Hairstyles for One Shoulder Dresses

15 Elegant Hairstyles for One Shoulder Dresses

Whenever it comes to fancy occasions or red carpet events, one of our first choices when choosing the attire is the one-shoulder dress. One-shoulder dresses are perfect for glamorous occasions, and they simply make you look outstanding. Many of our favorite celebrities have carried such dresses with grace, and they can be a perfect fit for weddings as well.

Now, while talking about one-shoulder dresses, it’s important to keep in mind that your hairstyle needs to match the aura of your dress. This is because the unique appearance of a one-shoulder dress requires a hairstyle that will help you define the beauty of your dress as well as your features. So, choosing the perfect hairstyle for your one-shoulder dress is a must!

The good news is that you don’t have to worry much before going to the salon for a hairstyling appointment, because the internet is literally full of pictures of celebrities wearing one-shoulder dresses. You can take styling inspiration from those, or simply ask your hairdresser for advice on how you can style your hair in the perfect way.

Modish Hairstyles for Dresses with One Shoulder

It is quite easy to get baffled while choosing the best hairstyle for your one-shoulder dress. Some of us might prefer the classic updos, whereas some just love to flaunt the length of their hair. But no need to worry, because there is always one best choice for all of us out there. Keeping that in mind and to lessen your worries, here we have made a list of our favorite hairstyles that perfectly complement one-shoulder dresses. Let’s take a look at them!

Short Kinky

Short Kinky

Many of us have a conception that styling naturally curly hair for fancy events is a hassle, and we often opt for styles that are time-consuming and difficult to achieve. But why go for that when you can just flaunt your beautiful curls in a natural way? Embracing the beauty of our natural hair is the best way to let our hair breathe, and you can rock that style with your one-shoulder dresses as well.

For instance, the gorgeous lady in this picture has carried her fancy one-shoulder gown with her short kinky hair, and she looks totally stunning. We love how natural her hair looks, and the color of her hair is quite captivating. For those looking for something natural, this style is a must-try!

Wet Look

Wet Look

Our red carpet divas have carried their wet hair look with poise on many occasions, so this style is one of the most hyped ones and has become quite trendy. From Zendaya to Kendall Jenner, many celebrities have rocked the wet look, and it is a must recommend if you are planning to wear a one-shoulder dress very soon.

We suggest keeping everything simple if your dress is super gorgeous. Take a look at this picture for example. The lady here has worn a one-shoulder dress with all-over sequin work, so her medium-length hair has been given a simple wet look to keep everything balanced. We love the simplicity of her hairstyle and suggest you give this a try as well.

Long Hair

Long Hair

Flaunting your super long hair is always a great option because long hair helps you to achieve a stylish look instantly. Especially if you are attending any fancy event, you can wear your long hair effortlessly and steal the show. And for one-shoulder dresses, choosing a simple long hairstyle will be enough to make a statement.

For a simple yet elegant look, take this picture as your guide. The lady in the picture has beautiful long hair that has been kept simple to compliment her attire. We love the bangs at the front as they have made her look more adorable. Overall, this hairstyle is a great pick for a simple yet stylish look.

Elegant Curls

Elegant Curls

Curls have their own unique appeal when it comes to elegant events. Especially if your hair length is on the longer side, you can always go for fancy, big curls to give yourself a proper gorgeous look. You can choose your dress depending on your hair color, and the curls will definitely complete your look.

This black one-shoulder dress has got all the glam it needs, especially because of the elegant hairstyle the lady is carrying. The middle part hair has a healthy look and the curls down the length look quite sophisticated. For formal events, this one can be the show stopper!

Chic Ponytail

Chic Ponytail

One of the most elegant ways to style your hair with a one-shoulder dress is going for a ponytail that looks gorgeous. Ponytails are versatile in nature and they can be worn on different occasions as well as for relaxing at home. But if elegance is your goal, then you can style your ponytail with curls, and rock the look like a diva.

