Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Women

25 Fanciest Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women To Try Right Now

When thinking of protective hairstyles, the first thing that comes to mind is elegant and long box braids or cornrows that are done beautifully. But one of the most versatile protective styles out there is the dreadlock. This is a hairstyle that doesn’t require long braiding sessions-just some twisting with proper rules will result in beautiful dreadlocks.

Dreadlock is a popular protective hairstyle among black women, but white women can also carry this hairstyle quite well. This is why the fame of dreadlocks has spread around continents and many women are trying out this hairstyle.

To make the perfect dreadlock, you need to have the right products at hand. You can do this style on your natural hair quite easily, or you can also opt for hair extensions to achieve the look you desire.

Here we have rounded up the fanciest dreadlock styles for women which will be perfect for protecting the hair and getting that glam look. But before looking at the list, let’s know how you can do dreadlock in different ways.

How to Get Dreadlocks At Home?

There are several ways to get perfect dreadlocks, so you need to determine which option will be suitable for your hair. Here we are going to talk about three of the most popular ways to do dreadlocks on your hair. Let’s check them out.

The Beginners’ Twist

This is probably the simplest way to do dreadlocks on your natural hair. If you have short hair, this style is a lifesaver. The process is so easy and you need only a few things.

Start with clean and damp hair. Part your hair and separate the section you are working with from the rest of your hair. Now take a tapered comb and apply gel to your roots to make the styling process easier.

Divide the sectioned-off hair into mini sections in shapes such as squares, triangles, or any other that you like. Grab one mini section of your hair with the comb and twist it to the right. Now continue twisting down the length. You can hold the hair if you feel pain during the process.

Continue this entire process throughout the rest of your hair, and you will be left with beautifully done dreadlocks on natural hair. This simple option is great for beginners and is quite easy to replicate at home.

Durban Dreadlocks

Durban dreadlocks require a little bit more patience and practice, and you need to use hair extensions for the perfect look.

Start off by making your natural hair damp or moisturized. Now part your hair as you desire and create mini sections. Take one section of hair and apply gel properly. Get your dreadlock hair extension and take one piece of hair. You can cut it short if it’s too long.

Now with the mini section that you were working on previously, start the main process. Divide the mini section into two parts and place your extension right in the middle, with some of its upper part remaining outside. Make a normal braid with your natural hair while the extension stays in place right in the middle.

Unravel the upper part of the dreadlock which was remaining outside, we can call it the shorter part of the dreadlock. After unraveling, grab your braided hair and longer part of the dreadlock together, and start wrapping the unraveled shorter part around it.

Now take the piece of dreadlock extension that was cut beforehand, and unravel it properly. When done, take this unraveled piece of hair and start wrapping it around your previous piece of hair you were working on, which means the piece with the braids and the shorter and longer part of the extension. This is done to wrap everything neatly.

Wrap it down the length, give the end a good roll, and your Durban Dreadlock is done! Continue the process for the rest of your hair and the outcome will be fabulous.

The Crochet Method

This process is a bit difficult compared to the other ones, so it will take a little bit of practice to perfect this one. Start by following the beginners’ twist, but instead of twisting your piece of hair all the way down to the length, leave some of the hair untwisted.

Make sure that your hair is dry. Now take one piece of your hair and crochet hook, and start crocheting your hair. Do this by going around your hair to cover all sides. For straight hair, backcombing is needed to be done first. But for afro, it’s not necessary.

Make sure to round the end of each piece of hair. Once you have completed the crocheting process throughout your entire hair, you will have beautiful dreadlocks.

How to Interlock Dreadlocks?

Interlock Dreads

One of the most important parts of dreadlocks is interlocking. You need to use latch hook crochet needles or interlocking tools for this purpose.

The process is easy. Once your dreadlocks are done, grab your latch hook. Place it right through your root hair, grab the end of your dreadlock and place it on the end of your needle. Now lock your needle and pull your dreadlock through.

Follow a cross-up-cross pattern for interlocking. Make sure to go both sides for perfect outcomes, and don’t make things too tight.

