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22 Modern and Traditional Japanese Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Cherry blossoms, anime, and ramen-these are the first things that we think of whenever we hear the name Japan. Japanese culture has made its mark and is praised everywhere around the world. Just like that, Japanese hairstyles have also become the center of attention for many people out there, especially because of their versatility and charm.

With the advancement of fashion and makeover worldwide, Japanese hairstyles are now quite renowned among people in many countries. Young girls love to try out the cute hairstyles from anime, and many of them love to get a complete Japanese makeover for cosplays. From traditional to modern-day styles, Japan has it all for you.

You may know of Japanese hairstyles because of the famous bangs haircuts and the popular bob hair, but there are many other styles that are trending right now. The addition of colors, cuts, and precision are what make Japanese hairstyles attractive. No matter what your hair length is, there is a style for everyone.

Modish Japanese Hairstyles that You Need to Try!

Lately, if you have been thinking about going for a hairstyle update, then now is the time to give the lovely Japanese hairstyles a try. You can go for the traditional hair looks, or simply choose a shorter hairstyle to give yourself a modern look. To make your work easier, here we have compiled a list of our favorite Japanese hairstyles for you. So without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Japanese Short Bob

Short Bob

Let’s start our list with the classic short bob that everyone adores. Japanese girls love bob haircuts and they wear them in different ways. So you can take lots of inspiration from Japanese hairstyles if bobs are your favorite too.

For instance, this short bob has totally won our hearts, and we are not even exaggerating. The lady has a perfect short bob hairstyle accompanied by bangs at the front. We love the color of her hair and appreciate how beautifully her thin hair has been cut to complement her vibe.

Japanese Short Layered

Short Layered


Who doesn’t love a perfect short-layered hairstyle? Well, we are fans of this hairstyle and it is loved by contemporary Japanese women as well. So to achieve this style, all you need to do is visit the salon and ask your hairdresser to give you the perfect short-layered haircut of your dreams.

Don’t forget to take this picture as your guide when you do so. The lady in this picture has a perfect short-layered hairstyle. We love the transition of color from blonde to brown to black, and each layer looks visibly stunning because of the precision of the haircut and the coloring.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Many of our favorite celebrities have tried the blunt bangs on their hair, and their style has always made us go aww. So no matter if your hair is long or short, a blunt bang is always appreciated. And for Japanese hairstyle lovers, this one is a must!

This precisely cut bob hair with the blunt bang at the front is totally loved by us. The bleached hair on both sides has created a great harmony of black and white colors in the same style, and we love the coolness this technique has displayed. This style has become one of our favorites for sure!

Japanese Long Bob

Long Bob

If you are not a fan of shorter hair or pixie haircuts and just want to keep things in the middle, then we’ve got you covered. You can always go for a long bob haircut to make your statement, and choose the perfect bangs to achieve the Japanese hairstyle of your dreams.

Like the one in this picture. The beautiful lady here has a perfectly-cut long bob hairstyle with adorable bangs at the front. We love how her hair gradually gets longer down the length, and the hair color is totally stunning. This one is a must-try for all the lob lovers out there!

Lob with Red Ends

Lob With Red Ends

Many women love to keep their natural hair color intact, whereas many out there love to experiment with colors. So if you are a fan of colored hair as well, we recommend you give the vibrant red color a try. You can skip turning your entire hair to red if you feel like it won’t suit you, and just go for coloring the ends only.

For example, this blonde and brown lob with vibrant red ends is everything we love! As you can see, the style is quite simple. Only the ends have been given a touch of red which makes it look quite unique. This amazing hairstyle is definitely recommended from our side.

Japanese Traditional Updo

Traditional Updo

Traditional Japanese hairstyles consist of long flowing hair as well as hair turned into updos in creative styles. The styling options for updos are so versatile that it becomes hard to pick one from all the beautiful styles. Moreover, the use of kanzashi, or hair ornaments that are used in traditional Japanese hairstyles makes the hair look more beautiful.

