircut?

A: It is better if you are starting your preparation with a short haircut. After letting the hair grow to medium or medium-long length, you can get your preferable short mullet hairstyle anytime you want to.

Q: Are short mullets unprofessional?

A: It depends on how your work conditions and requirements are. There are some neat short mullet styles like the slick variations. Those styles are borderline acceptable. We have discussed a few of those styles in this article.

Q: How long does it take to grow hair for short mullets?

A: Usually, it takes 4-6 months for perfectly long enough hair to grow for your short mullet haircut.

Q: How often should I refresh my short mullet?

A: Depending on your hair growth, you may need to refresh your short mullet look every four to five weeks. Less edgy ones will go longer without needing refreshing.

Final Words

After going through 30 excellent short mullet styles, it is time to wrap up the article. Before we end, it is necessary to note that not all the short mullet variations will fit one person. Sometimes, it requires a trial-and-error approach to find out the best short mullet style for yourself.

You can switch from one variation to another with ease with short mullets. You only need to get modifications based on what a different short mullet haircut needs you to do. Let’s say you started with a basic short mullet style. You can get fades and use colors according to another short mullet variation later on. You can also create something new and call it your own.

However, as a start, we can tell you the top three styles from both simple types and high-spirited types of short mullets. For some effortless looks, we suggest the Basic Top, Light Mess, and Crispy Razor Texture variations.

For something energetic, start with one from Split Madness, Short & Cranky, and Supreme Punk. We recommend these with complete confidence because we depend not only on what we have experienced but also rely on the feedback of our clients.

Choose your champion short mullet style now, and let it take your look to the next level!

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