Joe Burrow Haircut: 10 Hairstyles of this Young Talent That You Should Consider in 2022

The star of the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow is an absolute sensation right now. People are talking about him for lots of different reasons and one of them is the Joe Burrow haircut.

This talented young man has helped his team to break the longest drought in North American sports. He is also one of the top contenders for winning the NFL MVP award this season.

Apart from his amazing sports skills, there is a huge buzz around his appearance and haircut as well. A big number of people seem to genuinely like his hairstyle.

That is why we have crafted this article. We want to present the best hairstyles of Joe Burrow to his fans. We would also answer the other questions you guys have about his hair.

He actually has some really exciting hairstyles and you might just find one that you’d want to adopt for yourself.

10 Joe Burrow Haircut Ideas That Will Attract You

Joe Burrow does not frequently change his hairstyle. But, he has tried out a few things throughout his career. We have gone through those styles and now we present you the ones that will inspire you to try them out.

The Joe Burrow Haircut

The Joe Burrow Haircut

Technically any haircut that Joe Burrow has ever had will be considered as a Joe Burrow haircut. However, when people mention or talk about the Joe Burrow haircut, they are mostly referring to this exact hairstyle.

Let’s take a closer look at this style. Firstly, you would need a partition that is somewhere between a middle partition and a side partition. The partition won’t be too sharp and it will only go till halfway through the top area.

You then have to comb your divided hair towards their respective sides. You also need to give the hair around the partition some flight and a slight twist. For the sides, you have to go for a mid-taper.

Brushed Up Undercut

Brushed Up Undercut

Joe Burrow has tried out this hairstyle a few times in recent months. This style has the basics of an undercut style. That means you are supposed to have shortened hair on the sides and the back. The hair at the top will be much longer.

Contemporary men commonly go for shaved sides. Burrow doesn’t do that and only keeps it short. For the front and top hair, he has the brush up style. As the name suggests, you just have to brush your hair and make it face upwards.

It’s the contrast between the long brushed up hair and the shortened sides and back that gives this style its unique charm. This one is definitely worthy of your consideration.

Short Mid-Parted Style

Short Mid Parted Style

It is more common to go for a mid-parted hairstyle when men have mid-length or long hair. But, Joe Burrow has tried out this style with his short hair and it has turned out quite well.

When you have short hair, you actually do not have a ton of options. That is why this style is so special. You just need to do a few simple things and your hair will have so much more character and pizzazz.

Create a partition straight in the middle and then comb your hair to opposite sides. Burrow shortens his sides as well so that there is more focus on what he’s doing at the top.

The High Fade

The High Fade

This is another well-known Joe Burrow haircut. It is not surprising at all that he has tried out the high fade. Fades are immensely popular with modern men and a high fade is a bold and exciting choice.

A high fade basically means the ‘fading’ will begin way above your ears. Also, Burrow keeps it really short but he doesn’t go skin deep. The best part of this hairstyle is that you can style your longer hair in any way you want and the high fade will draw everyone’s attention to that.

You can go for a brush up style, a swept back style, or maybe a laid back messy style. A high fade will complement any of these styles.

Long Curtained Hair

Long Curtained Hair

This Joe Burrow hairstyle is a blast from the past. He had this style when he was playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes. So, he was really young and he had really long hair.

In a way, Burrow didn’t even have to do much because he had amazing waves when he grew out his hair. That is why we would especially recommend this style to all men with wavy hair. Show off the waves by growing out your hair.

As far as styling is concerned, he just created a middle partition and went for the curtain style. That means hair from both sides of the partition will come down to your face and will kind of frame your face.

Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair

This is the most chill and relaxed Joe Burrow haircut you’d find on this list. We have already discussed how Burrow has amazingly carried his long wavy hair.

This is the style where he showcased the flowy nature of his waves with shorter hair. There is actually not much to say about styling it. If you have wavy hair, you just need to go for a messy and carefree look.

You can do it just with your fingers or you might need the help of a hair product to get this look. Just let it loose and ensure that your hair is flowing anywhere and everywhere.

Mid-Parted Slick Back Hair

Mid Parted Slick Back Hair

This one is a more sophisticated style. It will give you an appearance that is more appropriate for a formal occasion. But, this style won’t just give you a bland professional look. It will provide you with enough charm and charisma that you can carry this style to less formal and casual events as well.

You need to create a middle partition to begin. Then, you have to brush back all your hair. The hair around the partition will obviously be going opposite ways.

To get that really slick look, keep your hair closer to the scalp. Use a hair gel or wax to achieve that.

Bleached Blonde Hair

Bleached Blonde Hair

This is another style that Joe Burrow went for when he was much younger. This is less of a style and more of a choice of color. He decided to leave behind his natural hair color and bleach his hair blonde.

Burrow posted his picture on Instagram and admitted that he was inspired by “slim shady” which refers to the rapper Eminem. You can also be inspired by Burrow and try bleaching your hair.

The bleached color might not be your jam and that’s understandable. In that case, you can just dye your hair with any color you want.

Suave Side Part

Suave Side Part

It is time for a charming and elegant hairstyle. A side part style is already a pretty solid and dependable hairstyle. But, somehow it just looks even better on Joe Burrow.

The basics are simple. You just need to create a side partition and sweep your front hair on the opposite side.

What Burrow does differently is that he gives his hair a bit of height. That makes his side part style stand apart from the rest and more unique.

Headband with Short Hair

Headband With Short Hair

A lot of NFL players love wearing headbands and there was a time when Joe Burrow wore one pretty regularly. He seemed to be a big fan of it.

He wore it with his short hair which is not that common. But, we have already discussed how it can be difficult to style your short hair.

So, it was a smart choice by him to better carry his short hair with the help of this accessory. You can also try out a bandana as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few questions that are frequently asked on the internet about Joe Burrow’s hair. You would find the answers to some of them in this section.

How to get the Joe Burrow Haircut?

Firstly, you have to decide which exact Joe Burrow haircut you want. You’ve already seen that he has had a few. Then, the easiest thing to do would be to visit a professional. Carry a picture of the style you want so that there is no confusion or miscommunication. And, some of them are actually quite easy and you can get them at home by yourself.

Did Joe Burrow bleach his hair?

Yes, he certainly did. He did it many years ago and he wasn’t even drafted back then. However, he didn’t carry that look for too long. He soon returned to his natural hair color and has not tried out any other color since then.

Did fans make fun of Joe Burrow’s hair?

This question is probably being asked because of something that Joe Burrow posted on Twitter. During the pandemic, it was very difficult to get a haircut. So, Burrow was afraid or just said jokingly that fans might make fun of his hair when he would appear for the draft. Thankfully for him, his fans did not make fun of his hair at all.


After going through Joe Burrow’s hairstyles, we really hope that you have found a few that have won your heart. Burrow doesn’t go overboard with his hairstyles and doesn’t have a style that is too flashy or extravagant.

All of them are solid styles that are also really easy to get. These styles are not bland in any way and actually carry quite a punch.

So, you can’t really go wrong with any of his hairstyles. No matter which one you choose, it will fit more or less any situation and you won’t feel out of place with your style.

Also, remember that you don’t have to copy a hairstyle precisely. You can just take inspiration from his styles.

Then, you can come up with your interpretation and create a style for yourself by adding your own twists and tweaks.

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