Rappers With Dreads

12 Most Popular Rappers with Dreads Hairstyles In 2022

Rap culture has brought forth multidimensional aspects to modern-day culture. One of the most prominent things about that culture is some exclusive hairstyles that have been worn by popular rappers and left behind for consumers to follow.

Such hairstyles of rappers with dreads will grant you access to be a part of that trend and upgrade your look at the same time. From the sheer iconic fashion statement to low maintenance, versatility is some of the reasons for sporting these hairdos. And when you pair the historic values with them, the styles become even more so significant!

We are here today with some of the dread variations sported by renowned rappers with a bit of FAQ near the end. We are quite sure that when you do reach the end, you will be inspired to try it out.

Be prepared to get your mind blown with the dread styles of your favorite rappers!

Top 12 Badass Rappers With Dreads

Dreadlocks have reigned in the fashion industry among rappers for as long as we can remember. Therefore, as a member of fashion and rap-loving society, you HAVE to try out dreads at least once.

So, sit down, relax and scroll through these amazing dread styles of these incredible rappers. We are sure these styles will convince you to get dreads right away.

White Rappers With Dreads

White Rappers With Dreads

Post Malone is one of the white rappers who pulled off dreads magnificently. His dreads with loose ends are the epitome of a casual free-flowing vibe. It’s an edgy and bold hairstyle that will make you look cool in any attire.

This type of hairstyle looks good with any type of aesthetic. These dreads have the ability to make you feel powerful and super fun. You can rule any setting with this hairstyle and look devilishly handsome.

This hairstyle is mostly for men with mid-length hair. However, you can always use extensions. So you don’t have to worry.

Complete your look by getting dreads today!

Pony Tailed Dreads

Pony Tailed Dreads

Are you dreading your extra-long dreads and don’t know how to keep them poised? Then Busta Rhymes, the renowned American rapper is here with his popular style for dreads. His ponytailed dreads are famous among his fans. This will help you keep all your dreads in one place making them easier to manage. Dreads are usually easy to manage. However, this hairdo is only to make it easier.

With all your dreads in a ponytail, you will look more professional. It will bring more personality to your appearance creating a dashingly refined look.

Give your entire look an extra bit of oomph with this hairdo.

Rappers With Full Blonde Dreads

Rappers With Full Dreads


Full blonde hair looks top-tier on its own. And having full blonde dreads? They look even more impressive. Lil Wayne is one of the rappers who looked crazy good with his full-blonde dreads.

This hairstyle will give you an instant boost of confidence. It will make you the center of attention in any setting. You will steal the hearts of men and women with this one. You will look soulful and chill with your dreads in blonde. You will look like a fashion king.

Flaunt your iconic full-blonde dreads without hesitation!

Half And Half In Dreads

Half And Half In Dreads

The phenomenal look of having half and half dread is an iconic look of the popular American rapper XXXTentacion. He has his dreads in half blonde and half black with slight undercuts. To make them even more distinctive he used accessories. This whole awe-inspiring look made all his fans swoon.

The looks’ artistic aura makes it recognizable in a crowd full of hundreds. People will be able to separate you from others in a heartbeat. The edginess of the haircut will force out your inner swag. You can keep the original or combine other colors according to your preference to make it unique.

Be unique, and be iconic with your dreads today!

Rappers With Colorful Dreads

Rappers With Colorful Dreads

Having colorful dreads can make you look unusually snazzy like your favorite rapper Lil Pump. The mix of colors makes your dreads look trendy and stylishly ragged. It creates just enough drama to create an expensive look.

To have a charmingly fresh look this hairstyle is a must. You will turn into a heartthrob with this hairstyle. Your spruce and princely look will be hard to go unnoticeable. This hairstyle can work as a conversation starter as well. It will make you look younger and praises will come pouring at you.

So, let your imagination fly high with colorful dreads.

Spiked Up Dreads

Spiked Up Dreads

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will completely change your whole vibe? Then you should get these Kodak Black-inspired spiked-up dreads. With this hairstyle, you can gain a stud-like appearance. This rapper looked smoking hot with his impressive stunning spikes. These first-rate spiked-up dreads are what you want in your life to spice it up.

It might be hard to achieve and maintain. However, every bit of maintenance is worth this hairstyle. Because you will make everyone go speechless with your hairdo.

Look absolutely like a rock star with this hairstyle!

Rappers With Half Updo Dreads

Rappers With Half Updo Dreads

Half up do hair helps you look classy with your everyday outfit. Making half up do dreads will make you ooze out elegance like Wiz Khalifa. It will add a bit of a gentlemanly aura to your whole look.

You can suit up or wear your casuals and look fantastic with this hairdo. You can wear your dreads with confidence with this style. We assure you that your breathtaking dreads will look more majestic this way. If you are unsure about how to keep your dreads, then this might be an easy style. Your simple yet luscious locks will look superb.