25 Most Elegant Dreadlock Styles for Ladies

As we have talked about the basics of dreadlocks, now it’s time to take a look at our list of best dreadlock styles for all the women out there. From the classic styles to the colorful ones, we have gathered all the best ones for you in one place.

Short Dreads

Short Dreads

If you love to keep your hair short in a protective hairstyle, then the short dread style will be your best pick. You can do it on your natural hair or give it a bob style by using extensions. Choosing colorful or ombré hair extensions can be a great choice to upgrade the look.

This picture is a beautiful example of a neatly done short dread style. The partings are done quite precisely and it’s a side-part hairstyle that gives it the perfect bob vibe. The black-brown combination is classy for women who like to keep it cool.

Each of the dreadlocks contains two pieces of locs that are twisted together for a cooler style. The ends of the locs are secured with hair ties in a manner that they have added a volumizing effect to the entire hairstyle.

Medium Sisterlocks

Medium Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are different from dreadlocks in many ways. First of all, sisterlocks are quite intricate so they are not as big as traditional dreadlocks. Moreover, they are required to be done using a special tool, so your regular method is not suitable for these locs.

It is also important to mention that although using products like gels is important for dreadlocks, sisterlocks can be done without them. This style is for those who love intricate styles of hair. But remember, as the style is intricate, it will take a lot more time to be finished properly.

So if you are willing to go for sisterlocks, this medium-length hairstyle can be your pick. As you can see, the width of these locs are way too less than regular dreadlocks. This is what makes it an intricate way of styling your hair.

Middle Part Microlocs

Middle Part Micro Locs

Microlocs are larger in size than sisterlocks. These locs are comparatively less expensive to be but they require a lot of time to be done. Microlocs are popular among many ladies out there, so this style can be your next pick for dreads.

As it is visible in this picture, microlocs are definitely smaller than your traditional locs. They create a beautiful hairstyle and this is why the popularity of microlocs is always there. So if you are willing to for these locs, you can try out this simple hairstyle.

The hair is parted in the middle and beautiful microlocs are laying beautifully on both sides. The hair has a nice black color and shine to it, and the volume is also mentionable.

Long Dreadlocks

Long Dreaglocks

Protective hairstyles always look great when the length is satisfactory. Yes, we are talking about long dreads which reach far beyond your waistline. Now we understand that this kind of style can be a little bit difficult to maintain, but if you are up for it, why not give it a try!

Dreadlocks that reach the waist are long enough, but those beyond that line are simply fabulous. For such styles, your hair extension needs to be chosen properly and you need to create the dreadlocks while watching out the length.

In this picture, the length of the dreads is simply beyond any explanation. They almost touch the floor! Also, colorful accessories have been added to the dreads to complement the dark color of the hair. Give this style a try next time if you are all up for the commitment.

Middle Part Locs

Middle Part Locs

It’s no longer a secret that protective hairstyles such as box braids and quick weaves look amazing when the hair is parted in the middle. The same goes for the dreadlocks. If you want a precise and tidy look, middle part locs can become your go-to option.

This fabulous hairstyle has been done by doing a middle part, so the dreads are placed neatly on both sides. The hair has a good length for starters, and the dreads have been created beautifully. If you are willing to give yourself a new style, try out this neat hairstyle the next time you visit the salon.

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

As we have mentioned before, dreadlocks are popular among women of color as well as white women. So it’s not necessary that you need to have afro hair for dreadlocks, they can be done on straight hair as well.

The system is if you have naturally straight hair, it is needed to be backcombed before creating the dreadlocks. The result will be just beautiful. Black, blonde, or colorful-dreadlocks are great for all of them!

For instance, these blonde dreadlocks are total goals. The shades have seen a transition throughout the hair which adds to the beauty of the locs. So if you have blonde hair and are wondering whether dreadlocks will suit you, this beautiful hairstyle is your answer!

Black, Brown, Blonde, and Ginger

Black, Brown, Blonde and Ginger DreakLock

Trying out different colors on your hair is a great way to express your inner coolness. This is why we always think that bold colors are great to show your vibrancy. But if you want to keep things simple yet chic, then combining shades like brown, blonde, and ginger with your naturally black hair can be a great decision.

