Box braids for men

Box Braids For Men: DIY Tips, Care And Guide

Are you getting bored of seeing your hair, in the same way, day after day? Then we are here to let you in on the hairstyle that will uplift your whole fashion panorama.

Box braids are the best hairstyle to bring out your aesthetics with low maintenance. This hairstyle helps with better length retention, reduces breakage, and protects your tresses. Moreover, as this braiding style requires synthetic hair to make it nice and thick, men’s box braids can be done in both short and long hair.

This is a safe hairstyle to try out that can provide versatility while protecting your hair. Hence, we are here with this article to help you choose your hairstyle.

This article will help you do your box braids on your own with tips and guides and some products that can help you in this process.

We have shown some of the most sophisticated yet super fun hairdos that will inspire your inner artist to be more creative with your box braids.

Moreover, in this article, we have answered some of the questions that might further interest you about box braids.

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the article and scroll through till the end while getting a comprehensive idea about box braids.

Box Braids Men: DIY Tips and Guides

Box braids may be a little time-consuming, but they are surely worth it. With proper care and management, they can protect your hair for a long time.

The reason behind installing box braids can be many. It can be because you want to protect your precious hair from vicious heat and humidity. On the other hand, it works as a stylish choice to showcase your suaveness. So, box braids go hand in hand providing all the support and jazzing up you need for your hair.

What are you waiting for? Act in accordance with the steps mentioned and you’ll be able to install box braids on your own.

Recommended Products for Men’s Box Braids

The first thing you need is enough time on your hand. After that, if you want your hair to be beautiful and nourished while maintaining your box braids then we can recommend some products that might come in handy. The list is mentioned below:

  • Rat Tail Comb will help you part your hair more efficiently.
  • Ampro Shine-N-Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse is a great product for setting up your hair before braiding.
  • Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner is a great conditioner to help prep up your hair.
  • Aveda Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Cleanser helps hydrate and cool your scalp. It also prevents the frizziness of your hair and makes your braids look neat.
  • ACURE Curiously Clarifying Shampoo helps gently clean your scalp before braiding. It can be used for everyday wash as well.
  • Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-wash is the best product for detangling your hair with minimal damage.
  • [optional] Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner is the one you can go to if you have an itchy or flaky scalp after keeping your hair tightly braided.
  • [optional] With Yanibest Satin Bonnet Sleep Bonnet Cap’s help you can sleep peacefully without any stress of damaging your braids.

Preparing Box Braids

Before you start making box braids you should always prep your hair to make the process easier.

First, you would have to shampoo your hair and clean the scalp properly. Then, use deep conditioning with a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair to help detangle them. And finally, blow it out with low heat to protect your natural hair. You can use heat protectants to protect your hair as well.

After these nice and easy steps of prepping up your hair, we are going to get into the braiding process.

Steps to Implement

After a good prep up, you are now all set to start box braiding. So here are some simple steps that you can easily follow to make magnificent box braids on your own at home.


In the first stage, you have to create small boxes with your braids starting from the back of your head. We have provided some easy steps to walk you through with it:

  • Spray some warm water all over your hair to make it easy to detangle.
  • You can use the rat tail comb to start parting your hair.
  • Then, for beginners, you can part your hair ear to ear.
  • After creating each division use the conditioning gel to keep your hair in place.
  • Then make as many rows as you like.
  • After creating your first row at the backside of your head, divide it in the middle and define it creating two rows.
  • Finally, divide the two rows into four.

The first row will create four braids as currently; it has four sections. If you want to have more braids in each row, then keep dividing it. Now that you have created enough divisions let’s jump into braiding.


If you have parted your hair into small sections, we are now going to jump into the braiding process. This part should be easy for you. Just try to follow the steps listed below with some patience:

  • Take the first section from the first row and turn it into three groups while keeping a hold on them with your hand.
  • Now take the rightmost strand of the group over the middle one.
  • Then take the leftmost strand of the group and place it over the current middle strand.
  • At this time, all you have to do is keep repeating the same process till you reach the end.