In this picture, the beautiful one-shoulder dress has been perfectly accompanied by a stylish ponytail. We love the fact that her hair color matches the black sequin work. Moreover, the curly style of her sleek ponytail has taken the entire look to the next level. For a gorgeous event, this one can be your best pick.

Sleek Updo

Sleek Updo


Updos are considered to be one of the best hairstyles for one-shoulder dresses because they help to highlight your features when you are wearing such dresses. The thing with updos is that you can keep them messy, casual, or sleek according to your preference. The choice is all yours, and each of the styles is going to make you look pretty for sure.

We always love a perfectly done sleek updo, as the neat and precise look helps to give you that simple yet glamorous vibe. You can take inspiration from this picture if you want to rock a sleek updo. The leopard print dress has a bold appearance which has been perfectly complemented by the updo style. We love everything about this style, so give this a try the next time!

Over 50

One Shoulder Dresses Hairstyle Over 50

Who said you cannot rock a one-shoulder dress when you are over 50? Your age shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to styling yourself, so do not hesitate to go all bold with your hair and attire even when you are over 50. Many social media influencers over 50 have made their place at the top with their style and fashion sense, so it’s time for you to upgrade your wardrobe and hair look as well.

For starters, you can take this picture as your guide. The gorgeous lady in the picture has a beautiful blonde hairstyle with a subtle wavy appearance. Her one-shoulder cobalt blue dress has won our hearts, and the hair color totally complements the color of her dress. We also love how the hair gradually becomes darker down the length, as it goes perfectly with her vibe.

Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for One-Shoulder Dresses

One-shoulder dresses have gained their fair share of popularity when it comes to wedding dresses. We have seen many brides choosing one-shoulder dresses for their big day, and the versatility in styling their hair has left us awestruck. Here are some ideas for you if you have chosen a one-shoulder dress for your wedding and are searching for the perfect hairstyle.

Ponytail with Headband

Ponytail With Headband

For your big day, we suggest you go for something stylish and unique to make a statement. We have already talked about the versatility of ponytails. You can carry a ponytail with grace at your wedding, and make it unique by adding a simple headband to your style. Just make sure the headband matches your dress, and you will be all set to go.

Take this picture as your guide to understand what we are talking about. The lady in the picture has worn a gorgeous one-shoulder dress with a great cut and design. As the dress is quite elegant, the hairstyle has been kept simple with a low ponytail. However, the addition of the white headband has taken her style to the next level. This one is a must-try for all the ladies who are willing to look sophisticated and unique on their wedding day.

Black Curls

Black Curls

Whenever it comes to curly hair, we cannot stop ourselves from praising the super elegant black curls that can be the highlight of any occasion. Black girls love to flaunt their curls from time to time, and weddings shouldn’t be an exception in this case. If you have naturally curly black hair, now is your time to shine!

To keep things all-natural and beautiful on your big day, just style your curls with suitable products and define them in a way that your hair wins the heart of everyone! You can take this picture for example. The gorgeous lady wearing a beautiful one-shoulder dress has the curls of our dreams! We love how healthy her hair looks, and the beauty of her curls does not even require any explanation. If you have similar hair, try out this look on your big day!

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

Updos are the first choice of many brides for their wedding day. This is because updos have the ability to make a wedding style look perfectly complete with their elegance. So whenever we are thinking of a wedding hairstyle, most of the time the casual and modish updos make it on top of our list.

For a simple look that is sure to win hearts, you can choose a twisted updo. On your wedding day, a lot of attention is going to go on your hair. So you can keep things simple yet stylish by choosing this twisted updo shown in the picture. The updo has been done on one side, and it looks quite casual and easy to carry. So why not give it a try on your big day?

Simple Half Up

Simple Half Up

No attire is ever complete without a half-up hairstyle, so it is a must that you keep half-up half-down hairstyles on your radar while you are planning for your wedding look. For would-be brides who love to have a chic look every now and then, trying out a half-up hairstyle with a one-shoulder dress can be a great choice!