This short hairstyle is an example of how you can rock different colors in the same hairstyle. The dreads have a combination of all these beautiful colors and they have been assembled together at the front with great technique.

While half of the hair is placed at the front, the other half is kept neatly at the back. This hairstyle can be a great option for those who want to keep their hairstyle compact but trendy.

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads

When your dreads are long and beautiful, the styling options are endless. It doesn’t hurt to go for a classic braided style every now and then. Especially when your hair has been turned into dreadlocks, the braid will be thick in nature which will make it quite attractive.

These ombré dreads are already beautiful when the hair is left just like that. But when a braid has been made with the locs, it seems like the style becomes sophisticatedly traditional in an instant.

This braid is a great example of how neat and beautiful a hairstyle can be. Also, the ombré effect is a bonus as it makes the braid stand out while having an outstanding volume.

Blonde Half Up Half Down

Blonde half Up half Down

You can go wild with your style when you want to go for long hair looks. It’s not necessary that you have to make either braids or dreads in a single hairstyle. Rather combining both of these can give you outstanding results.

For example, this blonde hairstyle screams coolness. The dreads have been beautifully done, and the style consists of both dreads and braids. Hair accessories have been added to the lengths to make the style more beautiful.

What we love about this entire look is the half up half down style. Some of the braids and dreads have been tied using a satin scarf to give it that half up half down look. The color of the scarf matches the color of her hair, which for us is a praiseworthy touch.

Double Buns

Double Buns

Buns are always pretty, no matter if they are done on straight or curly hair. For box braids, the top bun is a classic and many women love to try out that hairstyle for its manageability. However, if you have dreads, we suggest you try out double buns.

The fact with locs is if you turn them into different hairstyles, the outcome will be fabulous and the volume will be outstanding. For example, these double buns are so appealing to look at. The hair is neatly done and the patterns are perfect for that eye-catching experience.

What we love is the color of the hair which has given a touch of glam to the buns. The amazon play of pink, purple, and black is giving us major dreadlock goals!

Top Bun

Top Bun Dreadlocks


As we mentioned before, top buns are a classic hairstyle for those with box braids. The same goes for the dreads. Making a top bun with dreads is simple and doesn’t require much hassle. Moreover, this look will ensure elegance in formal and informal parties.

If you are looking for hairstyle inspo for your dreads, this sleek look with a top bun is totally recommended by us. The bun has added volume to the look and the neatness of the style is appreciated by us. Plus, the slayed edges at the front are surely making a statement.

Hippie Dreads

Hippie Dreads

Long hair is one of the distinguishing features of hippie culture. Hippies spread the message of love and show their free spirit through their appearance, which includes long hair and loose clothing. And when it comes to hippie hairstyles, dreadlocks are quite popular among modern-day hippies.

Hippie dreads are different in the way that hippies love to decorate their locs with colorful accessories. They also prefer to wear colorful hair extensions to make their personality stand out. A bit of a messy look with dreads is a signature look of many hippies out there.

So if you want to show your peaceful spirit through your hairstyle, hippie dreads can be your companion. This particular hairstyle with long and decorated dreads is beautiful to look at. Some of her hair at the front is working as bangs, and the dreads are simply amazing.

Locs with Bangs

Locs With Bangs

Locs can be styled in different ways and the options are infinite. So you don’t need to stick to one or two styles only, rather go versatile. You can create a bangs style at the front with your locs, and it will definitely serve your purpose of being super trendy.

These ombré dreadlocks have been turned into a half up half down hairstyle with the help of a scrunchie. A side bang has been created at the front to make the hairstyle more elegant, and the locs are beautifully complementing her facial features.

Silver hair rings have been added to some of the dreads to take the style to another level. So if you are up for something bold and elegant, this style can be a great pick.

Beaded Dreads

Beaded Dreads

Just like your box braids, your dreads can be adorned with beautiful beads. Adding beads to the locs is perfect for those who want to keep their hairstyle simple but want a good accessory to go with it. Beads are great for creating that simple and elegant look quite efficiently.

There are many types of beads to choose from, such as wooden beads, transparent ones, plastic beads, and many more. You can go for any of them or combine all types of beads to create a cooler look.

