Jayson Tatum Haircut

Jayson Tatum Haircut: How to Get the Hairstyle of the Boston Celtics Star

You can’t take too many names of current NBA players whose hairstyles get the same love that Jayson Tatum haircut gets. There is a huge buzz surrounding the hairstyle of this star of the Boston Celtics.

Tatum is one of the most talented players playing right now, period. But, apart from his athletic skills and talent, we would like to take a minute and appreciate his hairstyle.

Since the day he started playing for the Celtics, his hair has received a lot of attention. People were especially appreciating his neat and crisp hairline.

He also has quite a journey with his hair. From being trolled for changing his style to calling his hair cursed, there have been some interesting incidents.

So, we understand the interest that people express about his hairstyle. That is why we have crafted this article to provide you with everything that you need to know about Jayson Tatum’s haircut.

3 Styles to Trace the Evolution of Jayson Tatum Haircut

Jayson Tatum has been playing for more than five years now, and he has not drastically changed his hairstyle over these years. Let’s look at 3 styles that would show the evolution of his hair.

Buzzed Short

Buzzed Short

Since being drafted into the NBA, Tatum has rocked the buzz cut for the first few years. A buzz cut is actually quite a popular option for athletes. Also, it just goes really well with his face shape.

Tatum keeps the style simple as well. Tatum’s way of carrying the buzz cut is having the same hair length all around his head. Sometimes, he has added a mid-taper, which later became a constant part of his hairstyle.

However, what made his hairstyle stand out was his hairline. He had a really crisp hairline which literally everyone loved. So, you can also have a similar hairline and elevate your simple buzz cut.

Patterned Sides

Patterned Sides

When Jayson Tatum was younger, he tried out patterned sides with the buzz cut a few times. Even though he has not carried this style too many times, we think he looks great with it.

He had this style when he was playing for Duke, and also in his beginning months in the NBA. His most common pattern was just a curved stripe on the left side of his side.

As you can see from the picture, he has gone for the zig-zag stripe as well. If you think that a buzz cut is too bland, you can go for such patterns to make it a much more striking style.

Curly Hair with Mid Taper

Curly Hair With Mid Taper

This is the current Jayson Tatum haircut. He has let his hair grow out, and now he has a significant length. He probably has type 4 curly hair. So, this style is allowing him to show off his amazing curls.

Other than the length, he has not changed anything else much. For example, he still has a really neat hairline. And, the mid taper has become a permanent choice now.

The curly hair on top, with the hairline and the taper actually makes it a really appealing style. We will discuss in detail how to get this style in the next section.

DIY: How to Get the Jayson Tatum Haircut at Home


If you are a bit dexterous, and if you have trimmed your hair with a trimmer before, you can easily give yourself the curly Jayson Tatum haircut at home. You really won’t have to do much if you have long curly hair. We have an easy-to-follow process for you. Just follow these steps and you will have the exact hairstyle as Jayson Tatum.

Step 1

First, you need to trim your front, top, and crown hair. Pick up an electric trimmer and attach guard #8 for your trimmer. Jayson Tatum has longer hair now, that is why you need to use a higher guard so that you are left with a significant length. Now that you have the appropriate guard, you need to just start trimming.

Step 2

Next, you have to work on the sides, and give yourself a taper. A taper’s basic difference from a fade is that you’re shortening your side hair gradually around your ears. Also, you’re keeping some hair and not revealing any skin. Tatum always goes for a mid-taper, which means the shortening will begin just above your ears. For your sides, you need to use guard #1 for the lowest section, and #2 for the upper section. Then, you just have to blend everything.

Step 3

Now, you have to work on your neckline. Just like your sides, the hair on your neck will be shortened gradually. You again have to use guard #1 for the lowest section, and #2 for the immediate upper section. You also need to make sure to have a neat line in the area behind your ears. You will have a tidier neckline if you use a safety razor to clean up the hair around your neckline.

Step 4

Finally, you have to work on your front hairline. This is what gives Jayson Tatum his distinct look. Take your time and carefully give yourself the neatest and crispest possible hairline. Just using a trimmer might not be enough. You probably need to use a safety razor on the front as well. Once you’re done with the front hairline, you will have completed the process of getting the Jayson Tatum haircut.

The Controversies Regarding Jayson Tatum Haircut

Jayson Tatum Haircut Controversies

Okay, the word ‘controversy’ might be too strong. But, there have been some weird incidents with Jayson Tatum’s hairstyles.

When he first grew out his hair and posted pictures of his long curly hairstyle, a lot of people did not like the style at all. They were trolling him on the internet and making tons of memes about his haircut.

We feel like that was a bit harsh. It is normal for your hair to look a bit weird when you are going through the growing process. The fans also eventually loved the style when he had a bit more length, and the style looked more polished.

The other incident is even stranger. After performing horribly in a match against the Bucks in 2020, Tatum blamed his haircut and commented how he thinks that his haircut is ‘cursed’. He actually got the haircut because his family thought he needed one.

He changed his haircut for the next match as well. There are some superstitions among many NBA players, but this was just on another level.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already established how interested Jayson Tatum’s fans are in his hairstyles. Apart from all the things we have discussed, there are some questions that are asked quite frequently. Let us answer some of those.

Is Jayson Tatum’s hairline real?  

We are not quite sure where this question is coming from. But if we had to guess, we’d say Tatum has a hairline so amazing that people find it hard to believe that it’s real. Well thankfully for Tatum, and also his fans, his hairline is 100% real.

Who is Jayson Tatum’s barber?

Jules Gutierrez is the man behind Jayson Tatum’s amazing hairstyles. He has actually been cutting his hair since he was a little kid. So, you can tell that Tatum pretty much depends on him for his hairstyles. You can check out this article to find out what his barber had to say about his haircuts. You would also find the barbers of some other NBA players as well.

How to ask for the Jayson Tatum haircut?

We have already provided you with a tutorial on how to give yourself the Tatum cut yourself. But, if you are not too confident, you can always visit a barber and ask for it. You already theoretically know what the barber needs to do. You can now properly tell him what exact style you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

We would like to congratulate you on becoming an expert on Jayson Tatum’s hairstyle. There can’t possibly be anything left that you don’t know.

From the evolution of his style to all the strange incidents regarding his hair, to how to easily get the style at your home, you now know everything.

We would just finally state once again that the hype is real. The Jayson Tatum haircut really is that awesome. If you have curly or coily hair, you should not miss out on this style.

It’s a pretty neat style, and you won’t feel out of place with it anywhere. It will suit almost any event and any setting.

So, we really hope that you will give this style a try. We can’t wait for you to draw everyone’s attention with your Tatum inspired hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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