Here is a picture to prove our point. The lady here is wearing an elegant one-shoulder wedding dress which is so simple yet so gorgeous to look at. Her dress has been perfectly complemented by the modish half-up hairstyle. We love the jet-black color of her hair, and the middle part hairstyle has totally captured our attention.

Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas for One-Shoulder Dresses

As we mentioned before, our favorite celebrities have rocked the red carpet on several occasions with their gorgeous one-shoulder dresses and perfect hairstyles. So here we have gathered some of our favorite hairstyling ideas from our beautiful divas.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid One Shoulder Dresses Hairsatyle

Let’s start the list with Gigi’s famous Met Gala look in 2018. Her iconic style at the event has been the talk of the town for years, and we still cannot stop fangirling over her amazing one-shoulder dress and the elegant hairstyle that she carried during the event.

Gigi’s Met Gala 2018 hairstyle consisted of a middle part look with hair flowing freely down the length. Her long hair had a wavy appearance and the middle area of her hair looked fuller and gorgeous. The style was taken to the next level just by adding gold bobby pins on the sides, which totally matched the vibe of her dress.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins One Shoulder Dresses Hairsatyle

The ‘Emily in Paris’ star has set new standards for fashion with her stylish and colorful looks in the series. Lily has flaunted her beauty on several occasions, including the black one-shoulder dress she has carried with grace in this picture.

Here, Lily has a great hairstyle that looks ready to rock the red carpet. The gorgeous side part hair with the elegant curls has totally won our hearts. We love the shine and color of her hair in this picture and recommend you try out this look at any upcoming formal or fancy event.


Zendana One Shoulder Dresses Hairsatyle

Another queen of versatile hairstyles is Zendaya, who has given us tons of hairstyles to try in recent times. We cannot thank Zendaya enough for her gorgeous hairstyle inspirations, including the top bun that she carried with her one-shoulder dress in this picture.

This sleek top bun has been styled to precision and it totally complements her attire. We love the one-shoulder dress that she is wearing in this picture, as it is elegant to rock the red carpet. Her hairstyle and beautiful attire are giving us major red carpet goals!

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones One Shoulder Dresses Hairsatyle

Our very own Karen Filippelli from the NBC comedy series ‘The Office’ has won the hearts of her fans through her humor as well as her style. The star, Rashida Jones, has always flaunted her bangs like a diva, and her hairstyle with this one-shoulder dress has always been one of our favorites.

The black dress that Rashida is wearing in this picture is super elegant, and so is her hairstyle. We love the short bob hair on her with the bangs styled perfectly at the front. Her graceful appearance makes us want to recreate this style right now, so what’s stopping you from trying it out too?


One-shoulder dresses with the perfect hairstyles are the real deal, and we have already established this fact. However, before you try out this amazing look, here are the answers to your common questions regarding this particular style.

Can I wear short hair with one-shoulder dresses?

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter what your hair length is until you can carry your look with grace. With one-shoulder dresses, it all depends on how comfortable you are with your hair, and whether your hairstyle matches the vibe of your dress. When all those factors are taken care of, you can flaunt any length of hair with your dress.

How can I style my hair if my one-shoulder dress is too gorgeous?

We recommend keeping things simple with your hair if your dress is fancy in nature. We have suggested a simple wet hair look for such cases, or you can go with sleek ponytails and casual updos as well. It all depends on how confidently you carry your dress along with your hair.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have reached the end of this article, it requires no explanation that you need to try out at least one of the hairstyles we have mentioned here with your gorgeous one-shoulder dress. These styles will complement your attire perfectly, and you will look like the queen of the occasion for sure.

So no matter if it’s your big day or a fancy formal event that you have been looking forward to attending, give these hairstyles a try with your elegant one-shoulder dress. Trust us, your presence will be the talk of the town and you will keep coming back for this style again and again.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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