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10 Glorious Vampire Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you a fan of Twilight and have always been obsessed with how preternaturally beautiful the vampires look with their perfectly styled vampire hairstyles? Seems like you are in luck because this article is about to feed your obsession.

In this article, we will see how amazing or gruesome vampire hairstyles can be, how you can style them on your own, and all the amazing celebrities who wore the vampire hairstyles on screen.

This article will be your guide to the world of vampire hairstyles and help you find inspiration for your costume, Halloween, or in general any event that you want.

10 Scary Vampire Hairstyles To Make You Look Supernatural

Vampires are supernatural creatures who are known to drink human blood. They are usually too beautiful and are immortal creatures. Vampires are said to have no reflection, and they cannot see themselves in the mirror.

The first vampire was created by the author John Polidori in “The Vampyre”. He was my personal physician in Byron back then.

Vampires are charming, seductive, and extremely stylish probably because they have been living for too long. If you are looking for vampire hairstyles, then don’t wait anymore because below, you will find the most amazing vampire hairstyles:

Beastly Braids

Beastly Braids

The beastly braids vampire hairstyle is super ghoulish and is perfect for your Halloween look. The braids and the messy hair bring so much texture to this vampire hairstyle. The volume created on the top is a clever styling technique to make your face look edgier and more elongated.

This vampire hairstyle is a great choice if you want to come off as a Viking vampire or a vampire from the past who was only thirsty for blood by conquering. A vampire who had to earn her drop of blood and always believed in a fresh kill.

This hairstyle gives off a rowdy vampire look that makes you look scary, dangerous, and beastlike all at once and successfully serves the purpose of making you feel more confident. People will love this look and start up a conversation about your look. You will also be highly photographed, so be ready to experience that as well.

The braided vampire hairstyle may not seem like your conventional vampire hairstyle right off the bat but once you get on with it and dress up with a good outfit, wear prosthetic fangs and add a little blood, you’ll be good to go.

Wicked Widow

Wicked Widow

The wicked willow is the most iconic vampire hairstyle. It is said that vampires can transform into bats, that’s why they have the widow’s peak.

The widow’s peak is basically the extension of the hairline in the middle that comes as far as your forehead creating a McDonald’s hairline. This vampire hairstyle is actually very sultry and makes your face look super tones, and your jawline seems extra sharp.

This vampire hairstyle is the hairstyle that you would want to wear to a proper party where you must look exactly like a real vampire. This vampire hairstyle can win you the first prize in a vampire lookalike competition.

If you want to wear this vampire hairstyle to your costume party then wait no more. This hairstyle is super simple to recreate. All you have to do is just straighten your hair and brush out the tangles. That is literally everything you need for the hairstyle. You have to draw the widow’s peak and put on some dark vampiress make-up, and you’re done.

Deathly Dreads

Deathly Dreads

Vampires with dreadlocks are not a usual sight, but that does not mean that there aren’t any. The dreadlock vampire hairstyle is super cool and gives off a vampire vibe who would just grab his prey by the throat, suck its blood, and throw it away to let it die.

If you plan on dressing like the most popular vampire in town, then the deathly dreads are your best bet. It oozes confidence but also a lot of charm.

This vampire hairstyle is not only great for your costume parties and Halloween trick or treating but also a great hairstyle that you can wear outside as well. This vampire hairstyle is a great one for Coachella and something that you can wear for the long term.

For a vampire look, you have to wear all black along with pale white makeup and blood dripping from the corner of your mouth. And for a more sophisticated and chic look, I would suggest you wear a gray three-piece suit that will allow you to show off your vampire hairstyle and of course a pair of Chanel velvet calf leather sneakers.

Blood Black

Blood Black

The blood black vampire hairstyle is a very fashionable hairstyle that is a free pass for you to enter any Halloween party.

This hairstyle is very stylish as it is but the addition of the blood-red makes it pop. This vampire hairstyle elevates your entire look. As a vampire always wears all black, the addition of the red just elevates the whole look and looks absolutely magnificent.

Vampire hairstyles such as the blood black is a modernized version of the vampire hairstyles and anyone from the emo and goth community will love this hairstyle when you present yourself in it.

If you want to strike up a conversation with an emo kid, styling yourself in this vampire hairstyle and putting on some black garments will help you achieve that goal.

Monstrous Mistress

Monstrous Mistress

The monstrous mistress vampire hairstyle is for people who want to look like a stern principal vampire who will whoop you up if you commit anything out of the books. This vampire hairstyle is a pulled-up bun with a little bit of volume and silver shades.

This is a sassy vampire hairstyle that looks too enchanting with the dark red lipstick against the pale skin. Usually, the vampire hairstyle consists of jet black hair, but this is a good twist to the look that we are used to seeing on the regular.

You can bring a lot of variations to your look with this vampire hairstyle. For example, you could pull off the lecturer look with this, you could go for the office executive look or even the empress of the dusky old town look. Depending on what you prefer, you can pull off either of these looks with this hairstyle alone.

If you want to go for this look, then by all means go for it before someone else decides to pick this one before you do. You better decide soon.

Cursed Crown

Cursed Crown

The cursed crown vampire hairstyle is for the elegant and graceful vampire queen look. This look is so beautiful it makes you want to keep it for as long as possible. This vampire hairstyle looks too good with the crown which brings together the whole vibe of the look.

