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5 Unique Ramona Flowers Haircut Ideas From Straight From The Movie

A hairstyle is one of the most important parts of an individual’s life. It defines a person’s look and characteristics. This is something that most people take very seriously and will not play around when it comes to hairstyles.

One bad haircut can lead you to a disastrous week because you will not feel confident about your look. To avoid such situations, you must research your hairstyle before you get it. You should also properly make your barber or hairstylist understand what haircut you are aiming for and how exactly you want it.

If you are on the lookout for a hairstyle that is unlike anything you have ever seen, then this article is exactly what you need.

Today we will talk about a hairstyle that is unique and creative. This article will take you to the world of a famous movie character who has rocked her style with her eccentric hairstyle.

We will come across Ramona Flowers haircuts. A haircut that will make you stand out in a crowd and grab everyone’s attention towards you. You will find the simplest ways to DIY this hairstyle and a few inspirations for you to choose from.

Who Is Ramona Flowers?

Ramona Flowers

Before we dive into the world of Ramona Flowers Haircuts, I will make sure you know who she is and what makes her so unique and loveable.

Ramona Flowers is a Bi curious American citizen who lives in Canada. She has incredible fighting skills, and she can move super fast. She works as a delivery girl for Amazon.co due to her super fast-moving skills.

In the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Ramona gets into Scott’s subconscious to visit Canada where Scott sees her in his dream. Scott Immediately falls in love with her and starts stalking her, and then they start dating. Ramona has seven evil exes, that Scott has to fight off in a duel to be able to date her.

Ramona is seen to frequently change her hair color which comes in as a shock to Scott, as Ramona is very spontaneous and does whatever she wants whereas Scott is the complete opposite.

Ramona’s biggest arch-nemesis is Gideon who controls her by getting into her head. Scott defeats Gideon and rescues Ramona from him, and then the two of them set out together to wherever Ramona heads next.

Ramona is a very spontaneous personality who does whatever she wills. She is also very considerate of others’ feelings and tries her best to not hurt anyone.

Ramona Flowers Haircuts That You Can’t Miss Out On

Ramona Flowers’ haircut is unique and colorful. It is a hairstyle that is perfect for the millennials and gen z. This hairstyle has its perks that help you look different from everyone else and makes you look super cool.

Below are some of the coolest Ramona Flowers haircuts that you can choose from to get inspired. You can also show your hairstylist these images and give them an exact idea of what you’re looking for in terms of your next hairstyle.


Ramona Flowers Pink Hair

Ramona Flowers’ first appearance in the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is in pink hair. She appears with her amazing pink hair and captures the audience’s sight right from the first look.

The pink hair is such an authentic look for this haircut. It compliments this style and gives it a splash of color, rather than just being a bland generic hair color.

Because this haircut is so different from everything else, it is only right to add different colors to this hairstyle and make it look even better.

This hairstyle is called the Ramona Flowers hairstyle because she wore it in the movie and in the entire comic series. Her hairstyle is somewhere between an A-line bob and a pixie.

If you are looking for a unique hairstyle where you can add various touches of colors, then this is it for you. You can opt for this haircut without a doubt.

Blue Ash

Blue Ash

Blue Ash is a color that makes you look at it twice to say the least because this color is superb. This is a very calm and serene color. The cool tones of this color make it perfect for lighter skin tones.

The blue ash color with this haircut is a bomb combination. It will definitely compliment the wearer of this hairstyle, and it will allow you to look a lot younger.

You might think if achieving this hair color is a hassle or not, and truly speaking it is. Achieving this color may require a lot of effort, but once you get it, all the trouble will seem worth it because it looks phenomenal.

If you have dark hair, then the best option is to seek help from a professional because it will require more hair dye and bleach, and a colorist will know exactly how much to use without damaging your hair.

Pulling off this color with Ramona Flowers haircut can be tricky, but if you think it is a piece of cake for you, then there’s no reason for you to not get it right away.