After finishing one braid, maintain the same process in all your sections.

As the first row of box braids has been completed we are now going to move on to the next row.

Creating Second Row Of Braids: 

The styling of this row depends entirely on your customization. Whether you want to move your box braids vertically or horizontally this section will determine that.

After sectioning the second row, follow the braiding process and create more boxes.

Keep repeating this process till you have box braids all over your head and then you can further customize them to style up.

Pro Tips:

To maintain your hair while protecting them you can use these pro tips:

  • Use enough gel on your parting so that the top part of your braids is always saturated with the products.
  • Use hair clips to keep the parting apart.
  • Use scissors to cut the end of each braid making it neat and sleek.

Now that you have finished making box braids, here are some hairstyles that might inspire you.

Accessories for Male Box Braids

Box braids are already a unique hairstyle for men. The bold hairstyle is sure to make you stand out everywhere on its own. However, if you want to add a little bit of flavor to your box braids a little bit more, then accessorizing them is a good idea. You can use out-of-the-box accessories to bring out your persona even more. So take a look at our suggestion and spice up your box braids today!

  • Braiding Strings are amazing to flair up your box braids. You can use different colors in the same braid to make your look funky. They are efficient to use as well. If you get bored you can just gently pull them out from your braids without any harm. Or you can use them over your braids as well. The possibilities are endless.
  • If you want to feel powerful and super confident, then Viking Coils should be your go-to accessory. They give off a bold and edgy vibe with sophistication. These coils are extremely easy to install and look iconic. You can install them in each braid or just at the front while styling up the rest of the hair to appear sleek. So, if you are done with your box braids, do not hesitate to try these out today.
  • Extensions are easy-to-use accessories aiding you in jazzing up your braids. These are great for creating volumes on your hair. Or if you want to make the length of your braid a little longer then extensions work like a blessing. Moreover, they make it easy to bring color to your braids without the hassle of bleaching or dying. So make your box braids dynamic today by adding extensions to your preference.
  • If you truly want to be unique and stand out in an event- friends hang out or an office party then adding Decorative Safety Pins to your box braids is sure to turn heads in your direction. Using this accessory is part of the new trend. Some people use them in their clothes as well to add an extra bit of spiciness. If you are an experimental person then you can use this accessory to blow away everyone’s mind.
  • Beads are everyone’s favorite braiding accessory. They come in different kinds of forms like plastic, wooden, metal, etc. Depending on which type of beads you use they are sure to bring out your bohemian aesthetics. They are a classic go-to addition to your styling for any kind of occasion and are definitely going to make you look authentic.
  • Colorful Rubber bands are super fun accessories. These particular accessories bring back the memories of childhood as we often used them in our normal braiding to bring a little vibrancy to our boring braids. For obvious reasons, you cannot wear them in a professional setting. However, you can always use these to make your mood better on a hangout with friends. Hence, if you have a funky personality then use these accessories to make your inner child happy.

You can also use some other braiding ornaments like feathers, metal cuffs, hoops, or pukka shells to make your box braids look creative and filled with spontaneous individuality.

19 Spectacular Box Braids Hairstyles for Men 

This suave hairstyle can bring out your inner-elegance and make you look good in any setting- be it casual or formal. Moreover, box braids men look charming and sophisticated regardless of their hair types. It’s a protective hairstyle with a versatile range to showcase your uniqueness. This hairstyle can outshine any type of hairdo and turn heads in any event.

Box braids men are sure to look suave and impressive. But choosing a hairstyle impulsively is never a good idea. In this article, we are going to help you pick out the perfect box braids for you to try out.

Micro-Box Braids

Micro-Box Braids

This box braids hairstyle is great for men with short hair. Micro box braids are short and thin but versatile in style. You can always mix and match taper or undercut with your micro braids to make it seem cooler.

