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10 Whoville Hairstyles for the Perfect Holiday Vibes

If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss’ books, then you might have guessed from the headline what this article is all about. While reading about Whoville in our childhood, we always wondered what the Whos will look like in real life. The description of their unique appearances always created an imaginary world in front of us, and thanks to the movies, now we know what it is to be like the Whos.

The fans have always appreciated the fascinating appearance of the Whos. Especially the way they style their hair-seriously, we can’t just get enough of those unique styles! So, for keeping up with the Christmas spirits or for simply trying something new, many women and children out there have tried out the Whoville Hairstyles.

We know that these extravagant hair looks can be quite overwhelming. But trust us, the outcomes will be so fun and colorful that you will love the vibe! So to celebrate the holiday season with laughter and joy, choosing a Whoville hairstyle should be on your list this time!

Amazing Whoville Hairstyles to Keep Up the Holiday Spirit!

Whether you are planning a holiday movie marathon with your family, or simply enjoying the days altogether, a Whoville hairstyle can be your perfect companion. Ahead are some of the most fascinating Whoville hairstyles that we have picked for your holiday hairstyle inspiration. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at them together!

Cindy Lou Style

Cindy Lou Whoville Style

When it comes to Whoville hairstyles, the first thing that comes to our minds is the cute and beautiful hairstyle worn by Cindy Lou Who. Recreating this style is quite fun, and you can do it using household items as well as common hairstyling essentials.

The high style in this picture can be done using a plastic cup, and you need to set the hair using hairspray on each styling section. At the top, you have to do a bun with the leftover hair. The two pieces of braids on the sides will require pipe cleaners while you braid the hair, as it helps to keep the shape intact. You need to use bobby pins to keep everything in place starting from the extravagant ribbons, and don’t forget to curl the ends of the braids and the bun to complete this look.

Bubbles with Bangs

Bubbles With Bangs

This one is an easy hairstyle because it combines our regular styles with a simple twist. If you have a short amount of time at hand and simply want to try something easy but extra, then this hairstyle can be your go-to pick.

From the picture, it can be seen that two short pigtails have been done with the hair at the back, and they have been given a single-bubble style. The bangs at the front are super cute, and we love the use of the teacup headband. For a proper Whoville look, the ends of the pigtails have been curled. This one can be a great pick for those searching for Whoville hairstyles for short hair.

Green Hair

Green Whoville Hair

This one is another take on Cindy Lou’s hair. If the braiding and bending seem too complicated to you, then you can curl your hair and give it a simple style. However, choosing colorful hair for this style can add to the ‘extra’ part.

Take this green hair for example. The style doesn’t contain any braids but it surely has some eye-catching elements. The high style is praiseworthy and we love the use of the Christmas ornaments on her hair. The bangs and the curls look like a perfect combination for the holiday vibes, so this one is a must-try if you are a fan of easy Whoville hairstyles.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

You can literally bring the Christmas tree home with your hair, and you will look like someone belonging from the Whoville for sure! All you need to do is color your hair green or simply opt for a green hair wig. The rest of it will be easy peasy.

In this picture, the hair has been turned into a high style that looks like a Christmas tree. You can use appropriate objects and hairspray to set the style. The addition of the Christmas decorations makes the hair resemble a Christmas tree, and we love the vibrancy of the style.

Martha May’s Hair

Martha May's Hair

Although most of us love to try out Cindy Lou Who’s iconic hairstyle when it comes to Whoville hair, the beauty of Martha May Whovier’s hairstyle can never be denied. Her super exquisite style has been tried out by many women, and we love how exotic it looks.

You can take this picture as your guide to your hairdresser if you want to achieve a similar look. Just pick some small gift boxes in different sizes, and adjusting your hair along with the boxes will help you achieve Martha’s style. Don’t forget to add the curls at the front for a complete look.

Adorable Whoville Hairstyles for Kids

Just like adults, children can also rock a Whoville hairstyle. We have seen many pictures of kids wearing a Whoville hairstyle, and the cuteness of these styles is beyond any description. So let’s take a look at some of those styling ideas.

