Jay Jo Haircut

Jay Jo Haircut: How To Recreate This Twitchy Yet Laidback Look

Anime’s popularity just keeps increasing with each day, and it’s completely understandable. Not only do the creators deliver animes and shows with heartfelt plots and intense fight segments, but they always set new trends in the fashion scene with the characters they create for each show. While the figures and layouts look unreal, their charm comes from how they look “perfect” regardless of how disconnected they are from an average human being in terms of physical appearance.

Since its creation, anime has created loads of characters that were good role models to the youth. One of them is Jay Jo. Jay Jo, one of the main characters in the South Korean anime movie “Windbreaker”, is known for being a caring individual who excels in his academics. While his face hardly shows any emotions, Jay Jo is also  known for being extremely compassionate towards his friends and his family, especially his younger brother.

Since Windbreaker’s discovery, Jay Jo has been a fan favorite amongst the show, and a heartthrob amongst the fans. Even though his appearance is far from realistic, his uniform is no different than that of an average teenager in gen Z.

Apart from his outfits, another feature in particular has garnered quite the attention from anime fans around the world: Jay Jo’s astonishing mullet.

In this write-up, we will be covering all you need to know about Jay Jo’s incredible metro mullet and how you can welcome it to your life with open arms. Join us on this journey as we do a thorough breakdown of the mullet that has been creating buzz both inside and outside the anime world!

Jay Jo Haircut: What is the Hairstyle Actually Called?

Jay Jo Haircut Is Called Mullet Haircut

Outside the world of anime, the Jay Jo haircut is called a modern mullet. It consists of an uneven, pattern-free two block haircut in the front, and the appearance of a mullet at the back. The two block haircut is often styled in a similar manner as messy bangs to enhance its density. The reason why it’s so popular amongst the anime world is because of how uncommon it is. Anime characters often tend to have hairstyles that are fully grown out, such as the slicked back haircut.

However, in this haircut, the sides are shaved to the skin, mainly to add an ample amount of definition to the face and give the hair on top an excessive amount of texture.

In addition to its texture, this hairstyle looks extremely clean, which is a plus for anyone who recreates it, as hygiene plays a crucial role in one’s first impression.

Also, the hairstyle contains loads of layers and waves, which makes it suitable for all hair types to recreate, making the hairstyle even more praiseworthy.

Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle:

Jay Jo Haircut From Different Angle 1

Jay Jo Haircut From Different Angle 2

Jay Jo Haircut From Different Angle 3

Jay Jo Haircut From Different Angle 4

How to Recreate The Jay Jo Mullet: An Idiot-proof, Step-By-Step Guide

Creating a look has never been this easy! In fact, another reason why this look is so popular is due to its appearance. It is no different than the average modern mullet, which is extremely easy to wear and even easier to recreate at a salon. While the waves and layers might require the hairdresser to follow specific useful instructions, Jay Jo’s haircut is extremely convenient as opposed to the hairstyles of other anime characters, which are often inauthentic and disconnected from reality.

Furthermore, this look can be achieved with zero drawbacks and consequences! All you have to do is follow these simple steps to unlock it before your next haircut!

Grow Your Hair Out

This is the bare minimum you have to do before recreating this haircut. Make sure your hair is longer than 5 inches or 6 inches before you take this look into account. As this is a medium length hairdo, you should at least grow it an inch longer than the initial hair length so that the hairdresser can bounce back from a botched outcome.

Shave Off the Sides

Once your hair length is manageable enough to work with, pack your stuff and visit your barber!

Before buzzing the sides, ask the barber to trim the edges around the ears and the sides to create a pattern. This will allow the hairdresser to shave the sides without making one side uneven from the other, resulting in a more accurate haircut.

Improvise with The Length

Not every aspect of your haircut needs to be similar to Jay Jo’s mullet. You can definitely change up the length as much as you please. Pick a size that will cater to your face shape, hair type, and physical appearance. You may keep the front a bit longer to shape up your face, or shorten the length up a bit to give your hair some additional density.

Free Form Razor Technique

A free form razor technique will give the bangs an edgy yet natural look. It will also create messy layers, which will further amp the authenticity of the haircut’s appearance.  Since Jay Jo’s hairdo is uneven, following this technique will help you with recreating the exact look. Make sure to ask the hairstylist to use this technique for the backside of the mullet as well to maintain the shape of the hairstyle.

The Twin Comb Technique

Using this technique will allow the barber to keep track of the length and the shape of the haircut. It will also give the temple plenty of volume, as the twin comb technique usually gives the top of one’s head loads of volume through the assistance of the hair shaft on the sides. It will also make it easier for you to style the hair in a messier pattern without hampering the thickness that the hairstyle contains.

Finish the look with some pomade

After the haircut has been achieved, use a styling pomade to seal the look. While a water based pomade will definitely give your hair a subtle shine, an oil based pomade will make your hair look polished while rehydrating the ends of the hair. Since the free form technique requires the use of razor blades, the ends of your hair will require ingredients that will hydrate the hair and allow it to recuperate better.

Bonus Tip: If your hair is on the finer end, use a blow dryer to mirror the messy texture and recreate the fullness that this hairstyle contains. Use the styling tool right after applying the hair pomade for best results.

Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life:

Jay Jo Mullet Haircut

Jay Jo Inspired Haircut 1

Jay Jo Inspired Haircut 2

Jay Jo Inspired Haircut 3

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how much you love your hair. To be honest, we care about your hair as much as you do, and for evidence, we have addressed multiple questions that you might have on your mind regarding this timeless haircut. The questions are listed below alongside the answers.

Who can recreate Jay Jo’s haircut?

A person doesn’t need much to mimic this hairstyle. While they might need to grow their hair out to recreate the mullet, there’s nothing else that needs to be done. This haircut can be achieved and pulled off by anyone and everyone!

Why is Jay Jo’s mullet so popular?

Apart from its neat appearance, this hairstyle tends to make people look younger. It can also make the wearer seem as if they take good care of themselves, which can definitely make their first impressions better when meeting new people. People prefer individuals that look after themselves and maintain their hygiene, which makes this haircut a win-win for all.

What is a two block haircut?

A two block haircut involves trimming down the sides of the head while keeping the hair extremely lengthy in the front and at the back. It is known for its versatile nature since people can recreate timeless hairstyles like the mullet and the curtain hairstyle.

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks:

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay 2

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay 3

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay 4

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you’re still a bit mixed up about this haircut, don’t be! You can’t go wrong with Jay Jo’s haircut, as it is as flawless as his personality. It has the perfect amount of texture and volume, which are strong enough for any wearer to use up all the attention in the room.

Recreating it will not only shape up your cheekbones and make your jawline tighter, but will also make you look younger, which is one of the many useful results you’ll notice after wearing this haircut.

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