This hairstyle is edgy and sleek. However, as they are meant to be thin and short, they are tightly braided on your scalp. This might result in unintentional hair damage. So make sure to inform your stylist to make the braids as less rigid as possible.

If you have a minimum of three to four inches of hair, then you can get this hairstyle without any hassle. What are you waiting for? Accentuate your swag with these spontaneous box braids today!

Jumbo Box-Braids

Jumbo Box-Braids

These are known as big-box braids too. Because the box braids in this hairstyle are big and thick. The thicker you want your braids the more extensions you might need to use. And this might become a little expensive. But the final result is worth all your time, money, and energy.

These braids are flexible with any kind of look. They can make you look professional and masculine with the elegance you might need for your evening festivity. Moreover, big box braids will make you fit into a casual setting or edgy setting as well.

So don’t be afraid and go for this hairstyle without any hesitation.

Short Box Braids

Short Box Braids

If you want to stay low-key yet unique then this could be your go-to hairstyle. Short box braids are super easy to maintain. As they are short in size they look nice and chic. You can own this hairstyle because of its clean appearance.

You can rule any event and be awe-inspiring with this look. You can rock any look with this hairstyle and appear charming. However, you can always mix it with fancy undercuts or beads to make it more appealing.

Without further ado, turn your short hair into an iconic hairstyle.

Box Braids and Top Knot

Box Braids And Top Knot

Box braids men with any kind of buns from man bun, half bun, spiked man bun, to samurai bun look absolutely like a king. They accentuate your personality while making you look dashingly refined. Top knots is one of the most efficient and poised hairstyles out there. And if you combine your box braids with top knots then you most certainly look suave as well.

So if you have installed your box braids then shake off all your confusion and tie your box braids into a top knot.

Triangle Box-Braids

Triangle Box-Braids

Are traditional box braids not enough to showcase your originality? Then try turning the boxes into triangles. And if you maintain the right approach, the triangular box braids are sure to steal everyone’s heart.

The men who are not afraid to be the center of attention should definitely try this out. To jazz it up a little more, you can make all your braids into the same size creating symmetry, you can mix the size as well and it would still look good. So relax and do your thing.

Long Box Braids

Long Box Braids

The one hairstyle that you can never go wrong with is long box braids. Similar to the jumbo box braids hairstyle it will require a little more time, patience, energy, and money. However, the end result will always deserve a chef’s kiss.

You can try knotless long box braids too. They will help protect your hairline and make you look soulful and chill. So, do not be afraid and get your long box braids now, king!

Box braids with Fade

Box braids With Fade

Box braids men’s short hair can rock this look anytime any place. As your sides are already shaved, you will not have to spend as much time while creating this hairdo. You can create intricate designs on your fades to create unique patterns.

You can juxtapose your fades with traditional box braids, man bun, micro box braids, etc. Moreover, you can use different types of fades like low, drop, temp, mid, taper fades, etc. with your traditional box braids.

Both these hairstyles offer versatility, so you can easily run free with your imagination on your scalp with this hairstyle. Do not hesitate to take your hairstyle to another level.

Interactive Box Braids

Interactive Box Braids

These box braids are similar to crisscross box braids. The braids are intertwined together to appear more lively and make you look super cool.

The texture of these box braids looks artistic. Interactive box braids will surely make you look polished and refined. But as this is a tough hairstyle to achieve you might require some help.

4 Box Braids

4 Box Braids

This is an easy-to-achieve bold hairstyle. You only have to create four box braids on four corners of your hair. And if you want to be a little playful then the sections can have versatile patterns as well.

So if you are bored with your hair but not bored enough to turn all your hair into box braids then you could easily own this hairdo. Why wait any longer? Go get’em, tiger!

Box Braids with Undercut

Box Braids With Undercut

Undercuts can be versatile if you have fancy sides with intricate designs. And if you mix it with box braids then you are going to turn heads everywhere.

