White Boy Dreads

23 Playful White Boy Dreads On The Trend Right Now

Dreadlocks have always been a staple amongst men’s fashion. Usually achieved by pairing strands of hair together to form luscious locs, this voluminous hairdo can be paired with any outfit, and is suitable for every occasion.

Furthermore, while dreadlocks were always in fashion, a specific kind of dreadlocks have taken the internet by storm; Dreadlocks for white boys. Join us on our journey as we make an attempt to cover everything one needs to know for achieving these dreadlocks. While the next segment will solely focus on the ways in which you can wear your dreadlocks, the latter portions will contain materials as informative as a tutorial, as well as queries that we will tackle to establish a better understanding.

23 White Boy Dreadlocks With Immeasurable Benefits

When people think of dreadlocks, they usually can’t think past outgrown chunks of hair strands that are messy and perfectly uneven, but they should reconsider their thought process. While dreadlocks were worn in a rather laid back manner when it garnered an immaculate amount of attention in the late 80s, people experimented with the look and found loads of different ways of showcasing their dreads as time passed by.

Furthemore, if you’re a white boy with dreads, listed below are all the designs we’d like you to look into if you too would like to give your dreads a new start!

Ethan Ampadu’s Dreadlocks

Ethan Ampadus Dreadlocks

When the Welsh defender isn’t showcasing his talents and bleeding blue for Chelsea F.C, Ethan Ampadu allocates an ample amount of time for taking care of his hair. While his impact in football has yet to be made, his dreadlocks are definitely one of the better hairdos an athlete has showcased in the past few decades. While the color of his dreads garner quite the attention, what really takes the cake is how messy yet perfect the overall look seems to be!

Carefree Dreads

Carefree Dreads

In contrast to the previous entry, this option offers a look that can be easier to achieve. While the dreadlocks look the same in terms of color, the pattern of it is a bit more carefree and aligned on one side as opposed to a free flow. This look is excellent for casual gatherings, as it can be paired up with the most relaxed pair of trousers and a basic t-shirt to live up to its maximum potential.

Dreadlock Top Knot with High Fade

Dreadlocks Top Knot With High Fade

Whether you’re going on a quick run or suiting up for a casual event, you can’t simply go wrong when choosing to wear a dread bun. Not only does it cater to every kind of occasion, but it also reeks of elegance and class. The dreads not only look perfectly in place, but are rather eye-grabbing when paired up with vibrant colors. Apart from the visuals, the thickness dreads tend to have when wrapped up in a bun is immaculate and is truly second to none.

Subtle Middle Part Dreads for Short Hair

Subtle Middle Part Dreads For Short Hair

Finding the right hairstyle for your dreads might be difficult when you’re growing the length out.

While wrapping it up in a bun or getting a fade haircut every now and then will perfectly keep the length in check, you may also experiment with this haircut.

The shape is no different than that of a curtain shape hairstyle, also known as the eBoy hairstyle.

The dreads in the middle tend to be a bit shorter than the dreads on each side to shape the wearer’s face in a favorable manner.

Dreadlocks with Frosted Tips

Dreadlocks With Frosted Tips

If you think the trend of frosted tips will end, think again! Not only do they pair well with the appearance of dreadlocks, but they also present each loc with tons of volume. The color also gives the locs a healthier appearance, which can be a good solution for those that suffer from frizzy ends.

The Messy Dread Knot

The Messy Dread Knot

Messy hairdos naturally have a lot of texture and density, but when dreadlocks are added into the mix, the overall look definitely attains a bit more sass. Suitable for lazy days as well as high end fashion events, the messy dread knot is a look one will definitely not regret experimenting with. It can shape up one’s face, and even make the wearer a receiver of memorable compliments.

Half Up Loose Dreads

Half Up Loose Dreads

The half up has always been a reasonable option for those that prioritize options that contain a lot of density. However, if one switches to this look, they will probably get more than they asked for. The half up loose dreads are not only for volume, but also for making the wearer stand out. It has a unique texture that can be changed using equipment as reliable as crochet hooks, and can even be worn with bold outfits without any concern.

Loose Dreadlock Bun for Mature Hairline

Loose Dreadlock Bun For Mature Hairline

If your scalp is a bit more visible with each day and you’re seeking a look that will restore the density of your hair, you may take this dreadlock bun into consideration. While the process will be time consuming, the final results will leave you feeling younger! Not only will this dreadlock man bun change the shape of your hair, but the volume present near the hairline will enhance the density in the front.

The One Sided Duo Tone Dreads

The One Sided Duo Tone Dreads

If we were to compare this look to another hairstyle amongst the hairdressing industry, it would be the Skrillex haircut. While the procedure is drastically different, the layout is eerily similar. The dreadlocks are usually parted on one side, in hopes of obtaining an enormous amount of thickness. Apart from that, the hairdo also has a different, more vibrant color around the sides which gives the overall look the wow factor that most people look for.

