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18 Marine Haircut Ideas to Make You Look Sharp in 2022

A Marine haircut is a perfect choice for men who prefer sophisticated hairstyles. Due to rules and regulations, a Marin haircut can’t be too extravagant or eccentric. It is guaranteed to provide you with a tidy and well-groomed appearance.

The Marines are not only some of the most skillful and the bravest members of the armed forces. They also have a distinct sense of style that attracts a lot of men.

That is why, throughout history, haircuts inspired by the Marines or armed force members in general have appealed to the mass people and have been adopted by civilian men.

The reason is probably that these styles are both dependable and attractive. You know that you can carry these styles on any occasion or event and you will have a refined look.

In this article, we will offer you the basics of the Marine haircut and some of its most exciting variants.

What Are the Characteristics of a Marine Haircut?

Characteristics Of A Marine Haircut

First thing first. There is no haircut called the “Marine haircut”. There are rules and regulations that need to be followed by the Marines, but they can have several types of haircuts within the set rules.

However, there are some basic characteristics that you’d find in any Marine haircut. The obvious one is that you won’t find any long hairstyles. It is way more convenient for the Marines to have short hair for training and combat.

Also, there are specific rules like your hair at the back can’t touch your collar. So, say goodbye to mullets if you want to join the Marine Corps.

Jokes aside, you would find that usually the sides and the back are really shortened in the Marine haircuts. Even the front hair is hardly ever longer than an inch.

Not to mention that their hairstyles are always tidy and well-groomed. There’s no chance of having dreadlocks, tousled hair, long fringe, or other messy styles like these.

If these characteristics sound appealing to you, then we have some amazing hairstyles for you in the next section.

18 Striking Marine Haircut Ideas for Modern Men

We first need to tell you that we’re not strictly following the rules and regulations for the styles on this list. These are more like Marine-inspired haircuts. So, if you are about to join the Marine Corps, definitely do read the actual rules first. And if you are just looking for a striking and attractive hairstyle, we have 18 such styles just for you.

Buzz Cut with High Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Let’s begin the list with the most recognizable Marine haircut. This is not just a common haircut in the Marine Corps. You’d find a huge number of members from different armed forces with the buzz cut.

You have to trim your hair really short for a buzz cut. You just need to pick up an electric trimmer, attach the appropriate guard, and then trim all your hair. You can check out this article if you’re not too sure about which guard to use.

The combination of a high fade with the buzz cut is a really popular choice. For a high fade, you have to start shortening your hair on the sides from way above your ears.

Small Pomp

Small Pomp

When the Marines choose a hairstyle, elegance is probably not a priority on their mind. However, that does not mean that they can’t have a tasteful haircut. A great example of that is the small pompadour.

A pompadour is a style where you have long hair at the front and top. You need to brush back your hair and create a bit of height at the front. As this is a Marine haircut, you obviously can’t have hair that is too long.

So, the alternative is to go for a smaller pompadour. Also, the sides are shortened in a pompadour. You can take it slightly further and add a high fade to your short pomp.

High Taper

High Taper

We have already mentioned styles that include a fade. Let’s now talk about the taper. It’s a similar style and shares the same philosophy with a fade.

A taper is a hairstyle where you have longer hair on the top. You shorten your hair on the sides around your ears and the neckline. The basic differences with a fade are that you don’t expose your skin in a taper and the shortening happens gradually.

Like fades, you can have a high, mid, or low taper and it depends on where the ‘tapering’ is starting. The high taper is the most popular variant among the Marines.

Swept Back Hair with Drop Fade

Swept Back Hair With Drop Fade

Now we have a Marine haircut that will attract men who are looking for a slick style with shorter hair. It is basically a swept back style, but with an interesting twist.

Firstly, the obvious point is that your hair needs to be short. It can’t be longer than an inch. Then, you have to brush and sweep back all your hair. You can use a hair product if you prefer that straight and smooth look.

