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20 Popular and Extravagant Gay Haircuts That Are On The Trend!

Amongst the many positive changes that the world has faced over the past two decades, embracing individuality and diversity remains one of the more prominent and refreshing changes that people all over the world have welcomed with open arms.

Apart from encouraging people to be comfortable in their own skin, the LGBTQ+ community has brought a series of positivity to the table and the hearts of everyone. They have also shown relentless courage by breaking barriers and stereotypes by making fashion statements and bringing new trends into the fashion scene.

Their creativity and individuality haven’t just encouraged us to change for the better, but have also benefited the hair industry, as they have discovered and kickstarted the journey to success for many hairstyles that cater to everyone in this day and age.

We now live in a world where uniqueness is met with a positive reception, and people prioritize looks that bring comfort to the table instead of revealing one’s gender preferences, and all of that is solely progressing with each day because of the courageous acts that the LGBTQ+ community carries out on a regular basis.

Additonally, to pay homage to all they have done for us so far, today’s article will comprise a list of gay haircuts that can be worn and perfected by any individual and can be used as a means of embracing their culture, orientation, and uniqueness.

20 Amazing Gay Haricut Ideas To Upgrade Your Style In 2022

The ideal haircut is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves and is supposed to match the silhouette of our outfits. In addition to boosting one’s self-esteem, it is also supposed to be the perfect match to our personality. While failing to meet all three of the crucial requirements won’t really affect anyone in the long run, everyone needs at least one haircut in their lifetime that they can always fall back to.

Therefore, to help with that issue, here are some of our favorite gay haircuts that also match the taste of and cater to every other gender. From rocking a triple zero buzz cut to wearing an option that is relatively lengthy, here are all the haircuts that one can wear for everyday use.

The Mullet

The Mullet

Since the mullet was a staple and a common find amongst the LGBTQ+ community in the 80s, it’d be a shame if we fail to kick things off by covering everything about the mullet.

The mullet to this day is a great hairstyle that anyone can incorporate into their lives. While it did receive its fair share of hardships during the early 2000s due to its questionable visuals, the iconic look worked past them and rose above solely due to its versatility, which can only be mimicked by a handful of the alternatives.

A mullet is mainly a fan favorite as it doesn’t come with a handbook. As long as the hairdo is lengthy enough, one can display a mullet with vibrant colors, highlights, and even pair the look up with designs on each side. Regardless of what the final look is, a mullet will always offer a demeanor that’s edgy and never out-of-style.

Additionally, for best results, pair the look up with a high-spirited color scheme. Pick colors that match your personality so that you’re content with the final outcome.

Curly Top with Taper

Curly Top With Taper

Regardless of what your preferences are, another look you can try out without having the fear of looking out of place is a curly top with a taper fade. In contrast to the previous entry, this look is just as flexible and open to experimentation.

The length is also subjective and can be worn in every way possible, since the main priority is achieving comfortability in one’s own skin.

The best way in which one can wear this look is by getting a taper fade that highlights and allows their best facial features to stand out.

To make the presence of the curls more impactful, one can either install a hair dye that pairs well with their physical appearance or can even use hair custard to enhance the texture of each hair strand.

Subtle Caesar Cut

Subtle Caesar Cut

Sometimes, finding a trendy hairstyle that is easy to maintain could be the biggest priority. That’s when this variant, the caesar cut, comes in.

To achieve this look, one doesn’t have to do much. All one needs is a blow dryer and a wide toothed comb to achieve this look.

Additionally, to make the strands look more healthy, you might have to condition your hair more frequently with a nourishing conditioner. Do avoid conditioners that have silicone to prevent your hair from looking greasy.

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

If you’re craving a look that will allow your masculine side to shine the most, you might as well resort to this clean look that will make your cheekbones and jawline more prominent than it ever was.

It is very easy to create and can even be mirrored at home if your haircutting skills are slightly above mediocre. All you need is a pair of scissors and a hair clipper with multiple guards to unlock the visuals of this look.

In addition, if your facial hair is dense, grow it out to have a more impactful presence at social gatherings.

Surfer Boy Haircut

Surfer Boy Haircut

Sometimes, growing your hair out can definitely allow you to embrace the presence of your own skin. Additionally, if you are seeking a look that is appealing to look at and is extremely low-maintenance, perhaps you should take the surfer boy haircut into consideration.

This medium-length look doesn’t just come with a lenient hair care routine but also allows the hair to look as natural as possible. It contains an ample amount of volume, which tends to come in clutch for those that are seeking a way to make the appearance of their face more narrow.

To amp up this look, one can either incorporate a vibrant hair dye or further increase the fullness of this look by using sea salt spray. Apart from being relatively easy to maintain, this hairdo can be worn on any occasion.