Side Part Dreads

Side Part Dreads

If you want to give your dreadlocks a major upgrade with a minor procedure, change the color up a bit. Make a portion of the dreadlocks stand out by giving it a new, high-spirited color scheme. For inspiration, you may look into the photo used for this entry. However, if you want to pick another color, you can definitely look into other colors with energetic visuals to make the decision making process easier.

Curtain Style Dreads for Long Hair

Curtain Style Dreads For Long Hair

Even though growing out one’s hair is a challenging move that requires an experimenter to have a lot of patience, the final results can be rather rewarding as it brings to the table a whole new set of styles to try out. While dreadlocks are definitely amongst one of them, perhaps this specific is the variant that stands out more than the rest. Attaining an admirable amount of length and adequate amount of texture, this hairdo can easily blend in with every attire and rise above in every occasion, making it one of the brightest contenders on this list.

Relaxed Hazel Dreads

Relaxed Hazel Dreads

Sometimes, dreadlocks look better when they’re left alone. For creating this variation, one needs to grow freeform locs, which can only be achieved by making zero to little adjustments to the growth process. Once achieved, the wearer will have a look that will surely make them the center of attention. While it is highly favorable to those with a laid back approach to life, one can also create this to showcase their hair journey.

Light Green Dreadlocks with Classic Fade

Light Green Dreadlocks With Classic Fade

The fade haircut and dreadlocks go hand in hand. Not only is the pattern of the dreadlock at its best when paired up with a classic fade, but one’s hair seems fuller solely due to the color of the locs and the length of the fade. Furthermore, because of the energetic color scheme, you may pair the look with some of the boldest attires without having to worry about the outcome. This haircut was meant for experimenting. Make the most of it.

Short Length Dreads with Two Tone Middle Part

Short Length Dreads With Two Tone Middle Part

Believe it or not, but a middle part looks great when the length of the dreadlocks is short and contains a mix of neutral and vibrant colors. The visuals contain an exceptional amount of shine, and the hairdo is more manageable as opposed to most options on this list, mainly since hair gel is used to keep the strands in place.

Textured Man Bun For Dreadlocks

Textured Man Bun For Dreadlocks

If you’re seeking a tidy hairdo for your dreadlocks but also want the look to have a vicious amount of grace, this is the look for you! While it is rather complex to create, a textured man bun will not only garner attention, but will also make one’s presence more impactful at a party. Containing a pattern that can’t be copied, and a sheer amount of volume, this look is great for those that are all about the life of the party.

Updo Dreads with High and Tight Fade

Updo Dreads With High And Tight Fade

Sometimes, dreadlocks only need a minor change to create an even bigger impact. Just look at this entry for evidence. Not only do the strands look thick and healthy, but the contrast is also admirably high. The tight skin fade is the perfect partner to this look as it allows the dreads to look highly defined and organized.

Multi Color Dreads with Framing Locs

Multi Color Dreads With Framing Locs

Experiment with color while you still can! Install them to your existing dreadlocks to spice up your life a little. When creating this look, apart from prioritizing the visuals, one should also focus on the framing layers above the forehead. If they place them on the sides, perhaps their jawline and cheekbones will be more prominent. However, if the frame it towards the center, perhaps the color of their eyes, and the T-area will be more noticeable.

Centipede Box Braid Dreads

Centipede Box Braid Dreads

Light color schemes fit like gloves with hairdos that are as complex as box braid dreads. Not only does the combination drastically change up one’s physical appearance, but it also allows the strands to be more resilient and enable them to stay in place.

Furthermore, to create the pattern, you can either get the assistance of a specialist, or achieve it at home through the support of a friend. However, if you haven’t dyed your hair nor experimented with dreadlocks before, perhaps the former option mentioned in the previous statement will be the way to go!

Two Tone Box Braid Dreads

Two Tone Box Braid Dreads

If you prefer hairdos that will enable you to accessorize the strands, you may proceed and take this look into account. The root of the hair contains a darker color, not only to make the end of the locs stand out, but to enhance the fullness of the overall look. The braids are made by using a pencil, but can also be created by following the two twist method.

Thick Dread Side Part with Frosted Tips

Thick Dread Side Part With Frosted Tips

Those who know how useful a side-part hairdo is should definitely not be too amazed about this entry. In short, a side-part hairstyle allows one’s hair to look healthy as well as thick, which are two of the main features every good hairstyle should contain. In addition, a dreadlock with a side-part will not only contain an ample amount of texture, but the layout itself will allow a person to shine above the rest as well as enable them to experiment with their wardrobe.