Box braids with undercuts are great for any type of hair.  They can also act as a savior of time.

If the rest of your hair is longer, then you can turn your box braids into a bun or ponytail to match with your fashion sense.

Depending on your personalization this hairstyle can give you a super edgy look with a hint of rebellion. Be unique without any hesitance with this hairstyle.

Ponytailed Box Braids

Ponytailed Box Braids

Ponytailed box braids force out your inner debonair and suave outlook. It will help you make a fashion statement no matter where you go. But you do have to be careful with it. As ponytailed box braids can be quite heavy and might damage your hairline. Other than that, with this hairstyle alone you are ready to attend any event you want.

All you have to do is tie all your box braids into a ponytail. And Voila! You are the new fashion icon.

Dyed Box Braids

Dyed Box Braids

Do you need some confidence boost and color in your life? Then dyed box braids will help you solve this problem. Well, even if you don’t have any problem with your life we still suggest you try out this hairstyle.

Dyed box braids can bring variety to your life like no other. You can dye your whole hair, part of your hair, mix two to seven colors in each braid according to your preference. This is sure to uplift your spirit every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Your friends would surely hype you up and you can even become the fashion inspiration for others.

Dye your box braids in red, blue, ombre, purple, neon, pink, etc., and go crazy! You are sure to have the spotlight on you at all times.

Medium Box Braids

Medium Box Braids

If you feel awkward and confused about your mid-length hair? Do you feel weird about attending any party because of your hair? Then this hairstyle will help you shake off all your uncertainties and amplify your self-confidence.

Medium box braids will help you achieve a lightweight easily attainable hairdo in a short time. Get your medium hair box braided today and look effortlessly chic and eccentric.

Box Braids to Accentuate Hairline

Box Braids To Accentuate Hairline

Depending on your face shape you can change your whole look. And as the name suggests, this hairstyle helps you keep the focus on your face while increasing your attractive hairline. You can shapeshift with this hairstyle as well.

If you want to make your face shape look a little more prominent, then you must try this hairstyle now!

Box Braids and Twisted Hair

Box Braids And Twisted Hair

Box braids with twisted hair give off a rope vibe. You can try different kinds of twists like Havana twist, finger twist, Senegalese twist, etc to flair up your braids even more.

You can always create symmetry with your loose box braided twists or twist your braided ponytail, or interlace box braids and twist them to create a new hairstyle. Hence, even though this is comparatively easy to create, it has limitless versatility. So try out this hairstyle today!

Box Braids with Cornrows

Box Braids With Cornrows

Cornrow Box braids are a classic hairstyle. This hairstyle oozes elegance and sophistication. You can carry out this hairstyle in the office or to visit a friend.

A combination of cornrow and box braids is sure to protect your hair all the way as both of them are protective hairstyles. If you want to heighten up your inner-self through your braids, then this should be your go-to hairdo.

Spider Braids

Spider Braids

The time has come to try out spider braids because of the recent craze with Spiderman. It might not match the look of Peter Parker, but it is sure to make you appear as cool as the protagonist of a movie.

The braids start from the middle and come down in sections from all the sides. And the top part of your scalp turns into an amazing spider web.

Get your party suit up and create this iconic hairdo today!

Designed Box Braids

Designed Box Braids

You would be surprised to know how many designs are available to try with your box braids. We are only able to provide you with one example. In this hairstyle, the box braids have different patterns creating beautiful asymmetry.

You can try out other patterns as well. If you feel a little bit OCD with asymmetry, then you can make it symmetrical as well.

The possibilities are endless. So, why stop? Keep creating intricate patterns and make everyone speechless with your aesthetics.

Box Braids with Curly Ends

Box Braids With Curly Ends

This is actually one of the best hairstyles to try out. Because while making box braids most of the time you have to use synthetic hair or extensions to maintain the protective hairstyle. But this maintenance can strain your scalp causing a receding hairline if braided too tightly.

