22 Best Drop Fade Haircut Ideas for 2022

Fades have been the go-to hairstyle for a lot of people for quite some time. Its most recent variation, the Drop Fade, has recently blown up in the scene.

From athletes on and off the field to famous musicians and A-list actors on the red carpet and social media platforms, all are being seen carrying their own version of the drop fade.

It has caught on to everyone. The reason is that it is very easy to get a drop fade and it is such an adaptable haircut that you can mix and match it with other cool hairstyles to create something special of your own. Plus it solidly holds its own as well.

Drop fade can become one of the trendiest haircuts in 2022. Everyone is now wanting to learn more about it and trying to put their own spin on it.

We have answers to your every question regarding drop fades. Stick with the article to find out about the different types of drop fades, how to create and uniquely style drop fades, and how to maintain them.

What is a Drop Fade?

Drop fade is a fresh take on the classic fade and it has become quite popular in a short time. Like any other fade, you will end up with longer hair on the top and much shorter hair on the sides and the back in the drop fade haircut.

The difference is that there is a curve in the drop fade. The ‘fading effect’ starts from the temple area, curves around the ear, and goes down to the nape.

It is unlike the regular fades, where the fade goes symmetrically around the head in a straight line without any dip in any area. That is why it gets its name from the specific ‘dropping’ of the fade behind the ear.

A neat arc shape is created that is clearly visible from the back. This shape has also given this haircut names like the V-fade or the arc-shaped fade.

This cool haircut complements an individual’s natural hairline and leaves some volume on the crown area, creating a sharper hairstyle.

Types of Drop Fade

There are basically 4 different types of drop fade haircuts. You can choose from Low Drop Fade, Mid Drop Fade, High Drop Fade, and Bald Drop Fade depending on where you want the fading to begin or how much skin you want to expose.

A Low Drop Fade haircut is when the fading begins from a lower portion of your head. It is the least risky option because it works equally well in professional and casual settings.

Low Drop Fade

You have the flexibility to rock a low drop fade on any occasion without any hesitation. If you are looking for a combination of cool and classy, this one is a must for you.

High Drop Fade is the most striking and captivating option. The fading will start from a much higher area than your ear and create a stark contrast.

High Drop Fade

Your top hair will be highlighted on a high drop fade, so pay extra attention to styling it appropriately. This one is for those who are aiming to bring an edge to their appearance.

The fading begins from the mid-point of your head in a Mid Drop Fade. This one is perfect for you if you want the best of both worlds. A mid drop fade haircut is an ideal blend of spunky and sophisticated.

Mid Drop Fade

Bald Drop Fade is also known as Skin Drop Fade. It is basically a fusion of a skin fade and a drop fade. This one is definitely the boldest option.

Bald Drop Fade

You need to completely shave your sides and the back to reveal your skin for a bald drop fade. The fading can start from a low, medium, or high point.

Reasons to Go for a Drop Fade

One reason the drop fade haircut is getting widespread popularity is that it is literally for everyone. It does not matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, you can get a drop fade.

Whether you have long, medium, or short hair, there is a drop fade for you. If you have a beard, you still have plenty of options to go with it.

Drop fade is also one of the most adaptable haircuts. It offers you the opportunity to combine it with numerous other hairstyles. Keep reading to find out some great suggestions.

There is a drop fade for every occasion. Depending on how you style it, you can carry a drop fade to a business meeting or a concert.

We understand if you want your hairstyle to be celebrity-approved. Just spend a few minutes online and you will find Jamie Foxx, David Beckham, Zayn Malik, Drake, and many others rocking a drop fade.

A drop fade is especially recommended if you have a round or square face. Do not worry as there are options available for long and oval faces as well.

Just keep in mind that if you spend a long amount of time in a professional setting, or if you are not looking for a long-term commitment, or if the weather is chilly, then it would be wise to avoid getting a bald drop fade or a high drop fade.

How to Get a Drop Fade?

You can go to any barbershop and get a drop fade easily. There is a possibility that your barber might not know the name or understand what you are exactly looking for, so we would suggest carrying a picture or clearly explaining it to them to avoid any risk.

Now, if you have good hand-eye coordination and steady hands, you can do it at home as well. All you need are clippers, scissors, mirrors, and a comb. We have a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1:

First, you need to wash and dry your hair. Your hair should be damp and not wet. You can use a comb to detangle and straighten your hair to make it more manageable. Make sure that your top hair does not get in the way. If you have longer hair, you can use clips.

Step 2:

Now, you have to choose the point from where the fading will begin. For example, way above the ear for a high drop fade and the lower portion of the crown for a low drop fade. It depends entirely upon you which fading point you want to choose.

Step 3:

Then, you need to decide how deep you want your fade to be. You can keep it a bit longer like a taper, make it shorter, or completely reveal your skin for a bald drop fade. The guard size will be decided from this choice. The lower the guard, the shorter your hair will be cut. Always remember to start with a higher guard and then keep going low.