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

The royal blue hair color is one of the iconic looks when paired with the Ramona Flowers hairstyle. Ramona Flowers’ first hair color change was into this majestic royal blue.

This sudden change of hair color portrayed this character as spontaneous and willing to do whatever they want and whenever they want.

The best part about dying your Ramona Flowers depicted hair cut into Royal Blue is that anyone can wear this style.

This blue sits perfectly against both darker and fairer complexions, and if you have blue eyes then it works like an added charm to pop up your eye color.

This beautiful royal blue has an energetic vibe to it and it makes you look adventurous and ready to party. Not to mention the haircut itself is one of a kind.


Brunette Hair

If dying, bleaching, and adding colors to your hair is not your style, then fear not because the Ramona Flowers haircut is so gorgeous that it looks perfect even without the additional hair colors.

Brunettes with this hairstyle can rock their natural browns. This hair color is very beautiful, and it enhances all hairstyles.

Brunettes have the perk of using the sunlight in their favor. When the sunlight hits this brown hair, it forms a few shiny honey-toned stripes like an illusion, giving more texture to the hair.

Many people want to get the Ramona Flowers haircut but don’t want to go crazy with it, so their solution is to get this haircut while they have their natural hair tones.

This haircut is a loud style as it is, and adding colors makes this hairstyle stand out even more. So, in this case, leaving your natural hair color is your best bet.


Green Hair

From pink to blue to green, Ramona Flowers changes her hair color in three stages in the movie. She portrays three different stories of her life. The three colors may also represent the three goddesses from Zelda but no one knows for sure.

The green color is an exceptional choice. It is a color for both the darker and the lighter skin tones. With dark skin tones, this color looks exquisite. The hairstyle seems elegant when the haircut and the beautiful color such as this are mixed together.

For the lighter skin tones, this shade of green is an amazing look. Because this color has warm undertones, it looks amazing against pale skin.

Green may have been known as the color of envy in some places but it is also the color of peace, so it is up to you how you decide to portray your green. At the end of the day, it is the wearer of the haircut who knows what’s the true story behind their styles.

Haircut Inspired By Ramona Flowers

Disconnected Bob

Disconnected Bob

Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair

Two Color

Two Color

Natural Black Hair

Natural Black Hair

Multi Colored

Multi Colored

How to DIY Ramona Flowers Haircut?

This fun hairstyle is very easy to achieve on your own at home. You will need a few things to get it right. The basic requirements are a pair of salon scissors, newspapers, elastics, and clips.

Below I have mentioned the easiest steps for you to achieve this wonderful hairstyle within minutes:

Step 1: Section your hair into 3 parts. Two at the side and one in the top middle for the bangs.

Step 2: Cut shorts bangs a little bit above your eyebrows so that when you straighten your bangs they touch an inch above your brow bone.

Step 3: Cut the sides in an A-line bob shape but make it look boxy. If you have curly hair, you don’t have to be too precise because curly hair can be a lot more forgiving in these cases.

Step 4: Leave two long strands on both sides.

Step 5: Dye your hair into whatever hair color you prefer.

Step 6: Set your hair and flaunt your beautiful style.

Now that you know how to achieve this style on your own, go right away and grab all the things that you need and get the sexiest hairstyle for yourself.


Ramona Flowers’s haircut is a quintessential hairstyle that is very cool and funky. This lovely hairstyle is best for turning heads your way, but keep in mind that the attention may get overwhelming from time to time.

This hairstyle is perfect for people who want to have a change in their lives and go for something super fun, funky, and loud, but also at the same time super smart and stylish as well.

The Ramona Flowers haircut is a perfect hairstyle for young adults. It is a fine hairstyle if worn and carried properly.

If you think this is your style then show the above images to your barber for reference and to explain to them how you would prefer your hair. Good luck with your quest to get the Ramona Flowers Hairstyle.

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