Finally, you have to add a drop fade. It means that your fade will have a curve. It will start fairly above your ears, go up a bit, and then fall down. Also, make the fade go skin deep for this style.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Apart from the buzz cut, this military inspired haircut has probably achieved the most mainstream success. Most of you have heard of it. Don’t worry if you haven’t because we’ll break it down for you.

To explain it in a single sentence, a crew cut is the longer variant of the buzz cut. You will have longer hair at the front and top. The ideal length for a crew cut is around ¾ inches to an inch. But, that’s not all.

You also need to shorten the sides for a crew cut. So, there is more of a contrast in this style. If you want to have a bit longer hair and a cool contrast, then you should definitely give it a try.

Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top Haircut

Let’s jump from one widely recognized Marine haircut to another one. We’ll now talk about the famous or infamous flat top style. This hairstyle is probably a stereotype at this point and has become synonymous with the armed forces.

To get this style, you need to really shorten the hair on the sides and the back. Then comes the more important part where you brush up your front and top hair and turn it into a flat deck.

You can shave off the sides entirely to bring more focus to the flat deck. Also, do not worry about making your hair flat 100% precisely.

Hard Parted Comb Over

Hard Parted Comb Over

This Marine haircut is definitely one of the most sophisticated styles on this list. The best part is that it’s really easy to get.

First, you would need to create a side partition. Remember that it needs to be a disconnected hard part where there is a visibly clear line. You can also add a fade or a taper if you want.

Then, you need to comb your hair to the opposite side of the partition. Make your hair as smooth and close to the scalp as possible. Finally, you can give your front hair a slight height to add an extra zing to this style.

Short Quiff

Short Quiff

Speaking of giving your front hair height, let’s not forget about the quiff style. Like the small pomp style, your quiff needs to be shorter as well because it’s a Marine haircut.

A quiff is a style where the front and top hair is longer and brushed up to face upwards. There is also a curve where your hair becomes longer as you move from the top region to the front. As your hair will be shorter, the curve will be smaller and you can’t give too much height to your hair.

So, we have come up with an idea to make it more striking. Completely shave off the sides, the lower crown area, and the nape. Now, the quiff will get more attention.

360 Waves

360 Waves

This is an amazing Marine haircut for men with type 4 hair. You wouldn’t have seen this hairstyle in the armed forces even a few years ago. But, it has been allowed in recent years and has become quite popular in a short time.

We have one disclaimer that it will take some time to get this style. However, we promise you that the result will be worthwhile.

You need to shorten your hair like a buzz cut to begin. When your hair starts growing and the curls are beginning to form, then you have to repeatedly comb your hair in a wavy manner to create desired ripple shapes.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

We now have another hairstyle that probably belongs to the same family as the buzz cut and the crew cut. In a butch cut, your hair length will be somewhere between the two mentioned styles. So, around ½ to ¾ inches.

The main aspect of this style is that you will have the same hair length all around your head. You won’t create any partitions or shorten your hair in any region.

Basically, it will look like you shaved off your head and then your hair naturally grew longer to create this style. You can use a trimmer and use the same guard for all your hair to achieve this look.

Slick Undercut

Slick Undercut

The undercut has become quite a trendy hairstyle for men in recent times. You might be surprised to know that this hairstyle actually originated among the armed forces.

To attain the undercut style, you will need to shorten the sides and have longer hair on the top. You then have to comb all your hair back like a slick back style.

You can have some hair on the sides like a taper or you can go skin deep like a fade. Men usually shorten or shave off the nape area as well to create a V shape at the back.

Modern Caesar Cut

Modern Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a hairstyle with a rich historical legacy that has stuck around for a long time. In the classic Caesar cut, your hair will have a similar length all around your head.

There will also be a short fringe at the front that will be cropped. Contemporary men usually go for a modern version of this timeless style.

Your sides will be shortened and your front hair slightly longer in the modern Caesar cut. As it is a dapper style for shorter hair, it has been adopted by many Marines.

