Korean Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Korean Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women: 10 Styles to Stun Everyone

When You think about Korean hairstyles for women, the design that first comes to mind is a shoulder-length hairdo. Shoulder-length hairstyles are one of the most versatile designs that can be styled in numerous ways, whether you are looking for a simple look or a Glamorous appearance.

Korean shoulder-length styles focus on soft natural waves that can be worn with different layers. A wide range of bang styles like fringe bangs, middle-parted bangs and curtain bangs are often implemented in the front hair while the hair on the back is kept shoulder length, adding movement and texture to the hair by perming them.

If you are interested in Korean shoulder-length hairstyles for women, you are in luck! I will discuss everything there is to know about them, including fabulous styles for you to experiment with. Stop dillydallying and buckle up for this reading experience!

Why Are Shoulder Length Styles Popular Among Korean Women? 

Why Shoulder Length Styles Popular Among Korean Women

Shoulder-length hairstyles are popular among women worldwide, not just Korean women, and there are numerous reasons for that, like versatility, celebrity influence, cultural norms, etc. Here is a detailed discussion on this topic.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of Shoulder length designs in Korea is their versatility. Shoulder length styles look good with every face shape, whether the face is rounder or has sharp features. That is the case for hair types as well. From fine to curly hair, every hair type looks amazing with shoulder-length hair.

Celebrity Influence

Another big reason behind the popularity of shoulder-length hairstyles in Korea is celebrity influences. Many famous female celebrities like Ha Ji Won, Im Yoona, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Shin Hye wear shoulder-length hair, influencing their fans to mimic them and get a similar style.

Cultural Norms

In Korean culture, short hairstyles are seen as unsophisticated, so you will see almost no women go for hairstyles that are shorter than shoulder length. On the other hand, it is inconvenient to keep long hair. Therefore, most women prefer low- maintenance shoulder-length hair that conforms to cultural norms.


Shoulder-length hairstyles are convenient as they are long enough to style in different unique designs without requiring much maintenance or care. In this era, people have little to no time to take extra care of their hair, so shoulder-length designs are quite convenient.

Youthful Appearance

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of shoulder-length hair in Korea is that it gives a youthful appearance to the wearer. No matter how old one person is, shoulder-length styles will provide a playful look that will make them appear younger than their actual age.

6 Korean Shoulder Length Styles for Women

There are many outstanding shoulder-length hairstyles to choose from that look amazing, but I do not want you to go for any hairstyle. I want you to have the best hairstyle that is possible for you to get. Keeping that notion in mind, I have prepared this list of 6 shoulder-length hairstyles that are perfect for Korean women.

Side Part Framing Strands

Side Part Framing Strands

The first hairstyle I will discuss is a simple side-part hairdo that looks good on every face shape and hair type, especially for women with fine hair. This style is pretty common among Korean women for its ease of styling and low maintenance. For this style, the hair is cut short that does not go past the shoulders.

The hair is combed and parted toward one side, creating the side part hairdo. The front strands, which are shorter in length, are brushed to frame the face and enhance the beauty further. If you have wavy hair, it will look more voluminous, so that is always a good option.

Fringe Bangs with Shag Cut

Fringe Bangs with Shag Cut

Shag hairstyles are one of the best options for wearing shoulder-length hair, which is the case for Korean women as well. You will see numerous women with shag haircuts worn with straight or fringe bangs and look fabulous with them. This hairstyle looks particularly good on women with oval-shaped faces.

The style we are focusing on here is a straight shag cut where the front hair is cut in fringe bangs, which is way shorter than the rest. The hair on the back is shoulder-length, while the side hair is cut in stepped layers which will create a seamless transition from the front hair to the back hair.

Framing Bob Cut

Framing Bob Cut

Bob cuts are very famous among Korean women, especially shoulder-length bob cuts, as short hairstyles are often seen as indecent in Korean culture. The hairstyle I am discussing is a shoulder-length bob cut with framing bangs on the front.

This extraordinary style is pretty easy to accomplish and relatively low maintenance. The hair on the front is cut short, creating the framing bangs that make it look more alluring. If you have wavy and straight hair, you will look fabulous with this framing bob cut that you can wear to most occasions. 

Blunt Bangs with Short Layers

Blunt bangs with Short Layers

When it comes to blunt bangs hairdos, no one makes them as gratifying as the Koreans. They were one of the first to introduce blunt bangs, making it this trendy hair design. The front hair is cut in a concise, straight line for blunt bangs, while the rest of the hair is kept longer.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut in short stepped layers that do not go past the shoulders. The blunt bangs on the front and the short layers on the back create a bold style that may not suit everyone. I will suggest only women with straight hair try this style. 

Middle Parted Stepped Layers

Middle Parted Stepped Layers

Stepped layers can be worn in various ways, but most Koreans prefer to wear their stepped layers in a middle part hair design. The hairstyle I am discussing is a middle-parted stepped layers haircut that does not go past the shoulders and looks remarkable with straight and wavy hair.