Medium Length Side Part Combover

Medium Length Side Part Combover

If you somewhat liked the features of the previous entry, you may also want to check this variant out. A side part combover has been a go-to hairdo in the fashion scene for as long as we could remember. The strands look wavy around the edges and are showcased with a dense side part on the top, which is usually held in place by hair wax or any kind of post-styling product.

While pairing this haircut with neutral colors will be more than sufficient, one can also explore their creative side and install highlights as well as a completely different hair dye if they feel the need to.

Classic Slick Back

Classic Slick Back

Whether you’re preparing for a casual gathering or heading out for a high-profile event, a classic slick back will never let you down. The polished visuals paired with the exceptional amount of volume that the hairstyle often contains can work wonders for any average Joe.

In addition to its unparalleled appearance, this look is somewhat easy to create. Although one only needs the assistance of a comb to create this look, they can also use styling products to give it a firmer hold and plenty of shine.

Bleached Faux Hawk

Bleached Faux Hawk

Replace your boring hairdo and recreate this look that is full of energy. The bleach not only makes the faux hawk more noticeable but also gives each strand a healthier appearance. It can also help those that have greasy hair, as colored hair tends to absorb more sweat as opposed to fine, natural hair.

To create the volume, one might need the assistance of a blow dryer. However, if your schedule isn’t as lenient as the versatility of this look, you can also seal it up by using hair mousse.

Military Buzz Cut

Military Buzz Cut

Beat the heat of this summer and showcase your flair for fashion by incorporating this simple yet elegant look. The high and tight skin fade won’t just offer a look with cleanliness, but also give your face a slimming effect.

Furthermore, due to the short length this hairstyle contains, you can combine it with any outfit that pairs well with your personality. To further increase the impact of this look, you can also bring frosted tips to the table. The blonde highlights won’t just make each strand look healthier, but also make your hair look thicker than usual. 

Subtle Butch Cut with Low Fade

Subtle Butch Cut With Low Fade

Similar to the previous look, a subtle butch cut is definitely for you if you’re seeking a haircut that won’t require much to look after. It can often be styled without hair products and can also be paired up with a skin fade haircut for more volume.

In contrast to most short length hairstyles, a subtle butch cut is extremely lenient. It can help the wearer with pulling off multiple edgy looks as well as be a reliable partner when united with a tuxedo. 

Vibrant French Crop Cut

Vibrant French Crop Cut

If you believe that giving your hair more texture will allow you to feel more confident and more connected to yourself, combine it with hair dye and mimic this look!

The evenness around the hairline and the messiness of the texture at the back makes the overall appearance of this haircut eerily similar to that of a mullet. In fact, if you decide to get this haircut, you can easily turn it into a mullet somewhere along the line. All you need to do is achieve a mid fade around the sides and create a rattail around the rear to achieve that outcome.

Duotone Choppy eBoy Haircut

Duotone Choppy Eboy Haircut

An edgier look can also be a wise decision to embrace your orientation and energy. While the eBoy haircut, also known as the curtain haircut, isn’t necessarily as loud as the pixie cut or even a french crop cut, one can easily transform this basic look into an intimidating one by introducing vibrant highlights around the ends.

The fringes won’t just amp up the physical appearance of the wearer, but also bring tons of density to the hair cuticles and allow them to look healthier than usual.

Additionally, if this look speaks to you more than the rest of the options available, make sure to skim through this article. It covers all the eBoy hairstyles that can be flawlessly created and worn for everyday use.

Relaxed Side Part Quiff

Relaxed Side Part Quiff

There’s nothing more sophisticated yet chic as a relaxed quiff. It often contains loads of volume and is rather flexible compared to most of the entries of this list.

While one can produce this look by splashing water and creating the texture with a fine toothed comb, the results often look much better and more appealing when a dime sized portion of hair clay is used to manipulate the hair and create the shape.

Beach Blonde Messy Fringe Cut

Beach Blonde Messy Fringe Cut

If you want a hairdo that is full of texture and short in terms of length, but also aren’t the biggest fan of your hairline, you can definitely give this look a go.

Containing the perfect amount of unevenness, one of the main features of a messy fringe cut is that it covers the hairline. Using styling products and texturizing powder usually allows it to stay in place for longer periods of time, which can definitely be of assistance under unfavorable weather conditions.

Additionally, introducing a flashy hair color can also boost the impression that this look has. Apart from giving the wearer an intimidating demeanor, the dye often acts as a helping hand to those that have damaged cuticles and a hair type that is usually on the finer end.

The Swoop

The Swoop

After a mullet, a swoop cut was pretty sought after amongst the LGBTQ+ community in the early 80s and 90s. Perhaps one of the main reasons behind its popularity lies behind its low maintenance nature. Although many modify the strands with hair wax when mirroring this look, the visuals are usually at their best when the hair is left alone.

Colors like hazel and platinum blonde really enhance the final outcome and impression of this elegant hairstyle.