Step 4: 

You can carefully start trimming now. You need to start from the fading point and then gradually keep going lower. Switch to a lower guard while moving to a lower section. Carefully curve around your ear and keep following your hairline. Continue going down till you have reached your neckline and create an arc shape.

Step 5:

You need to blend each section to have a seamless and natural transition. You can blend with the shortest guard. Clean up your hairline and neckline, once you are done with the blending. Now, finish by styling the top hair as you like. You can use a pomade or a cream to keep the style in place.

Congratulations, you have given yourself a neat drop fade haircut by following this guideline.

22 Must-Try Drop Fade Styles for 2022

Drop fade is a truly versatile haircut. You can style your drop fade in countless ways. To make it easier for you, we have handpicked 22 styles for you which will immediately make you stand apart from the crowd.

Drop Fade Pompadour

Drop Fade Pompadour

Let’s start with something dependable. Pompadour has always been known as a sophisticated hairstyle. Add a drop fade to it and suddenly it becomes spicier. You can achieve a balance of playfulness and elegance through this smart hairstyle.

Curly Drop Fade

Curly Drop Fade

Drop fade and curly hair work great with each other. Very few haircuts can complement curly hair like a drop fade haircut. If you want to highlight your curls, then go for a high drop fade and show off your beautiful curls.

Drop Fade with a Man Bun

Drop Fade with Man Bun

Man buns are really trending right now. A drop fade with a man bun will only elevate your overall appearance. So, comb your hair and tie it in a bun at the back. It works even better with a beard. We would also suggest avoiding revealing too much skin for this one. Not getting a high drop fade or a bald drop fade with a bun would be a smart choice.

Drop Fade Waves

Drop Fade Waves

Combining drop fade with waves will give you a dapper hairstyle. It doesn’t matter whether you choose 180 or 360 waves. Style it with a high, low, or medium drop fade and you have a solid look. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

Drop Fade Fringe

Drop Fade Fringe

This one is for all you youngsters. If you want a fresh way to style your fringe, try a drop fade with it. Fringe is all about the top hair game. A drop fade can help you by creating a clear contrast between the flowy long hair at the front and the arc-shaped fade on the back.

Afro Drop Fade

Afro Drop Fade

There are many ways of styling afro hair and honestly, a lot of them are becoming quite common. Drop fade afro combination might just be the new thing everyone has been waiting for a while now. So, celebrate your afro hair in a creative way with a drop fade of your choice.

Slicked Back Drop Fade

Slicked Back Drop Fade

This one is bound to give you a dignified appearance. It is especially suggested for those business meetings and fancy parties. A low drop fade or mid drop fade with slicked-back hair will present you as an individual who gets things done and who does it all with a suave style. It is also highly recommended if you have a long beard.

Faux Hawk Drop Fade

Faux Hawk Drop Fade

Let’s jump to something edgier. If a Mohawk is too extreme for you, you can still create a feisty style with a faux hawk and a drop fade. Drop fade is the perfect type of fade for a faux hawk because it leaves some volume on the crown area which adapts really well with the hawk.

Drop Fade Dreads

Drop Fade Dreads

Bring a unique twist to the traditional dreads. Mash-up of drop fade with dreads should excite you if you have short dreads. It will create a very modern and original hairstyle. Nothing to worry about if you have longer dreads. A high drop fade or a bald drop fade can be an innovative alternative for styling your long dreads.

Drop Fade with a Hard Part

Drop Fade with Hard Part

Get ready to charm everyone’s sock off with this tasteful hairstyle. Any type of drop fade haircut with a classic hard part will give you a polished look like no other. Also, you will not appear out-of-place on any occasion with this refined yet relaxed hairstyle.

Mullet Drop Fade

Mullet Drop Fade

Jeremy Renner has really brought the mullet back to life through playing Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame. Though he went for a classic high fade to go with his mullet, you can be imaginative with your choice and style yours with a drop fade. A drop mid fade or low fade can turn your mullet into a more luxurious and robust one.

Drop Taper Fade

Drop Taper Fade

We must first acknowledge that there is a lot of confusion between a taper and a fade. But, a taper fade is basically just a taper. If you want to keep your hair on the side and the back a bit longer, then you can opt for a drop taper fade. It is also not so long-term like the other ones and gives you the flexibility to change your hairstyle faster. It is a better choice for a chilly season as well.

Buzz Drop Fade

Buzz Drop Fade

If you are looking for a short drop fade, meaning shorter hair on the top, then you can try a drop fade with the military-inspired buzz cut. The buzz cut has never really gone out of fashion with celebrities like Brad Pitt, Chris Evans, and Zayn Malik carrying one at different times. So, we can assure you that a buzz cut with a drop fade haircut remains as trendy as any currently popular hairstyle.

Crew Drop Fade

Crew Drop Fade

Is the buzz cut too short for you? You can go for a longer option which the crew cut. A crew cut with a drop fade is definitely a less risky and more aesthetic choice. Exposing some skin will do wonders for a crew cut. Style it with a bald drop fade to truly upgrade a traditional crew cut.

