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15 Amazing Hime Haircut Ideas that Women Should Consider in 2023

The level of popularity that the hime haircut currently has feels surreal, to say the least. If you don’t know what we are talking about, just go on TikTok and scroll for a minute or two. We guarantee you that this hairstyle will pop up.

It’s not just TikTok either, you will find this hairstyle on Instagram influencers and other social media celebrities. Even outside social media, this haircut is catching on like wildfire.

Some women are being inspired by their K-pop idols, some are copying popular anime characters, and others are being influenced by celebrities like the Haim sisters who recently appeared with hime haircuts.

So, what actually is this haircut, where did it suddenly come from, and should you go for this hairstyle as well? Stick to this article to learn the answers to all these questions and also some exciting ways to style the hime cut.

What is the Hime Haircut?

What Is The Hime Haircut

Let’s first describe the haircut. In a hime cut, you would have a long straight fringe that comes down to your eyes and blunt sidelocks that are usually chin-length.

These will frame your face and the rest of the hair will be long and commonly straight. This is the basic hairstyle, but modern women use their interpretations of this style as well.

The hime cut actually has a rich historical legacy. The root of this haircut is in Japan, during the Heian period (794–1185 CE). The Japanese word “hime” means “princess” and that’s why it’s called the “princess cut” as well.

Japanese noblewomen went for this haircut during that period. It is actually the combination between two Japanese traditional hairstyles called amasogi and binsogi.

Why is the Hime Haircut Currently So Popular?

The hime cut was not just for the noblewomen in the later periods, and anyone could try out this style. Even in the 1970s, it was a popular haircut thanks to celebrities like Japanese singer and actress Megumi Asaoka who had this style.

Recently it has crossed the border of Japan and has found worldwide appreciation. One big reason is that K-pop singers, like members of Blackpink and Twice, have adopted this style.

Anime also played a big role because a lot of popular female anime characters have this hairstyle. And, we all know how globally influential K-pop and anime are right now.

Even Western celebrities and stars are now being attracted to this style. Pretty recently the hime cut blew up in TikTok, and everyone started going for it.

So, these are the reasons why the hime cut is so popular right now, and also why you have probably seen or heard about this hairstyle.

Who Should Go for the Hime Haircut?

Who Should Go For Hime Haircut

Now, let’s look at who can give this hairstyle a try. If we consider hair types, then it would suit women with naturally straight hair the most.

However, we strongly suggest this style for wavy hair as well because that brings a whole new vibe to this haircut. But, people with curly or coily hair will face some difficulties with this one.

The maintenance of this haircut would become a huge task for them. They also have to straighten their hair pretty regularly, which is not the healthiest thing to do. So, we recommend this style for type 1 and type 2 hair.

If you have a round or oval shaped face and you want to have a haircut that frames your face, then this is the style for you.

So, all of you who belong to these categories and who are looking for a fun and cute hairstyle that is also extremely popular, you should definitely go for the hime cut.

15 Stunning Hime Haircut Variations That You Can Try Out

The hime haircut can feel like a limited style just because it is such a precise haircut. But, you can actually make a few tweaks, put some fresh twists on the traditional hairstyle, and come up with new exciting hime hairstyles. Luckily for you, we have already come up with some variants ourselves. Check these out and see if you’d like to give some of them a try.

Cheek Length Sidelocks Hime

Cheek Length Sidelocks Hime

The ideal length of your sidelocks would be till your chin for a usual hime haircut. However, you can play with the length and create a new look.

For example, one cool idea would be to have your sidelocks till your cheeks. The length is pretty short if you compare it to the traditional hime cut.

We’d also recommend that you make it very blunt and abrupt. That way you are creating a striking contrast between the short sidelocks and the rest of the long hair. As a result, you are getting a pretty sharp and bold hairstyle.

Long Sidelocks Hime

Long Sidelocks Hime

Another option for you is to jump completely in the opposite direction. If you want a different style of hime cut and you don’t want to go shorter than the usual length, why not go longer with your sidelocks?

In this case, the sidelocks will go beyond your chin. So, the rest of the hair around obviously needs to be longer as well.

Do not go for the bluntness in this one. That won’t work with long sidelocks. You should rather try to make it a bit curvy. Make sure your fringe is in a straight line to make the curve of the sidelocks stand out even more.

Hime Without a Fringe

Hime Without A Fringe

This is a pretty unique way of styling a hime haircut. The reason of course is that you would be avoiding a major part of the traditional style.

The fringe and the sidelocks make the hime cut what it is. But, you can go for a fresh style by not having a fringe, and only having the sidelocks.

You can just create a middle partition and add the sidelocks. The length of the sidelocks should not go beyond your chin because you’re now more dependent on them to frame your face. Our recommended length would be just a bit above your chin.

Hime with Ponytail

Hime With Ponytail

A simple yet really effective way of carrying a hime haircut. You don’t have to do anything while having the cut. You can get the usual chin length sidelocks and a fringe down to your eyes.

Your work begins after getting the haircut. All you have to do is leave out your sidelocks, take the rest of the hair, and tie them with a band at the back of your head.

This is a neat and chic style to have. You are bringing more focus to your fringe and sidelocks. The ponytail is just complementing those and elevating your entire appearance.

Short Hime Cut

Short Hime Cut

We have talked a lot about the fringe and the sidelocks. But, what can you do with the rest of your hair to create something now? Well, one easy thing to do would be to change the length.

You can go for a really short hime cut. We assure you that this is one of the cutest hairstyles on our list. You just need to do three things to have this style.

Make sure you have a sharp fringe coming down to your eyebrows. The length of the sidelocks has to be till the cheeks. The rest of the hair should not go beyond your chin. And, Viola! You now have a truly endearing hairstyle.