The lady in this picture has a traditional updo that has been done in a charming way, and her hair looks totally stunning. We love the kanzashi that has been used in this style as it gives off a traditional festive feeling. The red, white, and blue flowers against the brown hair look elegant and chic.

Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair

Black hair is always elegant, and when styled properly, the beauty of traditional black hair is indescribable. Japanese women love to wear their long black hair in different styles, and the traditional styles are our favorite. They can be left flowing simply, or an easy updo style will just be enough to elevate the look.

This long black traditional hairstyle is so beautiful that words will fall short to describe its beauty. The middle-part hair with front bangs has a half up style, and we love the use of hair stick in this style. You can make the half up style creative in your own ways, and the style will definitely flatter your long hair.

Casual Updo

Casual Updo

One thing about hair is you should feel comfortable with your hair, so choosing a comfy hairstyle is quite important. For formal occasions, it’s fine to pick something extravagant. But for day-to-day activities, we suggest picking a casual hairstyle such as a ponytail or a messy bun.

Take this picture as an example. The Japanese woman here has a messy but comfortable updo which is not completely done, rather secured casually with a hair clip. The rest of the hair is also kept in a casual way. Japanese women love to try out such messy updos, and we totally recommend them for your daily activities.

Japanese Hime Cut

Hime Cut

Now let’s talk about a hairstyle that’s both traditional and modern at the same time. It’s the hime cut that has become quite popular among Japanese women. It dates back to the Heian period but is still in its glory at present.

A hime cut is quite unique in nature. The hair has three styles in a single look. First of all, there is a fringe at the front, then the sidelocks are cut into a cheek length, and the rest of the hair flows freely down the length. So the specialty of this haircut is the cheek length sidelocks which distinguish the style from any other long hairstyle with a fringe.

Hime cut is generally associated with straight hair. Like this lady in the picture, this hairstyle is one of the top choices of young Japanese ladies out there. So if you want to keep up with the trend, you can give this one a try.

Double Buns

Double Buns

For women with black and silky, long hair, the options for styling hair are infinite. Japanese women surely know how to flaunt their long hair in the perfect way, and they have tried out many tied-up as well as free-flowing hairstyles in recent years. One of the most amazing hairstyles out of them all is the double buns.

Double buns can be done in many interesting ways by cutting your bangs long or short. No matter what the length is, your buns will look pretty if they are done properly. In this picture, the woman with black hair has short bangs at the front, which are accompanied by casually done buns on each side of her hair. This style is quite cute and chic, so you should try it out once!

Schoolgirl Pigtails

Schoolgirl Pigtails

We think that our love for classic pigtails started when we first watched Japanese girls wearing their pigtails so gracefully. The fact with these pigtails is that they are usually done on long, black hair. So there is a touch of tradition along with modernity. However, these pigtails can be easily worn on short and curly hair as well.

The beauty of these pigtails does not require any introduction. The girl in this picture has beautiful long hair which has been turned into two stunning pigtails. The amazing bangs at the front have completed the entire look, and we are totally in love with this hairstyle!

Hair Bun

Hair Bun

Japanese women love to try out a hair bun every now and then. The bun can be styled in many ways using different types of hair accessories, such as hair sticks or hair forks. These hair buns can be worn casually, or they can be done in a precise and elegant way. We always love a perfectly done hair bun, so Japanese hair buns are not any exception.

In this picture, the lady has a beautifully done hair bun with her natural hair. The bun looks quite voluminous which has totally won our hearts. We also love the use of the hair fork to secure the style. The wooden hair fork has a traditional feel to it, which has added to the beauty of the hair bun. This style is quite suitable for any occasion, or you can just casually wear it at home.

‘90s Style

Japanese 90s Hairstyle

Japanese women in the ‘90s particularly loved a medium-length haircut with curly hair, and the bangs were also kept curly to match the volume of the rest of the hair. This style became quite popular among young ladies, and it is still trendy enough to rock any occasion.