For stepped layers, different portions of hair are cut in different sizes; the front hair is usually kept the shortest while the back hair is the longest. The shoulder-length layers are parted in the middle and worn simply, which can be worn on any casual occasion but might not be preferable in a formal situation.

Side Parted Barrel Curls

Side Parted Barrel Curls

Curling one’s hair is an excellent way of making a unique design, which is the case for the style I am talking about now. The hair is cut short that barely reaches the shoulders. The front hair is combed and parted toward one side, creating a simple side-part hairstyle.

Then Iron curler is used to create the barrel curls on the front hair that create a glamorous look. You can get this stunning hairstyle with any hair type, and it will suit most face shapes, so you are all good. No matter the occasion, you will look fabulous in it, especially for fancy parties.

Popular Female Celebrities with Korean Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Some of the most famous Korean female celebrities at this moment wear shoulder-length hairstyles for their versatility and low maintenance. They are one of the reasons behind the popularity of shoulder-length hair designs in Korea. Here is a list of 4 famous female celebrities with shoulder-length hairdos that you can mimic and look exquisite.

Jun Ji Hyun’s Framing Side Part Style

Jun Ji Hyun's Framing Side Part Style

Actress Jun Ji Hyun is one of the most celebrated people from the Korean peninsula who is known for her extraordinary acting prowess, for which she received numerous accolades. She is one of the reasons behind the popularity of shoulder-length hairstyles in Korea. She has worn various shoulder-length hairdos over the years.

Look at the image where Jun Ji Hyun is wearing a side-part hairstyle that frames her face and makes her look otherworldly. The natural straight hair is curled slightly to create a wavy pattern which makes the style look dense and voluminous. The red highlights make the style more distinct, which you should try right away.

Im Yoona’s Side Parted Lob Cut

Im Yoona's Side Parted Lob Cut

Im Yoona is one of the most talented K-pop artists who has branched out of the music industry and established herself as a bonafide actress. There is no doubt about her talent, which turned thousands of people into her fans who try to mimic her appearance. She is known for sporting shoulder-length hairstyles, which can be seen in the image above.

The hair is cut in a long bob cut which is called a lob cut in short. The hair reaches the shoulders and is worn in a side-part style. You will look amazing with this style no matter your face shape or hair type but straight hair suits this style the best.

Park Shin Hye’s Feathered Fringe Bangs

Park Shin Feathered Fringe Bangs

Park Shin Hye is another famous Korean musician and actress who have influenced shoulder-length hairstyles amongst the mass. She became famous at a young age as a child actress on various tv shows. She wears different types of shoulder-length hairdos; we are going to focus on the fringe bangs with feathered layers.

The front hair is cut in fringe bangs that reach the eyebrows. The rest of the hair is kept longer, reaches the shoulders, and is texturized to give a feathered look. Park Shin Hye’s hair is dyed in a bronze color which you can try out as well.

Ha Ji Won’s Side-Parted Hairstyle

Ha Ji Won's Side Parted Hairstyle

The last celebrity that should be named here is Ha Ji Won, who have made Korean shoulder-length hairstyles as popular as it is currently. Ha Ji Won is her stage name; her real name is Jeom Hae Rim known for her roles in various dramas. She usually wears simple shoulder-length hairstyles, which is the case for the hairdo I will focus on as well.

Her hair is cut in a shoulder-length style where the front hair is parted toward one side, creating a side-part style. Using a hairdryer, her hair is blown out to give it a fluffy look. 


If you are interested in Korean shoulder-length hairstyles, you must have a lot of queries about this hair design. I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions about this topic which will help you to find the information you were searching for instead of surfing all over the internet.

Question: Which hair type is best for shoulder-length hairstyles for women?

Answer: Shoulder-length hair designs are some of the most versatile styles that look amazing with every hair type. Choosing one of them as the best option is kind of impossible. But many fashion experts believe wavy hair looks best because it gives a voluminous appearance.

Question: Does every face shape suit Korean shoulder-length styles?

Answer: Korean shoulder-length styles look good with every face shape; you just need to use different types of layers and bangs styles for different face shapes. The answer to this question is yes; Korean shoulder-length hairdos suit every face shape.

Final Statement

Shoulder-length hairstyles are famous all around the world, and Korea is no different from the rest. There are multiple reasons behind their popularity, and it is highly unlikely that they will go out of trend any time soon.

The hairstyles discussed here are some of the best options to wear your shoulder-length hair in a fabulous way. These hairdos are trendy and suitable for most hair types and face shapes, making them an excellent option for everyone to try out.

If you want a different look from the rest, dyeing your hair can be an excellent option. Suppose you have found the side parted barrel curls to be the most fantastic design you want to implement but are sceptical about it because it is a common style. 

By dyeing your hair in a great color combination, you can make this simple side-parted barrel curls design into a distinctive style that will showcase your originality and creativity.

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