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14 Erin Napier Haircuts to Renovate Your Hairstyle

If you are a fan of home renovation and love to watch television shows based on home refurbishment, then we assume that you already know the famous couple Ben and Erin Napier. They have gained their popularity through the television show ‘Home Town’, restoring homes throughout a small town named Laurel in Mississippi.

The couple became famous for their dedication to portraying the greatness of American manufacturing, restoring homes, and giving people the best surprises of their lives to make their small town a better place to live in. A work that was done just for fun became a favorite to millions of people out there, as the couple continued to do their work with great passion and enthusiasm.

Their works have made them famous, and so has their style. Ben Napier is usually seen with a face full of beards which matches his woodworking abilities, whereas Erin Napier has become additionally famous for her trendy hairstyles. The designer with her fine arts degree has showcased her talent and won the hearts of many out there with both her skills and styles.

As seen on the television, Erin likes to keep her hair short, and she styles it in different ways to update her look. Many women have been inspired by her iconic short hair and tried out these styles successfully. So for all the Erin Napier fans out there, we have rounded up her beautiful hairstyles in one place for the ultimate inspiration. And even if you were unaware of her before, these hairstyles are surely going to make you a fan!

Elegant Erin Napier Haircut Ideas that You Can Try!

Erin’s hairstyles mostly circulate around her short hair. She has been carrying her hair around quite gracefully, so if you have been doubtful about trying out a short hairstyle, these trendy hairstyles are sure to prove you wrong. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best hairstyles from Erin that will take your hair to the next level.

Pixie Bob

Erin Napier Pixie Bob

A beautifully done pixie bob is always classy, especially if you love a short haircut every now and then. Pixie bobs have been flaunted by many of our favorite celebrities, and Erin has made this style even more popular by wearing it casually.

So if you are a fan of pixie bob, then you can take inspiration from this picture. Erin’s side part pixie bob is full of volume, so even if the haircut is short and compact, the style looks quite elegant. And yes, you can carry it on different occasions to make a statement.

Twisted Curly

Twisted Curly

Most of us think that the opportunities for styling hair in different ways are lesser when it comes to short hair. But it’s not like that at all! Rather, with short hair, you can create different styles. You can make your hair straight if it’s curly, or go for a curly look if it’s short.

In this picture, Erin has created lovely curls with her hair to give it a volumized and interesting look. The curls look so natural and they are perfectly going with her short haircut. If you also notice carefully, she has used a bobby pin to give her hair at the front a twisted look.

Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

The wavy hairstyles are all in trend now. They do not require much effort-all you need to do is give yourself a bob haircut, and then take your curling iron to create the perfect waves throughout your hair. This style has become so trendy that we have seen many women trying this out.

Erin’s wavy bob looks quite classy even on her short hair, so if you have been thinking about whether waves will suit your short hair, this is the time to take inspiration. You can try this style within the comfort of your home, and attend any formal events with grace.

Barrymore Inspired

Barrymore Inspired

For her pixie haircut, Erin draws her inspiration from ‘90s Drew Barrymore, when she used to rock her pixie haircut. Drew’s ‘90s hairstyle became an iconic look and many women tried out that style. Erin surely has made it possible to arrange a comeback for that classic style.

This hairstyle in the picture is everything we love! The side-part hair is full of volume on the side with more hair, and they are giving her quite a vintage vibe. This style is recommended for all the classy ladies out there who want to showcase their vintage selves with confidence.

Summer Headbands

Summer Headbands

If you have short hair and are looking for summer hairstyle inspirations, then look no further because Erin Napier is here! Erin’s beautiful headbands have always been a fan favorite, so the prints and designs are sure to capture your heart once you try them out!

In this picture, Erin is wearing a cute headband that totally screams summer vibes. Her perfect blonde hair with the floral printed headband shows her fun and cool side, so we recommend you grab such printed headbands the next time you visit the store to make your summer actually cooler!

Long Straight

Long Straight

Although we haven’t seen Erin Napier’s long hair in all these years, it doesn’t mean she didn’t have any before! Rather her earlier days were full of long hair styled in different ways. Though those days are in the past, it’s never too late to take inspiration.

This collage shows her transformation in all these years. The picture on the left is of Erin with her iconic short hair at present times, and the picture on the right shows her beautiful side-parted long hair. One thing is sure, Erin’s hair hasn’t lost its shine and health in all these years!

Curly Long

Curly Long Hair

Just like Erin switches from straight to curly hair in present times, she loved to do it in her earlier days as well which is evident from this throwback picture. This tells us that Erin loves to update her style according to her mood and occasions, which makes things even cooler.

