Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber Haircut: 17 Most Attractive Hairstyles of the Influential Pop Star

Since the day he arrived before the public eyes as a music artist, the level of attention that the Justin Bieber haircut gets has been almost unimaginable. Bieber is a global star and he has a huge influence over millions of people.

Even after taking these facts into consideration, it still feels surreal to see the number of people who try to precisely copy his hairstyle or his fashion sense.

But, this article is not just for those loyal fans. You might just be a man who’s looking for a cool new hairstyle for himself. Well, we have some exciting suggestions for you.

Bieber has had a number of hairstyles over the years. Not all of them were always well received. However, we believe that he has some absolutely staggering hairstyles that a contemporary man can definitely try out.

Stick with this article to find out about those styles and more.

17 Appealing Justin Bieber Hairstyles That You’d Want to Have

Justin Bieber has changed his hairstyle a lot of times throughout his career. We have crafted a list where you will find his most attractive 17 hairstyles. After going through this list, you’re bound to find a hairstyle that you’d want to adopt immediately.

Long Fringe

Long Fringe

We are starting with one of Just Bieber’s most well-known hairstyles. He had this hairstyle for a long period of time. He could actually be given the credit for bringing long fringe hairstyles to mainstream culture.

It was not that common or popular among men when he first went for this style. Now, you can see a lot of men adopting the long fringe. But, still they don’t style it exactly as he did.

To have this hairstyle, you need to have really long fringe hair. The hair on the sides, back, and the top can have an average length. Then, you need to comb your fringe and make it fall on one side of your face. The fringe should go beyond your eyes.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

This is another popular Justin Bieber haircut. There was a time when Bieber really liked spiked hairstyles, and he used to go for the faux hawk quite often back then.

As the name suggests, this style is inspired by the Mohawk. Unlike a Mohawk, your hair will not be spiked from the front to the nape in this style. Here, your hair will be facing upwards from the front to the upper crown area.

Also, your hair does not necessarily need to be as sharp as spikes. The hair on the front will be the longest, and shorter on the back and the sides. You can add a taper like Bieber as well.

Long Swept Back Hair

Long Swept Back Hair

This haircut is for men with longer hair. It is a style that is super easy to get but has a great impact. It is also one of Justin Bieber’s most sober haircuts.

You might have already guessed how to get this style. You just have to brush back all your hair. The cool thing that Bieber does is that he doesn’t go for that slick back look.

His hair is brushed back in a messy way, and it makes his hair look more textured. This little tweak can bring your overall appearance a much more relaxed and laid back vibe. If that is your jam, then do try this one out.

Surfer Hair

Surfer Hair

Isn’t it a charming hairstyle? Bieber has an endearing appearance with this style. This is a really cool look to have, especially if you have neck-length hair.

Your hair needs to be very messy and carefree for this style. The hair will be flowing anywhere and everywhere. You can just leave your hair alone and go with the natural flow. Or, you might use a hair product to create that look.

The hair behind your ears needs to have a bit of flight, kind of like a “wings” haircut. This hairstyle looks even better if you have wavy hair, and then you wouldn’t have to do much.

Side Part Comb Over

Side Part Comb Over

Now, it is time for a really elegant Justin Bieber haircut. This one we present to all the gentlemen who prefer to have a refined and polished look.

You have to create a side partition and comb your hair to the opposite side. Make sure that your front hair has some height because that makes this hairstyle stand apart from the others.

This is the perfect style to have for a formal event or a fancy party. You will have a sophisticated style that goes with the occasion, but one that will also catch a lot of eyes for all the right reasons.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Remember when Justin Bieber had a really short haircut? We actually applaud his decision because this was a bold choice. Not all men look great with a buzz cut. But, Bieber pulled it off well.

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to get. You just need to use a trimmer and trim all your hair using the right guard. The length should be around ¼ inches. Usually, men prefer to have a bit longer hair on top, but Bieber had the same length all around.

To have more fun with his short hair, Bieber dyed his hair, and also wore headbands and bandanas. You can take these routes as well.

Long Shag

Long Shag

This is probably as long as a Justin Bieber haircut gets. His hair was touching his shoulders at this point. He decided to go for the Shag style for his long hair.

The shag cut has been around since the ‘70s. There has been a resurgence in its popularity in the last few years. It is basically a style where your hair is layered to various lengths.

You will need really long hair all around. The front hair will be brushed down and will come down at last to your eyes. The hair at the sides will be long enough to cover your ears.

Spiky Top

Spiky Top

This hairstyle might take you back to your childhood. Justin Bieber had this style when he was really young. However, he has tried out this style a few times in the later years as well.

It is an easy and simple style. You just have to apply some hair product and spike up your front and top hair. We can assure you that it still remains an effective hairstyle, and spikes will be in for many more years to come.

Bieber keeps an average length for the hair on the sides. You can go for a taper or a fade if you want to bring more focus to your spikes.

The Justin Bieber Cut

The Justin Bieber Cut

Speaking of hairstyles from the past, let’s not forget this one. Did you really think that an article about Justin Bieber’s hairstyles will leave this one out?

We are pretty aware that Bieber has come a long way, and has had many other exciting hairstyles over the years. But, this hairstyle will always be attached to him. This is the Justin Bieber haircut.

For this style, you just need bangs on the front, and your ears need to be covered with long side hair. It’s not a style that you will frequently find now, but we understand if you choose this style for pure nostalgia.

Man Bun

Man Bun

Justin Bieber tried out the man bun when he had long hair. It makes sense because it is a dependable option.