This popular ‘90s hairstyle is what we are actually talking about. As you can see, the hair is not too long or too short, rather it has a medium length and looks stunning. The way the hair has been cut at different lengths has given it a volumized look, and the bangs at the front look totally adorable. We are certain that you can try out this beautiful hairstyle without having any second thoughts!

Kawaii Hair

Kawaii Hair

In Japanese, kawaii means cute. With the popularity of anime, kawaii hairstyles have become quite popular among young ladies as well as those who love to do cosplay. These styles consist of short pigtails, curly hair, lobs with bangs, and many more. The goal is to look cute so the options are infinite.

Take this hairstyle for example. There is nothing fancy about it, yet it looks so cute! The bangs at the front have a perfect cut, whereas the rest of the hair is flowing freely. Except for a piece of hair just behind the bangs where the middle part has started. One piece of hair has been taken from one side and tied up with a hair tie in a ponytail style. So simple, yet so stylish and kawaii!

Sailor Moon Hairstyle

Sailor Moon Hairstyle

If you are an anime lover, there is no doubt that you know about the famous superheroine Sailor Moon. She is known for her ability to fight against villains, and her personality has become quite popular among the younger generation of Japan. This is why many young girls have tried out the Sailor Moon hairstyle to show their love for the character.

Sailor Moon’s hairstyle consists of bangs at the front. The style has double buns that are styled in a way that they look like pigtails and buns at the same time. The bangs can be curled to give them a fuller look as Sailor Moon has, and if your hair is long, the style will totally match the vibe. Such as this hairstyle in the picture, which screams total Sailor Moon vibes to us.

Japanese Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Multi Braid Style

Multi Braid Style

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Ear Length Bob With Long Layered

Ear Length Bob With Long Layered

Curtain Bang

Curtain Bang

Japanese Women Over 50

Womens Over 50

Cosplay Girl

Cosplay Girl


Our list of modern and traditional Japanese hairstyles must have left you awestruck already, as they are so beautiful and elegant to look at. However, even after knowing about all these amazing hairstyles, there are just some questions that are sure to make you keep wondering about the uniqueness of Japanese hairstyles. So let’s find out the answers to those together.

Why do Japanese girls love to wear bangs?

If you have noticed properly, most Japanese hairstyles consist of bangs. It seems like Japanese women are in love with their bangs, and we are in favor of how cute these bangs look on them. The fact is, bangs are considered to be attractive and something that makes women look good in Japanese culture. Apart from that, small and slim faces are deemed to be beautiful when it comes to Japanese women, which is why they love to wear bangs to achieve that look.

Why do Japanese women prefer to keep their hair short?

If you search the internet, you will find that most Japanese women keep their hair short and at a bob-length. This is because such short bobs allow making the smallness of their face noticeable, and they are also considered to be kawaii. Short hairstyles surely suit Japanese women, and we can’t stop rooting for these styles.

How can I get beautiful, silky hair like a Japanese woman?

There are some basic tips to achieve such gorgeous hair. First of all, you need to brush your hair multiple times a day. Secondly, opt for using camellia oil in your hair to ensure several benefits. You can choose a silk pillowcase to minimize frizziness. Washing hair every day is also important, so choose products that won’t damage your hair. You can also use tea to wash your hair.

Final Words

Japanese hairstyles have always mesmerized women around the world, and many of us have dreamt of having that long and beautiful hair like Japanese women. With the styles we have mentioned above, styling your hair like Japanese women will become much easier.

Remember that you need to take the best care of your hair no matter what your hair type or length is. Japanese women sincerely care for their hair, which results in the smooth, shiny, and healthy hair we see them flaunting. So make sure your hair is properly taken care of in order to achieve the maximum outcomes.

So choose your favorite style from our list and make yourself look elegant and chic. Don’t forget to try out different creative styles to make your hair look even more stunning, and carry your beautiful strands with pride and confidence.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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