Faux Hawk with Blends

Faux Hawk With Blends

A faux hawk with blends is the safest bet you can make if you’re indecisive. It looks extremely natural, requires zero to minimum hair products for manipulation, and pairs well with any face shape that exists.

The best way to go about it is to keep it light with the colors. Instead, embrace the natural color of your hair and wear a range of accessories to amp up your appearance.

Top Knot Fade For Afro Hair

Top Knot Fade For Afro Hair

A top knot fade can also be an excellent way for you to celebrate your sexuality, especially if you have afro hair! Since maintaining the flow of afro hair is often a difficult task to meet, tying it up in a bun will definitely make things easier to manage the unruly length and texture of the hair.

Moreover, to trim even more chaos off your plate, incorporate a high and tight fade on the sides and a line-up around the hairline. Apart from making things more manageable, the line-up will drastically improve the thickness and enhance the volume of your natural hair.

The Regular Man Bun

The Regular Man Bun

There’s nothing more useful than a man bun when you’re fighting against awkward stages. It allows the hair to have plenty of volume and stay put at all times. It is also rather simple to create, as one only needs a hair tie to put their hair in a bun.

When it comes to wearing a man bun, one can either keep it simple by growing out the length around the sides, or introduce one of the many variations of the fade haircut to increase the density and contrast of their hair.

Playful Afro Top with Skin Fade

Playful Afro Top With Skin Fade

Since afro hair is rather hard to maintain and take care of on the regular, chop it all off and make things easier for yourself and for your hair by introducing this hairstyle to your arsenal. The texture of your hair will be at its best when wearing this haircut, and will also be convenient if your schedule is almost always packed.

Furthermore, to brighten up the visuals of the look, you can even add a hair color of a lighter shade. Doing so will not just make your hair and its texture more apparent, but also mattify the ends.

Box Braids with High Skin Fade

Box Braids With High Skin Fade

Box braids can be the perfect hairstyle for you if one of your aims is to be flamboyant. While completing the look might be rather time consuming, you will surely be the center of attention at any event you choose to attend.

Appearance-wise, the look is extremely playful. Although the tightness of the braids when collaborated with box braids tend to stand out most at casual gatherings, this look will also make you the best dressed at formal events.

How to Find A Look That Suits You

Regardless of how many options we include in this article, none of the images or materials will be useful if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for in the haircut.

While there are plenty of ways to solve that issue, one of the most effective ways to go about it is to prioritize comfort over the visuals. In simpler terms, go for a look that fits your principles and allows you to feel more like yourself. The visuals of it shouldn’t matter as long as the shoe fits and the hairdo encourages you to embrace everything that you stand for.

Another way to have a better insight about your preferences when it comes to finding the right look is to prioritize the appearance of the hairdo instead of taking comfortability into consideration. Find a look that goes with the shape of your face and brings out the best in your facial features.

For instance, if you want a look that makes your face look more narrow, consider wearing longer hairstyles. Since they usually cover up a significant amount of one’s face, the appearance of one’s jawline and cheekbones look prominent, giving the structure a flattening effect.

On a separate note, if you want your hair to look more healthy and full, consider trying out an option that involves the incorporation of a fade haircut. The shaved sides will not just improve the texture of one’s hair, but will also offer a hairdo that can serve multiple purposes and be worn at any event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions regarding gay haircuts that we have successfully addressed and resolved. Make sure to read through them carefully just in case you too have queries that haven’t yet been fathomed.

Question: What is the most common haircut for gay people? 

Answer: While most people resort to the fade haircut with a curly top more often than not to embrace their sexuality, we believe in the saying “to each their own”. In other words, the answer for this is subjective as it depends on the preferences of the wearer. One can wear any hairstyle and change it as much as they please since the actual answer of this question doesn’t come with instructions.

Question: Is the mullet a haircut for gay people? 

Answer: While a mullet caters to everyone in this day and age, it was used as a means for people to come out to their family members as well as the rest of the world in the 80s. People would often pair the hairstyle up with a range of vibrant colors, which would often change depending on their gender orientation.

Question: Can gay people wear a buzz cut? 

Answer: As stated earlier, people can style their hair as much as they please and can wear any hairstyle that allows them to feel more connected to themselves and their principles. Long story short, yes, we believe that a buzz cut caters to anyone regardless of their sexuality. The patterns, the colors, and even the length of the haircut hardly plays a role in anything at the end of the day, as one’s physical appearance always fades over time.

Final Verdict

All in all, we hope this article helps you find a look that you desire and genuinely resonate with. Remember to not shy away from experimenting as much as you please and go all in with hair dyes. While high-spirited colors will often look the best, one can also resort to neutral colors such as black and gray to make their haircut stand out.

Furthermore, take your time when picking a haircut and stay patient if the visuals of a haircut don’t pan out in your favor. The amount of hairstyles that can be worn before finding the right hairdo is as equal as the opportunities one gets in life; endless.

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