Bring out your professional look with style with this hairdo.

Dreads With Different Ends

Dreads With Different Ends

Dreads with different colored ends can create a dope look. Everyone’s favorite rapper T-Pain created this look but with a little twist. His dreads started with a washed-up brunette, then a dark brunette, and lastly blonde at the end. The transition between these three colors is what makes the look exceptional.

This hairstyle will make you look effortlessly cool. Everyone would swoon over this unearthly amazing look. It will shake off all your insecurities regarding your hairstyle and help you wear your hair with extra flair. You will get a fiercely striking aura.

Make your fashion statement bold with this hairdo.

Rappers With Short Dreads

Rappers With Short Dreads

Most people think that dreads are bound to be overdramatic. But the short dreads of the famed rapper J Cole have proved everyone wrong. His whole hair being dark black provided the whole style with subtlety. This hairstyle has the perfect tinge of bad-boy vibe with a casual tone.

Everyone will become a simp over your look. It’s a game changer in making a fashion statement. This hairstyle will accentuate your facial features. With this hairstyle, you will turn into a fashion inspiration among your peers. And you will look like the ethereal king you are!

Be comfortable and fashionable in this dread hairstyle.

Dread In A Messy Bun

Dread In A Messy Bun

To bring sophistication to your long hair, buns are always welcome. And you can use that technique on your dreads as well as your fav rapper 2 Chainz did. By messy buns, we don’t mean that all your dreads have to be messy. You just have to keep a few dread strands outside of your bun. And voila! It will make your messy bun look strikingly flashy.

You will be able to achieve an overall elevated appearance. This hairdo will provide you with enough flexibility to change it up once in a while. Moreover, it’s a great autumn look.

So, be a mixture of fun and intimidating with this hairstyle.

Rappers With Jumbo Dreads

Rappers With Jumbo Dreads

Quavo, the rapper and the co-founder of the hip-hop trio Migos, looks like a stunner in his jumbo dreadlocks. This gives an untamed bold and rugged look. This will make you look intimidating in front of everyone.

These chunky dreadlocks will give you a timeless appearance. You won’t necessarily have to style it into a ponytail or anything. It will make you look like an effortless and snazzy individual. You can jazz up your style by mixing your jumbo dreads with some thin ones as well. However, to have a clean outcome, we suggest you visit an experienced professional.

Get a new look this coming season and embrace “the bigger the better” energy with your dreads.

Dreads In A Fully Fledged Bun

Dreads In A Fully Fledged Bun

A full-fledged bun is a clever and efficient way of keeping your hair out of the face. Young Thug, the contemporary rapper has sported this hairstyle and made his fans lose their minds. Now you can try this look too.

This simple with minimal upkeep can give you a soft look with your dreads. Therefore, it’s a great hairdo for professional settings. And you can easily become the star of any event with this hairstyle.

It’s a superior hairstyle that will create a flawlessly spontaneous look. You will get an attractively eccentric look. Your facial features will become prominent.

Accentuate your swag with this hairstyle!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a badass and edgy dread hairstyle, you are bound to have some basic questions about it. You should always do a little research and be ready before jumping into a new hairstyle.

Hence, we are here to get you prepared. Let’s go through these answers one by one to make you aware of the key information.

Question: How much does it cost to get your hair dreaded? 

Answer: Depending on the length, type, and customization of your hair, usually it can take about six hours to complete your dreads. Typically, a salon will take 600$ for the basic six hours and then the rate will go up after that. For additional hours on your dread, it might take up to 50$ to 60$. However, depending on your salon and your location, the cost might vary.

Question: Do dreadlocks smell?

Answer: Dreadlocks DO NOT smell if you take proper care of them. However, as they are formed into large matted clumps of hair, odors are more prone to get stuck in the dreads than natural hair. Hence, we suggest taking extra care to maintain your dreads.

Question: Can you get dreads wet?

Answer: Of Course! However, every time you get them wet you have to properly clean them and make sure they get dried properly. Or else, your dreads might start to become itchy.

Final Thoughts

Most of the rappers mentioned in this article are known for their originality in fashion sense and their music. They are known for their outstanding dreads. Hence, if you are a fan of them then getting a hairstyle like them is a great way to pay tribute to your favorite artist. We can assure you that the right kind of people will understand your fashion agenda.

Moreover, hairstyles such as rappers with dreads make you look like a free-spirited fashionista with flows of positive energy. They look best unattended. So you won’t have to spend much time styling it. Its uniqueness is enough to intrigue everyone. Furthermore, they promote healthy hair growth with minimal shedding and low maintenance. It helps lock the hair’s natural moisture as well as protect the new hair.

Hence, with its fashionable benefits, you will have its protective benefits as well. So, get dreads and look like a fashion icon.

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