Drop Top Fade

Drop Top Fade

This one is an amalgamation of a flat top and a drop fade. It is a common saying by a lot of people that Vanilla Ice has ruined the flat top for them or that it makes them appear dorky like Steve Urkel. Well, we would claim that no one owns a haircut. You can come up with your own variant of a flat top. Add a mid drop fade or a low drop fade with your flat top and you have a neat-looking fusion.

Drop Fade Comb Over

Drop Fade Comb Over

Here’s another snazzy hairstyle for posh settings. Comb over styles are always smooth and a drop fade will only make it more appealing. It is also a great option if you do not like growing a beard and still want a mature appearance. You do not need one with this hairstyle.

Drop Fade with a Ponytail

Drop Fade with Ponytail

Are you looking for a simple solution to improve your drop fade style? Just a simple ponytail would actually do. It is fascinating how just a ponytail makes your drop fade even slicker. Do not worry if your hair is not that long. A shorter ponytail will only make this style more fresh and contemporary.

French Crop Drop Fade

French Crop Drop Fade

When in doubt, crop it and drop it. By this, we mean you should try a drop fade with a French crop. Cillian Murphy has made the French crop all the rage through his show Peaky Blinders. Robert Pattinson and Nick Jonas have poured more fuel into this fire by rocking their own versions. So, put your own spin on this phenomenon and make it hotter with a drop fade.

Spikey Drop Fade

Spikey Drop Fade

90’s nostalgia is hitting everyone really hard recently. As a part of that, spikes are making a huge comeback. Everyone is experimenting with spikes to invent a novel look. You can get ahead in this race by choosing a drop fade. A high drop fade or a mid drop fade with the spikes can be the modernist style for 2022.

Drop Fade with Braids

Drop Fade with Braids

It is not very uncommon to accentuate braids with fades. Drop fade can be the latest name in this game. It does not matter whether you have long or short braids, a drop fade will give them more character. If you have longer braids, you can put them in a bun to draw more focus on your drop fade.

Messy Top Drop Fade

Messy Top Drop Fade

This is one laid-back hairstyle that can provide you with a chic vibe. Though it looks like you can get this style from straight getting out of bed, you actually have to work on your hair and might need some products to create this style. Once you are done, added with a drop fade this one turns into a pretty captivating hairstyle. The ‘don’t care’ vibe of this style makes it more attractive.

Designed Drop Fade

Designed Drop Fade

A drop fade is an open canvas in the sense that it has the adaptability to be combined with several hairstyles and improve them significantly. But, it is also literally a canvas because you can try some sick designs on a drop fade. This one will be very difficult to do at home and you will need the help of an expert. You need to communicate with your barber properly to make them understand the design you are desiring.

How to Maintain a Drop Fade?

An issue with the drop fade, like any other fade, is that it does not look as fresh after a week. The easy solution is to visit the barber once a week to keep the drop fade on fleek.

It is not always convenient for everyone to pay the barber a visit every week. So, we have some easy-to-follow tips for you so that you can keep a level of freshness by yourself.

You will need a straight razor to maintain your drop fade. The messy areas can be cleaned with a straight razor. You need to keep your edges sharp and also make sure that you are not ruining the predefined lines while using the razor.

When you are carrying a drop fade, your neck hair, ear hair, and eyebrows actually get more focus. So, you need to regularly shape them as well so that your overall appearance remains neat.

Also, keep following the basics to protect your hair. Keep your hair clean and moisturized. Avoid over-brushing and overheating your hair. Be extra careful if you have bald drop fade because your skin is exposed now.

Drop Fade for Women

Drop Fade for Women

Women are generally getting more interested in shorter hairstyles because of their low-maintenance nature and how easy it is to manage them. We can confidently affirm that a drop fade is an equally great option for women as well.

You have already seen how versatile and adaptable drop fade is. There is a drop fade style for every hair type ranging from 1a to 4c. Feel free to blend other styles with your drop fade depending on your hair type.

Almost all the drop fade styles described for men can be directly applied to women or they can be modified to do so. There are also a few specific options for women.

You can create a combination of the drop fade and the Classic Bob haircut for a striking hairstyle. A drop fade will also go really well with a Pixie Cut and will result in a cute look. Merging the drop fade with Short Choppy hair can also give you some lively styles.

If you already have short hair, then you really should give the drop fade a try. Apart from making your life easier, it will definitely give you an assured appearance.


Our prediction is that the hype for drop fades is not about to die soon. An easy-to-pull-off haircut that suits everyone regardless of their hair type or length does not come by every day.

The versatility of the drop fade is enough to keep it in the scene for a long time. Not only do you have a drop fade style for any occasion ranging from a fancy wedding party to a Rock concert. You also have a free license to combine it with an umpteen number of other popular hairstyles.

You can truly own your own drop fade. You are only limited by your imagination. So, let it run free and invent your new breathtaking look.

It is not going anywhere but you should not wait for too long. You do not want to miss this train. Drop it while it’s hot.

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