Long Hime Cut

Long Hime Cut

You might not be a fan of short hairstyles. So, what to do when you have really long hair and you want a hime haircut? Let’s look at what you need to do to make this haircut work for long hair.

You can’t go for sidelocks that are too long. Then, they would just vanish among the long hair. To make them stand out, do not go beyond your chin. In fact, a bit shorter would be even better.

Create a curve with your sidelocks so that it looks like the endpoints are coming toward your lips. Also, make the fringe as straight and as sharp as possible.

Double Sidelocks Hime

Double Sidelocks Hime

Let’s turn our focus to the sidelocks again. You can go for two layers of sidelocks to have a hime cut that looks more textured. Double sidelocks would mean double the fun.

As there are multiple layers in this hairstyle, we suggest keeping the fringe a bit above your eyebrows. There should be a visible distance between the fringe and the brows.

The first layer of sidelocks should be around your cheeks. The second layer can go slightly beyond your chin. However, if you have really long hair, then the first layer can be around your chin, and the next one even lower.

Hime with Pigtails

Hime With Pigtails

Now, you are looking at another really cute hairstyle. This style will suit all you younger women out there. But, if you want to go for pigtails, don’t let us or your age stop you.

Just like the style with the ponytail, you can have a fringe and sidelocks that are usual for a hime haircut. Then, you need to create the pigtails with the rest of your hair.

You can go for sideways pigtails, and tie your hair straight at the sides. To make the style even cuter, you can give your pigtails a bit of height. You just have to tie the hairs in the upper crown area.

Dyed Hime

Dyed Hime

We know that all of you who are big fans of dying your hair, you guys are always on the lookout for hairstyles that look great with colors. Well, congratulations because you have just found one.

A lot of women who are going for the hime haircut are actually dying their hair. The great part is that you don’t have to stick to colors that are close to your natural hair color.

Go for any color that suits your skin tone and your personality. Or, you can just choose a color because you are ‘vibing’ with it. That sounds like a good enough reason to us. No color is off-limits.

Two-toned Hime

Two Toned Hime

What happens when you don’t want to dye your entire hair with just one color? Want to try something cooler and even more fun? Try a bi-colored hime haircut.

There are a couple of ways of adopting the two-toned style. One way is to color your hair in two different colors. The other and more popular option is dying some of your hair in one color to create a contrast with your natural hair color.

You can follow the route of Cruella, and color one side of your head straight from the middle. However, we recommend that you dye your fringe, the sidelocks, and the lower part of the longer hair to create a unique and fresh style.

Thin Fringe Hime

Thin Fringe Hime

We probably haven’t talked about the fringe as much as the other parts of the hime haircut. Usually in a hime cut, you need to have a thick fringe and the hair should almost cover your entire forehead.

You can create a variation by going for a thinner fringe. Just a couple of strands of hair would be falling on your forehead.

This style would work amazingly with shorter hair and cheek length sidelocks. But, you can try out the thinner fringe with long hair as well.

Hime with Wavy Hair

Hime With Wavy Hair

All the styles we have discussed are mostly for straight hair. What about the women with wavy hair? You can consider yourself lucky if you are one of those women.

Without even doing much, you can have a stunning hairstyle by choosing to go for a hime cut. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

The blunt sidelocks and the sharp fringe will not work with wavy hair. The best thing to do would be to have curvy sidelocks and a messy fringe. These will go well with the wavy nature of your hair.

Hime with Braids

Hime With Braids

This is definitely one of the most unique hime hairstyles. You’d have the usual fringe and sidelocks, and need to work on the rest of your hair.

Our suggestion is to go for braids. You can take all of your hair and braid them. But, we’d recommend dividing your hair into two parts and going for double braids.

There are many kinds of braids, but fishtail braids or any two strand braids will look splendid with the hime haircut. If you want to create something truly fresh, try out bubble braids.

Cute Hime with Twisty Sidelocks

Cute Hime With Twisty Sidelocks

This is a really cute look, right? It’s like a combination of a couple of styles we have already mentioned. You can see how those elements working together have created a captivating style.

Now, let’s break it down. You can have the usual fringe, or go for a thinner fringe or side-parted fringe as well. The sidelocks need to be long and go beyond your chin.

You then have to twist your sidelocks to get a more twisty or curvy look. Finally, you can create a ponytail with the rest of your hair. Use a cute ribbon that matches the whole vibe of this style.

Asymmetrical Sidelocks Hime

Asymmetrical Sidelocks Hime

We’re ending the list with a bang. This one definitely stands apart from the rest of the styles on this list. As you can already see, the sidelocks need to be asymmetrical for this style.

On one side, your sidelock can be cheek length and chin length on the other side. This little tweak has a huge effect. It just looks like a whole new hairstyle altogether.

To bring more focus to this asymmetry, keep your hair length around your shoulders. Avoid the fringe to draw more attention to the sidelocks. You can also dye just your sidelocks.

Final Words

You have now learned almost everything that you need to know about the Hime haircut. We have some final suggestions for you before we conclude this article.

The first suggestion is about getting this haircut. You will find tons of videos on YouTube that describe how to get this haircut at home by yourself.

We’d just like to remind you that this haircut is a bit tricky. If you are not the most dexterous person, or if you have never given yourself a haircut, then we strongly suggest that you visit a professional.

Just let them know exactly what you’re looking for, or even better show them a picture. Make sure there is no confusion or miscommunication.

Also, maintaining the hime cut is not the easiest thing in the world. The fringe and the sidelocks would require touch-ups pretty regularly. But, we promise that the hassle will be worthwhile.

So, when are you making an appointment to get the hime haircut?

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