Layered Dread Bun with High Skin Fade

Layered Dread Bun With High Skin Fade

If you’re a big fan of the viking haircut, you may want to feast your eyes for this design! While the best part of this look is definitely the criss-cross pattern used on the top knot, the skin fade is also a good sidekick. Not only is it allowing the pattern at the top to be more visible, but the skin fade is also creating a disconnection between the facial features and the hairdo, which can be beneficial to the fullest if you have a scruffy beard.

Moreover, if you’re a fanatic of the viking hairstyle, you may want to look into this article! Not only does it have everything one needs to know about the hairstyle itself, but it also contains variations that cater to all hair types.

The Dread Bun

The Dread Bun

As the name suggests, this look contains dreadlocks that are paired up together and tied into a bun made of dreadlocks! While it may seem unsafe or too stressful for the hair, it’s actually a rather healthy option for both the wearer and their hair cuticles. It is not only a good variation to rock when you’re at a wedding, but can also be worn when you’re partaking in Netflix and Chill.

Begin Your Dreadlock Journey Today By Following These Simple Steps!

Dreadlock Steps

If you’re tired of having to wear the same old hairstyle that you’ve for quite some time, maybe this is your cue to explore your idea of wearing dreadlocks and turn it into reality.

Even though the methods remain plenty, given below are steps we’ve created which are not only understandable, but just as easy to carry out whether you’re new to dreadlocks, or have been a fanatic for quite some time now.

While it will immensely benefit those that are beginners, veterans too can skim through this portion as it will enhance their existing knowledge!

Wash Your Hair

Before you even get into the braiding process, it is important to make sure your hair is clean and healthy. You can ensure this by washing your hair with clarifying shampoo. You may also use a nourishing conditioner for making the next steps more easy to control, but may also skip it if you’re working around a tight schedule. However, regardless of whether you use a conditioner or not, make sure to let your hair dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Section Your Hair

While carrying out this process, make sure to follow a method that will allow you to achieve your desired look. For instance, if you’d like to achieve thick pieces of dreadlock, combine an ample amount of hair strands together to form one. On the contrary, if you want subtle dreadlocks, use 2 hair strands at most to achieve loose dreadlocks.

Backcomb the hair up

This step might be a bit complicated to understand and might even be a bit challenging to carry out, but it is extremely important to meet this requirement. Backcombing allows the hair to feel lighter and easier, which can make the process of creating dreadlocks more manageable. Since backcombing splits each strand into multiple sections, it will be easier to merge two strands together to form a dreadlock.

Achieve your desired dreadlocks

In contrast to the previous step, this step is much more laid back. When creating your desired dreadlocks, you can either use the crochet method, the two twist method, or the braiding method.

The crochet method involves creating the locks through the implementation of a crochet hook. The crochet hook needs to be placed in between the strands and pull them in order to create dreadlocks. Furthermore, when carrying this method out, make sure your hair is dry as the crochet method isn’t as effective on damp hair.

On the other hand, a two twist method involves the use of two hair strands to form one loc. Not only are the steps rather simple, but the results are extremely effective. When using the two twist method, after sectioning their hair, you need to spin two strands and move them to the same direction. You should then twist them and merge them with one another to achieve the best results. When twisting the strands, make sure to twist them towards the opposite direction.

In addition to the two methods mentioned above, a braiding method can also help even the clumsiest beginner to create effortless dreads. A technique that involves twisting the strands with finger tips, the braiding method is even easier to achieve if you have a helping hand who has knowledge on the act of braiding. The method can only be done once the hair is dry, but one may also apply a small amount of hair gel to make the strands more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of wearing dreadlocks might be intriguing, but the questions you might have before wearing dreadlocks remain endless. To take some weight off your shoulders, however, we took into account some of the most common questions on the web and have solved them effectively and precisely. We hope the queries and responses mentioned below encourage you to give dreadlocks a go!

Question: Do dreadlocks look good on white guys? 

Answer: While the look itself is rather complicated to create, dreadlocks will look great on anyone and everyone as long as they have the confidence! The thick strands will not only make their hair more resilient, but will also bring out the best in their existing facial features.

Question: Do dreadlocks smell? 

Answer: Since a considerable amount of hair product is used to create dreadlocks, they might have a distinct smell that could either be good or bad at times. Moreover, since one can’t wash their hair after wearing dreads, they might smell unpleasant in most scenarios.

Question: How long does my hair have to be for dreads?

Answer: If you don’t have naturally afro hair, your hair might have to be at least 6 inches long before you can try out dreadlocks. However, if you do start the hair care routine for maintaining dreadlocks early, you can even try recreating them when your strands are 3 inches long.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, while dreadlocks can be a fashion statement and can surely make one stand out, they should only be worn if you’re not in a professional setting. The visuals of this look is extremely laid back and messy, which will hamper your impact at work and in life if you want to be taken more seriously.

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