You could not only wear this vampire hairstyle as a costume, but it is also a great look for a wedding. If you just change the red crown to a stone-studded crown and put on your beautiful white gown with the veil, you will look like the most beautiful bride anyone has ever laid their eyes upon.

You can also mix up this vampire hairstyle with some curls and put on high heels and an evening dress, you’ll be ready for a night out in the club.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can wear it with anything and anywhere, and no one will say anything because this vampire hairstyle is perfectly capable of blending, but also being loud.

It all depends on how you style your cursed crown look and portray it to the world. Everyone has a version of their own looks because of the way they interpret their styles, and that is exactly how they come out as.

Celebrities In Vampire Hairstyles

There are way too many vampire movies for us to not spot celebrities or famous people sporting vampire hairstyles. These hairstyles are too good to be left alone. Vampire hairstyles are quite iconic, and celebrities have been helping this style reach the top by wearing them every now and then.

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui, a famous American singer-songwriter-poet-feminist-lover-feeler-magician, is one of the few people who has what it needs to be a vampire and pull off a mean vampire hairstyle.

Jauregui also happens to have a vampire name which was given to her by a former bandmate Camilla Cabello. Camilla in an interview said Lauren’s vampire name would be “Lamp”, which is an amalgamation of the word vampire and Lauren’s name. The two were quite close back when Fifth Harmony was still a group of five.

The fifth harmony also has a song for the vampire animation movie called “Hotel Transylvania”. The song “I’m in love with a monster” was well received and was shown in the movie when the human falls in love with Dracula’s daughter Mavis.

Lauren appeared in the premiere of “Hotel Transylvania“ wearing this lovely vampire hairstyle, and all her fans went batshit crazy.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Vampire Look

Megan Fox starred in the movie called Jennifer’s body as a vampire and her hairstyle in that movie is phenomenal. She looks amazing and has been spotted sporting this vampire hairstyle outside as well.

This movie was adored amongst the emo, and goth kids and everyone loved Megan’s performance and how realistic she looked.

Her acting was an absolute joy to watch in this movie, and her character was amazing. People love Megan’s vampire hairstyle and recreate this look every Halloween because it is that iconic.

Kirsten Stewart

Kristen Stewart

How can anyone even forget about Kirsten Stewart’s vampire look from the best vampire movie of the era, Twilight?

Everyone was obsessed with Edward Cullen and Bella. Kristen played the character of Bella Swan in the movie, who was initially a mortal but later had to be turned into a vampire as she got pregnant with Edward’s child.

She was too weak to carry the baby, and the baby was a vampire’s child hence, Bella had to be changed to safely give birth to their child and come out alive.

Kristen Stewart looked absolutely breathtaking in this movie, and her vampire hairstyle became a generational gift because every Halloween you will find someone dressed up as Bella Swan the Vampire.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Vampire Hairstyle

Nina Dobrev appeared in the vampire diaries as a vampire from the earlier era, and her role in this series was highly appreciated.

Everyone loved her vampire hairstyle which brought back the past of western culture. Nina Dobrev in her vampire hairstyle was a vision to look at, and people loved her as Katherine Pierce.

If you think that you want to look like a period drama vampire princess then you bet your life that the Katherine Pierce look will pull you through.


This article has everything you need to know about vampire hairstyles and more. It shows you ways to style your hair and put together a fire outfit.

Vampire hairstyles may sound a bit confusing at first, but honestly, they do turn out to be the most charming ones. Just trust the process, and you will be surprised.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our readers that I personally took upon myself to answer, so dig in and find out what’s in store for you.

Q1. Are vampire hairstyles real?

Ans. Vampire hairstyles are a hundred percent real. There is no reason for the hairstyles to be fake. These are some great hairstyles that people actually came up with to look like their own version of the vampires. If you think these hairstyles are not real, then you have to think again. How else did we even get these hairstyles then?

Q2. Can a vampire hairstyle be worn to a ball dance?

Ans. Yes, you can style your hair in a vampire hairstyle, go to the ball dance with your partner and enjoy the night. Wearing the vampire hairstyle may help you look elegant and magnificent amongst the crowd, and you will attract everyone’s attraction as well. That’s what vampire hairstyles are for.

Q3. Are vampire hairstyles safe for school?

Ans. Vampire hairstyles are totally safe for school. Some vampire hairstyles may not be because they are too extravagant, but the rest are good to go. The vampire hairstyles are more sophisticated than ridiculous so it’s on you if you would still want to wear them to school. If you think you can pull it off with ease, then you can definitely go for it.


Vampire hairstyles are magnificent, classy, and extremely elegant. There is a weird charm to these hairstyles. No wonder they seduce people to trap them and suck out all their blood. From Van Helsing to Edward Cullen we have seen how mind-blowing they are and how powerful these vampires can be.

Vampire hairstyles have a distinct look to them.

These hairstyles are top-notch, and they are very attractive to look at. The vampires probably use their luscious vampire hairstyles as a trope to attract their prey.

Well, we figured out how amazing the vampire hairstyles are, and we need these in our lives. So, it’s better for you to save the hairstyle you like, for later because who knows how soon your next event might happen.

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