Marine Mohawk

Marine Mohawk

This is the Marines’ interpretation of the traditional Mohawk style. This hairstyle is unlike any other Mohawk style you have seen.

Like the usual Mohawk, you need to shorten or shave off your sides. You will have longer hair from the front to the nape. But, your hair will be much shorter than a common Mohawk.

You can spike up or just brush up your longer hair. This is probably as flashy or extravagant as a Marine haircut can possibly get.

High and Tight

High And Tight

Now let’s take a look at a Marine haircut that has been surprisingly adopted by many celebrities. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many others have been spotted with this style.

For this style, you need to completely shave off the hair on the sides and the back. You will only have hair on the top.

That hair will also be really short like a buzz cut. This is a celebrity-approved hairstyle and you’d know that you’re in good company.

Brushed Up Front

Brushed Up Front

You can place this hairstyle somewhere between a short spiked style and a quiff. All the focus needs to be on the front to get this style.

That means you have to shorten the sides and the back. Even the hair on the top region will be shorter than usual.

Then, you have to brush up your front hair. You can also make your front hair sharp like a spiked style. This is a simple but impactful style for short hair.

Semi Middle Part with High Fade

Semi Middle Part With High Fade

There is a regulation in the Marine Corps that dictates you can’t have a middle partition. The exact rule is that you can have a partition but it needs to be “off center”.

If you are a fan of mid-parted hairstyles, then you have to make a compromise. You have to move the partition a bit to one side and go for a semi mid-parted style.

Smoothly comb your hair on both sides of the partition. Finally, you can add a high fade to add some pizzazz.

Lined Up Buzzed Hair

Lined Up Buzzed Hair


If you have afro hair, there are unfortunately not too many Marine haircuts for you. However, we have one really sharp style that can give you a dashing look.

First, you have to trim your hair really short. Then, you need to have a tidy and crisp front hairline. The lined up or shape up style is one of the coolest ways to carry short hair.

A fade can further elevate this style. Finally, we would suggest having a well-kept beard with this hairstyle.

Wavy Fringe with High Taper

Wavy Fringe With High Taper

For all the men with wavy hair, it would be difficult to show off your wavy hair with all its glory in a Marine haircut. Because you would need longer hair for that.

But, you have nothing to worry about if you’re not actually in the Marine Corps. You can just take elements from the Marine haircuts.

Our recommended style is having average length hair and a short messy fringe at the front. Try out a high taper with it because it will complement your waves.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of questions about the haircut rituals of the Marines that are asked frequently on the internet. We’ll answer a few of them in this section.

How often do Marines get haircuts?

There is a myth that the Marines get haircuts every week. It’s not true. There’s actually no set rule about how often a Marine should get a haircut. It makes sense because everyone’s hair doesn’t grow at the same speed. Some might need to cut their hair only once a month and some twice or thrice.

Do Marines have to keep their heads shaved?

They don’t necessarily have to. They can shave their head if they want but it’s not mandatory. They can actually grow out their hair as long as they are not going beyond the limit.

Can you have bangs in the Marines?

There is a rule that says your hair can’t touch or go beyond your eyebrows. So, the Marines can have a short and cropped fringe at best. But, they are not allowed to have long bangs.


While crafting this article, we had the goal of challenging two stereotypical ideas about the Marine haircut. One is that there are not too many haircuts that the Marines can have. The other is that a Marine haircut can only give you a stern and assertive look.

After going through our list, you have realized that the first idea is not true. There are actually plenty of Marine haircuts that you can choose from. Also, we have hopefully shown you that a Marine haircut can be tasteful and charming as well.

We have also one final suggestion for you. Most of the styles on our list include really shortening or shaving your sides and the back.

As your skin is more exposed, you need to be more careful. Do take protective measures like using sunscreen or wearing a beanie depending on the weather.

Finally, we wish you the best for rocking your next Marine-inspired haircut!

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