Straight Bubble Ponytail

Kids Straight Bubble Ponytail

For kids, it’s all about enjoying the new styles and showcasing their childishness through their hair. So for something simple yet exquisite, you can try out a straight bubble ponytail on your child’s hair.

Here is what it looks like in reality. This straight bubble ponytail is super cool and it surely seems like something straight out of Whoville. You can add Christmas decorations to the style to make it look more vibrant, and it is going to be the talk of the town for sure!

Three Cones

Three Cones Whoville

Your kids can try out different fun hairstyles during the holidays, so keep your options open. Apart from the iconic Cindy Lou style, we suggest taking the high styles to the next level, such as the one shown in this picture.

The little girl here has an amazing hairstyle with red hair and blonde curly ends. This style can be done using proper objects to achieve the shape, and hairspray is required to set the look. We love the use of colorful bows as they showcase the joining of red hair and blonde curls. This one here is a must-try!

Ponytails and Pigtails

Ponytails And Pigtails

Ever thought of trying out ponytails and pigtails in the same hairstyle? Well, if you are not up to something such extravagant, then your kid can definitely give it a try. Just don’t forget to add the bubble style, and the hair will be perfect for a Whoville vibe.

In this picture, the little girl has a bubble ponytail as well as bubble pigtails that look stunning. We love the use of red and blue flowers randomly placed throughout the hair. Also, the length of her hair is totally praiseworthy!

Funky Braids

Funky Braids

Being a member of the Whoville is all about the funky hairstyles when it comes to appearance. You can go all creative and no one’s going to complain. So next time, don’t be shy to try out something exotic, or you can give your little kid one such style to match her vibe.

To look like a proper Dr. Seuss character, you can try out this hairstyle on your kid. The funky braids on the sides look totally fun and playful. We love the use of the colorful accessories to make the braids look even more fun, and suggest giving this a shot if your kid loves to try out such styles.

With Pipe Cleaners

With pipe Cleaners Whoville Style

You can give your kid an amazing and colorful hairstyle by using vibrant-colored pipe cleaners. For a crazy hair day at school, taking inspiration from Whoville characters can be a great choice, and your kid can be the star of the show with the use of simple pipe cleaners on her hair.

This colorful hairstyle with multiple hair buns looks quite playful. The use of the colorful pipe cleaners on the buns has taken the style to the next level. We also love the random use of glitter on her hair, and suggest giving this a try at least once!


To rock a Whoville hairstyle, all you need to do is have the confidence to carry it with grace. No matter if you are visiting the salon or trying out a style on your own, a Whoville hairstyle is bound to make you look exotic. But before you try out one such style, let’s know the answers to your common questions regarding this popular holiday hairstyle.

What things do I need to have to make a perfect Cindy Lou Who hairstyle?

Simple items such as a rat tail comb, plastic cups, pipe cleaners, hair ties, bobby pins, a hairspray, and Christmas ornaments or bows will be enough to recreate Cindy Lou’s hairstyle. Just make sure that your hair is set properly along with the baby hairs, and your hairstyle will look picture-perfect.

Can I wear a wig instead of styling my natural hair for a Whoville hairstyle?

Of course, you can. Especially if you are willing to go for a colorful look, we suggest picking hair wigs in vibrant colors. Natural hair or wigs, a Whoville hairstyle is sure to make you look unique and bold!

Final Words

Christmas is a time to cherish wonderful moments with your family members and share a lovely bond with everyone. So to level up things, you can include trying out Whoville hairstyles this time. Trust us, everyone will love the idea and the hairstyling session will be full of fun and laughter.

Make sure to pick the best Christmas ornaments to adorn your hair, and don’t forget to assemble the essentials before you sit for the DIY session. You can divide the Whoville hairstyles among your family members so that everyone ends up with an amazing look at the end of the day.

Give the hairstyles we have mentioned above a definite try, and don’t forget to share the joy of the holiday season with your wonderful looks!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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