In this picture, the simple long dreads have been decorated with different types of beads ranging from large to medium to small. The designs and colors have surely added fun to the entire hairstyle.

Dreads with Curls

Dreads with Curls

If you don’t want to go for a fully dreadlocks hairstyle, you can try combining and creating newer styles that will take less time but look modish. For example, if your hair is naturally curly, why not combine the curls with dreads?

You can get a clearer vision of what we are trying to say through this picture. As you can see, a total of 8 dreadlocks have been done on her hair where the rest of the hair has been kept as it is.

The locs have been decorated to add a touch of elegance and get rid of the boring look, which has surely made things fun and smart. So next time you go for a hair upgrade, don’t forget to try out this combined look.

Vibrant Red Locs

Vibrant Red Locs

Red is most probably the most recommended hair color from our end if you want to give your hair a dash of vibrancy. Trying out red on your hair is a bit of a risk, but it will always be worth it. So for your next hairstyling session, go for a bold red look to show your adventurous side.

If you are a fan of dreadlocks, then a vibrant red will be perfect to rock a beautifully done hairstyle. You can style your hair with dreads as well as braid and curls, because who said you need to for a single style every time?

Be creative and bold, and try out these vibrant red dreads. The curls here have an ombré effect so you can also opt for that. These vibrant ends are literally everything we need right now!

Pink Highlights

Pink Highlights

Adding highlights to your hair makes the entire style trendy. Apart from the regular blonde highlights done or dark hair, you can try out dreads with vibrant colors to create that pop-up effect. And for that, pink is a great option to go for.

In this picture, the addition of pink extensions has given her a face-framing effect. The pink locs are popping and we love how she chose to add these pieces right at the front. So if you want the minimum amount of vibrant colors on your hair, pick dreads are here to fulfill your wish.

Ponytail Dreads

Ponytail Dreads

Ponytail is undoubtedly a classic hairstyle for ages and it can be done on many types of hair. If you have dreads and are thinking that ponytail is not your cup of tea, then we are here to tell you that it might just be!

You just need to grab your locs together and turn them into a simple ponytail for starters. But if you want to go for precision and beauty, there are other ways to do a loc ponytail as well. For instance, this style is quite precisely done on the scalp and the ponytail consists of beautiful dreads that are organized in a neat way.

Two-Tone Pigtails

Two Tone Pigtails

Have you ever tried out pigtails with your locs? If you haven’t, then now is the time. Pigtails can make you look like a cutie and a baddie at the same time, so if you want to create a combination of these two, pigtails are your best shot.

Now, instead of going for a single hair color, you can try out two-tone hair. It’s basically two hair colors in the same style. For instance, this black and white two-one hair is all about that bad girl vibe. The hair at the front is parted in the middle which allows distinguishing both colors quite well.

On the other hand, the dreads have been turned into beautiful pigtails and they have an ombré effect too. This hairstyle is a great pick for girls who want to reflect their baddie vibe through their hair.

Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are a bit different from traditional dreadlocks. To perfect these locs, you need water wave hair extensions. First of all, create mini sections of hair and start with one section. Apply gel to the base and twist it to secure it.

The next thing you need to do is take a piece of your hair extension and keep one end twice the size of the other one. Now start doing a braid with your extension and natural hair. After about two inches, take the shorter part of your extension and your natural hair together in one hand.

Now with the longer side, start wrapping it upwards and once it reaches the base, give it a good wrap. Now continue wrapping downwards so that your shorter side and natural hair are wrapped by the longer side.

Moving down, stretch out the strands of hair from the longer piece to give it a fluffy appearance. Before the hair almost reaches the end, create loop and twist using your finger and then remove the finger and pull the hair down to create a knot, and your ends will be secured.

Butterfly locs look beautiful and are a great option for those who love to keep their hair long. You can also do medium hairstyles with these locs. It’s a must-try hairstyle for all the locs-lovers out there.

Freeform Locs

Freeform Locs

Sometimes your hair needs its freedom from all the styling and processing. We often get so worried about caring for our hair that we end up doing too much. So to give your hair some rest and allow it to enjoy itself, freeform locs are the best option to opt for.