You will have the practical advantage because your hair will not get in the way of your work. Also, you will get a dope look. So, there are not many reasons for not trying out the man bun.

All you need to do is brush back all your front and top hair, and tie them with a band. You can go for a top knot as well, and tie your hair right at the top.

Slick Pompadour

Slick Pompadour

This is another sophisticated Justin Bieber haircut. Very few hairstyles can compete with the pompadour right now. It is immensely popular with contemporary men.

For a pompadour, you would need slick swept back hair that has a bit of height at the front. The hair at the back and the sides are usually much shorter.

However, Bieber’s pompadour is not totally brushed back, rather it is kind of side swept. The height of the front hair is not too much either. Also, he adds a taper following the tradition of shortened sides.

Textured Mop Style

Textured Mop Style

Let’s jump from a polished and formal style to something casual and laid back. This is actually a moderated version of the mop hairstyle, and it’s messier and more textured.

The mop top has a long historical legacy. The Beatles members had this style back in the ‘60s. It has also made a comeback quite a few times. Even recently a variant of this style was trending on TikTok.

Aesthetically speaking, this style should attract you for the same reasons you would be attracted to the surfer style. If you want to adopt the surfer style, but you have shorter hair, then you can definitely go for the textured mop.

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut

Technically Justin Bieber has never intentionally had the Caesar cut. We have already talked about how he buzzed his hair really short a few years ago. When his hair started growing back, it turned into the classic Caesar style.

It actually was a pretty decent look for him. If you are looking for a shorter hairstyle, you can definitely consider this one.

For the classic Caesar cut, you’d need more-or-less the same hair length all around your head. Your front can be a tiny bit longer if you want. Then, you just need to crop your front hair and have a short fringe.

The Undercut

The Undercut

This haircut is another one that is loved by contemporary men. You can go for this style without any hesitation and you are almost guaranteed success.

The undercut is basically a style where you have longer hair on the front and top. The hair on the sides and the back are really shortened. Sometimes men just shave off the sides and the back.

Justin Bieber doesn’t go that short. At most he goes for a taper and doesn’t reveal any skin. For the hair on top, he just goes for a swept back style. The shortened sides make even the simple swept back style appear special.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

This Justin Bieber haircut is yet another blast from the past. He was constantly going for this style back in the spikes era. We’re not complaining because it actually went well with him.

You can probably guess the process from the name. You would be correct if you guessed that you just need to brush up your hair. That is pretty much it.

The hair on the front and top would be facing upwards, but your hair wouldn’t be sharp like spikes. You would also need the help of a hair product to make sure the hair is up.

Headband with Long Hair

Headband With Long Hair

As far as hair accessories are concerned, Justin Bieber is open to pretty much everything. We have seen him with caps, headbands, bandanas, beanies, etc. So, he has tried it all.

If you have to choose one of his accessorized styles, we would go for a headband with long hair. He just has a really interesting way of wearing a headband, and we would recommend it to men with long hair.

The hairs around your ears, that are coming out of the band, need to have some flight. Some of the front hairs need to be stuck under the band, and some need to flow over it. You can actually create this style with a bandana as well.

Dyed Hair

Dyed Hair

The final one is not actually a hairstyle. It is rather a fun suggestion. Why not try a different color for your hair?

Justin Bieber has dyed his hair with quite a few colors. He doesn’t do it too frequently. But whenever he does, the results are staggering. He has gone for pink, purple, platinum blonde, brown, etc.

You do not have to choose one of these colors for your hair. You can go for whatever you want. It can be a subtle and somber color or a funky and vibrant one. If dying your hair is on your bucket list, maybe it’s time to tick it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a big number of people who have a huge interest in Justin Bieber’s hairstyles. There are plenty of questions about his hair that are frequently asked on the internet. We’ll answer a few of them in this section.

Did Justin Bieber donate his hair?

Yes, Justin Bieber donated his hair in a box to the famous talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. He did it so that Ellen could auction his hair, and donate the money to a charity organization. His hair was actually sold for $40,000, and the money was donated to The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue organization.

Is Justin Bieber’s hair naturally curly?

No, Justin Bieber does not have naturally curly hair. His hair is somewhere between straight and wavy. But, you can’t really see the waves unless he has really long hair. We’d say that he probably has type 2 hair.

Did Justin Bieber dread his hair?

Justin Bieber appeared with dreadlocks back in 2016. It created a huge controversy, and he was accused of cultural appropriation by a lot of people. After facing some serious backlash, Bieber eventually let go of the dreads. That is why we have left out this style from our list as well.

Who is Justin Bieber’s hair stylist?

Florido Basallo is Justin Bieber’s hair stylist. He is a senior hairstylist at the Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood. He has gone on two world tours with Justin Bieber. He also has other celebrity clients like Demi Moore and Hailey Bieber.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a ‘Belieber’ or not. You just have to admit that Justin Bieber has had some sensational hairstyles in his career. We really hope that you have found a style that matches your vibe.

We’re confident about the styles on our list, and we can guarantee that there is not one bad egg in that basket. However, we do have a final suggestion for you.

A few of the styles on our list are very easy to get. You could probably get the buzz cut, the brush up style or the swept back style by yourself at your home. But, for a few of them, you would need professional help.

So, if you are visiting a barber or a hair stylist, properly communicate with them to let them know exactly what you’re looking for. The easiest way to avoid any miscommunication would be to carry a picture on your phone of the style you want.

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