Lustrous Tyler Herro Haircut

6 Lustrous Tyler Herro Haircut Ideas To Wear This Year

Miami Shooting Guard Tyler Herro, also known as “The Baby G.O.A.T” was definitely the breakout star of 2020, during his rookie season. In a draft class full of prominent explosive college prodigies like Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and RJ Barret, Tyler Herro really managed to display his exceptional skills with a basketball and rise above in the NBA Playoffs during the pandemic.

Tyler Herro even set multiple feats during his rookie season. He became the first player born in the 2000s to appear in a Conference Finals game, became the fourth NBA player in playoffs history to score 30+ points at 20 years old, and later became the first player born in the 2000s to play an NBA Finals Game.

Another historic feat came during last season, when Herro was named the NBA 2022 Sixth Man of The Year because of his crucial role off the bench. Although his contribution was rather minimal during the NBA Playoffs due to his run ins with injuries, Herro averagged a whopping 20 points per game, racked up 5 boards, and provided 4 assists in the regular season.

While his hooping abilities surely catches the eye of many NBA legends on a regular basis and definitely allows his fanbase to extend in numbers with each passing day, two more reason behind Tyler Herro’s success comes from his knack for fashion, and his his haircut; commonly dubbed as “The Tyler Herro Haircut”

Moving on, if you’ve been unsuccessful at trying to find the latest scoop on Tyler Herro’s haircut and all the hairdos he’s worn since becoming a blockbuster superstar for Miami Heat, you’ve come to right place.

In this writeup, in addition to uncovering the most intricate details about his signature crop fade, we will also thoroughly uncover all the other Tyler Herro haircut variations that one can easily incorporate into their arsenal.

6 Slick Tyler Herro Haircut Designs To Enhance Your Hair Game!

Over the course of his NBA career, Tyler Herro has obviously wooed fans with his shooting abilities and pre-game fits, but he also gained recognition for experimenting with his hair the right way. Prior to joining the association, Herro only had one haircut that he often used to resort to. However, things changed shortly after the Miluwakee born athlete discovered the talents that the hairdressers of South Beach possessed.

As of July, 2022, Tyler Herro has pulled off 5 visually pleasing haircuts. From wearing polished braids to incorporating a summer-friendly look, here are all the hairstyles of Tyler Herro that deserve appreciation!

Short Quiff with Blends

Short Quiff With Blends

Tyler Herro added multiple accolades under his belt in highschool throughout college as a basketball player. Although his skills were growing drastically and the 6’2 shooting guard was yet to grow in size, the former Wildcat hardly stepped out of his comfort zone when getting a haircut, which often comprised a short quiff with subtle blends.

This look is a safe option for those that have coarse hair and an oval shaped face. The high taper can work in favor if one’s main aim is to give their face a flattening effect. The jawline and cheekbones definitely stand out when this haircut is incorporated.

In addition to benefiting those with coarse hair, this option comes with a very lenient routine for maintenance, partially due to its length and uneven appearance.

Mohawk with Taper Fade

Mohawk With Taper Fade

A mohawk with taper also catered to Tyler’s preferences in recent years, and we’re completely with him on this one!

Firstly, this look contains an exceptional amount of versatility. One can change it up as much as they please, and the only tool they’ll need is a comb!

Furthermore, it also doesn’t consist of a styling routine that is complex. One can mirror the visuals as well as unlock all the features effortlessly as long as they have access to hair wax and hair mousse.

Apart from how convenient it is to recreate, a mohawk when fused with a taper fade looks extremely presentable and is suitable for every occasion. The density of it also has the ability to narrow down the shape of one’s facial structure.

Textured Quiff with Line-Up

Textured Quiff With Line Up

A line-up often tends to increase the coarseness of one’s hair and can make one’s hair easier to maintain at the same time, which could be two of the many reasons why it was a perfect match for “Boy Wonder.”

Containing the visuals of a textured quiff on top with a skin fade, this hairstyle is ideal for anyone whose hair color is vibrant. Soft colors like hazel, copper, and platinum blonde really stand out when combined with the texture of this option.

Additionally, due to the sides, the somewhat lengthy strands on tend to stay in place. All one has to do is use a dime sized amount of hair putty and seal the final look with some hairspray.

Bald Fade Crop Haircut

Bald Fade Crop Haircut

Regardless of how many times Herro changed his haircut, he often picked designs that were flexible to adjustments, like this bald fade crop haircut.

Usually known for its texture and low maintenance styling routine, this option can definitely upgrade the appearance of one’s hair, especially if it’s on the finer end. The look naturally contains volume because of the razor technique that is often implemented to recreate this hair.

Moreover, in contrast to the previous entry, this look caters to the themes of multiple scenarios, Whether you’re attending a red carpet event or kicking it back with your friends, a bald fade crop haircut is an option you can always resort to.

Braids with High Skin Fade

Braids With High Skin Fade

Tyler Herro also wore braids at one point with the help of renowned hairdressers based in Miami. The results were just as extraordinary, as it perfectly went with his aura, the vibes of South Beach, and the silhouettes of his outfits.

Additionally, appearance wise, while it looks complex from afar and usually comes with a time consuming procedure, this option’s visuals can be mimicked without a problem. All you have to do is place your trust in the hands of a reliable hair stylist with knowledge in braiding.

Furthermore, to highlight the pattern of the braids, make sure to pair the look with a skin fade or a bald fade on the sides.

Relaxed Fauxhawk with High Blends

Relaxed Fauxhawk With High Blends

Due to the natural density of Tyler Herro’s hair, the star perhaps looks best and at home when he wears a look that is product free and full of texture. This relaxed faux hawk is the perfect way for us to back up the previous claim.

Featuring a naturally brushed faux hawk, this look is mainly suitable for those with partially wavy yet straight cut hair. The medium length of the look gives the hair tons of stability, but also gives it enough flexibility for creating sophisticated hairdos.

In conclusion, this option was written in the stars solely for you if you have great hair, but an awfully packed schedule. Although the texture and volume itself can be enhanced in the best manner through the assistance of a comb, one can easily create this perfectly messy look using their fingertips.

Gentleman’s Combover

Gentlemans Combover

To make your mark in the NBA, you have to look good on the court with your ball handling abilities, but also have to experiment with your wardrobe as well as hair on the regular; a mantra that Tyler Herro completely understands. He maintains his influence in the fashion scene by not just replacing his casual getups with semi-formal attires, but also by readjusting his hair accordingly.

Suitable for those in the corporate industry as well as for those that are seeking a mature hairdo, this combover is open to anyone and everyone.

To create the glossy appearance, one should definitely take assistance from a water-based hair wax. Additionally, they can also use a hairdryer to increase the volume of their current hair type, and comb it against the grain for optimal results!

Final Verdict

We hope this article is sufficient enough to encourage you with giving a go at creating one of Tyler Herro’s six haircuts. We also hope the description for each option comes in handy when you’re at the salon.

For best results, make sure to carry a photo, especially if you’re an introvert! On top of that, if you happen to be a visual learner, you’re more than welcome to watch this video. It contains a thorough walkthrough about Tyler Herro’s signature crop bald fade haircut and consists of the essential tips that one should know about before giving a go at it!

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