Levi Ackerman’s Haircut

Levi Ackerman Haircut: How to Achieve the Popular Hairstyle of the AOT

Attack on Titan is the embodiment of everything that a commendable anime should contain. Excluding the engaging plot that it religiously follows throughout the end, the revolutionary anime is renowned for a list of things. One of them is the list of characters that the show contains. The characters contain personalities that are extremely relatable for the fanbase, unlike most anime, where the main characters as well as the antagonists have traits and habits that are anything but realistic.

Apart from having some of the most influential characters in anime history, Attack on Titan is admired and highly praised by fans and fanatics around the world for the aesthetics each character contains. While many characters in the manga turned anime are sought after by Attack on Titan enthusiasts around the world, there’s only one character who can keep up with Eren Yeager’s fanbase: Levi Ackerman.

Apart from his daring demeanor, Levi Ackerman is a heartthrob amongst the anime world due to his physical appearance, especially because of his hairstyle, which will be the main subject of this issue.

In this article, we will cover anything and everything one needs to know to successfully recreate Levi Ackerman’s curtain hairstyle. We will be providing our users with useful materials such as a thorough guide on how they can achieve it at home, as well as address some queries related to Ackerman’s flamboyant haircut.

What is Levi Ackerman’s Haircut Called?

What is Levi Ackerman’s Haircut Called

Levi Ackerman’s hairdo is exactly like the e-Boy haircut or the curtain hairstyle, which initially made its debut in the early 90s and still remains one of the most versatile and voguish haircuts to pull off to this day. However, instead of blends on the sides, Levi’s hair is supported by an undercut.

While his hairstyle in specific garnered a massive amount of fame due to his role in Attack On Titan, the actual hairstyle is a hit in the fashion scene. It looks extremely presentable from all sides and has a modern yet classic vibe to it. The layers of each curtain can also shape up one’s face in a positive manner. For example, when the curtains are lengthy enough to reach the wearer’s eyebrows, they will surely give their face a flattening effect, shaping up their cheekbones and sharpening the appearance of their jawline as a result.

Apart from the wonders the haircut does to one’s face, it is a low maintenance haircut which offers maximum flexibility, which is great for experimenters as well as those that rarely have time to fix their hair.

Six Popular Levi Ackerman’s Hairstyles

1. Levi Ackeman Medium Curtain Hairstyle

Levi Ackeman Medium Curtain Hairstyle

2. Levi Ackeman Middle Part Curtain Hair

Levi Ackeman Middle Part Curtain Hair

3. Levi Ackeman Undercut Hairstyle

Levi Ackeman Undercut Hairstyle

4. Levi Ackeman High Skin Fade

Levi Ackeman High Skin Fade

5. Levi Ackerman Taper Fade E- Boy Haircut

Levi Ackerman Taper Fade E- Boy Haircut

6. Sleek Back Bun

Sleek Back Bun

Easy Steps to Achieve Levi Ackerman’s Curtain Hairstyle at Home

In terms of length, it is at least 6 inches long on top, which is something every reader should note down and take into consideration. The sides and back are supported by an undercut skin fade, mainly to enhance the volume of the hair on top. However, if you aren’t really the biggest fan of the skin fade, you can always ask your barber to use a 3 mm guard to shave the sides as well as the back. That will give the undercut a similar appearance as a taper fade, but will also require more maintenance cuts in the long run as opposed to a skin fade.

Moving on, now that you have an idea of what kind of haircut to go for, here are the simple yet effective steps you may follow to create the same curtain hairstyle as Levi Ackerman’s.

  1. Dampen the hair
  2. Take a dime sized amount of water based hair product in your palms and rub them together
  3. Work the product through your wet hair
  4. Use your fingertips to create the curtain shaped part to give the look a more generic appearance
  5. Use some more hair product after creating the shape to ensure the firm hold
  6. Seal the uneven and even layers of hair with styling products such as hair mousse and hair spray

Bonus Tip: If you don’t like how flat Levi Ackerman’s curtain hairstyle looks, you can always boost the volume of your hair by using a blow dryer. You may also air dry your hair instead, especially if you want to showcase the natural curls your hair contains.

Six Levi Ackerman’s Haircuts In Real Life Anime Cosplay

Levi Ackeman In Real Life 1

Levi Ackeman In Real Life 2

Levi Ackeman In Real Life 3

Levi Ackeman In Real Life 4

Levi Ackeman In Real Life 6


Experimenting with a new haircut always comes with pros as well as cons. As trendy as Levi’s haircut might be, the haircut comes with very specific requirements, which is helpful more often than not, but can also feel overwhelming at times. In order to subside the intensity of the situation however, here are some lighthearted and witty queries regarding Levi Ackerman’s hair that we have found and successfully debunked!

What color is Levi’s hair? 

Levi has straight, coarse jet black hair, which explains why his curtain hairstyle is so dense despite being so flat from afar. The color of his hair pairs well with his gray eyes, and the dark circles complement his demeanor by making it more intimidating.

Is Levi actually bald? 

Contrary to popular belief, Levi isn’t really bald! In fact, there’s an inside joke in the anime where he only pretends to be bald, which is regularly mentioned throughout the entirety of the show. Jade, Levi’s sister in the anime, is often seen mocking Levi throughout Attack on Titan for being bald.


By now, you probably have enough knowledge (and enough confidence) to mirror Levi Ackerman’s look. Remember to grow your hair out before visiting the barber, as the lengthier it is, the better it will look.

Apply tons of conditioner to make the cuticles more resilient to heat damage, as copying this look will require the implementation of styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.

Make sure to get regular haircuts for maintaining the healthy appearance of the hairdo and apply a good quality hair wax to seal the look.

Investing in somewhat affordable hair products might have unexpected drawbacks and might hamper the quality of your hair. To avoid that, have a chat with your hairdresser and ask him what kind of products will cater to your hair type before purchasing them.

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