But with curly ends, you can just keep your ends hanging. This hairstyle will give you a chic, sleek, original, and chill all-in-one look effortlessly.

Taking Care of Box Braids for Men

Box braids may be easy to maintain but it takes time and energy to create this stunning art. Therefore, naturally, you would want to keep this protective hairstyle for a long time. To do that there are some extremely easy and must-be-done care techniques to follow. In this part of the article, we are going to tell you about them.

  • Moisturizing is the key to keeping healthy and shiny sleek box braids. So moisturize properly in the proper amount.
  • To get rid of the dirt residues, you should try to wash your braids properly. Washing them often is a good idea but you MUST clean them at the three-week mark.
  • Depending on your hair type, use proper shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp nice and clean.
  • Remember to be gentle through the washing process.
  • Avoid straining your hair while styling your braids.
  • Wear a silk scarf or bonnet on your head before going to help. This will help lessen the friction.
  • Renew your braids to avoid frizziness.
  • Take them out at the six or eight-week mark to let your hair breathe a little.

Box braids can last a long time. So, don’t forget to take care of your precious box braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hairstyles have the power to create positive or negative impressions. Hence, you should not get into a new hairstyle with zero knowledge about it. So we are here to answer some of the questions that might make you feel safe about your decision to get box braids.

Q: What is the minimum hair length for a guy to have box braids? 

Answer: Box braids can be done regardless of any length. The minimum length for this hairstyle is three or four inches. And it can be as long as you want it to be. You can use extensions as well.

Q: How much do box braids cost for a guy?

Answer: Most of the time the range for box braids men starts from 60$. However, the pricing varies depending on your stylist, hair length, hair type, and complexity of your box braids. So it can go up to 160$.

Q: Do Box braids damage hair? 

Answer: Tightly braided hair can cause major hair fall. So, make sure that you or your stylist do not make your box braids too stiff and stressed.

Q: Do box braids hurt?

Answer: If the braids are too tight, or your scalp is sensitive then it might hurt a bit for the first time. Other than that, they are as good as pie.

Q: How long do box braids last for men?

Answer: It is a protective style. So, with proper care box braids can last up to a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six weeks. However, at the six-week mark, if you redo your braids from hairline to nape of your neck then it can last for almost ten weeks.

Q: How do you remove box braids for men’s hair without breakage?

Answer: At first you have to spray COLD or room temperature water all over your braids to detangle your hair with minimal breakage. Then you have to apply conditioner and water consecutively to every braid. Finally, starting from the ends of each braid unravel them one by one with patience. Do not rush the process.

You can watch this video as well to take further help.  

Q: Which hair type is best for box braids men?

Answer: Generally, you have to use synthetic hair extensions to make your box braids nice and thick. So, you can go for box braids regardless of your hair type.

Q: How long do box braids for men take?

Answer: The amount of time spent on box braids vary according to your preference and the skill of your stylist. It can take from two and a half hours to eight hours.

Q: Can box braids change the pattern of your curls?

Answer: No. You cannot change the pattern or texture of your curls with box braids. However, when they get a little bigger you might notice some changes.

Q: Can box braids turn into dreadlocks? 

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Rather, braids prevent the process of turning your hair into dreadlocks and conserve them as they are.

Concluding Remarks

Getting a new hairstyle is always exhilarating. So, all in all, we hope after reading this article you have all the information you need to know about different kinds of box braids men’s hairstyles, simple procedures to achieve it at home, and proper maintenance to take care of your braided boxes.

Box braids have a great potential to make you look iconic and change your whole look. For this reason, keep in mind to find the hairstyle that best suits your individuality, aesthetics, face shape, and hair type.

A great hairstyle can boost your confidence tenfold. So if you go to a stylist with a specific hairdo in mind you can always take a sample image to get the box braids of your dream.

Do not hesitate anymore and get your box braids today to dazzle everyone!

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