In this picture from her earlier days, Erin has curly hair that is styled casually and looks absolutely stunning. Her hair is not too long but has a perfect length that many women prefer at present, and the color of her blonde hair is giving us major hair goals!

Wedding Curls

Erin Napier Wedding Curls

Did you know that Erin and Ben decided to get married 6 days after they met in college? Ever since then they have been sticking with each other and have become a true inspiration to many couples out there. So when we talk about Erin’s hairstyles, we simply cannot leave out her wedding hair.

Erin’s wedding hairstyle truly doesn’t require any explanation. These gorgeous curls are one of the best that we have seen so far, and we love that she kept her hair on the shorter side on her big day to represent her style. We totally love the volume of her curls and suggest you try out this look once if you have hair of similar length.

Childhood Bob

Childhood Bob

Just like her present days, Erin rocked her childhood days with perfect hairstyles as well. Well, we did not expect anything less from the diva so this does not come as a surprise. So if you feel like reminiscing your childhood days a bit and trying out hairstyles that will be perfect for that, you can take a note or two from Erin.

This adorable picture of Erin with Barney on her side and a balloon in her hand is so innocent and peaceful to look at! Her blonde hair has a nice bob cut in this picture, and the side-parted hair took us to our childhood days in an instant. If you have a daughter of the same age, you can give her this haircut too-we believe she will love it!

Side Bangs

Side Bangs

Even with her pixie hair, Erin has flaunted her side bangs quite gracefully. Because let’s face it-it’s Erin Napier, and she is the queen of short hairstyles. So rocking a side bang is so easy for her even if she is doing it casually.

The picture here shows a casual day with a magazine where you can perfectly see her side bangs laying over her face without any extra effort. This style is so versatile that women of different ages can try it out without thinking much, and we love how beautiful Erin looks even with such a casual posture.

Volume Curls

Erin Napier Volume Curls

Erin doesn’t only curl her hair, she makes sure that the curls look full of volume even when she is sitting casually or doing her job. We have already seen her voluminous curls from her wedding day, but she has carried such curls casually as well.

This picture is evidence of what we are talking about. With her gorgeous blonde hair, Erin’s curls are giving us the message that volume is the best way to adore our curls. The messiness of her hair is absolutely cute, and this style is a great choice for those who want to keep their hairstyle minimal but trendy.

With Sunglass

With Sunglass

We have seen Erin rocking her headbands frequently, but there is another signature style that she carries quite well. It’s all about her sunglasses. Erin likes to put on her sunglasses on different occasions while outdoors, but sometimes, she wears them as a head accessory.

Well, it’s not new to many of us to put on our sunglasses like that whenever we are in the shadows. But Erin’s short hair has given this simple gesture an iconic value. Her short pixie or side bangs look quite bold when she places the sunglasses behind her ears and right on the top of her head, creating another Erin-style moment to be cherished.

Headband with Front Twist

Headband With Front Twist

Well, after knowing about all these styles, if you think that Erin is all about a single hairstyle going a long way, then we are here to prove you wrong. We have mentioned her twisted front style that she secures with a bobby pin. But here is a picture that shows that she can combine twists and headbands in the same style.

Despite having short hair, Erin’s hairstyling ideas are truly admirable. In this picture, she has done a side twist with her hair at the front, and then she has placed a classy headband to make it look chic and cool at the same time. This style is a must-try for all the short hair lovers out there!

Side Bob

Side Bob Style

Some of us are really not a fan of the short pixie haircut, and just love to keep our bob at a medium length. So if you think Erin hasn’t tried out this style in her adult life, then it’s not the case at all. Rather she has carried her bob style like any other woman out there.

This casual side bob that Erin has in this picture is totally cute and adorable. It’s just your regular bob hair with a side part, and there is nothing fancy about this hairstyle. You can wear it casually in your home or run errands without the hassle of styling your hair. Trust us, this style will become your favorite.

Final Thoughts

As we have reached the end of this article, it is now time to grab your scissors and styling tools to give your hair the renovation it needs. Or else, you always have the option to visit the salon and show your stylist the haircut you will love to try from this list, and your hair will be as trendy as Erin’s in no time!

Remember, you need to feel confident in yourself if you want to try out a short hair look. It is a commitment you are making to yourself, so make sure you are ready to step into the world of short hair. And trust us, once you get a perfect style, you will never want to turn back.

So take inspiration from Erin’s iconic hairstyles that we have mentioned here, and give your hair the update it needs. Don’t forget to add your favorite accessories, so that your hair gets its desired makeover in no time!

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