Freeform dreadlocs can be done in several ways, it’s just all about giving your hair the space it needs to create the locs on its own. You don’t need to use hair products while installing your twists, just let your hair do its work and you will be left with a beautiful style.

You can style your freeform locs in different ways and add beads to the hair as well. Just go creative-make buns, braids and several other styles out of your hair to create a statement.

Mohawk Dreads

Mohawk Dreads

Trying out a mohawk with your dreads or braids is one of the boldest things you can do. Mohawk is an adventurous hairstyle and not anyone is up for trying it. So if you have the passion and confidence to rock a mohawk, definitely try getting one the next time you go for your hair appointment.

Mohawks can be done with braids as well as dreads. When both of these are combined, the style becomes more dashing. You can take inspiration from this amazing mohawk hairstyle consisting of braids and dreads in brown, purple, pink, and white.

The side of the head has been given a shaved look with a really cool pattern, and the middle part consists of the beautiful braids and dreads tied together to create the perfect mohawk.

Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Faux locs are a bit difficult to perfect at the beginning, but with practice and a lot of patience, you can do faux locs like a pro.

For faux locs, you need two types of hair extensions-deep wave and cuban twist. First of all, create mini sections with your hair and make braids out of them. Then take one piece of your deep wave hair and crochet it at the base keeping one side short and the other one to the length you want your hair to be.

Then take a piece of your cuban twist hair and crochet it as well. Now wrap your cuban twist hair around your natural and the deep wave hair. Make sure there are no gaps and the wraps are tight. When it reaches the end, do some upward wraps with your little piece and seal the ends properly.

Faux locs are popular among many women out there. Ladies have rocked this hairstyle for quite a while now, so you can give it a try undoubtedly.

Yarn Locs

Yarn Locs

Just like you use hair extension for your box braids and dreads, yarn can also be used to make beautiful dreads. This process is more fun than the regular ones because you can use several colorful yarns to create the perfect hairstyle. Many ladies out there have tried out yarn locs with vibrant colors which just makes them look so stunning.

So if you are up for it, grab your yarn and start making the dreads. You can either go for a multicolor look, or stick to one color only. The choice is yours and the options are infinite!

Curly Dreadlocks

Curly Dreadlocks

Curly and dreadlocks-it seems like two fancy words have been put together to create something even fancier. Curly hair is always precious and elegant. Let’s face it, nothing can beat the elegance of a perfectly styled curly hair, and you can gracefully carry this hair to any events.

When it comes to dreadlocks, it doesn’t require keeping them in a straight formation only. Rather you can make curly dreadlocks and they look even more beautiful. Plus the volume seems amazing so why not give it a try?

Here is one of our favorite looks for curly dreadlocks. The combination of curly dreads, regular dreads, and twists have made this a fabulous hairstyle for all the cool girls out there. Plus we love how bold and subtle colors have arranged throughout the hair with great precision.

Dread Styles for Females FAQs

How long do dreadlocks last?

Dreadlocks can last quite long if they are properly taken care of. Temporary ones stay for 6 to 12 weeks, but with proper care, the longevity of your extensions can reach up to 2 to 3 years.

Do I need to wash my dreads?

Yes, you need to. Washing your dreads will help you get rid of unnecessary things, so make sure to keep them clean.

What kind of hair is good for doing dreadlocks?

Depending on your style, you can choose different types of extensions from kinky to deep wave, water wave, and cuban twist. You can use 100% human hair, remy hair, kanekalon, and also go for yarn and wools to create the style of your desire.

Final Thoughts

As we are at the end of this article, now it all comes down to the decision of which style you are going to opt for in order to make your dreads look fabulous.

Here we have mentioned our favorite dreadlock styles that can be easily done at home and also by visiting the salon. All you need to do is pick the style that reciprocates with your vibe, and have fun throughout the process.

Remember, there are endless ways to style your dreadlocks. So go big and bold. Incorporate colors into your style through the use of vibrant hair extensions and colorful accessories, and carry your dreads gracefully as you step outside to conquer your dreams!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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